silver break freeWhat goods or services would you offer and be willing to accept gold or silver as payment?   How much gold and silver would you be willing to use as currency?  If you are serious about breaking the system, operating outside of the system and leaving a murderous, criminal, liberty and life stealing system behind, these are the questions that should be in the fore-front of every waking moment.
They have been for me for several years now and the time has come to begin making a real move away from supporting people that do not support nor care for the well being of me and my family. The only thing the federal government is interested in from me is how much will my family support, with our labor and currency, un-Constituntional wars, drug money laundering banking cartels and indefinite detention for all that oppose their system. Beyond those items, they care not for me or you or anyone else except for the other scum that make up the upper part of the 1% gang.
Will you consider breaking away from the system and researching how you can do that? Will you at least look at how the state of Utah functions to determine if their system will work for your business? Will you make any effort at all to get out of the system other than reading articles and “buying” gold and silver?   Until we, the gold and silver community, begin making real world efforts to break the system, the criminal elite are laughing all the way to the criminal bank that they own.

JP MorganThe modus operandi of the elites is to create chaos, preferably in the form of war.  Their purpose is to create major headaches for governments and people. The next step is to “offer solutions” to end the chaos.  Without fail, the solutions always favor the elite who gain more control as part of the cost for the rescue.
Why war?  A simple diversion used to cover the total insolvency of the entire Western banking system and the failure of all fiat currencies.  The only solution will be financial destruction, and major economic life disruptions, especially in the ill-prepared United States.  Previews of what is in store for the United States are found in Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Venezuela, Argentina.  The list grows.
Now we have the IMF, [Rothschilds] telling one country to start a civil war and capture the Eastern Ukraine.  This is how the elites work, and the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama, is their front man, leading the charge, just like he did in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.  Egypt was a purely political manuever.  Libya has oil, and prior to the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, that country used to own gold, which was the first order of business to ransack, just as the Ukrainian gold was the first thing to disappear, into greedy Western thieving hands.  But always remember, according to Western interests, gold has no useful value…. at least not in your hands. 

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelItaly’s central bank, the Banca d’Italia, has recently published an important document detailing the storage locations and composition of the country’s gold reserves. The document confirms that Italy’s gold is held across four vault locations, three of which are outside Italy.
This is a significant announcement given that the Banca d’Italia is the world’s third largest official holder of gold after the U.S. and Germany. Italy officially holds 2,451.8 tonnes of gold, worth more than €72 billion (US$ 100 billion) at current market prices [1].
In the detailed three page report focusing exclusively on its gold reserves (and only published in Italian), the Banca d’Italia reveals that 1,199.4 tonnes, or nearly half the total, is held in the Bank’s own vaults under its Palazzo Koch headquarters on Via Nazionale in Rome, while most of the other half is stored in the Federal Reserve Bank gold vault in New York.

burstbubbleThere are several signs that prove without question there is some sort of dangerous bubble already percolating throughout the credit markets.
The first of these are known as “dividend deals.”   Basically, dividend deals are when companies owned by private equity firms tap the credit markets, and then a sizable percentage of the money borrowed is used to cut a check to the private equity owners themselves. Often times, the remainder of the debt is used to refinance existing debt.
Yes, you heard that right.   The insane thing is that creditors are willing to buy this garbage, and buying it they are.  By the billions.
The second sign of insanity is the increase in “payment-in-kind” notes. What this means is that interest on the debt can be paid back in, wait this is no joke, more debt!  Even crazier, we are seeing examples of “payment-in-kind” notes being issued for the purpose of paying out dividends to private equity owners. I want to know which fund managers are buying these notes, and you should too.

BubbleThe dollar volume of high-yield credit being issued is through the roof. It is in the range of two to three times what it was in the period leading up to the housing bubble.
There is a bubble in higher-risk credit. It is being missed by many because the wrong qualifications for what makes a bubble are being used. When there is debate about bubbles, it almost always centers on the price of an asset category. There is often no mention of the volume of assets in that category trading at that price.

China goldThere is a difference between backing and supporting a currency with gold. 
Although gold will officially return into the global monetary system within five to ten years, as all fiat roads are a dead end, in what way remains to be seen. There are many types of gold standards and it also depends if the transition will be led top-down or bottom-up.

Caption Contest 1I don’t think that the situation that we have here is sustainable. We are going to have to create a sufficient amount of money to keep the debt load afloat. We are going to have to keep interest rates low because if those basic requirements are not met – that is lots of liquidity and maintenance of low interest rates – the system is going to collapse.
I think that’s why you own gold; because the odds favor something going badly wrong – a ‘black swan’ if you like. And to continue they will have to jam liquidity, and at some point there will be a massive recognition that the money is no good and people will want out into real things.
The fiat Ponzi Scheme will continue until it doesn’t, but the minute that it stops, people will be asking themselves what they really own through their ‘paper gold’ vehicles. I think that this will have an unbelievably large impact on the price of physical gold.

goldNew Gold’s 2014 midpoint guidance has it producing 400k ounces of gold at all-in sustaining costs of $825 per ounce.  This production profile, which is the product of a well-diversified portfolio of mines, places NGD among the mid-tier elite.  But perhaps most impressive about this company is its spectacular pipeline of growth projects.

bank burnedThe Ukrainian conflict continues to escalate, as sources report that the Ukrainian military has begun an operation in the southeastern city of Mariupol, where a branch of PrivateBank has been torched and burned completely to the ground. 


