Former President George W. Bush reportedly voted for Barack Obama accidentally today in Texas.
Bush stated the mistake was made because ‘everything was very mismaladjusted on the screen. You shouldn’t put the senators and the congresspeople and the presidents all jumbled together like that. It’s too crowded. Just confuses folks.

You might be wondering why Bush didn’t simply correct his mistake once he noticed? Well, that would be due to the fact that he attempted to ‘cast away‘ his accidental vote for Obama by selecting Cast Your Ballot.

It appears that Obamney’s victory is coming down to Florida and Ohio, with the possibility of Pennsylvania playing a crucial role as well.  Perhaps the most critical measure up for vote in the entire US is Prop 37 on the ballot in California, which if passed would require food products containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such.

As the polls across the Eastern time zone will be closing over the next few hours and projections begin rolling in, keep up with the results with the Results Tracker below as they roll in, and feel free to use this as an open thread for everything related to tonight’s US Elections. 

Does it really matter which bankster puppet is elected today?  In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses 4 major things the next US President cannot fix.
The first is the economy, which will continue to deteriorate regardless of today’s outcome.   The 2nd is US debt which will continue to accelerate to the upside as The Fed increases QE to oblivion.   The third is unemployment, which continues to deteriorate.  The 4th is the continued decline in salaries in real terms.

GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod has released an excellent interview with Jim Willie of, discussing the economy, the impact of a zero interest rate policy, and flaws in economic statistics.

Willie states that the Federal Reserve’s ongoing efforts to debase the US dollar are contributing to a relentless deterioration of the US economy.   The Fed is committed to keeping interest rates at zero, and therefore has to continue to intervene in the bond market. As opposed to mainstream economic thought, Willie argues that the extraordinary low interest rates are not stimulating the economy, but rather destroying capital and hindering genuine growth.

Willie emphasises that economic statistics in the US are distorted and that the US has actually been in recession for the last four years — government unemployment statistics are in his view flawed. He expects the recession to accelerate over the coming months.

Full interview with Jim Willie below:

*Update: 2nd leg of vertical move in progress, silver now up over $1 to $32.39 , gold up $30 to $1722!

While we expected little action and a tight range in gold and silver today with all attention focused on the US Presidential Elections, gold and silver have just made a vertical move, with gold jumping to $1722, and silver from $31 to $32.39!

Perhaps this vertical move in the metals (& in the equities) is an indication the Algos have just received word that the fix is in for Emperor in Chief Obama, or are the bullion banks simply attempting to paint the tape ahead of today’s COT cutoff?

Today is election-day in the United States, and so far, the winning candidate is… gold!  Gold is up nicely today, and showcasing an ideal technical situation; the green demand line and the green supply line are parallel to each other. 

Whether you use the recent minor highs or the recent minor lows to draw your uptrend and return lines, the result is the same.  My interpretation of this chart suggests that gold will now rise towards $1850.  Fear must be professionally managed.  To do that, it must be compartmentalized.  The good news is that the next phase of this market probably won’t require you to compartmentalize any fear.  As gold blasts over $1805, it will be greed that we all must manage, and I think you all would agree that a little greed right now, is just what the gold price doctor ordered! has released an interview with Andy Hoffman and Bix Weir discussing the latest breaking Wall Street Fraud: The DTCC’s claim that a large amount of their $36.5 Trillion in securities holdings at 55 Water Street in NYC have been “damaged” by flooding from Hurricane Sandy. How convenient. Just when the criminality on Wall Street reaches an apex, they come up with a way to burn (or drown) the evidence of their epic crimes. Just like on 9/11 when WTC-7 collapsed at free fall speed taking along with it all of the documents in the ongoing Enron fraud investigation. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The UK Royal Mint has announced plans to launch a precious metals vaulting service, as well as increase the gold content of the Britannia from 92% to 4 9′s- matching the Canadian Gold Maple in purity.

The Royal Mint of Britain is going to offer a vaulting service to high net worth clients. “We will offer a vaulting service to our larger customers,” Shane Bissett, director of bullion and commemorative coin at the Royal Mint, said in a telephone interview today. “At some stage in the future we may look at offering that to individuals.”  Britain’s Royal Mint’s announcement is on the heels of Barclays Plc expansion into opening a precious metals vault for its customers in September and Deutsche Bank will follow suit in March.

In 1968, The Royal Mint of Britain relocated from London’s Tower Hill to Llantrisant, Wales.  Britannia coin sales doubled in Q1, and grew “slightly less” in the subsequent months, Bissett said. The mint plans to change gold Britannia coins from 92% pure gold to 99.99%.

As most SD readers are fully aware, a vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for the banksters.  This year, why not vote AGAINST THE BANKSTERS on election day, by BUYING PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER!

Forget 1 ounce, why not vote 100 or 1000 times?  It’s not even vote fraud, and it’s perfectly legal!

By Ron Paul:

Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst natural disasters the east coast has ever seen.  Clean-up and recovery will take months, if not years and estimates run in the tens of billions of dollars.  Parts of New York and New Jersey will never be the same.  Entire seashore communities have been wiped out, but the determination to rebuild has been lauded as courageous and admirable. Yet as with all natural disasters, Sandy raises uncomfortable questions about the extent to which taxpayers should fund the cleanup and the extent to which government programs create moral hazards.  The greatest compassion brings results, not just good intentions.

By SRSrocco:

I have been spending a great deal of time going over the balance sheets of mining companies to get a better TRUE COST of SILVER PRODUCTION.   I have put out a request for anyone in the accounting profession to assist me in this matter.  After the initial interest, it seems as if these folks have backed off… for whatever reason.  I don’t plan on stopping before I can figure out a BETTER WAY to cost out gold and silver and not the pathetic industry standard of “CASH COSTS”.

Cash costs exclude depreciation, depletion and amortization, accretion, corporate general and administrative expenses, exploration, interest, and pre-feasibility costs.
  How can a mining company or the industry as a whole use CASH COST figures to show the investing public true costs of mining silver?  They do it to MISLEAD the public.

Financial analyst and forecaster Rick Ackerman says Hurricane Sandy came at a time when “the U.S. economy is in a mission critical status. . . . All of the positive effects of this spending are 8 to 20 months down the road.” Ackerman says this disaster is going to be different than in the past because “we’re living off the fatted calf, but the fact is now we’re broke. Where is all this money going to come from?” You can forget the current mainstream media estimates of $50 billion in storm damage. Ackerman says the real cost of Sandy “ is going way, way up into the $150 to $250 billion category.” Ackerman predicts the storm will have a national impact. He says, “There’s no question that what’s happened is going to cut into retail goods, especially high end gifts.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman.