petro dollar sunset WillieResources run out, energy sources must be controlled. New markets must be ‘OPENED UP’, for all to have access to the bounties of a ‘free market economy’ and the joys and benefits of credit, both sovereign and individual. Debts MUST be created if the fiat empire is to retain forward momentum. Without collecting a tribute, the ruling classes cannot maintain their stranglehold over their dominion, and the tribute must be increased every year.
In the event this episode DOES turn out to immediately result in the demise of the current monetary governance and global web of influence represented by the West, we must not allow ourselves to ignore the clear and present warnings that have been explicitly presented.

- Vladdie: We’re taking Ukraine.
- Obie: We’ll impose sanctions.
- Vladdie: We will dump UST and dollar, as will our allies and trading partners. Think through the consequences of that.
- Obie: But we’re going to impose SANCTIONS!!!
- Vladdie: Da svidanya.

By JY896, TFMetals Report:

There is an oft overlooked global empire that has had rather bad PR over the centuries, and is little-remembered in history books. Despite having ancestors who directly enjoyed the blessings of the culture, wisdom and language brought by the benevolent emissaries of the Great Khan’s nephew /sarc/, even I knew relatively little about the 150-year reign of the culture and history of the Great Horde in global terms. My teachers at the time were concerned only that we learn the short, bloody tale of being overrun for a few years – and winning the lottery by having the Great Khan die in the middle of the Central European campaign. The royal general Batu leading the assault returned to Karakorum (along with his occupying army) to attend to imperial succession matters.

At its peak, the Mongol empire spanned two continents, from the Sea of Japan to the Gulf of Finland. It encompassed all of Korea, China, most of today’s Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Poland, and of course, Ukraine including Crimea. The area was part of the Crimean Khanate, apparently “a Turkic-speaking Muslim state which was among the strongest powers in Eastern Europe until the beginning of the 18th century”.

There is an element of their conquest that I wanted to highlight. While having earned the reputation of sadistic, homicidal maniacs in the public lore of Europe, there was a method to the Mongol madness. Batu Khan had sent spies to Europe years before the invasion began, getting the information, maps and routes well in advance. When a new province was encountered, the stories went, the central city or magistrate seat was immediately razed, all/most inhabitants slaughtered. Those who could, fled to the forests and marshes. Those not enslaved were subjected to the rule of the Khanate.

Emissaries carrying the chopped heads of the unfortunate initial city were sent to the rest of the region, with demands of tribute. If the gold/chattel was delivered, locals could go about their business. The Mongols installed magistrates of their own, to administer justice and settle disputes, and to facilitate trade. The army moved on to the next area, and the process was repeated: an example was made of the first town (and any who tried to resist). All but the largest, and most heavily fortified cities fell (and even those would have submitted eventually, once the surrounding countryside was firmly in the invaders’ grasp). Nevertheless, this latter development led to several centuries of stone castle building in the region once the Mongols left. Through such institutionalized, central terror, the Mongol army was able to preserve its numbers as it covered ever more territory by avoiding battle in most cases during conquest, and not being subject to too many uprisings once (loose) dominion was established over a land.

Like I said, we lucked out with the death of Grand Khan Ögedei, son of Genghis Khan.


How in the blue blazes could an army from THOUSANDS of miles away so quickly and completely overrun a supposedly ‘modern’ and ‘civilized’ set of kingdoms in rapid succession? Part of it was numbers, part military tactical superiority – including the then-novel Chinese gunpowder. The Mongol light cavalry (that had in earlier centuries been OUR modus operandi) proved devastating against the much slower heavy infantry and heavy cavalry modeled after Western knights. Certainly the sheer savagery and terrifying sight of an entire nation on horseback at once had a lot to do with it as well. But ultimately, the squabbling nobility and weakened monarch (whose predecessor had signed his own Magna Carta two decades before) made it impossible to organize a cohesive national defense. The nobles were fleeced (though most survived after submission and tribute), the king fled and was held captive for ransom by the neighboring Austrian ruler.

Here is an interesting tidbit:

The Hungarian army (some 60,000 on the eve of the Battle of Mohi) was made up of individual knights with tactical knowledge, discipline, and talented commanders. Because his army was not experienced in nomadic warfare, King Béla welcomed the Cuman King Kuthen (also known as Kotony) and his fighters. However, the Cuman invitation proved detrimental as Batu Khan justified his invasion of Hungary as Béla giving asylum to the Cumans, a group Batu Khan regarded as rebels and traitors to the Mongol Empire. After rumors began to circulate in Hungary that the Cumans were agents of the Mongols, some hot-headed Hungarians attacked the Cuman camp and killed Kotony.

