triple hammerSubmitted by Morris Hubbartt:

If the implosion of Lehman could only get the dollar to 89.11, is there really any hope for the bulls now?  I don’t think there is.  I’ve labeled the dollar chart the “Triple Hammer Chart”, because I see 3 powerful chart patterns, and all of them are very bearish for the dollar.

Silver is setting itself up for a nice rally.  The set-up is very similar to last fall. At the bottom of the chart, note the bullish breakout of the Aroon indicator.    Silver is my favorite asset in the precious metals group, for adding fresh risk capital.  The Bollinger bands are tightening, and that is usually followed by an explosive move.

20130208_VEF_0After Venezuela sent shockwaves throughout the gold market in the summer of 2011 by repatriating all 110 tons of their gold reserves from NY and London, Venezuela has just sent just as large of shockwaves throughout the escalating global currency wars, announcing a devaluation of the Bolivar by 46% Friday!

With one simple statement, every Venezuelan not holding their savings in physical gold or silver (or dollars or Euros for now) just saw their net wealth vaporize by nearly 50%.


KWN malwareCyber malware attacks targeting alternative news sites such as SGTReport and BeforeItsNews have spread to KWN today, with multiple reports that visiting the KWN website has resulted in the user’s system immediately receiving a trojan virus resulting in Blue Screen of Death.

It appears that sites linking into KWN are also being targeted/ black flagged by search engines.  We encourage our readers to avoid visiting KWN or linking their site until their systems have been restored. 

Has Obama’s new Cyber security team been getting to work shutting down the alternative media?

SD reader X, who states he is an IT professional reports that the malware attack is very real:

gun sitesBy SD Contributor AGXIIK:

The government says that once the Roth is converted, there are no taxes on withdrawals after that.  Of course, the gummint is great at the big lie.  Anytime in the future the Roth safe harbor could be cancelledAll a president would have to do is pull the NDRP or NDAA trigger, and they own our butts. 

Most people would never even hear of the IRA grabs thus leaving themselves as a convenient target. Those that were smart enough to see this coming would do just what most of us are doing.  Slowly removing the IRA balances, paying the much smaller amounts of taxes and moving on.

There’s a good possibility that the GRA or pension grabs will move up in line of Federal control, thus leaving out the annoying waiting  for revenues and actuarial estimation of when the holder will die, with the estate coughing up half of the balances.

Source: David Shankbone/wikimedia

Researchers in Finland have reportedly developed a next-generation solar panel utilizing silver nano particle antennas to trap incoming solar light.  The silver nano-antennas reportedly drastically increase photovoltaic cell efficiency (the percentage of incoming solar light converted into electrical energy- approximately only 20% in current solar panels), and new fabrication techniques allow printing the silver nano-antenna at a low cost. 

Jeffery Christian and the CPM Group’s dire predictions notwithstanding, it appears silver’s industrial demand won’t be decreasing anytime soon.

imagesSubmitted by Deviant Investor

Question: What do May 2004, January 2005, August 2005, June 2006, October 2008, February 2010, September 2011, December 2011, June 2012, and December 2012 have in common?

Answer: They represented significant price lows in silver, AND those lows were confirmed by the weekly stochastic (14,3,3) indicator and the weekly TDI Trade Signal Line (13,5) as shown in the following chart of silver prices since 2004. Approximately once per year the weekly stochastic and weekly TDI indicators have given a “buy-signal” in the silver market.

The ten year chart of silver prices is plotted on a logarithmic scale and shows a highly volatile exponential increase in prices over that ten year period. Note the higher trend line extends to approximately $100 by the end of 2013.

Jim SinclairJim Sinclair has issued a call for precious metals investors to stand together as a Band of Brothers and fight a battle royal here and now against the beasts of paper in a war being for both both gold’s and our freedom.
Sinclair urges precious metals investors to take an oath of allegiance to the good fight:
“I swear those that have caused the wreckage of all things once held dear to us shall not have my gold or gold share position. Fear is no part of me, and I will face the enemy, confident in our success.”

Sinclair urges investors to hold the faith, and not to fear because $3,500/oz gold is the next stop once the beasts of paper are frustrated in their current battle.

