imagesOur friend Sean from is back with Mark S. Mann. He’s a cop on the ground in Connecticut and he has a LOT of QUESTIONS about the contradictions and inconsistencies of the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre – and resulting gun grab.

Full interview below:

silver break freeOur friend and Cheviot Asset Management’s Ned Naylor-Leyland joined Max Keiser in studio to discuss the cartel silver manipulation and whether Leyland sees an end to the manipulation in 2013.

Naylor-Leyland stated that: I will make a bold prediction, I think that contrary to all the evidence, I think they silver manipulation story will break in 2013The price will break free of it’s shackles, due to the fact that there’s a serious lack of physical silver within the bullion banking system, and I think we’re all going to be very happy this time next year!

If NNL is correct, 2013 will be the year that the silver manipulation story goes from tin-foil conspiracy theory to widespread MSM attention.

Full interview below:

A California attorney has dissected the recent ruling by 90 year old judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. dismissing the class-action lawsuit alleging manipulation of the silver market.
He concludes that the entire purpose of the delay in the CFTC’s nearly 5 year investigation of silver manipulation is so that the courts can rule that the government agency in charge of investigating market manipulation has not ruled that any market rigging has occurred, and thus the courts cannot become involved in civil litigation.

Now that the class action suit has been dismissed, he states to expect an announcement by the CFTC regarding the wrap up of their silver investigation- pending the appeal of the District Judge’s ruling.


silverThe Cliff is dead, risk is on!

In an exact repeat of the end of 2011 and the first 2 weeks of 2012, gold and silver have absolutely exploded Wednesday in the first trading of 2013.   Silver is up over $1 to $31.55, a nearly 4% gain, and gold is up a more modest $15 to $1693

Gold saw gains against all fiat currencies again in 2012.
Gold rose 7% in US dollars and was 4.9% higher in euro terms and 2.2% higher in sterling terms or to put it more correctly the major fiat currencies fell these amounts in 2012 against immutable gold.
The gains were the smallest annual gains since 2008 but built on the steady gains of the last 12 years. 

Silver also had a stellar year with all fiat currencies falling against silver in 2012. Silver was 8% higher in US dollar terms and 6.6% in euro terms, 3.9% in sterling pound terms and by 22.6% in Japanese yen terms.

imagesSubmitted by Stewart Thomson:

On the last trading day of 2012, a watershed event occurred.  Key gold stocks staged superb breakouts, from their weekly chart power downtrend lines.
The gold exploration companies also look poised to rise significantly, and I expect large Japanese and Chinese companies to contact many of them soon, in an effort to secure reliable pipelines of the metals they need, to build their products.
For bullion investors, silver is clearly the metal poised to shine the brightest, in the short term.  To do so, gold must rally.  When you look at my next chart, I think you’ll agree that “Queen Gold” is indeed ready to perform.

I have given a label to the price area above $1800.  I call it the “Green Zone”.  The green zone is an area of tremendous support and potentially represents a place where an institutional buying frenzy could occur, pushing your gold items to much higher prices.

kick the canSenate Democrats are announcing the fiscal cliff has been averted for 2 months, with a last minute agreement in principle with Republicans to extend Bush-era tax levels for individuals under $400,00 and families under $450,000, and to postpone any spending cuts. 
The agreement would still need to be passed and approved retroactively by both the House and the Senate. 
See you in 2 months for Fiscal Cliff 2.0, next time combined with a debt ceiling crisis. 

big resetRaoul Paul sent shock-waves throughout the financial markets in June in what Tyler Durden called the scariest presentation ever, when Paul predicted a complete systemic collapse of the financial system was merely 6-9 months away.  Is the Big Reset still imminent?

The world has no engine of growth with most of the G20 countries approaching stall speed at the same time.  The western world is about to enter its second recession in an ongoing depression…
For the first time since the 1930′s we are entering a recession- before industrial production, durable goods orders, employment, and private sector GDP have made back their previous highs. ‘

As to the timing of the collapse Paul states:
2012- 2013 will usher in the end.  We have about 6 months left…  Assume that no one and nothing is safe.  After that, we put on our tin helmets and hide until the new system emerges.

As to what the collapse will look like:
A global banking collapse and massive defaults would bring about the biggest economic shock the world has ever seen.  No trade finance, no shipping finance, no finance for farmers, no leasing, no bond market, no nothing…


20122012 is almost in the books.  That means its time for another review of the year’s top stories on SilverDoctors.

The most important and most popular SD Stories of 2012:

silverAfter consolidating throughout the overnight Asian and London session as well as throughout morning COMEX trading, gold and silver have just gone vertical, with silver up .65 from its lows to $30.53, and gold popping over $20 to $1681
Meanwhile, the FUBAR fiscal cliff negotiations are reaching critical stage with less than 12 hours left to make a deal, with Obama scheduled to speak at 1:30pm.
Somehow we suspect it will be to place blame on Republicans for sending the country over the cliff, rather than to announce a deal.

CelenteTrends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts the global financial system will continue to be propped up. Celente says, “The scheme continues to go on, the scheme being dumping cheap money into the system to perpetuate an economy that should have crashed in 2008. So, for 2013, our best shot is more of the same, but worse.” Celente’s advice for people who want to protect themselves financially, “Continue to buy gold and silver because a currency war has broken out.” Celente says gold’s assent has stalled because the financial elite “rigged the game” just like the $800 trillion global LIBOR interest rate market. Celente asks, “Don’t you think they’re rigging the gold and silver markets?” Celente contends the fuse is lit on the Middle East and North Africa. He thinks, “The Arab Spring has nothing to do with a democracy movement. It has to do with far too few having much too much and way too many having much too little.” Celente predicts, “If anybody attacks Iran, it will be full-fledged World War III.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente.

Ron PaulBy Ron Paul:

As I prepare to retire from Congress, I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider.  For the sake of liberty, peace, and prosperity I certainly hope more members of Congress consider the strict libertarian constitutional approach to government in 2013.

In just a few days, Congress will solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  They should reread Article 1 Section 8 and the Bill of Rights before taking such a serious oath.  Most legislation violates key provisions of the Constitution in very basic ways, and if members can’t bring themselves to say no in the face of pressure from special interests, they have broken trust with their constituents and violated their oaths. Congress does not exist to serve special interests, it exists to protect the rule of law.

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