Glad to see the whole ‘harboring trrrrrrists’ meme was not invented just in the last decade…

But really all of that was just theater, and known to be so:

The Hungarians had first learned about the Mongol threat in 1229, when King Andrew granted asylum to some fleeing Russian boyars. Some Magyars, left behind during the main migration to the Pannonian basin, still lived on the banks of the upper Volga. In 1237 a Dominican friar, Julianus, set off on an expedition to lead them back, and was sent back to King Béla with a letter from Batu Khan. In this letter, Khan called upon the Hungarian king to surrender his kingdom unconditionally to the Tatar forces or face complete destruction. Béla did not reply, and two more messages were later delivered to Hungary. The first, in 1239, was sent by the defeated Cuman tribes, who asked for and received asylum in Hungary. The second was sent in February 1241 by the defeated Polish princes.

So there was forewarning, and plenty of it — 12 years, to be precise It’s not like by the final few years there was any doubt the invasion was coming. Yet an entire continent dithered, everyone looked to the East and kept reassuring themselves ‘my Eastern neighbors will be the last to fall, the invasion will surely stop before it gets to our borders’.

The reason I thought this particular segment of 13th century history to be interesting is due to the pattern of expansion and escalation we see in our wonderful bank/MIC/BIS/IMF/choose-your-acronym controlled world. Resources run out, energy sources must be controlled. New markets must be ‘OPENED UP’, for all to have access to the bounties of a ‘free market economy’ and the joys and benefits of credit, both sovereign and individual. Debts MUST be created if the fiat empire is to retain forward momentum. Without collecting a tribute, the ruling classes cannot maintain their stranglehold over their dominion, and the tribute must be increased every year.

The horde being sent to conquer new vassals these days is not (for the most part) a physical set of boots and hooves on the ground, but rather the tentacles of finance. Credit can be withheld, delayed, made more expensive. A credit rating downgrade (let alone several of them) is the equivalent of a dagger between the ribs. Sovereign debt rates can be (and are) manipulated in the so-called ‘markets’ by market makers, CBs, and whomever they are beholden to. Currency exchange rates can easily be turned crippling by a few well-timed keystrokes on trading desks. Just as it was being employed against Ukraine as it was being pushed closer and close to the ledge appointed to it, it is now underway against the Big Bad Bear.

In the event this episode DOES turn out to immediately result in the demise of the current monetary governance and global web of influence represented by the West, we must not allow ourselves to ignore the clear and present warnings that have been explicitly presented.

- Vladdie: We’re taking Ukraine.

- Obie: We’ll impose sanctions.

- Vladdie: We will dump UST and dollar, as will our allies and trading partners. Think through the consequences of that.

- Obie: But we’re going to impose SANCTIONS!!!

- Vladdie: Da svidanya.

The record drop in U.S. government securities held in custody at the Federal Reserve is fueling speculation that Russia may have shifted its holdings out of the U.S. as Western nations threaten sanctions. [...] As of December, Russia held $138.6 billion of Treasuries, making it the ninth largest country holder. [...] China, the biggest foreign U.S. creditor, held $1.27 trillion of U.S. government bonds as of December. Japan is the second-largest holder at $1.18 trillion.” – Bloomberg, 3/14/14

In the event the current crisis DOES NOT lead to any imminent collapse of the fiat currency regime (e.g. there is something even bigger planned down the road soon), I wanted to share a possible bright spot and (grudgingly acknowledged) positive example of trying to stand up the monetary machine.

I’ve mentioned this guy Viktor Orban before, of whom I am not particularly fond for the simple reason he is, in my estimation and non-expert opinion, ALSO just a crony-enriching, demagoguery-spewing, power-lusting typical politician. I suppose it goes with the ‘profession’. But it seems there may be a side to him that he shares with our friend Vladimir: a willingness to stand up to and resist the push of the international bankster cartel.


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“Wiedermann alleges that in 2010 it became clear that in the budget handed over to Viktor Orbán’s government by former Premier Gordon Bajnai and his team, public expenditures were falsely set lower and public revenues higher. That said, Wiedermann alleges, Brussels refused to grant assistance to Hungary to rectify that misconceived budget. On the contrary, Brussels threatened serious sanctions against the new Hungarian government, Wiedermann writes. She claims the Germans recommended that Hungary’s right to vote in European Union matters should be suspended and other EU countries proposed to suspend Hungary’s access to the EU’s structural and cohesion funds.

