Gold and Silver Manipulation 6-14-2012

Today’s Gold & Silver Raid documented by SD Reader ich1baN:

At the New York open gold and silver were manipulated down while palladium and platinum stayed virtually untouched. Gold was smashed a good 20$ or so and silver about 50-60 cents on the open. There really is no reason for this blatant arbitration as the news that came out at 8 AM should be bullish for gold and silver as it was an increase in initial jobless claims from 380k to 386k as the market expected a decrease to 375k. Also continuing jobless claims came in higher than expected at 3.278m with expectations of 3.269m.

This baffles me and everyone that watches the markets as this is blatant manipulation when you see just gold and silver move in one direction while palladium and platinum don’t move. [Read more...]

Another Day Another Raid

The Doc had to step out of the office for a few hours this morning and what does he see when he returns?
An .80 vertical silver raid in 2 TICKS!

Surely this is just another example of natural market forces withdrawing all bids from the market momentarily and allowing silver it’ daily free-fall of $1.

The game will go on and the bullion banks will continue capping and raiding precious metals until one day the whole thing detonates in their faces.

That day is coming. [Read more...]

SBSS 37: Blood on the Street

Chris Duane of has released Part 37 of the Silver Bullet/ Silver Shield Video Series: Blood on the Street.
The segment looks at how the Anglo American banking dynasties are preparing for the collapse of the dollar paradigm. [Read more...]

Silver Institute to Release Report on China Silver Market in October

The Silver Institute has announced it has commissioned a new report on the Chinese silver market to be released in October.
China accounted for 16% of global silver demand, and 14% of global silver supply in 2011 according to the World Silver Survey 2012.
The report will describe China’s massive increase in silver demand over the past half-decade, and will analyze the trends in China’s supply and consumption of silver and project the impact China will have on the silver market over the next few years.

[Read more...]


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A Blueprint to Kill JP Morgan’s Alleged Massive Manipulative Position in the Silver Futures Market

SmartKnowledgeU’s JS Kim has released an excerpt from his upcoming book The Bankers’ Plot to Bankrupt the World & How We Can Stop Them!, which is Kim’s blueprint on how average investors can band together to finally kill JP Morgan’s alleged massive manipulative short position in silver futures.

From SmartKnowledgeU:

If the strategy of taking the opposite side of a hugely manipulative position allegedly helped Goldman Sachs kill SemGroup’s massive short position in crude oil and eventually bankrupt SemGroup and it this same exact strategy that allegedly helped hedge funds double, triple or perhaps increase by a factor of 10,  JP Morgan’s CDS paper losses in a very short condensed period of time, then there is no reason to doubt that this same strategy would not work in chasing JP Morgan out of the silver futures market if they are indeed holding a massively large manipulative position in the silver paper market. So how could this be accomplished? [Read more...]

Anthony Robbins Bullish On Gold – Faber and Bass His Financial Gurus

Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins), one of the world’s leading performance coaches and motivational speakers  has recently warned about the risk of dollar devaluation and spoke about the opportunities in gold which is “exploding” and “is in a bull market”.

At Robbins, recent event in London (May 18th to 21st), he spoke about the importance of getting good financial advice from the people who predicted this crisis and have made money for their clients in recent years.

He spoke about investment experts who he respects and specifically mentioned Marc Faber and Kyle Bass.

Robbins is one of most positive and optimistic people in the world. Nevertheless, he recently produced a YouTube video warning of an impending economic collapse. [Read more...]

Silver Update: Bank Runs

BrotherJohnF is back with another Silver Update: Bank Runs [Read more...]

OANDA to Halt All Fx Trading Sunday on ‘Potential of a Major Market Event’

OANDA fxTrade has taken the unprecedented step to HALT ALL FX TRADING from 6am EST to 3pm EST Sunday June 17th due to the risk of a ‘major market event during off-market hours’.

Buckle up boys and girls.

Got Phyzz?
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Lauren Lyster and Heidi Moore infiltrate JP Morgan’s Mafia Hearings in Washington DC!

We come to you live from our bunker deep within the newsroom’s “fortress balance sheet,” because Jamie Dimon was on Capitol Hill testifying about JP Morgan’s multi-billion dollar trading loss. We headed to the hill with the protection of a full body suit that repels cronyism and dirty deals…we tried to enter through a revolving door so as not to raise any eyebrows, but there was not one to be found! Perhaps this is only for the seasoned politicians. In any case, Lauren did manage to infiltrate the Capitol one way or another, and she brings you the real story from inside the lion’s den! [Read more...]

Alert From International Banker: Close All Equity Accounts & Exit Markets NOW!

Steve Quayle has released an alert from his international banking contact advising that his sources are informing him a Spanish bank holiday is imminent, and it will spill over to the rest of the PIIGS and even to FRANCE.

His contact also states that Morgan Stanley is the next Lehman Brothers due to its Euro and Facebook exposure, and investors have until December at the latest to close all equity accounts, exit the markets, and acquire gold and silver.

Full alert below: [Read more...]

Watch Gary Gensler Squirm While Live Callers Ask About Silver Manipulation & Investigation!

The CFTC’s Gary Gensler discussed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s oversight (or lack thereof) of commodity “futures,”on C-Span Tuesday afternoon, and he also responded to telephone calls during a live Q&A .

Gensler attempted to explain the function & role of the derivatives & swaps markets, and confirmed the CFTC is continuing to investigate JPMorgan’s CIO derivatives lossesprior to taking calls live.

Wouldn’t ya know it caller after caller wanted to know about silver, the CFTC’s now 4 year old investigation (Gensler stated he couldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation and that it started before he came to the CFTC), position limits, and market manipulation (Gensler stated ‘there are hundreds of actors on the stage’.

Gensler’s full interview and Q&A can be seen below:

[Read more...]

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 6/13/12

All the action in silver shufflin was in Brink’s vaults again Tuesday, as Brink’s reported a large deposit and a separate withdrawal, with the rest of the COMEX vaults unchanged again.


Moody’s Beats the Dead Horse: Downgrades Spain to Baa3 from A3

The last hold-out of the ratings agency still giving Spain an A rating has thrown in the towel, downgrading Spain from A3 to Baa3, outlook negative.

Finally we can move on to Italy.

Full release below: [Read more...]

Jamie Dimon’s Full Senate Banking Committee Testimony

For those who missed it live, today’s farce of a Senate Hearing (which sent the markets soaring as Dimon assured the honorable Senators that everything is under control in JP Morgan’s Fukushimaesque meltdown known as its CIO derivatives unit) can be viewed in it’s entirety below.

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised, entering massive MOPE zone

[Read more...]