As early as 2003 we said that we believed silver would go over $50 per ounce . So $50 per ounce was the nominal high in 1980. We said it would go above that price in 2003 – it reached there a year and a half, two years ago and we believe we’ll get back above that level. But we also said that gold and silver would reach inflation adjusted highs and gold’s inflation adjusted high is $2,400 an ounce and silver’s inflation adjusted high is $140 per ounce and we see no reason to change those long-term forecasts. (Doc’s note- the $2,400 and $140 numbers are based on the government’s bogus CPI numbers- a return to REAL inflation adjusted highs would see nearly $7,000 gold and $400 silver) Indeed the amount of money that’s been printed in the world today would suggest that if you’ve got a parabolic spike as we saw in 1980, prices could go much further higher on the upside.

By SRSrocco:

I have been researching the declining ore grades and silver yields in the top silver miners.  I thought the decline would be equal to the gold miners… but it turned out to be a great deal higher.

From 2005 to 2011, the average gold yield from the Top 5 Gold Producers declined 27% or roughly 3.8% per year. During the same time period, the top 5 SILVER MINERS average yield fell an astonishing 33.5%…. or 5.6% per year.  This is nearly a 50% higher annual percentage decline compared to the top gold miners!

The price of lobster has recently taken a sharp nose-dive.  Interestingly, the price of the bottom-dwellers once fed to prisoners in Massachusetts predicted both the 2000 bubble collapse, as well as the 2008 mortgage/banking crisis.  Is the plunging price of lobster predicting another financial collapse is on the immediate horizon?  Max Keiser discusses with Maine Congressional Candidate John Logan Jones on the latest Keiser Report.

SGTreport has released an excellent interview with Ron Hera from Hera Research discussing the FOUR ways the Dollar could die. Ron believes the most frightening and imminent possibility leading to the death of the Dollar is not lost confidence in the Dollar or in the Treasury market, but rather in the financial markets as a whole — as Ron puts it, it is the unpunished and rampant financial crimes that will likely lead directly to a Black Swan event which in turn will lead to a total collapse.

Full interview below:

Crushed by financial sanctions and needing real money (gold) in order to purchase food and necessities, Iran yesterday banned the export of gold and gold coins from the country without a special license from the Iranian Central Bank. 
The Iranian Customs department blamed the export ban on extreme fluctuations in Iran’s markets (i.e. hyperinflation of the Rial).

Any Iranians planning on fleeing the nation ahead of a Western attack with REAL NON HYPER-DEFLATING WEALTH better have held it in silver.

While October is one of the weakest months for gold, November on the other hand is the strongest month.  The data shows how gold’s strongest month for returns in the last 5, 10 years and 30 years is November – and by a significant degree.  As per the ‘Gold Seasonality Table’ from Bloomberg , the 5 year average (2007-2011) saw returns of 5.6% and the 10 year average (2002-2011) saw returns of 5.1%. Gold’s out-performance in November is significant. The 10 year average data shows that September was the next strongest month with a 2.6% average return. Then came August at 2.3% and January at 2.2%.

Over the weekend we stated the gold repatriation avalanche had begun with a Netherlands citizens group joining the German Federal Accountability Office in demanding the BOE and NY Fed return their nation’s gold reserves.

We predicted that an avalanche of nations across the West would soon join Germany and Venezuela in attempting to repatriate their tungsten gold reserves from the Fed and the BOE, and it appears that avalanche is picking up momentum as Ecuador, with 26.3 tons of gold reserves, has just demanded the repatriation of one third of their foreign gold holdings ‘to support national growth‘.

This morning we posted a story about Chinese businessmen minting solid gold business cards for use bribing public officials.  Apparently business cards are not the only solid gold cards in demand, as Kazakstan’s Sberbank has announced plans to release the ultimate credit card- made entirely of solid gold, diamonds, and pearls. 
The card will cost $100,000, have a $2,000 a year fee, and will only be available for current Sberbank customers. 

The exclusive card will also carry high-end perks such as life-insurance, concierge service, and private access to airport lounges.

Man’s inherent bias is a problem that distorts how we view nearly all truth from religion, to markets, to politics, as well as nearly every other area of life.  Until we take the red pill, we are often blissfully ignorant of many facts staring ourselves in the face, and simply unable to see the truth for what it really is.

We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski hit the streets of NYC (before they were underwater) to find out where Obama supporters really stand on his policies.  Rudkowski presented numerous Obama policies as Romney’s.  Hilarity ensued as liberals apparently emphatically hate President Obama’s policies such as the NDAA, SOPA, foreign wars, and financial bailouts when the bias is removed from their judgement.