Wiedermann claims that because Matolcsy insisted on terminating Hungary’s loan agreement with the IMF and the EU as soon as possible because that would necessitate restrictions, Hungary was subjected to a financial offensive. […]

Wiedermann claims the main purpose of the offensive was to win the replacement of Orbán with another politician of Fidesz, one who doesn’t insist on the bank tax, on the special tax on multinational corporations, one who introduces restrictions for the Hungarian population to fill the gaps of the budget in which the deficit/GDP ratio was nearly 7 percent. […]

The purpose of the financial offensive was, Wiedermann writes, to prevent the export of the Hungarian example. The past nearly four years indicate that it could not be prevented.

Wiedermann alleges that as early as in spring 2011 it was decided to have Orbán’s government overthrown. She recalls that at that time Hungary came under attack in all political and media fronts and that was timed for Hungary’s presidency of the EU.”

Does any of this sound at least vaguely familiar? Bank tax or trade zone, trade agreement or currency union, choice of head of state or central bank: all of these are deemed to be administered at the sole discretion of the Masters of the Universe. As they are frantically trying to do right now in the case of Russia.

Now, the author of the passages cited above is clearly not a disinterested observer, having been the assistant of the Hungarian FinMin during the events described. It COULD, in fact be a smokescreen to try to hide the TRUE price the country eventually paid to escape the fiscal stranglehold. IT most certainly is a PR piece designed to embellish the work anbd reputation of the current government during election campaign season.

There is also a documented case of the unbridled greed and sheer idiocy of public officials, ironically described in detail in the book — apparently intended to showcase shrewdness and financial industry connections:

“On November 17, 2011, four hours before the Hungarian government’s official announcement that it had after all decided to turn to the IMF for a loan, Matolcsy had lunch with three representatives of Goldman Sachs. He told them that in the morning the Hungarian government had approached the IMF for a loan. According to the detailed description of Wiedermann, one of the three visitors immediately excused himself to go to the rest room, not to relieve himself but presumably to inform, directly or indirectly, Goldman’s forex trading desk of this piece of news. The lunch, Wiedermann recounts, was unusually short. The guys from Goldman had gotten their inside information and presumably had more follow-up work to do.” - anti-Orban expat blogger

There is plenty to be skeptical about, and like I said, none of these individuals should be covered in glory. But, the facts remain. The country was NOT pushed quite all the way over the edge of bankruptcy. The currency did not collapse, and has since eventually more or less recovered. The IMF loans the country still had from 2008 have finally been repaid as of last summer, and no further ‘assistance’ was drawn down.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which faces an election in 2014, has sought to end what is has portrayed as undue foreign influence over its economic policies.

So as many problems as I have with the man, his approach, politics, corruption, authoritarian tendencies and ego-driven leadership, I must grudgingly recognize that he is not the most rotten apple in the basket. Yes, he had to make/renew deals with oligarchs (incl. many in Ukraine and Russia), the Russian government, and Gazprom (though of course I repeat myself). Yes, he had to cozy up to a right-wing ultranationalist party (whose election efforts he is now trying to scuttle) to win the last election. BUT:

Corrupt politicians are actually arrested for tax fraud and falsifying public documents (fake passport to open bank account, in this case). Yes, they tend to be mostly from the opposition Socialist party – but at least SOME crooks are going to jail.

There seems to be some attention being paid to who is being let into the country for a change:

Orbán’s former economy minister and current central bank governor, Gyorgy Matolcsy, wrote a letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Monday calling on the fund to close its representative office in Budapest as it was “not necessary to maintain” it any longer.” - Der Spiegel, July 2013

Plus, he makes his own sausage, and actually appears human when not preening for the cameras.

At least he is SOMEWHAT acting to represent the interests of the country and its people, if only because they coincide with his own. He certainly has not stolen nearly as much as neighboring oligarch-backed heads of state in recent past and current time.

It seems it sometimes IS possible to slip out from the greedy, grasping and draining embrace of the Financial / Military / Industrial / Intelligence / Etc. Complex. At least enough to get a gasp of air before the next assault. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that we have very little hydrocarbons under our land, and we do NOT stand in the way of the planned pipelines. There are others who are not quite so ‘lucky’. BTW, you know the world is in serious trouble when the possession of oil/gas and the transmission mechanisms thereof are a source of mortal danger, instead of the source of prosperity they are supposed to be. What the Middle East has already learned (or should have long ago) is now coming to the non-brown sections of the world as well.

Gratuitous Mongol pics:


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  1. Sunday, April 17th, 2011
    “They will do this by attempting to control your money, food supplies and energy.”

