Fundamentals (inflation expectations, longer-term savings and investment objectives) should be driving current demand for gold coins. And, this is exactly what we are seeing. In June 2012, the US Mint sold 54,500oz of coinage gold, up on 53,000 in May 2012. Total for H1 2012, US Mint sales of gold coins in terms of total weight sold are down 41.3% on H1 2011 and it is down 49.8% on H1 2010 and 50.3% on H1 2009. Dramatic? Sure, when one disregards consideration of drivers for 2009-2011 demand for coins being coincident with extreme risks in other markets. Total H1 2012 demand was at 338,000oz still well ahead of H1 average demand for 2000-2007 period when it was 165,679oz, but down on 531,750oz average for H1 2008-2011 crisis period. Exactly the same picture – return to fundamentals – is seen in the number of coins sold. Consistent with still robust demand drivers, H1 2012 average coin sold contained 0.60 oz, while H1 2000-2007 period average was 0.51oz and H1 2008-2011 period average was 0.76oz.

Hera Research has released an interview with John Embry on gold, silver, and the European debt crisis.

Embry discusses the current corrections in gold & silver, his outlook over the next 6 months, and the end-game for our Western fiat financial system.

Embry states that ‘ before this is over we’ll have a new currency system, probably backed by gold‘.

Doom, Boom, and Gloom’s Mar Faber spoke with Bloomberg this morning on the Eurozone debt crisis, and stated what Jim Willie told readers would be the outcome of the Euro crisis back in 2008: rather than the Southern PIIGS, Germany should be the one to abandon the Euro-zone. Faber states that ‘If I were the Germans, if I were running Germany, I would have abandoned the eurozone last week’

Our friend Sean from the SGTreport has released a MUST LISTEN interview with Harley Schlanger the national spokesman for the LaRouche Organization.

Harley says, “We are about to have the most devastating collapse in world history, of the whole global financial system… If we don’t do something to stop this, we’re going to lose EVERYTHING. We’re going to have either hyperinflation or an implosion of the banking system which will reduce the value of the Euro and the Dollar to nothing.”

Full interview below:

It appears that the Supreme Court’s upholding of the PPACA precisely because it is a tax has created a new Constitutional issue.
The PPACA originated in the Senate, and the Constitution requires that all tax laws originate in the House.
So in an ironic twist of fate, Obamacare is now invalid for entirely different Constitutional reasons than the individual mandate.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) may now be invalid because the Supreme Court ruled that it relies on a tax for implementation.

Submitted by SD Contributor SRSrocco:


If you go to any local courtroom and sit and watch a full day worth of court cases, chances are you will witness several cases based on a “CONSPIRACY”.  Furthermore I would like to list several well known large cases of where CONSPIRACIES have been present:


and the list goes on and on…

While based towards the current fiat system like all MSM publications, the BBC has released an at least somewhat two-sided discussion on whether a gold standard would be beneficial at solving our current Western debt crisis.

Do we need to re-forge the link between money and something tangible?
A popular solution to the financial crisis has been to print more money, but is there another way of fixing our economy? Would the financial system be more stable if each pound, dollar or euro in our pocket was once again backed by gold?

BBC News reports that Barclays Chairman Marcus Agius will resign Monday over the ‘devastating blow to the bank’s reputation‘ caused by the revelations that Barclays attempted to manipulate LIBOR lending rates.

CEO Bob Diamond has so far refused to resign, stating that authorities have ‘found no evidence that knowledge of the manipulation went any higher than immediate desk head supervisors.’

So Bob, its fine that you were fully aware of your firm’s false reporting of Barclays’ borrowing rates, as long as authorities weren’t able to find hard evidence proving the fact?


Marcus Agius is to resign as the chairman of Barclays in the wake of the Libor lending rate scandal.

The BBC this morning has published details from a 2008 meeting with the Bank of England’s Paul Tucker with Barclays Bob Diamond in which the BOE allegedly advised Barclays’ submitters to provide data to the British Banker’s Association LIBOR setting committee’s that the bank was paying lower borrowing rates than was actually the case.
Tyler Durden is already all over the report, pointing out that JP Morgan and Bank of America at the time were reporting borrowing rates far below even nationalized competitors (which intuitively should have had lower borrowing costs than still private banks such as The Morgue).
With market rumors that a US bank will be dragged into the LIBOR scandal, Zerohedge predicts IF the SEC actually decides to hand down a wrist slap to a US bank over LIBOR manipulation (more like outright fraud), it will be either Bank of America or JP Morgan as the most egregious offenders.

From Zerohedge:

We already know that Barclays has been exposed to be manipulating Libor on an epic scale. And even with all this, it still could manage to only be in the third best quartile? If they were manipulating their Libor submissions they sure sucked at it. Which of course is why even the BOE got involved.

However, it begs the question: what about the Libor submissions of the three then “healthiest” banks: Bank of America, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. If Barclays was manipulating and gaming Lie-bor, only to fall even below the median submission, does this mean that these three banks were all furiously coming up with totally meaningless numbers? And how long until the SEC comes up with a US scapegoat bank to mimic the FSA’s bold action on Barclays?

Gold continues to accelerate into its new role as global reserve currency as the BIS has proposed reclassifying it as a Tier 1 reserve asset.  Meanwhile the dollar is falling into further disfavor by the day.

US authorities have recently called for comment on a rule change that may impact the gold market.

The US Treasury, Federal Reserve and the FDIC have jointly sought comment on changing some capital adequacy rules for when an institution holds gold in its own vaults or in another’s vaults.

Over the past year, SilverDoctors has documented several cartel raids in which the bullion banks dumped over an entire year’s global mining output in silver during paper raids.
Many have doubted the validity of these claims, as the official open interest reported by the CME the next day is often less than the reported volume of paper contracts dumped during the raid.

Andrew Maguire has released an excellent commentary dissecting the 515 ton paper ‘gold’ raid launched by the bullion banks immediately prior to the Fed’s release of the June FOMC statement.  Maguire clarifies how the cartel can accomplish the raid and yet not have the occurrence appear in the CME OI report.
Andy states that of the 165,000 paper gold contracts dumped on the market: Almost all these contracts were subsequently covered by the bullion bank into the days pit close thereby not showing up in the closing OI #.This is a standard MO.