Pic of the Day: Bart Chilton Steps Down

Our talented Pining caught up Bart Chilton on his way out the door at the CFTC today…


sic semper tyrannis


  1. Lol

  2. He served his purpose…next

  3. As someone once said,”There has to be a special place in hell for regulators that don’t regulate”
    May they have a good pair of asbestos long underwear packed on their way checking into eternity.

  4. Bart sugues to his new position—smug asshole riding his smugway

  5. AW let him follow in the foot steps of Obama he couldn’t do any worse.

  6. Nahh I don’t think any mall in the US would hire him, not with his criminal background in government…

  7. People need to cut him some slack. Its next to impossible to snitch on your boss who’s in on the manipulation.

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