Bernard von NotHaus faces up to 20 years in prison for his ‘conviction’ of the crime of minting $60 million worth of constitutionally legal private silver coins.   Naturally, since von NotHaus made the mistake of minting the word dollar on the coins, the Feds threw the book at him, confiscated the phyzz, and labeled the patriot a ‘domestic terrorist’.

Ahead of von NotHaus’ sentencing, the NY Times examines the man, his mission to combat currency devaluation with precious metals, and the authoritarian state that cannot allow any alternative to it’s enslaving fiat debt currency.

In this MUST WATCH CNBC interview, Peter Schiff states that in only a few years people will look back at $1700 gold with nostalgia as gold will be trading at $5,000/oz!
Schiff states the pace of inflation in accelerating, and gold’s ascent will also accelerate in the near future.  Schiff states the USDX will be cut in half, and will trade around 40!

CNBC’s rebuttal: gold can’t go to $5,000/oz because nobody will be able to afford it.

Full interview below:

With this week’s reports that Germany repatriated 1,000 tons of its gold reserves from the Bank of England between 2000-01, and is repatriating 150 tons of its gold reserves from the NY Fed over the next 3 years, clearly the awake participants have realized the music stopped long ago, and are grabbing their physical gold chairs. 

It is now inevitable that an avalanche of central banks, hedge funds, and wealthy investors worldwide will begin to emulate Venezuela and Germany and request physical delivery of their unallocated (rehypothecated) ‘gold’.  

In an amazingly weak and futile attempt to stem the inevitable onslaught of delivery and repatriation requests, CNBC’s senior editor John Carney has released an editorial claiming that it matters not whether the gold held at the NY Fed and the BOE is filled with tungsten, has been leased or swapped, or that it even exists- all that matters is the Fed’s bookkeeping ledger that states the gold is there

Many readers strongly disagreed when The Doc suggested at the beginning of the month that October would likely see corrections in gold and silver.  We suspect we will receive far less anger over our outlook for a STRONG NOVEMBER RALLY in both metals.

A rise of over 1% today (from the current price of $1,705/oz) would result in a higher close this week, above $1,721.75/oz. This would be a good indicator that the recent dip is over and it is time to get into position for November, which is one of gold’s strongest months and the November to March rally which is one of gold’s strongest periods.

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After consolidating in a tight range throughout the overnight Asian and London sessions, gold and silver have gone vertical on the COMEX open, with silver making a .50 vertical move north through $32 to $32.27.
Gold has moved well off strong support at $1700 to $1715, and is targeting $1725.

*Update: silver has now broken through cartel capping at $32.25, and run nearly to $32.50 before currently pausing with a last of $32.43.

Over the last week and a half, high level JP Morgan executives have dumped over $6 million in shares in what experts have described as ‘unusual activity’.
Anyone believe JPM’s October 12th earnings report which beat expectations?  Looks like accounting BS engineered to dump legacy positions on the general public.

A chorus of high-level executives inside JPMorgan (JPM) are selling down their stakes in the company, in what some experts are citing as “unusual” activity within the nation’s largest bank by deposits.

By SRSrocco:

According to this GoldCore article posted on SD this morning, the Chinese silver demand will hit 7,700 metric tonnes in 2012Last year India’s silver demand was 4,000+ metric tonnes.  We can safely assume they should have about the same figure in 2012.

This means Indian and Chinese silver demand alone will account for 50% of global silver mine supply!!!

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that Gordon Brown’s Bottom turned into an audit the gold movement in Germany. They also discuss the mother of all bond bubbles getting set to burst and all that will be left in the Bank of England ‘gold’ vaults are a big pile of gilts. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dominic Frisby, author of Life After the State, about Germany’s gold quest, the future of relations between the US and Germany if the gold is not there and about ‘life after the state.’

Submitted by SD reader Jack

Sometimes we need to look back in history to “connect the dots”. In 1999 Gordon Brown started selling England’s gold into the market place. This was done by auction and announced. Coordinated as if it was meant to keep prices low. Most people think Gordon Brown was just stupid. It would now appear that we have now found the reason for this market manipulation of gold at the time.

The 400 tons of gold that Gordon Brown dumped on the market between 1999 and 2001 (60% of the UK’s gold reserves) likely went DIRECTLY TO THE BULLION BANKS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MEETING THE BUNDESBANK’S 1000 TON GOLD REPATRIATION REQUEST!!

By SRSrocco:

In less than two years, the Chinese Mint has increased the production of its 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda 1233%, from 600,000 per year to 8 million in 2012.

Even though this is certainly a massive increase in just two short years…. this may only be the beginning of something really big that is being planned by the Chinese Mint.

According to Louis Golino’s article China Strives to Make Silver Pandas as Popular as American Silver Eagles“, we have just begun to see just how many Silver Pandas the Chinese plan on minting.

By Ron Paul:

Until the late 1990s, individuals interested in Austrian economics, U.S. constitutional history, and libertarian philosophy had few sources of information.  They had to spend hours scouring used book stores or the back pages of obscure libertarian periodicals to find the great works of Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, and other giants of liberty.  Local library and university collections ignored libertarian politics and economics.

Today, however, the greatest classics of libertarian thought, libertarian philosophy, and libertarian economics are available instantly to anyone with internet access.  Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before for liberty activists to spread news and other information regarding the evils of government power and the benefits of freedomFor the first time in human history, supporters of liberty around the world can share information across borders quickly and cheaply.  Without the filter of government censors, this information emboldens millions to question governments and promote liberty.

This is why liberty-minded Americans must do everything possible to oppose– and stop– government attempts to censor or limit the free flow of information online.

After being capped and stuffed below $1700 and $32 throughout the trading day Wednesday, gold and silver rallied overnight just prior to the London open, and have consolidated above $1700 and $32 throughout London trading and early in Thursday’s COMEX session.
With $31.50 again holding as support in silver, is the 3 week correction finally over?