We all know that the end of COMEX price rat-holing of gold and especially silver has a more limited life now than ever before.
Have you wondered what will be the response of the President and Treasury Secretary might be to a silver default? 

gold rally

Change is never easy. People don’t like it, and will resist change even if their current situations are terrible. Inertia is the most powerful force in the universe after all.
Desirable or not, it’s happening. The US dollar’s days are numbered.
Now, gold, with its millennia-long history is making a comeback.  We’re not just talking about it as a store of wealth or a speculation, but as a regular form of currency.
This is truly a canary in the coalmine moment for the future of the US dollar… as well as gold’s emerging role in the financial system of tomorrow.

gold bull

A major decline in oil prices that causes a collapse in global stock markets while Indian gold demand surges, is likely to entice those money managers to recommend gold stocks to their clients.
As the dollar has rallied, the price of silver has declined significantly, and the gold to silver ratio has soared to the 70 – 80 area.
What are the implications for silver, if there is a global stock markets crash caused by deflating oil prices?

China demand

In the past 2 days, the U.S. Mint has nearly sold the entirety of the Silver Eagles sold in the month of July! This also stretches the silver to gold sales ratio to 220 to 1 (if buffaloes are counted).
At a gold to silver ratio of 70 to 1, this means that in dollar terms, 3 times as much silver is being bought than gold!
I cannot remember such a beginning to a sales month in the history of the U.S. Mint.
And things are also heating up Across the Pacific. 
Just as over here, things are getting very interesting in China on the silver scene as well…

Jim Grant

I think this is a time where people will look back on us and see it as a period of practically central bank worship.
The central bankers – Draghi, Yellen, Bernanke – have become almost celebrities in America.  People have invested unreasonable hopes in what these central banks can know, and what they can do.   I think that, sooner or later, the investing public will become disillusioned of these ideas….
I dare say that stock prices will not continue to rise uninterrupted at the same pace.  That’s not a very interesting prediction, but the stock market is certainly a cyclical thing.  I think it’s fair to observe that today’s ultra-low interest rates flatter stock market valuations.  Stock prices are partly valued based on a discounted flow of dividend income.  To the extent that the discount rate you use to value that stream of dividend income, which depends on interest rates, is artificially low,stock prices are artificially high.
I think that the burden of proof is on anyone who would assert that we are in a new age of persistently and steadily rising stock prices.


The collapse of the Soviet Union should have been a lesson. The world should have learned that central planning cannot work, even in something simple like food or iron production. The USSR was plagued with shortages of everything.
America today does not have central planning of simple things like food. Farmers make the allocation decisions for corn, and ranchers determine the size of their herd for the most part.
We have central planning of the most complex thing of all, credit. Credit affects everything else including corn and beef.
It’s not only unstable, but it is moving inexorably towards collapse.   This disaster is way beyond the pay grades of the economists who would be our economic dictators, like Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.
The Fed is naught but a whole pile of perceptions.
One way or the other, we are going to rediscover the use of gold as money. When that happens, the perceptions that prop up the Fed will be dispelled.   Strip those away, and there is no case for the Fed to exist at all.

mali gold

Nevada is well known as the United States’ top gold-mining jurisdiction.  The numerous mines within its massive gold trends combined to produce a whopping 5.4m ounces in 2013, which accounted for 74% of total domestic output.  This output ranks Nevada as the world’s fourth-largest gold producer, behind only the countries of China, Australia, and Russia.
With Nevada’s geopolitically-stable mild desert region pumping out more gold than global juggernauts South Africa, Peru, and Canada, it is naturally a top destination for mining companies looking to hit it big. 
And an emerging producer has hit the trifecta with a trio of advanced-stage projects poised to add to Nevada’s gold-mine tally.

economic dollar collapse

Iceland’s currency collapse is not an isolated event.  The purchasing power of a fiat currency varies constantly, even to the point of losing it altogether. The truth of the matter is the utility of a fiat currency is entirely dependent on the subjective opinions of individuals expressed through markets, and has nothing to do with a mechanical quantity relationship.
In this respect, merely the potential for unlimited currency issuance or a change in perceptions of the issuer’s financial stability, as Iceland discovered, can be enough to destabilize it.

Simon Black

The best places in the world to live and do business are often some of the smallest, for precisely this reason.
Not only are the governments generally more in touch with their populations, but they’ve got to try much harder to appeal to outsiders.

When countries are actively competing for you and your business, you are always the winner.


