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The Bond Vigilantes will begin to ride again soon. And notwithstanding The Fed’s ongoing open-ended commitment to be buying (now over 70% of) U.S. Debt, which has temporarily suppressed rates, but cannot do so forever.  Central Banks have added $5 Trillion! to the monetary base since 2007. This cannot continue without dire consequences.  Consumer Prices would have to double from here (i.e. increase 10%/yr for 7 years) to keep up with monetary base increases.

Going forward we are likely to see an intensification of trends already developing, i.e. increasing stagflation. That is, we are seeing an increasing economic contraction coupled with increasing inflation.

A Senate bill that will be voted on next week will allow warrantless access to American’s emails, Facebook posts, Twitter messages, and Google Document files to 21 government agencies.

This is already SOP for the NSA and CIA, now it will simply be legal. Land of the Sheep, home of the Slaves.

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
Proposed law scheduled for a vote next week originally increased Americans’ e-mail privacy. Then law enforcement complained. Now it increases government access to e-mail and other digital files.

In his latest Epic Rant delivered to the European Parliament, UKIP member Nigel Farage unloads on the European bureaucrats destroying the European economy.  Farage states that The dead hand of bureaucracy is destroying innovation and destroying jobs in Europe and thaComments 1t it is not just an economic, but a social disaster that is engulfing the Mediterranean...And it’s all based on a flawed thinking that the State if it has power and money, can create wealth.

Full rant and transcript below:

Following his “Farewell to Congress” speech last week, Congressman Ron Paul talks to GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan about the achievements and legacy of his recent presidential campaign — particularly in the context of monetary policy. They discuss the recent re-publication of his book The Case for Gold and his forthcoming chairmanship of the Campaign for Liberty ( Paul also talks about the likelihood of America returning to some form of gold standard in the years ahead and the prospects for private currency issuance; as well as what the next four years under President Obama are likely to hold.

Full GoldMoney interview with Ron Paul below:

Gold volatility as represented by the cost of options that protect against losses in gold and silver has slumped to a record low, on the increasing belief that slower economic growth will attract buyers and spur central bank actions that accelerate inflation.  The Chicago Board Options Exchange Gold ETF Volatility Index, which tracks the cost of SPDR Gold Trust options, plunged 42% this year and last week reached 13.28, the lowest in records starting in 2008.  The CBOE Silver ETF Volatility Index, a measure of IShares Silver Trust derivative prices, is down 50 percent in 2012 and touched 22.76 yesterday, the lowest in data going back 19 months.

Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass gave his thoughts on the end of the debt Super Cycle at the University of Virginia Investing Conference.  Bass makes the case that Japan’s lost 2 decades of can-kicking are about to come to an abrupt end, and that a massive crash is imminent for the nation with a debt to GDP ratio of 350%.

Full MUST WATCH interview below!!

While it was likely a data glitch rather than a trading fat finger flash smash, tonight’s gold futures appeared to have been dropped vertically down the mine-shaft dropping $30 in a single tick, and stuffed under $1700 to $1699

Whether flash smash or data glitch, the move has been subsequently wiped from the charts. 

The Doc had the pleasure of getting together with TF from TFMetalsReport and Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin tonight for a round table interview on gold and silver with

We discussed the upcoming fiscal cliff, price action in the gold and silver markets, and the massive debt issuance required into perpetuity in order to keep the fiat ponzi system from complete systemic collapse.
The consensus: gold and silver are on the verge of a BIG rally to close out 2012.

Full interview below:

In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert present a success story for the three year anniversary of the Keiser Report and that is that the banksters are going the way of Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs – OUT OF BUSINESS! And just as the junk food and fake bread of the Hostess products caused obesity and diabetes in Americans, so too did the junk bonds and toxic derivatives of the bankers and central bankers cause a flabby, obese and diabetic finance sector in London and New York. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ross Ashcroft, writer and director of FOUR HORSEMEN, about why many people didn’t see the financial crisis and what can be done to regain control of the financial system.

While the US is set to hike the estate tax to 55%, and hike the dividend tax rate from 15% to 43.4% courtesy Obamacare, China announced today it will slash its dividend tax rate in half from 10% to 5%!!

Ironically, the new government of the People’s Republic of China has decided the REDUCE their tax on dividends. Years ago it was 20%, then dropped to 10% in 2005. Effective January 1st, though, the dividend tax rate in China will drop to a mere 5%.

The COMEX’s fade into irrelevance appears to be picking up steam. 

The only authorized spot gold exchange in Hong Kong, the CGSE, has announced plans to launch a spot, yuan based silver exchange in 2013.  The contracts will trade in 10kg increments on the silver spot price, with physical delivery allowed (3 contract/30 kg min). 


By Stewart Thomson:

Gold recently sold off along with the other so-called “risk on” markets, but it bottomed quickly. The daily chart shows a nice head and shoulders bottom pattern in play.  The daily gold chart looks superb.  The H & S pattern sits near the demand line of a beautiful rising channel.  HSR (horizontal support & resistance) at $1758 is the initial upside target, and then $1800.  A “price pop” to the $1825 price zone could be a game changer for gold stocks.   

Silver looks even better than gold.  Yesterday’s price action was important, because it took silver above the neckline of a head and shoulders bottom.   At this point in time, gold has yet to rise above its neckline, so silver is clearly the leader.  Silver seems eager to race to $35.50, and if gold can rise above $1800, that could catapult silver into the $40 range.

By Ron Paul:

There is nothing treasonous or unpatriotic about wanting a federal government that is more responsive to the people it represents That is what our Revolutionary War was all about and today our own federal government is vastly overstepping its constitutional bounds with no signs of reform.  At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government?  If people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free? 

If a people cannot secede from an oppressive government, they cannot truly be considered free.