The current financial system is a poster child for the non linear.  Many nodes, endless connections.  No way to parse all of the nodes and the connections. It hums along, based on confidence and dependent on an artificial type of intervention.
A system held together by fraying strands, a woeful lack of redundancy in the form of payments systems and credit flow mechanisms. And then noise is introduced. An event. A surprise. Or a new direction.
It may not be detectable. Eventually, it amplifies the direction…
To the point where parts break…

Gold Bundesbank

That the Dutch have successfully repatriated 122 tonnes of gold (for context this is 122 of the 166 that left the FRBNY in 2014), from the same black-hole vaults in which the German Gold is apparently stuck, adds a fascinating new twist to the issues of 21st century ‘Diplomacy’ and sovereign Gold reserves.
It seems certain that the story of Germany & Gold will be something to watch once more in 2015:


In gold we had a monstrous increase in OI with the rise  in price of gold  yesterday to the tune of $15.40. The total comex gold OI rests tonight at 394,021 for a gain of 15,536 contracts. The January gold contract reads 133 contracts.  The bankers were not afraid to supply the non backed gold comex paper.

China dragon

America is in no condition to endure an economic downturn, yet a downturn is coming, almost as surely as night follows day.
When the next crisis unfolds, I expect the Fed to quietly ask the Chinese central bank to revalue gold, by announcing a major gold buy program.
This would allow China’s currency to become a competitor with the dollar.

Equally importantly, it would allow the Fed to hide the key role that a higher gold price would play, in managing US government debt that is clearly out of control.

nuclear bomb

Washington is hell-bent on a war with Russia.  It is part of the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) to take over the world.  After Russia, China would follow.
That’s the plan.
China is being encircled as we speak.   Never mind that Russia and China have recently concluded a pact, a close financial and military alliance – which to defeat will be next to impossible.

Unless – and here is the crux of the matter – unless Washington initiates an all-out nuclear war, destroying the planet, including itself – but foremost Europe.

Goldman Sachs is already threatening that if Greece fails to to vote “the right way” in the upcoming re-elections, that a Cyprus-style bail in or bank holiday could resume.
As Klaas Knot, the head of the Dutch Central Bank recently admitted, during the last Greek debt crisis, Dutch authorities (and doubtless, German, and Nordic countries as well), were considering emergency plans, including the creation of a brand new currency for the Netherlands, called the Florijn!
Was the entire purpose of the Greek bailouts all along….
Simply a means to buy time, in order to secure the gold of the countries who wished to break away from (or reinvent) the Euro experiment?
If those countries were already entertaining the concept of new regional currencies, a split Euro, or Northern “Nordic” Euro in 2012….do you think those same countries are doing so again right now, as the same, old troubles are causing a great gnashing of teeth in Brussels?
You’d better believe they are.

fight smash

It’s quite clear that the “market” is anticipating the long-awaited ECBQE at the next ECB meeting and the euro is selling off dramatically because of it. Oh, there are certainly other factors in play here but, in the end, we must expect further euro weakness until January 22. What happens next will all be based upon whether or not the ECB begins the overt printing.
IF the euro starts breaking down through 117 and 116, ALL BETS ARE OFF and it’s going to head considerably lower.

David Morgan

David Morgan joins the SGTReport to discuss the unprecedented demand for American Silver Eagles.
The question is, WHO is buying all of this PHYSICAL silver?
Because typically as the price of an asset falls, retail investors flee.  Has JP Morgan itself been snatching up tens of millions of ounces of the precious metal in the form of silver Eagles as the criminal bank drives the price down via the COMEX?   It’s what Ted Butler calls “The perfect crime”. Is he right?

Either way, those in the know win, because we understand that PHYSICAL silver is in very high demand – and its very, very precious.

Saudi Arabia

The Brent crude oil price has fallen from $115 in June to under $54 per barrel.
A lower oil price is where production costs make all the difference.  For a long time, analysts have suggested that US production is substantially more expensive and therefore sensitive to oil prices.
This is where the rubber meets the road, as the coming months may reveal the extent of fragility, waste, or mismanagement within the oil industry — in the US and globally.

What is the reason for this prolonged and unforeseen event?
Who wins and who loses as it shakes out?


Will 2015 be a year of financial crashes, economic chaos and the start of the next great worldwide depression?  |
Over the past couple of years, we have all watched as global financial bubbles have gotten larger and larger.  Despite predictions that they could burst at any time, they have just continued to expand.  But just like we witnessed in 2001 and 2008, all financial bubbles come to an end at some point, and when they do implode the pain can be extreme. 
The financial markets are more primed for a financial collapse now than they have been at any other time since the last crisis happened nearly seven years ago.  
At this point, the warning cries have become a deafening roar as a whole host of prominent voices have stepped forward to sound the alarm.
The following are 11 predictions of economic disaster in 2015 from top experts all over the globe…

storm tsunami

For nearly 4 years now, the Fed, BIS, Bank of England, etc have moved heaven and earth, to heap burning coals upon silver investors, and have done the same to gold investors for 3 years.  They’ve done everything in the book to dislodge us, to eradicate us, to dissuade us…And they’ve failed.
These people have done all of this, just to keep the Money Power a tiny space longer.
Let’s face it: 3 or 4 years, in the grand scheme of human history, is a blink, it’s nothing.