In the back of my mind (going back to 2003/2004) I’ve always been worried that they might do to gold eventually what they did to it in late 1974 when they took it from $200 back down to $100 by early 1976.
Please note that the end of 1974 is when gold futures trading was first introduced to our system.
That was right before gold made its run from $100 to $850.  Hell, percentage-wise this move since 2011 isn’t as severe as the one in 1974-1976 at this point.

We’re at the end of this fraudulent system and I honestly believe they are trying to shake the system of as much wealth as they can and put it in their own pockets before it collapses. That especially includes gold and silver – real money.
If they can take gold and silver down to where both started in 2000, it means that our system is being incinerated and you probably don’t want to be in this country – or most places for that matter.

edge cliff

After a brutal trading week which saw silver close at 4 year lows and gold only $10 from summer 2013 lows, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy joins the show discussing

  • Silver closes under $17 & gold rolls over into the close- is a waterfall capitulation collapse coming on Sunday night’s Globex open? 
  • Murphy explains why this is the Gold Cartel’s Final Campaign– The Biggest Move in the History of All Markets is Coming (but at what level will it start from?)
  • Why haven’t the miners fought back?  Murphy explains why the World Gold Council is against precious metals miners
  • The Doc examines the gold & silver take-down from the perspective of the bullion banks- what is the ultimate game-plan? 
  • Where will the pain end? Murphy explains why there is No such thing as oversold in a manipulated market, & that This is an effort to completely decimate the gold & silver markets & industry by driving them into oblivion– the banksters are attempting to corner the global physical and mining markets!
  • The Final End Game- Why the probability of a Grand Reset currency collapse is increasing

You won’t want to miss The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Bill Murphy’s breakdown of this week’s PM beatdown below: 

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The market has reacted to the big drop in the paper price of silver by a huge increase in Silver Eagle purchases. 
September was turning out to be a much stronger month compared to July and August even before the last update of the month.
On Monday, the U.S. Mint reported 3,375,000 sales for the month. 
Then this evening, I checked to see if they had updated their figures.. which they did in A BIG WAY.

silver smash

Precious metals have faced adverse weather as evidence mounts that major economies may be sliding into recession.
Silver in particular has been badly mauled, slipping to new lows below $17.
It now stands at one third of the brief high of nearly $50 achieved in April 2011.  
Silver is also very oversold as evidenced in the chart below.  
The managed money category is now so short that they are even net short of silver after their longs are taken into account!


Two headlines came across my screen today, which taken together pretty much sum up the effects of policy decisions made by Central Bankers and politicians since the financial crisis.
The financial oligarchs got bailed out, and the rich got richer due to decisions made by “leaders” around the globe.
As such, the entire planet has now been transformed into a neo-feudal tinderbox.
Myself and countless others warned all the way back to 2008 that this is what would happen, and here you have it.
Let’s first examine the results from Oxfam’s report on the billionaire growth spurt.
I hope all 1,645 of you have sent thank you notes to the patron saint of oligarchy: Ben Bernanke.

martial law camp

If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone.  If government officials believe that you have the virus, federal law allows them to round you up and detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary.”


It’s Back!
For the first time in months, Western investment demand in gold and particularly SILVER is raging like a lion that’s just escaped captivity!
Yesterday, while many were wringing their hands, and beside themselves about the massacre in the paper silver market, the big players, the smartest guys in the room were busy buying nearly 24 tonnes of silver from the U.S. Mint! 
Let me repeat that: the U.S. Mint alone sold another 765,000 silver eagles in ONE business day!
Take a look for yourself:

cartel taken to knees

With silver prices going down, down down, now might finally be the time for the “movers and shakers” in the mining and precious metals communities to call a major press conference to make their case and actually defend themselves from the years-long assault on their businesses.

US debt

Today in the Land of the Free, everyone is required to pay into the Social Security system, and over 90% of students go to public schools.
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the state is exerting its control over your medical care.
And now with a new bill comes the crown jewel of state employment:

Presenting Senate Bill 2726: the Strengthening Forgiveness for Public Servants Act.
If passed, the bill aims to get young people into government employment by promising to forgive their student loan debt.
Could they be any more devious?

Head of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin (RIA Novosti/Sergey Subbotin)

In an interview published Tuesday in Russia’s Izvestia newspaper, the head of Russia’s #2 bank stated that he envisions the country being able to completely switch to the ruble in international settlements with two to three years.

silver crash

With silver breaking below $17/oz to new 4 year lows this week, silver expert David Morgan breaks down what’s next for the white metal- is an epic short squeeze imminent, or is the pain just beginning? 
Morgan’s full interview is below: