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As Low as $2.40 Over Spot!! [Read more...]

Cartel MO Continues as Gold & Silver Sell Off Hard After Bernanke’s Appearance

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]As has been the pattern after every recent public appearance by The Bernank (and as pointed out by Eric Sprott in our recent interview), gold and silver sold off hard overnight, and the sell-off has intensified with today’s COMEX open.

Silver is down another 2% on the day to $27.41, and gold has traded as low as $1579.
At this point it looks likely that silver will test the bottom of its large wedge formation near $26.50. [Read more...]

Russia Buys 0.5 Million Ounces and Bank of Korea “Needs To Buy More” Gold

The Russian central bank has again increased its gold reserves by 500,000 ounces.

Bank Rossii announced that it had increased gold stocks in its international reserves by 0.5 million troy ounces to 29.3 million troy ounces in May from the end of April.

Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves declined to $512.2 billion in the week ending June 15 from $512.4 billion a week earlier. Russia’s reserves remain very sizeable and have increased in 2012 as they were at $498.6 billion at year end 2011.     [Read more...]

Silver Update: Silver Bomb 3

BrotherJohnF is back with another Silver Update: Silver Bomb 3 [Read more...]

SBSS 40. Striking At The Root’s Christ Duane discusses striking at the root of the evil in our current fiat monetary system with Part 40 of the Silver Bullet/Silver Shield Video series: Striking at the Root. [Read more...]

Raw and Unplugged: Max Keiser and The Silver Liberation Army

Financial guru Max Keiser speaks with Patrick Henningsen from in London, about financial terrorism, the Euro crisis in Ireland and Greece, and chronicles the devastation of JP Morgan’s balance sheet by a new and emerging “Silver Liberation Army”, led by Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price. [Read more...]

Jim Rickards on the latest Federal Reserve Rate Decision and Operation Twist 2.0

Welcome to Capital Account. Let’s twist again…like we did last September. The Federal Reserve announced today that it will be extending operation twist — it’s effort to twit the yield curve and keep long-term interest rates low by selling short-dated securities and buying long-term treasuries. It’s just more free market arm-twisting, and the Fed says it’s willing to do more. Sounds like more threats!

And whales have been popular, but what about “operation humpback whale…” What is this? Well, how ‘about the Fed buy both the long, as well as the short end of the curve, and sell a bunch of the bonds in the middle? We’ll float that idea to our guest Jim Rickards. He believes that the same force behind too-big-to-fail banks that is driving anti-competitive behavior on Wall Street is also responsible for driving monopolistic practices in government.

[Read more...]

Bullion Banks Shuffling A Single Silver Bar Around COMEX Vaults

The paper shuffle continued in HSBC’s vaults Tuesday, as HSBC moved a 1,000 ounce bar to Brink’s, and also reported a separate 543,000 deposit.

Is the physical silver supply so tight in the COMEX right now that the cartel needs to play 3 card monte with a SINGLE 1,000 OZ BAR OF SILVER!?!


Spain and Italy to be Bailed Out in £600bn Deal

While the market is fixated on $267 billion in TWIST but no new QE announcement, the G20 has proposed a £600 billion bailout for Spain & Italy.

The will he or won’t he QE debate is meaningless.  The Western Central banks will print unfathomable amounts- when it is required.
They can pretend it is not currently required, but delaying the implementation will only require a bigger counterfeiting gun when the time comes.

European leaders are poised to announce a £600 billion deal to bail out Spain and Italy, it emerged at the G20 summit on Tuesday night. [Read more...]

Silver Back to Unchanged, Gold Above Pre-FOMC Levels Ahead of Bernanke’s Speech

While stackers are merely amused (particularly if they were able to Stack the Smack!), traders are experiencing serious whiplash today.

After crashing below $1600 and $28 in the minutes after the FOMC statement release, gold and silver have roared back- silver to unchanged on the day, and gold is now ABOVE its pre-FOMC release levels to $1620!

For those who blinked and didn’t have a chance to Stack the Smack, keep your dry powder ready for Bernanke’s 2:15 pm speech as the cartel has smashed the metals the last 2 times Bernanke spoke publicly.

The market will be looking for comments by Bernanke that further real easing is imminent should Europe deteriorate further. [Read more...]

Watch Bernanke’s Press Conference LIVE Here at 2:15 PM EST

Watch Ben Bernanke’s Press Conference LIVE at SilverDoctors at 2:15 pm EST

Watch LIVE below:

[Read more...]

NO QE3, Twist Extended Through End of 2012, Metals Plunging

  • Fed prepared to take further action, but No official QE3 announcement

  • Twist extended through end of 2012- additional $267 billion of treasuries

  • ZIRP to continue through at least late 2014

  • Fed prepared to take further action as appropriate

  • Gold and silver plunging on the news: last of $1589 and $27.60

Full FOMC Statement below [Read more...]

Nigel Farage: Barroso is a Deluded Idiot, This Whole Thing is Going Bust!!

Fox Business London invited our favorite member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage on to discuss the debt crisis Europe finds itself in.

Farage delivers another classic EPIC RANT, stating that Barroso is a deluded idiot and a communist, America is not to blame for Europe’s debt crisis (although in reality American banks do hold significant responsibility for the crisis for peddling derivatives to the PIIGS nations as a way to hide debt off balance sheet and thus keep the charade going), and states that ‘this whole thing is going bust!!

Full Rant Below:
[Read more...]

Caption Contest!

While we wait for 12:30, might as well have some more fun at The Bernank’s expense.
Bernanke Caption Contest!

[Read more...]

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