Sinclair’s call to arms among gold and silver Band of Brothers is below:

*Editor (Doc) note: George Soros nearly personally broke the pound.  If he warns that the EU may collapse like the USSR, he is most assuredly long the EU and expecting the USD to collapse like the USSR

The EU may suffer the fate of the USSR and “collapse” according to billionaire investor George Soros.  Soros said that incorrent economic and monetary policies and the monetary union itself may lead to currency wars and the collapse of the European Union.
In saving the euro, the continent’s financial powers have damaged the economy of the euro zone and created dangerous new political imbalances. As a result, “we have quite a turbulent time ahead for 2013.”   “I am rather concerned that the euro is in danger of destroying the European Union”. There is a real threat when the possible resolution of financial difficulties of eurozone might cause a political issue,” Soros told Dutch TV in an interview.

The attempts of the European leadership to keep the common European currency are leading to the escalation of political and social issues in the EU which may eventually destroy it.  Recent SEC filings show that Soros’ hedge fund had again increased allocations to gold.

CME gold silver marginsAlthough Open Interest remains high in silver, the CME must need a new flock of investors to fleece in paper metals, as the CME announced after Thursday’s market close a major reduction in gold and silver margins effective after the close Tuesday Feb 12th.

The CME cut gold initial and maintenance margins from $6,600 & $6,000 to $5,940 & $5,400 respectively, and also slashed silver initial & maintenance margins from $12,100 & $11,000 to $10,400 & $9,500, a reduction of 10% in gold & 14% in silver!

For those new to the market who might be wondering why silver margins have been $12,100 while golds have been $6,600 (particularly when a single gold contract is valued at ~ $165,000, while a single silver contract is valued at ~$158,000)….

bite gold bulletJim Sinclair, the man who called the top of the last gold bull market nearly to the day, and who predicted gold would achieve $1650 during this bull run over a decade ago (while the metal was trading under $300/oz) sent an email alert to subscribers today regarding the latest gold futures market raid by the bullion bank cartel. 

Sinclair states that gold’s latest decline is similar to a the series of declines gold saw in the 70’s just prior to it’s launch from $400 to $887.50, and that the current correction is the cartel shorts attempting to shake every last ounce of physical gold out of the public’s gold apple tree just prior to a historic vertical move in the metal. 

Sinclair states that this may be the last significant correction in gold and the last time gold investors will need to bite the emotional bullet and sit tight while enduring a major raid on the price of gold prior to the metal achieving $3,500/oz!

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

nikkei-gold-ratio-smallThe Japanese have lost 2 decades when priced in nominal terms…with relentless and never ending quantitative easing. 
When priced in real terms (gold)…forget about a return to 1/1 (Nikkei/oz) ratio that is often talked about…the Nikkei has crashed to a 1/1GRAM ratio!

Chart of the Day: Nikkei Index 1984-2013 Crash…Priced in Gold

The Daily Ticker’s Lauren Lyster interviewed commodities guru Jim Rogers Tuesday on the blistering pace of gold and silver coin sales to start 2013 by the US Mint. 

Lyster began the interview by holding up a 2012 US Silver Eagle, and asking Rogers whether a USE is a collectors item, money, or simply a way to buy precious metals.  Rogers responded by pulling his own ASE out of his pocket, and stating “I have a 2013!  You can’t get them, can you, they’re sold out!
Rogers stated that It worries me that the US Mint has run out.  It’s not just the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, several mints have run out of coins!

Further into the interview, Rogers informs Lyster that there are no strong currencies any longer, and while the dollar will likely continue to see safe haven flows from investors who don’t understand what they are doing, there are no longer any strong currencies, hang on to your silver!

silver precipiceIn his latest market update, Greg Mannarino states that silver is at the edge of a massive breakout, and that the metal remains the most undervalued asset in the history of the world- but not for long.

Mannarino states that we are standing at the precipice of a major upwards move in silver, and that the Fed will soon step in and increase the rate of quantitative easing and expand the scope of QE4, unleashing a flood of new counterfeited currency into the economy. 

Mannarino examines the cup and handle on silver’s weekly chart, and believes silver will run to $38 nearly immediately once silver’s current consolidation near $31.80 is able to take out $32 to the upside.

Silver- at the edge of a massive upside breakout? Mannarino’s full update is below:

Silver has spent the past 2-3 sessions consolidating around the critical resistance level of $31.80.   A clear break through $32 to the upside, and silver was set up to make a major move back to $35-$37.50.
To no one’s surprise, the cartel can read a chart as well as we can, and has just sent gold and silver down another vertical waterfall just as silver broke out past the $31.80 resistance level this morning, with silver smashed to $31.22 in nearly a single tick, and gold down $15 to $1662.

