Contagion fears and panic appear to have reached France’s shores ahead of Sunday’s Greek vote, as Max Keiser has received a first-hand account that France’s large Banque Postal stopped outgoing bank wires due to ‘technical glitches’, and also stopped cash transactions beginning at 8am Friday!

A global financial collapse and subsequent bank run could occur within minutes-hours once the trigger is detonated- which appears to be a possibility (although likely remote) with this weekend’s rhetoric from numerous Central Bankers stating they will provide whatever liquidity is necessary .

As a precaution, we recommend readers take the time Sunday to ensure they have a minimum of 1-3 months supply of necessities on hand, and as always, protect your financial assets with PHYSICAL gold and silver held in your own possession.

Hugo Salinas-Price and Max Keiser’s recent appearance on Greek television attempting to convince Greek leaders to dump the Euro and re-monetize silver to save the Greek’s from economic ruin has now been edited for English.
The highlight of the interview undoubtedly is Max taking a €50 note from his billfold and tearing it up on camera.

Will the Greek’s take Salinas-Price & Keiser’s advice and re-monetize silver?

Submitted by SD Contributor Marshall Swing


Commercials sold off -7,521 longs and covered 4,853 shorts to end the week with 54.94% of all open interest, a very minor change since last week, and now stand as a group at -15,879,200 ounces net short, only 250,000 added net short from the previous week.  The producer/merchant portion actually increased 96 longs while covering -2,550 shorts.  This was a very boring week!  The method behind the madness is not too cause much stir in the speculators while the specs continue to add some longs since last Friday.  A minor, fake raid happened on Thursday but the real raid is coming in the not too distant future.

Submitted by SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Commercials picked up 1,774 longs but also grabbed 3,168 shorts to end the week with 45.59% of all open interest, a minor change since last week, and now stand as a group at -89,595,000 ounces net short, about 7,000,000 added net short from the previous week.  Commercials continue to add longs but had to douse the speculator long rally from last week.  Once again, as we approach the fall of the Western financial system with JP Morgan leading the pack, the precious metals will plummet.  But this is a good thing for us physical investors.

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers is a British television film.
The drama was inspired by the real events that occurred over the weekend leading up to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008. Investment bank Lehman Brothers is in trouble after a turbulent six months and the leaders of the three biggest investment banks on Wall Street met at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. American Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson declares that the company is not too big to fail and that there will be no bailout using public money.

Earlier today we alerted readers that the Hong Kong Exchanges had made the successful bid for the LME.
Readers may remember that not only did JP Morgan confiscate $1.3 billion of MF Global clients’ funds in the MFG bankruptcy, but they acquired MF Global’s full 4.7% stake in the LME in November for $39 billion.

Fast forward to today, with the Hong Kong Exchanges’ $2.2 billion bid for the LME, JPM is set to receive a payout for $103 million for their heisted 4.7% stake in the LME- a $64 million profit using $39 million of stolen MF G client’s funds!

Forget the CIO crisis, bring back the bonuses!

ECB Head Mario Draghi said Friday that the ECB is ready to print to Infinity…AND BEYOND!!!

Draghi stated that ‘the ECB stands ready to provide liquidity to solvent banks where needed‘.
The Bank of Japan’s governor also stated that the BOJ is ‘prepared to take all possible measures to ensure the financial system does not come under threat‘.

On Thursday night, the BOE’s Mervyn King also stated that the BOE stands ready to provide whatever liquidity is required.

The Western Central banks seem to be genuinely panicking this weekend.

No sign of The Bernank publicly yet (where do you think Super Mario will come up with unlimited funds for European banks? Perhaps from UNLIMITED SWAPS with The Fed??), but trust us, PUBLICLY ADMITTED QE to Infinity…AND BEYOND!!! will be implemented in Europe and in the US, and SOON!

CNBC’s Rick Santelli interviewed Bart Chilton this morning on why the CFTC is dragging their feet on implementing regulations.
Unfortunately, Santelli did not mention silver specifically, and focuses on the CFTC’s failure to implement the conflict of interest rule.

Full interview below:

Honk Kong Exchanges & Clearing have beaten out the Western banksters (The Morgue and The Vampire Squid) and have acquired the LME (London Metals Exchange).

Please note that this is NOT the LBMA, and the cartel has not just ceded control of their physical gold and silver bullion exchange vehicle to the Chinese.
The Hong Kong Exchanges win is still a huge disappointment to our favorite banksters.

Jamie Dimon must have forgotten to wear his presidential cufflinks when he presented JPM’s bid to the LME.