bulldozer bank cyprussAfter the Eurozone/ Cyprus agreement late Friday evening that the Cypriot people will bail out the banks via a 9.9% confiscation of bank deposits, an all-out bank run/panic has ensued Saturday among the few banks that are open today in Cyprus.
The Cypriot people are rightly enraged at the forced theft- so much so that one has just parked his bulldozer in front of a Cypriot bank. 
How much longer until rather than just parking in front of bank branches in protest, angry citizens begin actually bulldozing the banks?

Submitted by Adam Hamilton:

Gold miners have to be the most hated sector in the markets these days.  At best they’ve been forgotten as the hyper-complacent general stock markets continue to inexplicably levitate.  At worst they’re utterly despised.  But the breathtaking bearishness choking them has left gold stocks incredibly cheap relative to their profits.
This is a dream come true for battle-hardened contrarians who really want to buy low.

mali goldThe Golden Jackass Jim Willie sat down with The Doc for a MUST LISTEN interview regarding the markets, gold & silver, and a coming European banking collapse.

Willie made explosive allegations regarding the banking cartel, stating that the US & France launched an invasion of Mali in order to utilize Mali’s gold production to meet the Bundesbank’s 300 ton gold repatriation request.
Wille states that there is a huge shortage of the metal, and that a massive gold rush will soon be ignited, resulting in an epic short covering rally and a 50% explosion in the price of gold.

Jim Willie’s full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:

 DepressionLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair, who this week called a bottom in gold, has sent out an email alert to subscribers stating that the MSM’s attempts to control the nation’s understanding of our economic crisis through propaganda and MOPE has now failed, and we are now beginning a LATER & GREATER DEPRESSION as a result of the failed attempt to kick the can further down the road rather than addressing our systemic issues.

Sinclair states that QE must go to infinity here and now or the entire house of cards collapses, and that gold will be the final tool used to rebalance the balance sheets of the worst deficit-debt offenders such as Japan, the Euro-zone, the UK, and the US.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

imagesIn a sign that the MSM is finally being forced to acknowledge the gold and silver manipulation story after the CFTC this week announced they are having internal discussions on whether the daily London fix in gold & silver is subject to manipulation, CNBC’s Squawk Box has invited GATA’s Chris Powell on to discuss manipulation of the gold market.

Powell states that the CFTC is under pressure regarding gold and silver and is attempting to pretend they are investigating, but that the AG has stated that the TBTF banks are too big to jail, and that the CFTC has not opened any real investigation. 

When asked by the host how Central Banks can be manipulating gold when the Central Banks have been big purchasers of gold over the past few years Powell replied:  Because there are 2 categories of Central Banks.  For every Central Bank that has been buying gold, there is a Western one that has been leasing, swapping, and dumping gold onto the market.   Swaps and leasing are the mechanism of the manipulation.  Eastern Central banks are buying, Western Central banks are selling to support their currencies. 

In a moment of clarity, the CNBC host responds to PowellIsn’t it almost too late? Look at the proliferation of gold EFT’s with people getting into paper gold, thinking that they’re actually owning a chunk of metal when they actually don’t own anything!  It’s like a synthetic market created on the base of a real market!  It’s almost like the matrix!

Powell’s full MUST SEE Squawk Box interview is below:

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

As you can see from the chart below, 50% of all Silver Eagle sales have taken place in the past 5 years.  Since the inception of the American Eagle program, the overall ratio of gold to silver eagle sales has been 16/1.  However, in the past 5 years the ratio  has risen to 28/1!

Silver Eagle sales are showing the market where the REAL LEVERAGE is found.

end badlyJim Cramer from CNBC: “We all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money.”   Thank you Mr. Cramer for telling us the truth about QE and our economy.

Stan Druckenmiller, Legendary Hedge Fund Manager, on CNBC 03/05/2013: I don’t know when it’s going to end. But my guess is it’s going to end very badly.”