    Friday, July 8th, 2011 
    “Without control of your money, you will find it hard to defend your right to property, food and health, the three things which they will be in charge of, if you do not start shouting your opposition now.”

  2. Today we suffer from the wrath of Ghengis Borg.
     I read that a very large number of people in the areas formerly ruled by the Mongol Empire can trace their DNA to Ghengis and his family.
    Some more than others.
     Just as some say we are ruled by the decendants of Egyptians, there’s  a good case we are partly ruled by descendants of  the Khan family.
    Whichever family line is running the show in any large part of the planet, whether Chinese, Anglo Saxon ,Roman,  Egyptian or any other  2.000 year old  family-driven ruling elite, it’s  significant if you might take their predictions of conquest at face value.  They mean business and have the ages on their side.  Not that it assures victory but like the wag said—you can bet against the slower horse but it’s not the best bet.  In the game of thrones, hoping to get paid on Place and Show bets is a loser. The Win bet is the only one to take.
    The weapons may change but the tactics and lust for power do not.  
    It could be said that most of the present day world is ruled by the DNA-damaged, half witted  ancestors of these violent men.  They may be craven and thoughtless but they are not entirely ignorant.  The momentum of Family in the course of history can make up for their brutal nature.  Anyone who stands in their way gets runs over.
    It’s one thing to be an aggressive  ancient conqueror with iron and fire as his weapons.
    It’s another thing to be an insane psychopath descendant of Khan with world reach at the push of a button at the central bank or nuclear arsenal. IMO Obama has those genes from his white mother and arabic father.  
    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating
    I’d rather walk with Thich Nhat Hanh than Ghengis Khan
    But if push comes to shove  we might need to go FULL RETARD MONGOLIAN  to protect ourselves.

    • Only jeans obama got from them are mom jeans… (okay I couldn’t resist)
      He didn’t inherit anything with courage, he is a spineless weasel doing the banksters bidding and they are the ones with no moral compunction about making us all glow in the dark

  3. AGXIIK – Don’t worry too much about those Mongol genes, or any others for that matter -1,000 – 3,000 years provide for an awful lot of genetic dilution.  As geneticist Bryan Sykes said, “My guess is that the Y chromosome of every living man has spent at least one generation in the testis of a warlord.”
    Here’s a bit more from Sykes about G. Kahn and his offspring:
    “Take Genghis Khan’s Y chromosome, which is now found in 16 million men in Central Asia. It started as a single copy from the man himself in the 12th century. What drove this? Well, when he conquered a territory, he killed the men and systematically inseminated the most attractive women. A thousand years later, his Y chromosome has survived and proliferated, which is sexual selection on a very grand scale.
    In fact, whenever geneticists look at evolutionary diagrams, they see some frequently occurring Y chromosomes, not closely related to others. These genetic ”explosions” are the legacy of a relatively few very successful men who have supplanted the Y chromosomes of their contemporaries, as Genghis Khan did. My guess is that the Y chromosome of every living man has spent at least one generation in the testis of a warlord.”

  4. DanDaley   good points you made   Thank you  
    I know that from even a little study of genetics,  interbreeding dumbs down elements of the human species to the level of Yellow Bus.
     Judging  from this country and how it developed, our ancestors were made of stern stuff, leaving their home countries with nothing but the clothes on their back and a ship scavenged for parts once a harbor was reached
     To survive you had to be tough tough and then more tough.  The environment did not suffer weaklings at all. Many of the toughest didn’t either.
    12 generations later we have cartoons characters as leaders, comic books movies for entertainment and as a  result, tens of millions of  people making it to maturity without a lick of sense or a single  fiber of toughness in their being, completely sheepified and very unlikely to survive one  hard winter.  
     Not a good place to be for those unprepared  
    I am not sure how I think about the notion of rattling around in the nads of a tyrant some time in the distant past but you can pick your friends and your nose but you can’t pick your parents
    I even have doubts about myself in light of what we might have to deal with.  But like most of us I have to muster on  Cheers.

  5. AGXIIK – It’s funny how when the Pilgrims came here they toyed with socialism (common storehouse from which all could draw necessities according to their need) and they nearly starved to death.  They were tough enough, but they also had to have a good plan, which was finally to let every man work for himself, and this led to surpluses in short order. 
    I feel much the same doubts that you do, in that we will only find out about the toughness factor through trial by fire. I once read in Patton’s personal letters that there is nothing wrong with doubting or fear, but do your duty in spite of those things.  That’s the best one can do. Nevertheless, chance favors the prepared mind -Louis Pasteur (and I would add prepared individual).

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