The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the big volatility in gold & silver this week, discussing: 

  • Sign of COMPLETE DESPERATION: CME seeks to introduce 1% daily price fluctuation caps in gold & silver futures
  • Gold & Silver’s big rally Friday to close the week at $1300 & $19.50
  • NFP MOPE Dissected: Did the US economy really skyrocket in April? 
  • Eric breaks down the escalating geo-political crisis between the US & Russia- Black Swans are Everywhere!
  • The Doc provides a behind the scenes look at the state of the wholesale physical gold and silver markets in the US, and reveals the launch of SD’s first limited edition coin series in June!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:

In cultures all over the world, there are ancient stories about beautiful, prosperous cities that became submerged in the ocean and were never seen again.  The most famous of these is the story of Atlantis, but there are many others.  So could it be possible that some of these cities actually exist?  In recent years, modern technology has allowed humanity to investigate the ocean floor like never before.  As we have done so, we have made some incredible discoveries.  You are about to see some amazing mysterious structures that have been found on the bottom of the ocean floor all over the world.  Could these mysterious structures actually be evidence of very advanced ancient civilizations such as Atlantis? 

gun forcedThe goal of The Powers That Be is to keep the grassroots masses from reaching an “orientation” that values precious metals over paper dollars that are backed only by the “full faith and credit” of U.S. Government.
The potential rapid growth in the number of people who acquire gold and silver is THE THREAT to the “status quo.”
What we are seeing with manipulation tactics is the effort to forestall or ameliorate this threat.
Bold actions were required to slay PM sentiment and recurring actions are required to keep sentiment dead/awful.

movie-logoThe “environmental movement” has become a caricature of its purported goals.  Our regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and our management agencies like the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have become politicized.
Meanwhile, many environmental organizations have become giant corporations subservient to political agendas rather than promoting environmental stewardship guided by science-based best practices.
Blue, a new documentary produced and directed by J. D. King explores these issues unlike any documentary to date.  Eric Dubin sat down with J. D. King to discuss a handful of key subjects Blue illuminates.

DHS checkpointTwo very important cases related to the 4th Amendment protection of cellphone data went before the Supreme Court yesterday. At issue here is whether or not police can search someone’s cellphone upon arrest.

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelYou have to give the Western bullion banking cartel credit.  They are leaving no stone un-turned in their efforts to suppress precious metals prices and sentiment.
With gold and silver completing a 3 year correction, and both metals trading near multi-year lows, Reuters reports that the CME is looking to introduce daily price fluctuation caps (reportedly 1%) in gold and silver futures in a bid to “reign in wild volatility”.
It looks like GATA’s 2% rule in gold is about to be cut in half. 

The Russian banking system has responded to the West’s petty and of no-effect sanctions by raising a one-finger salute to the West.  Russian banks have stopped using the dollar and have adapted total reliance upon its own ruble, intent on having the ruble become a part of any new global currency.  US banks continue to entrap citizens with debt-forever fiat.  Russia has the second largest gold reserve in the world.  US is the highest debtor nation in the entire world.  The US has always had a fondness for being number 1 in everything.
The fact that Russia has rejected the dollar in every way, coupled with another fact that it will only transact its gas and oil trade in the ruble will have an impact on the US and the West more than any sanctions Obama can ever hope to [under]achieve.  As a  consequence of pushing Russia away from the [totally failed] Western banking system, the US stands to lose trillions of fiat $ in return.  It is not just RussiaAll of the other BRICS nations are following suit.
The US and the central banking system is committing seppuku, [hari kari], financial [self-imposed] disembowelment.

he logo of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the organization’s headquarters in Washington, DC (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

The post war consensus on financing bodies appears to be breaking down as the West clings desperately to the reins of the IMF and World Bank. In exasperation, the BRICS nations are pushing forward with alternative institutions.
The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), fed up with ongoing American stalling at reforming the voting system in the IMF, have been working their way towards a genuine new world order.
Pivoting away from the influence of the US-centric Western financial system, it makes sense to create a counterweight to the IMF; a supranational bank for the emerging east. 

house-of-cardsAmericans are an amazingly insouciant people. By now any other people would have burnt Wall Street to the ground.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

My only disagreement with him is that it’s not just the economy, it’s the whole da*n system.