The media encourages us to believe that practically everything in our economy is either good or getting better. Another way of stating the media hype is “all of our problems will be solved through the combined efforts of our capable politicians coupled with the wisdom and competent management of The Federal Reserve.”  Seriously?

custer last standSubmitted by Bill Holter:

Previously Gold would be “pushed” down and held there.  Now, the price gets knocked down but it can’t be kept down, and as the saying goes “what won’t go down…will go up”.  We have held in tough this week (so far) and I think that next week we should see a move above the $1,600 level which will finally mark a turn in “sentiment”You see, it is not so much the “price” that the cartel worries about.  If it were, $1,500-$1,600 Gold would surely be something to worry about!  No, it is the “sentiment”.  When “bad stuff” in reality is occurring behind the scenes, metals “sentiment” must be destroyed because it is the ONLY investment with an “exit sign” over the door.  These “doors” must be mentally locked or “confidence” in a system that only has “confidence” holding it together will be lost.  Once turned, in my opinion the metals will put in rallies in both percentage and actual Dollars unlike anything seen so farHang in there, the action is about to astound!

JP MorganFor years, JPMorgan has been accused of silver price suppression. Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee faces Don Harrold, founder of the Day Trade Show, in a debate on whether JPMorgan has engaged in this criminal market activity. Besides JPMorgan, could other large market players be manipulating silver prices? Could even the Federal Reserve and US Government be conspiring with others to artificially suppress precious metal prices?

Full debate moderated by Unconventional Finance’s Elijah Johnson is below:

JPMorganAfter today’s market close, and ahead of tomorrow morning’s 9:30am Senate hearing on JPM’s London While IG9 trades that cost the firm upwards of $10 billion, the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations has released a 300 page document titled JPMorgan Chase Whale Trades: A Case History of Derivatives Risks and Abuses in which the Senate Committee accuses JPMorgan and Jamie Dimon in particular of lying to and intentionally deceiving regulators, investors, and the public regarding the extent of the derivatives losses the firm sustained as Bruno Iksil nearly took down the ship in early 2012.

Full senate report is below:

SD reader BattleBeagle has put together two outstanding silver charts analyzing Silver Eagle sales data from the US Mint. 
The first chart of the day examines the divergences of ASE’s sold vs. the silver spot price, and the 2nd examines the quantity of ASE’s sold by the mint vs. the total dollar value of US Mint silver purchases, which is spiking to an all-time high.

MUST SEE Silver Chart(s) of the Day are below:

DerivativesSubmitted by Bill Holter:

Kyle Bass claims to have purchased $500 billion worth of Japanese debt protection for 1 basis point (which if my math is correct cost him $5 million).  Presumably he is not the only one that this bank sold the “protection” to.  Is there any bank anywhere on the planet that could come up with that type of cash today?

Let me put this in just a little perspective for you.  $500 billion, doesn’t sound like much the way “billions” are thrown around like confetti does it?  The “admitted” on books accumulated debt of the 237 year history of the U.S. Is $16 trillion…or only 32 times the size of Mr. Bass’s bet!  When (not if) Japan fails, who’s going to bail out this little puppy trade (and presumably many more like it)?

Daniela Cambone Jeff ChristianOur favorite gold and silver cartel shill, CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian gave an interview to Kitco’s Daniela Cambone at the 2013 PDAC conference in Toronto. 

Permabear Christian stated that gold and silver investors and those optimistic about the outlook for the metals are disillusioned, and stated that Turkey’s recent efforts to convert their citizens privately held gold into central bank gold reserves (via rehypothecation) is pure genius that will be emulated by the other central banks.

As to his gold outlook, Christian is as bullish as we’ve ever seen him, stating that, We don’t think gold will crash down to $1,000, we think it has support at $1400.

Christian’s full interview with Daniela is below:

Our favorite member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage has delivered another epic rant, this time blasting the eurozone as a complete and total economic disaster, and stating that in the end, the whole Eurozone is going to break up

The Eurozone has been a complete economic disaster. [Verhofstadt starts shouting] …The real problem that you won’t face up to though is the state of the French economy and the fact that France is now diverging by the month with Germany.  So right at the very heart of the European project and the Eurozone project there is a disaster coming down the tracks. I am afraid in the end, the whole thing is going to break up.

Farage’s full rant is below:

hari kari derivativesJapan is falling on their sword for the good of the NY & London criminal banksters by purchasing their worthless derivatives.

The Japanese have decided to perform Hari-kari on themselves and disembowel their economy on a global stage. In what can only be described as willful suicide, the BOJ has decided to begin buying derivatives. The most volatile financial weapon of mass destruction will be purchased by the Japanese, the question is why?
As the US economy continues its death spiral, Japan has been ordered to jump on the grenade and keep the dollar charade going for just a little bit longer.
Japan is finished, energy and food prices are through the roof and they are moving from the lost decades to being the lost civilization.