Peter Schiff Opens Gold Bank, Americans Need Not Apply

Euro Pacific Capital’s Peter Schiff has launched a bank backed by actual physical gold.
The catch?  American’s need not apply.   US ‘security’ laws have become so totalitarian that Schiff has opened his global bank to all EXCEPT Americans.

This is a real bank, that deals in real money.  In other words, you can open accounts in any denomination you want, whether fiat currency OR gold bullion — whatever you’d like.
You can even get a “gold debit card” that you can use anywhere in the world. It’s backed by actual gold, which converts to whatever currency you’re needing at the time you hit that ATM.
It’s the sort of thing that the Constitutional Tender Act calls for in banking…
…Well, there is one caveat: you can’t open an account at this bank if you’re a U.S. citizen.

U.S. security laws have become so intrusive, burdensome, and expensive to comply with, that it made it difficult for Schiff to offer his services to his non-U.S. clients on a globally-competitive basis. So, he opened his bank offshore, in St. Vincents and the Grenadines. Since it operates outside the jurisdiction of U.S. security regulations, and does not accept accounts from American citizens or residents, U.S. regulations don’t apply.

As a result, this offshore bank can offer a far more robust platform of services, with less hassle and at lower cost, than Schiff’s U.S. brokerage firm. In addition, bank clients’ privacy is protected by strict bank secrecy laws of St. Vincents and the Grenadines.

So, if you’d like to finally open a bank account backed by real money –sound money — that you can have at your fingertips (literally!) at any time — well, now you can…

…Unless you’re American.

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  1. This.. is awesome
    too bad Americans have no access

  2. hehe, that’s one way to spark political change.

  3. Americans need to hit their Congressional Leaders. This is a Brilliant move by Peter Schiff! Soon others will follow!

  4. It’s probably the only thing he could do to avoid the long arm of American corruption, and might not even be enough at that.  Ultimately, the rogue United States Government will go after every single penny no matter where it is in the world as the system approaches the implosion phase.

  5. Spark Political change!
    What century did that comment come from 17th, 18th?
    The Only political change I see around here is Nazi Germany being installed in the US of A

  6. Okay Guys Tell me the point of this?
    NO US Citizens can apply, even foreigners in USA cannot apply.
    So Yeah I went to apply, saying I was an Aussie.  It let me to this point

    Debit Card Request

    USD Debit Card (must have a USD bank account)

    Euro Debit Card (must have a Euro bank account)

    Gold Backed Debit Card (must have a USD bank account)

    So tell me, whats the point of anyone opening an account with Debit card if you are outside US?
    It specifies you must have a USA bank account
    Most people outside of US do not have US bank accounts.

    So No you cant join because your American, however you can join if your an Aussie but you have to have a USA bank account.

    Am I missing something here?  Is Pete treading on thin ice with this USA Bank account prerogative?

    • I think deep down Peter Schiff would like nothing better than to stick it to the U.S. gov’t.  You have to understand that our gov’t currently has Schiff’s father locked in prison for the crime of ostensibly writing a book(s) revealing what a fraud the income tax scheme is.  That’s his opinion not mine.  I love paying income tax.  [Just in case the Feds are monitoring the site.]

    • I actually think it means that your Account Request needs to be a USD one for USD Debit Card and Euro for Euro Debit.

    • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is not required to open a U.S. bank account.  So, you might be surprised to know that quite a few foreigners have U.S. bank accounts.  Of course, opening an account is typically done in person.
      Having a gold (or silver) debit card seems an excellent idea.  Now, if only a bank could arrange for Visa or MasterCard to be denominated in gold or silver accounts as well!  Imagine being able to make purchases using Visa or MasterCard while paying for the transaction in gold or silver oz.

    • @ingemar @silver-psycho Yeah it must mean you need to have an account denominated in USD or EUR.

    • That is correct – it doesn’t mean you need US-based bank account, it’s asking you if you want your Bank Account at Euro Pacific Bank to be denominated in USD.

      You can USD/EUR/CAD/GBP, however, after the funds are received, we can convert the funds to many other currencies, including AUD.

      Further, all gold purchases must be made using USD.

      If anyone has any questions or concerns, direct them to me: 

  7. sounds familiar, Sprott is talking of a gold backed bank as well.

  8. It’s “backed” with unallocated gold.
    Makes no sense to me to call it a gold standard!

  9. Peter pokes Fedzilla in the eye daily. I hope he sticks to videos and doesn’t write a book!  Fritz Springmeier and his dad tried that. Fedzilla has a payed for jury that almost always convicts.

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