fall plungeFor decades, I have defined the August 7 – October 31 time frame as “crash season”. There’s no question that current US stock market price action is very concerning.
The real risk of being invested in US stocks during these three months dramatically outweighs any potential reward.
That’s because GENERATIONAL WEALTH can be destroyed in a few days, weeks, or even hours.
August is typically the set-up month, and the crash and/or ensuing bear market occurs in either September or October.

If you have not been preparing for what is coming, you need to get off your sofa and you need to start prepping right now. 

bankrunFiends, As the global economic collapse gathers speed, please consider the following.
This experience at my local Wells Fargo in 2011 demonstrates exactly why fractional reserve banking is a fraud against the people: There’s not even enough CASH on hand at your bank to meet even a small percentage of redemptions.
And unlike precious metal, cash is just worthless fiat paper.

So consider for a moment just how truly RARE physical silver and gold is…

holterWhat may go down as the biggest geopolitical false flag event since 9/11, the Tianjin, China explosions will remain a critical topic of conversation for some time because the Chinese government still cannot determine what caused the blasts that melted more than 8,000 cars, devastated multiple buildings and the caused the deaths of more than 110 people, with 90 still missing and presumed dead.
Bill Holter asks the question we have all been thinking; Was this catastrophic landscape of destruction the result of a tactical weapon of some type?
Coming just a day or two after China’s devaluation of the Yuan, was the horrific blast – which left a three acre crater in its wake – a sign of what’s to come if China fully abandons the Dollar?
It is rapidly becoming clear that something unconventional happened in Tianjin – which leads to the inevitable question: Has the monetary war gone hot?

panicOn Monday, it was a Monday Meltdown. Global markets entered a new day of worldwide sell offs, extending last week’s downward plunge. Triggering the jitters was a sharp sell-off in Chinese shares which wiped out gains for the year as the Shanghai composite saw an 8.5 percent drop, the biggest percentage decline since 2007.

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 588 points. It was the 8th worst single day stock market crash in U.S. history, and it was the first time that the Dow has ever fallen by more than 500 points on two consecutive days.
On June 25th, I was not kidding around when I issued a “red alert” for the last six months of 2015.
The global financial system is now unraveling, and you better pack a lunch because this is going to be one very long horror show.

Former inmates at a privately run Nashville jail say they worked without pay building bean-bag “corn-hole” games, plaques shaped like footballs, birdhouses and dog beds so that officials could sell them through their personal business at a flea market.

gold barsWe appear to be on the verge of new bear market in stocks and as we have been warning for some months now there is a real risk of a 1929 or 1987 style crash.
Gold performed well considering the stock market bloodbath yesterday.
The fact that it is was only marginally lower despite market carnage bodes very well indeed for the coming months.

China-GoldGold prices should have gone down when the RMB was devalued, given the reduced Chinese purchasing power for gold.
Quite to the contrary however, gold prices went up during five straight trading days following the RMB devaluation.
The reason? Are RMB speculators possibly moving out of RMB into gold?

collapseThe retail silver shortages we have experienced in the market are WARNING SIGNS for the BIG EVENT to come. 
If you are waiting for a signal that a global wholesale silver shortage has begun, it will likely be too late to acquire physical metal.  Why?  Because it has never happened before.
So, when the world bond and stock markets finally collapse under a mountain of paper, leverage and debt, we will witness one hell of a GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER. 

(U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Julianne Showalter)

(U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Julianne Showalter)

Ya know how each year, when autumn rolls around, you can feel the air literally change?  You can’t see the change early on, but yet you feel it, that certain “crispness” on the wind…you just know everything has changed. Well, I’ll say this right now: something is up.