America’s sprawling 401(k) pension system will turn cash flow negative in 2016, threatening disruption for asset managers and selling of equities, according to analysis by Cerulli Associates, a research house.
The $3.5 trillion system attracted fresh contributions of $300 billion in 2012, with $276 billion either withdrawn as cash by retirees or rolled over into individual retirement accounts (IRAs), Cerulli estimated according to the FT. The IRA market is already larger at about $5.4 trillion.
However, by 2016 it forecasts that inflows will be $364 billion and outflows $366 billion, with the deficit only widening year on year after that as the core of the baby-boomer generation retires contributing to the pensions timebomb.
The combined value of the U.S. pensions system is some $9 trillion. The total market valuation of the global bond market is now over $100 trillion. By comparison, the total market value of all the gold in world is estimated to be just over $1 trillion.

The criminality of the Obama Administration is at this point almost beyond description:

 The Obama administration has been quietly advising local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods, The Associated Press has learned.
Citing security reasons, the U.S. has intervened in routine state public records cases and criminal trials regarding use of the technology. This has resulted in police departments withholding materials or heavily censoring documents in rare instances when they disclose any about the purchase and use of such powerful surveillance equipment.

Yep, there’s that catch-all term again to justify anything, “security.”

poker big lossesRather than invest in failing infrastructure, central banks and governments are acting like hedge funds, betting on the stock market and OTC derivatives, using fiat credits that are borrowed or printed.
The bottom line: While global citizens are told to “grin and bear” austerity, their leaders are having a “good ‘ole time” spending trillions of dollars, at the stock market casino.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.15.52 PMWhat is happening in Iraq is very bad, and it is the direct result of the idiotic children calling the foreign policy shots in Washington D.C. 
Ever since 9/11, everything about the status quo’s decision making has been irrational and dangerous.   From the haphazard and ill-conceived wars abroad, to the decimation of the Bill of Rights at home.  We need to reign these sociopaths in and change direction immediately. What is happening in Iraq is just further proof that the current Republican/Democrat crony power structure running things needs to swept away for good, never to return.
This is what happens when you have inept, sociopathic children running a global empire:

my-shorts-on-fireDuring this past COT period we see in silver that price flat lined during the first part of the period then on Thursday evening after hours there was an explosion upwards. 
This is what I call a speculator short shakeout on the part of the commercials because price had been deteriorating more than they desired.   Thus, we see in the COT the large speculators covered 4,526 shorts.
Simple, dear Watson…
Both the producer merchant and the swap dealers picked up similar amounts of shorts at higher prices after the short shakeout. 

In gold, we see a very similar short shakeout...

Jim Rickards“Oil is stable.  What you’re seeing is the collapse of the dollar!  As oil goes from $100 to $200 a barrel, I don’t think that oil doubled, what I think is that the dollar collapses by half….The Fed wants a little inflation- they’re going to find they get alot more than a little.  This looks like the 70’s”  -Jim Rickards, on CNBC.
Full MUST WATCH interview is below: 

According to a blockbuster report from WND, a Jordanian official who is terrified that ISIS will be coming for the Kingdom next, has insisted that the U.S. itself was instrumental in training ISIS fighters.
Wait, it gets even crazier. We learn that:
The source told WND that at least one of the training camps of the group Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria, the ISIS, is in the vicinity of Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, where American personnel and equipment are located…
The source said that after training in Turkey, thousands of ISIS fighters went to Iraq by way of Syria to join the effort to establish an Islamic caliphate subject to strict Islamic law, or Shariah.

In the MUST WATCH video below, Sovereign Man’s Simon Black breaks down in explicit detail how exactly the Fed works, as well as its massive conflict of interest. 
The collapse of the dollar began in 1913…it is nearly complete. 

gold crashIn this excellent interview with Matterhorn Asset Management’s Lars Schall, Quilter-Cheviot Investment Director Ned Naylor-Leyland discussed the need to be patient when holding precious metals, the phenomenon of backwardation in the gold market, the current investigations into the gold & silver fix in London, his view related to the physical movement of gold from the West to the East, and why Naylor-Leyland believes the end game will include a complete monetary reset.
Ned Naylor-Leyland’s full MUST LISTEN interview is below:

bombshell willieIndia saw a remarkable increase in official gold imports in March, according to numbers published by India’s customs department DGCIS this week.
The jump in official gross imports is significant because the Indian government tries to hold down gold imports since it sky rocketed in April and May 2013, after the price of gold had crashed. The import duty on the yellow metal was raised from 6 % to 8 % in June 2013 and to 10 % August.
In March official gross gold imports accounted for 60 metric tonnes, up 88 % from 32 tonnes in February.

Charlie Rangel has been a U.S. Representative since 1971 and is currently the third longest serving Congressperson in America.  He turned 84 years old this past Wednesday, and was at the center of a tax avoidance scandal several years ago. As the Wall Street Journal reported in its 2009 article, Morality and Charlie Rangel’s Taxes:
Ever notice that those who endorse high taxes and those who actually pay them aren’t the same people? Consider the curious case of Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel, who is leading the charge for a new 5.4-percentage point income tax surcharge and recently called it “the moral thing to do.”
About his own tax liability he seems less, well, fervent.

falling-bearThe US stock markets’ Fed-driven melt-up has accelerated again in recent weeks, with a string of new nominal record highs.   This has reignited truly extraordinary levels of greed, euphoria, and complacency.
But for traders who have witnessed past bull toppings, there is an ominous sense of deja vu. 
It turns out this past year’s strong stock-market action nearly perfectly matches that leading into the last bull-market top in 2007.
Today’s stock markets look exactly like a bull topping.

UntitledAs you can see on the graph below, the price of gold was slammed exactly at the 8:20 a.m. EST Comex floor open Monday.
Another “flash crash” raid, with no apparent news or event triggers.  The only trigger, of course, is the Comex floor opening, which is when the big banks dump gold contracts.  This occurs at least 85% of the time when the Comex opens.
The manipulation has become blatant, with no attempt to hide it or even deny the allegations…It’s actually starting to smell like desperation.

Gold vs Oil Price & Ratio 2000-2014Currently, the price of Brent Crude is trading at $113.35, while gold is at $1,275.   This is an embarrassing 11.2 to 1 ratio…. thanks to the manipulation by the Fed and member banks.
Based on the historical gold/oil ratio, The BASE PRICE of gold should be over $2,000 an ounce.
I say base price because this just brings the value of gold back inline with its ratio to oil.  This DOES NOT INCLUDE the huge invrease in monetary printing, debt and derivatives which have funneled a great deal of value away from the King Monetary Metal.
Once we include these factors, that base price of $2,000 should be higher by several orders of magnitude.
We can plainly see that the price of gold should already be north of $2,000… if it wasn’t for the continued manipulation by the Fed and Central Banks. 

empty-vaultJim Rickards, author of NY Times Bestseller The Death of Money, has just reported that the head of global commodities trading at LBMA bank is expecting an imminent gold “demand shock” as a result of the Chinese credit crisis. 
Is the long anticipated demand side supply squeeze in physical gold finally here? 

Source: Nanex

Source: Nanex

At least once a day – almost always around 8 a.m. EST, sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes after lunch when the prices have bounced back up after being driven down at 8 – the paper traders execute their assigned task.
They push their buttons.  Again

What some of us call price “manipulation” should more accurately be described as “price suppression” or “price containment.” 
If the “numbers aren’t pushed” (if prices are not halted from rising and then pushed down), they might get out of control and who knows what will happen after this. 

Here’s the good news: Nie Zhenbang, a Chinese agronomy expert and former director of the Chinese State Grain Administration, recently announced that 2013 was a record year for Chinese grain production.
Here’s the not so good news:
“Although the number is huge,” said Nie, “it still could not satisfy domestic consumer demand. In recent years, China’s food imports have been increasing.   Agricultural product imports are roughly equivalent to the productive capacity of 47 million hectares of planted area.”
47 million hectares is 181,468 square miles.

To put this number in context, if you could cram together all the farmland and pasture that it takes to grow the food just being imported by China, the total area of this land mass would be larger than the entire state of California.

stormThere is uneasiness across a number of markets with moment-to-moment volatility grinding almost to a halt.
It contributes to a feeling that this is the calm before a storm.
It is not unusual for there to be a summer lull, or for one market to suffer disinterest relative to another, but the current situation across the whole range of capital markets should be a major concern.

JP MorganIn this interview with Paul Sandhu, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” warns of major upheavals dead ahead as the ‘de-dollarization’ of the world prepares to send the US toward 3rd world nation status.
 ‘V’ also provides a ‘dead banker’ update, stating that the banker hits have reached 37, and include numerous top level execs.
‘V’s full interview with Paul Sandhu is below: 

kriegerThis is the story of Ethan Chaplin, who back in April was twirling a pencil in his seventh grade classroom in Vernon, NJ.
One of the class bullies saw an opportunity to be a jerk and yelled: “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”
Rather than demonstrating any sort of common sense, the teacher apparently had a panic attack and reported him, which resulted in a two-day suspension, and a psych eval in which he was forced to strip and give blood samples that caused him to pass out .
Amazingly, the saga manages to get even worse.   Just today, we find out that New Jersey is threatening to take Ethan away from his father.  Incredibly, the state is claiming that the prior psychological evaluation wasn’t sufficient and more testing needs to be done.
Since his father Michael is pushing back, the loss of custodianship has been threatened. Absolutely insane.