Gold is little changed today in pound, euro and dollar terms after the Bank of England and the ECB kept interest rates at record low levels. Ultra loose monetary policies continue.  The ECB kept interest rates at 0.75% and the BOE kept interest rates at 0.5% the lowest level since 1694. The BOE pledged to maintain their ‘stimulus’ or money printing or debt monetisation programmes.
This morning the Japanese yen fell to new record lows against gold on the TOCOM at over 157 million yen per ounce.

Recent technical action has been poor and the short term trend is down and this allied to perceptions that the global economic situation has improved slightly is leading to the preponderance of sellers.  Sellers have also be emboldened by recent bold pronouncements of the end of gold’s bull market – by many of the same banks who never predicted the bull market or advised their clients to own gold in the first place.
Many of the banks, now predicting gold’s bull market will end in 2013, never predicted gold’s bull market in the first place. Most were bearish on gold in the early to mid years of the bull market and most only became bullish quiet recently.

By SD Contributor AGXIIK:

America will soon suffer a horrible reset. That’s inevitable.
But the people of this country and their unique nature, with the resolve to roll up their sleeves, deal with the reset, and get back on to a sound hard asset backed currency (even if they have to dig it out of the ground with their bare hands) will reestablish a sound economy, like the one embodied in the best elements of the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the beliefs and morality that existed before the banksters came to rule the land.  The present day currency cargo cult will come to an end.

I have optimism in that. But until we go cold turkey on a century of debt and take the cure, these things will not happen.  The longer we wait, the worse the reset will be.

silver rushSubmitted by Michael Lombardi

Central banks around the globe are printing non-stop. You don’t have to look as far as Japan, South Korea, or Russia to find countries increasing their money supply; our very own Federal Reserve is spending $85.0 billion a month buying mortgage-backed securities and government bonds. That $85.0 billion is “created” each month.

We have already begun to see demand for silver increase significantly. I call it the “Silver Rush.”
Investors will continue to rush towards silver, because it is affordable for them; while central banks will buy more gold, as they can afford it. The rush to silver and gold is fueled by excessive money printing by the central banks, the global race to devalue currencies, and increased inflation.

Bart ChiltonThe CFTC’s Bart Chilton was on CNBC’s Squawk Box today, and stated that TBTF banks must end their brazen, flagrant manipulation.
Chilton was referring to LIBOR manipulation, and specifically RBS, who has just been fined over $600 million for their role in LIEBORGATE.

While we couldn’t agree more with Mr. Chilton, we are all still waiting to see the CFTC address the alleged silver manipulation in the same manner as the already broken LIBOR manipulation scandal…rather than drag their supposed investigation into its 5th full year. (particularly after Mr. Chilton personally advised the Doc in July 2012 that he expected a resolution of the CFTC’s silver investigation and an announcement by September 2012)

Chilton’s full interview and rant on how the banks must end their brazen, flagrant manipulation is below:

bubbleReal estate expert Fabian Calvo says, “There’s a lot of manipulation from government agencies and the Fed that is creating this rise in asset prices . . . but it is all an illusion.” Calvo’s company,, buys and sells $100 million in distressed debt a year. Calvo says, “The Fed thinks this will work. I don’t believe it. I think we’re going to end up in some kind of currency crisis or come kind of bond crisis.” Nevertheless, the Fed policy of suppressing interest rates is working–for now.

Calvo says, “The Fed realizes there needs to be a low rate environment for housing to recover or it’s a huge implosion. They have thrown underwriting guidelines out the window. They are going to continue with no money down loans or very little equity.” The Fed also knows that many big banks are technically insolvent. Calvo contends, “You have a lot of these zombie banks. If you mark-to-market their assets, they would be bankrupt.” So, the Fed and the government will continue to print money to keep housing prices and the big banks from collapsing. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Fabian Calvo.

imagesSubmitted by Stewart Thomson

I refer to gold bullion as “Queen Gold”, and the US T-bond as her secret agent James T. Bond.  At some point, Sir James is going to outlive his usefulness to your queen, and a great bear market in bonds will unfold.

Specifically, I believe that the pressure put on all fiat currencies by the global tidal wave of QE, will make it appear that hyperinflation is a “done deal”.  I don’t think you are going to experience full hyperinflation in this crisis, but you’ll get something very close to it.

As that happens, central banks around the world will likely begin raising rates aggressively, to combat the severe institutional loss of confidence in all fiat currencies.  So, should you hold & buy gold now, or wait until 2015?  The answer is that you should buy now.