The central planners behind the massive con, and the international, monetary ponzi scheme, have bought another 1,000’ish days.  
Then what do they do?
The Great Financial Tsunami, which nearly washed them all away in 2008 is still coming for them, and it is higher than ever.  

The storm wall they’ve spent 5 years building, in order to protect themselves from the wrath of the coming storm, is laughably inadequate.


Why did a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein that pimped out underage girls to powerful men have 21 contact phone numbers for Bill Clinton?   And why did Clinton fly on “multiple occasions” to the private Caribbean island where Epstein regularly held wild sexual orgies with underage girls?
Let me give you a hint: it was not to discuss politics over milk and cookies.
Every once in a while, we get a small peek into the twisted sexual world of the global elite.
In this case, a Florida lawsuit that alleges that Britain’s Prince Andrew had sex with a 17-year-old “sex slave”provided by Epstein is making headlines all over the planet.
But of potentially even greater importance is what this lawsuit is revealing about Bill Clinton.
If it can be proven that Bill Clinton had sex with underage girls provided by Jeffrey Epstein, it could destroy any chance that Hillary Clinton has of winning the presidency in 2016.


Today we had a lot of developments.  First WTI broke into the 47 dollar column creating havoc for our sovereign countries loaded with oil e.g Canada, Russia, USA, England (North sea), Venezuela etc.  The dollar keeps rising due to the breaking up of the dollar carry trade.
As we have mentioned to you on many occasions, this in turn blows up the derivatives in oil and the major banks who have underwritten much of these contracts when oil was north of 100 dollars per barrel.
It certainly looks like the bankers are having a tough time trying to contain gold– 
Generally the bankers do not like to see gold/silver rise on two consecutive days, but that is exactly what we got today…

down fall plunge

On Monday, the price of oil fell below $50 for the first time since April 2009, and the Dow dropped 331 points.  Today, oil plunged further to $47.
Meanwhile, the stock market declines over in Europe were even larger on a percentage basis, and the euro sank to a fresh nine year low on concerns that the anti-austerity Syriza party will be victorious in the upcoming election in Greece.
These are precisely the kinds of things that we would expect to see happen if a global financial crash was coming in 2015.  Just prior to the financial crisis of 2008, the price of oil collapsed, prices for industrial commodities got crushed and the U.S. dollar soared relative to other currencies.  All of those things are happening again.  And yet somehow many analysts are still convinced that things will be different this time.
I agree that things will indeed be “different” this time.  When this crisis fully erupts, it will make 2008 look like a Sunday picnic.

mad max

Here’s my prediction for 2015:  I think the safety net the Fed has put in place gets shredded to the downside.
I think the big story will be the collapse of the U.S. economy and the attempt by the Govt to hide it with bulls**t reports that anyone with one brain cell will be able to see through.
I also think we’re going to see a HUGE increase in civil unrest.

nuclearFrom Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

“Everything that previous presidents have done to try to defuse the kind of tensions between nuclear powers that could lead to war, all this has been thrown away by Clinton, George W. Bush and the current White House fool. It’s all due to the Neoconservatives. So, yes, we are in a more dangerous situation than in the worst part of the cold war.”


Recovering gold and other valuable metals from retired nuclear weapons had been a little-known mission of the government’s uranium enrichment plants over the past five decades.   At Paducah, the process began in the 1950s and was conducted under extraordinary security, with heavily armed guards escorting warheads into the plant under cover of darkness.
Based on available records, DOE estimates that between 2,800 and 5,300 pounds of gold from retired nuclear weapon assemblies and scrap parts was recovered and shipped from the Paducah Plant from 1964 to 1985.
The operations used to reclaim gold were kept separate from other materials and contaminated processes onsite, but were conducted in contaminated areas of two buildings.   For much of this period, recovered gold was shipped to the U.S. Department of Treasury for refinement and reuse

So, as the lights go out at the only uranium enrichment plant in the United States, there is high probability that gold bars are glowing brightly at some lucky vault
The real question is this… are they part of the remaining gold at Fort Knox, or is some unfortunate Central Bank now the owner of the HOTTEST GOLD on the planet?

Set aside for a moment the fact that the S&P 500 just closed down 4 days in a row – something which NEVER happened in 2014.  
Zerhohedge had an interesting article Monday which discussed if Citibank was the next AIG (LINK) after it discovered that Citi is now the largest single holder of derivatives in the U.S., with $70.3 trillion in notional exposure holdings.
Not pointed out by Zerohedge was an interesting relationship between Citi and Goldman Sachs…

mali gold

The 2000s gold bull has brought a lot of attention to West Africa.  This attention has not always translated to success given the unstable geopolitical environment in this part of the world.  But the diligent miners able to endure and overcome the challenges have been rewarded with some major discoveries that have been developed into profitable gold mines.
One country really thriving is Ghana.  On the geopolitical front there’s probably no safer country in Africa with its government acting under a stable long-standing constitutional democracy and its tax and mining laws fairly well-legislated.  And on the geological front there’s definitely no rival, with Ghana host to four massive underexplored gold-rich greenstone belts.