Sprott Announces $341 Million Follow-On Offering for Gold Trust PHYS

*Update: Size of the follow-on offering has now been released: 23 million shares for proceeds of $341 million.  Nearly identical to the size of the latest PSLV follow-on.

Sprott Asset Management has launched a follow-on offering of it’s physical gold trust PHYS.
The offering will be underwritten by Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital Markets.

Full Release below:

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Silver Maples As Low As $1.99 Over Spot!!

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2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf


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Gold & Silver EXPLODE on NFP to $33.50 and $1730!!

Gold and silver just made their best Old Faithful impersonations on this morning’s NFP disappointment, as bad news is now good news for the chances of Bernanke announcing unlimited QE next Thursday.

Silver EXPLODED VERTICALLY to $33.50, a full $1.50 move higher from it’s overnight lows.  Gold exploded to $1730, a full $50 from it’s overnight lows.

As we recommended last night during the sell-off, all corrections are being met with MASSIVE PHYSICAL BUYING, and we recommend responding immediately to corrections by backing up the truck and STACKING THE SMACK!! [Read more...]

NFP + 96k, Unemployment 8.1%, Metals Surge

  • NFP +96,000 on expectations of + 130,000
  • Official Unemployment rate drops to 8.1%
  • July revised down from +163,000 to + 143,000
  • Gold and silver surging on the news [Read more...]

Silver SMASHED to $32, Gold Below $1700 Ahead of Friday’s BLS Report

Gold and silver have been smashed early in Friday’s Asian trading ahead of the US BLS Report, with silver down $1 to $32, and gold smashed $25 through $1700 to $1690.
The cartel will do everything in it’s power to prevent a weekly close in gold above $1700 and silver above $32.50.
After 10 unsuccessful attempts to smash gold below $1700 Thursday, the cartel has finally dumped enough paper on the market to see gold penetrate the level to the downside.

We suspect however that much to Blythe’s dismay, gold’s stay in the $1600′s will be brief. [Read more...]

Jim Willie: No Central Bank Solutions: Liquidity vs Insolvency

By Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com

  • Bankers know they are finished, and are cutting deals to avoid prison
  • JPMorgan is losing control of the USTBond & Interest Rate Swap structures
  • The destructive Fascist Business Model is in its final chapter, the climax
  • A major bank scandal is brewing, from illegal usage of Allocated Gold accounts

All hail August and September, the months to kick precious metals into gear. The year’s bottom was seen in May around the $1550/oz level. The upward movement began at end July and early August. The momentum picked up in late August, and has gained additional vigor in early September. Rumors of a weakened JPMorgan monster have yet to come to light, or be seen in the gold price from their relaxed heavy hand. No limit of naked shorting gold futures is being enforced. The criminality of the currency regime is complete, total, and profound. However, the daily chart shows some new life in a rather impressive reversal in progress. It has much more to run. The $1700 level should be breached very soon with confidence. There might be no looking back. The ruined banks, the ruined sovereign bonds, the ruinous wars, the struggles with mine output, the splendid citizen demand, it all adds up to aggravated price structures pointing to higher prices. [Read more...]

Bond King Bill Gross Declares Gold a Better Investment Than Bonds!!

The Bond King himself Bill Gross in a Bloomberg interview today declared gold a better investment than stocks OR BONDS!!
We are now well into stage 2 of the massive secular bull market for gold, as all of the smart money is now rushing out of paper assets and government debt into the true safety of physical gold.

We hope you have already backed up the truck and loaded it down to the ground, as the window is closing on the opportunity to acquire physical gold and silver at extremely manipulated and discounted levels.

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SRSrocco Weighs is on Yamashita’s Treasure/Dragon Family Gold Conspiracies

Submitted by SD Contributor SRSrocco:

I at times have wondered just how much gold there is in the world.  I have read some of these articles and reports of the so-called hidden huge hoards of gold. 

The legends of Yamashita’s gold discovered in the Philippines by General MacArthur’s Chief of Intelligence claim the treasure weighs in at over 300,000 metric tons of gold.

While these conspiracies sound nice on paper… if we look at the historical gold-silver ratio of production, we may find some answers. [Read more...]

Peter Schiff Asks DNC Goers if the Gov’t Should Ban All Profits….Hilarity Ensues

Peter Schiff spent Wednesday interviewing folks at the Democratic National Convention, asking liberals whether they would support a new law to ban all profits
Those who have even the most basic understanding of the fundamentals of economics will do more than cringe throughout the entirety of this clip, as apparently the entire Democratic Party believes Marxism is the best idea anyone has ever come up with.  EVER.



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Former Banker States the Case for Owning Physical Gold


Until the advent of the FDIC, bank runs and failures meant the client lost everything.  That why they call them “bank runs”.  You run to bank as fast as you can and withdraw your money.  The first one out gets the best deal.  The FDIC is a hollow shell that will not protect a multi-trillion dollar failure.

Allocated and unallocated storage facilities are likely to be stripped of all precious metals and valuablesWhen governments go broke the rule of law is the first thing sacrificed on the altar of saving the people and their way of life.

It will get very interesting when 100 paper golden chairs are surrounded by scores of bankers all trying to get a seat on the single physical golden chair when the music stops [Read more...]

Biderman: Obama & Bernanke are Bankrupting the U.S.

TrimTab’s Charles Biderman’s latest RANT discusses how Obama and the Cntrl + P in chief Ben Bernanke are literally BANKRUPTING THE US.  [Read more...]

10oz NTR Bars As Low As 69 Cents Over Spot!!

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ECB Announces UNLIMITED, Sterilized OMT Bond Buying

 Draghi announces UNLIMITED short term, sterilized  ‘outright monetary transactions’ focusing on the 1-3 year bonds.

  • The Governing Council will consider Outright Monetary Transactions to the extent that they are warranted from a monetary policy perspective as long as programme conditionality is fully respected, and terminate them once their objectives are achieved
  • Transactions will be focused on the shorter part of the yield curve, and in particular on sovereign bonds with a maturity of between one and three years
  • No quantitative limits are set on the size of Outright Monetary Transactions.
  • The liquidity created through Outright Monetary Transactions will be fully sterilized

We now know why gold and silver exploded overnight as news of Draghi’s announcement was obviously leaked to the bullion banks.
Full ECB Press release below: [Read more...]

Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver

Chris Duane of Dont-Tread-On.me has released the Silver Shield’s Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver.



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