chris powell GATAChris Powell of GATA sat down with Bridgitte Anderson during the Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to chat about the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee’s efforts to flush out the truth behind the gold price.

In his explosive interview, Powell states that The level of intervention by Western central banks in the markets are far more extensive than people think.  There really are no markets anymore, just central bank interventions. 
When central banks are rigging the currency markets, the bond markets, the gold market particularly because the gold market is the determinant of all the other markets, we’re not trading on fundamentals, we’re trading on the anticipation of central bank action!
We aren’t looking at markets at all, we’re looking at holograms of markets when we look at the charts that we’re trading on!  

Powell’s full MUST WATCH interview below:

goldcotSubmitted by SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Gold & Silver COT Report 1/25/13:

Commercials took 1,547 contracts off their longs on the week and increased a huge 3,819 shorts to end the week with 48.14% of all open interest, an increase of 0.18% in their share since last week, and now stand as a group at 236,990,000 ounces net short, which is an increase of 26,830,000 net short ounces from the previous week

imagesAnybody who thinks the U.S. is in a so-called recovery isn’t listening to economist John Williams. He contends, “We haven’t had a recovery and we’re not about to have one, and it’s getting worse.” Williams says it’s because, “The consumer is in very serious trouble. . . . The average guy is not making it. His income is not keeping up with inflation.” As far as Congress getting the budget and debt ceiling under control, Williams says, “Both sides are faced with devil’s choices.” If Congress does not get its financial house in order by the new deadline in mid-May 2013, Williams predicts, “It will be the end of the road . . . . They are not going to have another opportunity . . . they are pushing the limit as it is now.Williams says he expects, “. . . a negative reaction in the next 3 or 4 months to the dollar.Williams adamantly calls for hyperinflation to the U.S. dollar by the end of 2014.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Williams.

russian-gold-reserves-smallRussia, Kazakhstan and Turkey expanded their gold holdings in December, seeking to diversify their foreign reserves and protect from currency devaluation risk. Russian gold holdings climbed 2.1% to 957.8 metric tons or 30.793 million ounces, according to data on the International Monetary Fund’s website. The increase in December takes the increase in Russian gold reserves in 2012 to 8.5%.  The Russian central bank has said that they will continue buying gold. The pace of the purchases may vary, First Deputy Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev told reporters this month.  He denied that there is a 10% target for gold’s share in the reserves according to Bloomberg.

imagesLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent another email alert to subscribers over the weekend, continuing his in-depth series on the monetary crisis in progress, and the fundamental reasons the dollar will hyperinflate and result in $3,500 + gold.

Sinclair stated that the dollar is re-entering a decade long major bear market, and that this is the foundation set in steel that will launch the next major bull phase in the gold price very soon.
While Sinclair has long urged readers to take physical gold positions without margin, with gold mining shares near historic lows compared to gold bullion, Sinclair states that condemning gold shares is total nonsense utilized by PM scoundrels.

Sinclair concludes by stating that Every problem we have from national to private is a balance sheet problem. As QE is the only tool to feign solvency, Gold is the only tool to accomplish solvency.

Sinclair’s full email alert is below:

Iceland banks failIceland’s President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson was interviewed over the weekend at the World Economic Forum in Davos on why Iceland has enjoyed such a strong recovery after it’s complete financial collapse in 2008, while the rest of the Western world struggles with a recovery that has no clothes.
Grimsson gave an EPIC reply to the financial MSM reporter, stating that Iceland’s recovery was due to the primary reason that
‘We were wise enough not to follow the traditional prevailing orthodoxies of the Western financial world in the last 30 years.  We introduced currency controls, we let the banks fail, we provided support for the poor, and we didn’t introduce austerity measures like you’re seeing here in Europe.

When asked whether Iceland’s policy of letting the banks fail would have worked in the rest of Europe, Grimsson replied,
Why are the banks considered to be the holy churches of the modern economy?  Why are private banks not like airlines and tele-communication companies and allowed to go bankrupt if they have been run in an irresponsible way?  The theory that you have to bail-out banks is a theory that you allow bankers enjoy for their own profit their success, and then let ordinary people bear their failure through taxes and austerity. 
People in enlightened democracies are not going to accept that in the long run!

Grimsson’s full EPIC interview is below:

morris4Submited by Morris Hubbartt:

The dollar’s huge head and shoulders top formation is maturing.  The target is 72. It will be activated when the dollar closes under 78, for two consecutive days.  A breakdown under 78 should be accompanied by gold breaking above $1800.

Over time, markets oscillate from undervaluation to overvaluation. The chart below demonstrates how gold stocks go from one extreme to the other, forming a channel that can be bought and sold.
In terms of undervaluation, gold stocks are now stretched to the point of challenging the 2008 panic low! 

bill murphy chris powellFor those unable to attend the 2013 Vancouver Resource Investors Conference last weekend, Cambridge House has released Bill Murphy and Chris Powell’s full presentation on the state of GATA’s efforts to bring the attention of the cartel’s gold and silver manipulation into the public domain.

