Recently in [bankrupt] Argentina, a single police officer was left in charge of an entire jail in the Buenos Aires area which was housing several dozen prisoners.
The lone officer, who was clearly in over her head and poorly trained, heard suspicious noises somewhere in the building.  So what did she do?  She (a police officer) called the police.
The police officer’s response really reveals just how desperate the situation is, “I have only one vehicle to patrol the whole district.”
These aren’t isolated events. This is a major trend that is due to befall any bankrupt government.
Think about it: are we really so arrogant to believe that a bankrupt government can continue to borrow money forever without consequence?
Bottom line: independence is key. You cannot rely on a bankrupt government to provide the services that they promise.
That goes for anything… from providing basic security to insuring bank deposits to paying out Social Security benefits.
They simply don’t have the financial means to make good on their promises.
And this is a reality that’s important to recognize and prepare for before it’s too late.


We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.  The number of Ebola cases in Africa has approximately doubled over the past three weeks, and scientific computer models tell us that this Ebola pandemic could ultimately end up killing millions of us – especially if it starts spreading on other continents.
An “econometric simulation model” created by Francis Smart at Michigan State University is predicting that a whopping 1.2 million people will die from Ebola in the next six months…

silver eagles SLV

There is a chart that every silver investor needs to see.  Especially now, as the Fed and Central Banks continue to manipulate the precious metals lower while propping up the broader stock and bond markets.  Even though precious metals sentiment is at record lows, this normally represents a turning point in the gold and silver markets.
Silver Eagle sales held up much better than Gold Eagles in 2014.  According to my year-end estimates, 2014 Silver Eagle sales will only decline 13% year-over-year, while Gold Eagle will fall 45%.

Now… let’s get to the chart I believe every silver investor needs to see:


Gold bullion is the ultimate asset, but when the price declines, Western investors often become nervous.
Gold is probably the most stable market in the world right now, and whether the next $100 price movement is to the upside or downside is most likely going to be determined fundamentally by whether October Chindian jewellery demand has upside strength, or downside weakness.  
There are some hints as to what is likely coming with the Golden Kiss: 


 In Ayn Rand’s famous Atlas Shrugged, the government had engineered one emergency after another, and their only idea to ‘fix’ things was to award themsleves even more power and control over the economy… specifically to freeze everything in place.
No one could be fired or quit his/her job. And no business could stop working. It didn’t matter how much money they were losing.
Crazy idea, right? This could never happen in reality… at least not in the West. It sounds like something straight out of the Soviet Union– forcing unprofitable companies to stay in business.
Enter H.R. 5445, the “Postal Jobs Protection Act of 2014″.
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no mail processing facility operating as of September 1, 2014, may be closed or consolidated prior to December 31, 2015.”

bitcoin silver

Although PayPal has been publicly flirting with Bitcoin for some time, today’s announcement marks the company’s “first formal offering to the Bitcoin community,” according to Coindesk:

Today we are announcing PayPal’s next step in helping merchants accept Bitcoin payments. PayPal has entered into agreements with leading Bitcoin payment processors BitPayCoinbase and GoCoin. Starting today, these agreements let PayPal digital goods merchants accept Bitcoin with a simple integration through the PayPal Payments Hub. This will be available to merchants in North America first.

Is the price of Bitcoin about to move? 


In this 20 page MUST READ report, Tocqueville’s John Hathaway breaks down why The Fed denied Germany’s gold repatriation request, the disappearing COMEX gold (with registered inventories currently at their lowest total since 1998), synthetic vs physical gold (rehypothecation vs the real thing), dark pools of London, gold as a source of bullion bank funding, the creeping collateral grab, and why YOUR LIQUID WEALTH IS NAKED!
Do You Know Where Your Gold Is? 

Gold Vault

Did you know that the number of gold bars being purchased by ultra-wealthy individuals has increased by 243 percent so far this year? 

The super-rich are looking to protect their wealth through buying record numbers of “Italian job” style gold bars, according to bullion experts.
The number of 12.5kg gold bars being bought by wealthy customers has increased 243 percent so far this year, when compared to the same period last year, said Rob Halliday-Stein founder of BullionByPost.
“These gold bars are usually stored in the vaults of central banks and are the same ones you see in the film ‘The Italian Job’,” added David Cousins, bullion executive from London based ATS Bullion.

Do they know something that we don’t?
The ultra-wealthy are able to stay ultra-wealthy for a reason.


The Banks are Literally Arming us with Greater Firepower
Remember all the way back in April 2011, when price action was getting really fun, and stackers were feeling all-powerful?   Silver was literally moving up $1 a day, for crying out loud!  For weeks!  JP Morgan was running for the hills, we were literally unbeatable, right?

There was only one problem: buying more silver was getting a little costly!  A crisp, new $100 note only allowed you to walk away from your local coin shop with two measly coins!
But now?  Haha, now that same Benny Frank note will allow you to walk away with 5 coins!  This is astounding, JP Morgan, who is subsidizing your silver purchases, has increased your firepower to obtain this timeless treasure by 150% in just 3 years!
Because of these reasons, and many more, I no longer fear lower silver prices, I welcome them.

I know that the lower silver goes, the worse that silver prices will dislocate and decouple in other global silver exchanges (as is happening in Shanghai right now). I know that the longer(and lower) that JP Morgan and their co-horts can make this last, the less silver they’ll have to dump onto the market when it all finally snaps.   I know that the lower silver goes, the more firepower that the resolute silver stackers have.
In short, I’ve turned the enemy’s “greatest weapon”, into one of my greatest comforts!

beach ball

I honestly do not know the extent to which the western Sicilian Mafia-like elitists can continue their manipulation of the gold and silver markets using unbacked paper gold/silver.  No one really knows. I do truly believe that the action we’re seeing now reflects extreme desperation by the Fed/DC to keep a lid on the price of gold using paper AND to keep a floor under the S&P 500. After all, it’s not just the precious metals markets that are being tightly controlled. But that’s where it starts (think: Exter’s Pyramid).
The instant they take their foot off the gold market, gold will snap higher than anyone can imagine. Along with that will be an instantaneous release of all the information contained by the warning signal that a rising price of gold transmits about the total rot and decay going on beneath the fabricated surface of our system.
Eventually these criminals will lose control of their ability to keep a floor under the SPX and a ceiling on the metals.
But I also am convinced that will be the point at which all hell breaks loose and the result will not be pleasant for anyone, even those of us who are somewhat prepared for the inevitable.
I’m sure this is why the U.S. Government is working overtime trying to create global military conflict and why it has re-invented the “war on terror.”

My best, best-est advice is to just keep moving money into physical metals, keep your metals out of the hands of any custodians (banks, brokerages, etc) and hope for the best by praying I’m wrong about what’s coming at us.


It’s always about preparing – especially when the writing is on the wall…
It’s not about hoping for some worst case scenario. It’s always about preparing – especially when the writing is on the wall and we are far past the point where further intervention can bring us back.
When reality comes in, it arrives with a vengeance.

Gold stocks have plunged in September, crushed by the withering selling pressure from heavy futures shorting hammering gold.  As usual, these falling prices have kindled extreme bearishness on this left-for-dead sector.
But despite this rotten sentiment, gold stocks’ young upleg remains very much intact technically.
This impressive resiliency is fueled by these miners’ incredibly-cheap fundamental valuations.

silver stocks srsrocco

The U.S. Empire is in real trouble.
While it’s true that the gold and silver market have taken a lot of punishment over the past several years, there’s a good reason China, India and Russia continue to add to their gold hoards.
The day will come when an AVALANCHE of countries exiting the Dollar will finally destroy its value.
Unfortunately, the majority of Americans holding onto paper assets will be the last to know when this occurs, while precious metal investors saw it coming….. much later than they anticipated.

treasure the moment

Is there anything SPECIAL about this week?
Summer officially ends September 21, 2014 and September 22, 2014 is the First Day of Fall — In More Ways than One!
Sept. 22 is known among aficionados of various and arcane market indicators as the day pinpointed by the late technical analyst, W. D. Gann, when markets are more likely to reverse than any other day of the year.
Treasure the Moment as summer ends and Gold trades in the low $1200’s and Silver at $17; for a Runaway Bull Market follows!


The number of volcanoes that are erupting continues to rise, and scientists cannot seem to explain why this is happening.  In 2013, we witnessed the most volcanic eruptions worldwide that we have ever seen in a single year, and this increased activity has carried over into 2014. 
In recent months, we have seen major volcanoes roar to life in RussiaPeruHawaii,Reunion IslandIndonesia, and all over Alaska.  It is highly unusual for so many volcanoes to all be erupting at the same time.  According to Volcano Discovery, a whopping 34 volcanoes are erupting around the globe right now.  This is sending a massive amount of dust and ash into the upper atmosphere, and it may explain why many parts of the planet are experiencing strangely cold weather at the moment.  If this trend continues, we could potentially be facing years of crop failures and widespread famines all over the world.
And what we have witnessed already may just be the beginning. 

end badly

Thanks to the Fed’s monetary policies, which have encouraged an increase in demand for US Treasuries, the Federal government no longer has a problem funding its deficit. QE is therefore redundant, and has been since tapering was first mooted.  This does not mean that QE is going to be abandoned forever:  its re-introduction will depend on the relationship between the government’s borrowing needs and market demand for its debt.
This analysis is confirmed by Japan’s current situation. There, QE coincides with an economy that is deteriorating by the day. One cannot argue that QE has been good for the Japanese economy. The reality behind “abenomics” is that Japan’s government is funding a massive deficit at the same time as savers are drawing down capital to cover their day-to-day living requirements. In short, the funding gap is being covered by printing money.   And now the collapsing yen, which is the inevitable consequence of monetary inflation, threatens to expose this folly.


The real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now by the US war machine…
We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots.
The MUST SEE video by Storm Clouds Gathering below examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades.

17 silver

I have written several times previously my absolute BUY signal is $18 and below…
We now have a $17 handle in silver.
If you have the ability to buy with all your cash then I fully recommend buying physical now and not waiting a minute more for a lower price. 
I highly recommend liquidating all equities, bonds, anything of paper value to buy physical silver right now.


Although I never put much credibility in the Government’s housing starts report because the data collection is poor and the data that is collected is put through the Government’s statistics manipulation meat-grinder, today showed a stunning decline in housing starts vs. last month and vs. expectations.  
The high volatility last month and this month was due to “reported” starts in apartment buildings.  
The last time apartment starts reached a very high level was in 2005 – right before the housing bubble burst.
There is a unique opportunity to make a lot of money shorting homebuilder stocks – either outright or via options strategies.
Big institutions with big homebuilder stock positions (Vanguard, Black Rock, Putnam, Fidelity) have not begun to sell yet.  You want to be positioned ahead of their selling when the zombie spreadsheet jockeys at these firms figure out what’s really going on…