newsOver the past several weeks silver has been receiving some much needed attention. This is bringing more and more people to the market which in turn makes the exchange rate for silver rise and that brings more and more people to the market.
Will we see a feeding frenzy in the silver market as the year progresses?  This may be a little too optimistic, however, with the undeniable facts about silver coming to the fore it is easy to see how this tiny market could become a major story during the second half of 2016…


I’ve got gold going to $10,000 now. So, I’m the guy with the highest price target out there…It could be a matter of weeks or a matter of years. This is one of these avalanche type event things. You don’t know when the snowflakes are going to hit. It’s going to be a change in psychology, a panic reaction, and it will happen very quickly…it could be a five-year play or it could be a one-year play depending on circumstances. I don’t really want to get into the timing of it except that the dynamic is set up for $10,000 gold…

V the Guerrilla EconomistThe Guerrilla Economist sits down with Bo Polny for his latest thoughts on gold prices and many of the behind the scenes moves by the banks and financial institutions globally.
Is the Show About to Begin?

carsonFor those who missed it, Ben Carson called out Hillary Clinton’s documented allegiance to Lucifer at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night.
In a STUNNING statement, Dr. Carson had the guts to mention that that Hillary Clinton’s mentor Saul Alisnky taught her the secret doctrine of Satan and Hillary wrote her college thesis on him…

In the case of both gold and silver, all we see is prices having recovered some of their losses, and returned to 2013 price-levels, which were deemed outrageously low at the time. Indeed, in the case of gold, even after six months of this so-called rally, the price is still (far) below the break-even mark for the industry as a whole.
What kind of rally is it, when after six months of this “new, bull market” the price for gold has not even come close to reaching a break-even level for the industry?

venezuelaWhat started as a trickle, with several hundred desperate women defying border guards and crossing into Columbia to retrieve badly needed supplies, has turned into a flood.  The Venezuelan government has acquiesced to the demands of its people, and has started opening the border with Columbia for brief periods of time, and Venezuelans are taking advantage of that in droves.
It’s estimated that over the weekend, 123,000 Venezuelans crossed into Columbia to buy supplies that can’t be found in their own country.

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We have already seen tremendous violence at Trump rallies in recent months, and there’s no reason to think that the Republican convention will be any different…