Powell discusses GATA’s recent findings demonstrating manipulation of the gold market by Western Central Banks, and discusses the importance of the Bundesbank’s request to repatriate 674 tons of German gold by 2020.

GATA’s Chris Powell & Bill Murphy’s full 2013 VRIC presentation is below:

gold and evilLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent email subscribers another alert this weekend regarding Friday’s cartel take-down of the gold market. 

Sinclair states that Gold is the ultimate battle between good and evil. It is the ultimate battle between deficits and surpluses. Gold is the battle between paper currency backed by nothing and guaranteed by nothing versus sound money. This period of the market is the deciding battle of the Mahabharata. This period, today, is an attempt to drive you out of your wits, which is in my opinion the last and largest attack you will see perpetrated on us before gold closes over $3500. This period of pain will not be measured in months, but counted in history as days.  The gold banks are not stupid but they are a form of Wile E. Coyote.

Regarding the waterfall declines in the gold and silver Sinclair states that Nobody is so stupid as to announce they want to sell a major part of one year’s production of gold or silver when there is no market to absorb any reasonable part of it and that the banksters attacking gold ”are truly devils. They have not one redeeming human qualitySinclair’s latest alert is below:

Submitted by Deepcaster:

The Market Price of virtually any Asset is arguably primarily a result of Competing Forces.
But 2013 is Unique in that there are Especially Strong Forces impelling many markets up, and there are especially Strong Forces impelling markets Down, Catastrophically Down.
So we evaluate the prospective results of this “ Force Competition” and Forecast accordingly as follows:

Regarding the Inflation / Deflation Issue, it is widely recognized that The Fed, ECB, and now the Bank of Japan are flooding their economies with cheap paper in the form of Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities.
Indeed, thirty-eight countries are now pursuing a Negative or Zero Interest Rate policy. What is not so widely recognized (because Official figures are Bogus) is that this flooding (i.e., Monetary Inflation) is already generating High and increasing Price Inflation (9.4% in the U.S., e.g. per
Yet there are also Sectors which are Deflating.

big oneLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent another email alert to subscribers today, warning that the current reaction in gold is the big one, and the last play by the bullion banks to denude gold and silver investors of their positions.    Sinclair states that fundamentally, we are approaching the period where gold and silver will achieve their greatest gains of the entire bull market in the shortest period of time, and that The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come.

Sinclair states that the big move is imminent in gold!:  We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and physical. From this point gold is going to and through $3500.

Sinclair’s full alert below:

maag-1-2013.gifEric Sprott has released his latest MUST READ Markets At a Glance newsletter: Ignoring the Obvious.

The purpose of asset purchases by the Fed might no longer be improvements in the real economy, but rather a more subtle financing of U.S. government deficits. However, in the long run, expanding the money supply inevitably leads to inflationary pressures. Luckily for the Fed and the U.S. government, there is so much slack in the labour market that inflation might be years away. And, if we are right about the long run unemployment rate being structurally higher, then the Fed has all the room it needs to continue Quantitative Easing (QE) to infinity. This might allow them to continue to hide the true financial position of the government for many years to come.

Nonetheless, the rising GAAP deficit and the sheer size of the U.S. Federal Government’s liabilities to its citizens makes it clear that one day or another, services (health care, social security) will have to be cut. Financial alchemy can hide reality, but it does not provide any tangible services.

Europe’s (unresolved) experience with its debt crisis provides an insightful window into the future. Austerity measures in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece have caused tremendous pain to their citizens (25% unemployment rates) and wreaked havoc in their economies (double digit retail sales declines).

Are we going to ignore the obvious?

With last week’s announcement by the Bundesbank of the repatriation of 674 tons of German gold from Paris and NY over the next 7 years, we predicted that an avalanche of gold repatriation requests would soon be made to the BOE and the NYFed. 
It appears that Switzerland may be next to the game, much to the dismay of the SNB.  The Swiss gold initiative, an initiative to Secure the Swiss National Bank’s Gold Reserves, launched in March 2012 by four members of the Swiss parliament, has grown to 90,000 supporters. 
Once 100,000 supporters are achieved, the Swiss Parliament must take up the referendum

The initiative asserts that the Swiss people should have a right to vote on 3 things, none of which will please the banking cartel:

It appears Obama is attempting to turn on his bankster handlers, as news Friday surfaced that Mary Jo White, the prosecutor who busted the NY mob has been tabbed to head up the SEC.
White would become the first ever former prosecutor to lead the SEC.

Are the first real bankster prosecutions of the financial crisis imminent?