Apparently it’s not enough to merely hammer the metals with MOPE raids, the bullion banks are also trotting out the propaganda shills in order to properly manage the public’s perception of gold and silver in the wake of QE4.

Our favorite cartel shill Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group is back on BNN, spewing more of his classic BS rhetoric regarding the metals.
Christian told the BNN viewers he expects gold to trade in a range from $1450 to $1750 in 2013, and that silver will trade in a sustained downtrend, claiming that silver demand is weak both from an industrial and an investment standpoint
While silver is in fact up approximately 18% year to date, Christian chose to compare silver’s average price in 2012 with the average price of 2011, and claimed that the metal is down 15% year to date.

Christian capped off his outlook by claiming that he expects silver to outperform gold to the downside in 2013, due to enormous surpluses of the metal.

AltInvestors has released a MUST LISTEN interview with GATA’s Bill Murphy on the Fed’s QE4 announcement Wednesday, in which the Fed effectively admitted to full and open monetization of the US deficit.
Regarding the gold and silver raids Wednesday night and Thursday, Murphy states that the action is just farcical, there is NO EXPLANATION for an absolute smash in the metals in the wake of QE4, and that the cartel is desperate to protect their naked shorts. 
Murphy states in 14 years he has never seen such obvious manipulation in gold and silver, and it indicates that something is very, very wrong in the bullion banking cartel
.  Murphy stated that the blatant cartel capping and manipulation of gold and silver is the most blatant and heinous crime on the American people in history, and that the scumbags are getting away with their crimes because there is no rule of law left in America.

Bill Murphy’s full rant below:

By SD Contributor AGXIIK:

Inflation as we know it is well embedded in this country with annual increases for the last ten years of 8-10%.  The Fed will never reveal the truth, necessarily, as the average person would revolt at that thought.   With 48 million people on food stamps, able to buy free food with SNAP and EBT cards, they won’t complain until the buying capacity of these cards is insufficient to buy even the basics. The middle class is so hammered and dispirited at their plight, they have yet to complain, choosing instead  to reelect one of the people chiefly responsible for this problem.  They probably still think he will produce a miracle to stem inflation.  The knowledgeable wealthy can work around inflation of 8% by investing in assets that beat  inflation (like gold and silver).

The reason we have yet to see the really heavy foot of inflation is the velocity of money.  It is as low as it has been in the last century, even lower than during the Great DepressionWhen the movement of the $5 trillion plus involved starts in earnest, the inflation will be undeniable and massive This is when the people and businesses begin to lose confidence in their stale and static accounts stuffed with FIAT and begin to spend it in an attempt to front run the inflationary effects they see

Submitted by SD reader Cleburne61:

Do silver investors honestly think that JPM can cover 150 million+ oz of silver shorts with at least 2 trillion more in QE coming?
With all due respect to the skeptics of the SLA, we are participants in this thing.  We’re not just sitting, cheering on the sidelines.  The part we play, though small, does untold damage on the enemy.
Musical chairs only works so long….as there are chairs.

Takin’ my little boy with me after work to the LCS to remove another 100 silver dimes from circulation.  Why?
Cuz, “Screw em’!”  That’s why.  You hear us, banksters?  Thrash all you guys want….our millions of little pincers will still do what they’re gonna do, until your zombie corpses are picked clean.

Image: DPA

While the average American likely owns nearly $6,000 in flatscreens, i-phones, and i-pads, the AVERAGE German reportedly owns nearly €6,000 worth of PHYSICAL GOLD!

Like Scrooge McDuck or the dragon Smaug in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Germans are gathering vast quantities of gold – a study showed that the average German owns close to €6,000 worth of the shiny metal.

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

A few days ago, I presented a table on the top silver miners COST OF SALES ratio.
I have put together another one showing the OPERATING EARNINGS.

According to my data, the top 2 in both tables, First Majestic & SilverCorp have the best low cost structure of the bunch.  They also showed the highest net income percentage compared to the others.
Here is the breakdown:

The legendary Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers regarding the blatant gold and silver manipulation in the wake of Wednesday’s QE4 announcement. Sinclair states that the Fed via Goldman has been capping gold in the $1700′s for months via the ESF, but that the Fed’s capping of the gold market via paper will fail spectacularly as Eastern physical gold demand overwhelms the paper manipulators and drives the price of gold well north of $3,500/oz.

Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert is below:

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:


This was the data put in an article Restless investors tell gold CEOs to fix slump.  Maybe silver production costs may have fallen in 2011 compared to 2010 due to the huge increase in price paid for silver and base metals in 2011.  I have not looked into the data to see if it was true, but I can show you what is going on in the first nine months of 2012:

Here are some cost percentages from the top silver miners first nine months 2012 compared to 2011:

David Morgan’s has released a 4 minute clip with Ryan Jordan, author of Silver- The People’s Metal on why modern portfolio’s should hold tangible assets such as PHYSICAL SILVER rather traditional financial assets like corporate and government bonds and securities.  Jordan points out that at the peak of the 1980 bull market in silver, the value of the world’s silver bullion reached 10% of the market cap of the entire US stock market.  In today’s terms, this would put the value of the world’s silver at over $1.5 TRILLION, or approximately $700/oz!

Full clip below:

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and he warns, “America is going to crash big time.” Dr. Roberts says, “The real problem is not the fiscal cliff.” The dollar is on very thin ice. Dr. Roberts says, “They can’t stop hemorrhaging the debt, and the way they cover that is to hemorrhage the dollar.” In this real time scenario, Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “When you have debt pouring out and dollars pouring out, the dollar can’t keep its value forever. At some point, people will run away from it, and it will start abroad.” Dr. Roberts thinks there is “an impending collapse of the exchange value,” and the U.S. dollar could unexpectedly plunge in buying power. Dr. Roberts contends, “All of a sudden, people walk into Walmart, as usual, and they think they’ve walked into Neiman Marcus.” Dr. Roberts says there are no quick fixes to the bulging debt because “there’s no way to close this deficit when corporations are moving the tax base off-shore.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

The post QE4 MOPE raid in gold and silver continues today, with the cartel moments ago sending silver down another waterfall to $32.19, and gold to $1688.

With the Fed now OPENLY admitting that the only way to fund the massive US deficit is by outright bond monetization, current precious metals prices will be looked back upon as the greatest opportunity/gift of all time in the not-too-distant future.  The question is will you have the intestinal fortitude to be right, and sit tight?

Gold fell nearly 1% in illiquid markets in Asia overnight. Some traders may have decided to take profits on the short term long the FOMC announcement trade. Gold bullion prices had already ran up to $1,723 in the 2 weeks prior to the policy statement. Overnight, as prices fell below the 100-day moving average at $1,705, stop-loss selling was triggered which pushed prices lower quickly. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve took the bold, some would say reckless step, of linking its monetary policy to unemployment, creating concerns that the U.S. dollar will be debased even more in the coming months.  The US Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at close to zero until unemployment falls below 6.5%. This is a historic and very radical change to monetary policy. It is the first time a large central bank has ever tied its interest rate policy directly to one facet of the economy – unemployment.