• Janet Yellen begins her first FOMC Press Conference as Fed ChairwomanNo Hikes Today, But ECONOMIC SITUATION MAY WARRANT GRADUAL RATE HIKES
    Fed Expects Inflation to Remain Low
    Single Dissenting Fed Member Voted to Raise Rates
  •  Translation: We Aren’t Really Raising Rates…But We MUST Halt Gold & Silver Rallies!

stare bastards in the eye SinclairWith the genie now out of the bottle, many of the institutions involved in price manipulation and suppression appear to have backed off for fear of multi-billion dollar class action lawsuits from investors.  The direct result, as we have seen just in the last couple of weeks, has been upward price movement in gold and silver.
I think this has signified the start of a new bull market…

goldGold is clearly sitting in the best win-win position of many years.
Western gold stock investors can’t focus on past gold stocks losses.
  It’s a new era.
It’s a gold bull era, and it’s time for the Western gold community to embrace it with open arms…

bottom of the barrelWe’re witnessing a HISTORIC SHIFT in the gold and silver markets.
The Shanghai Gold Exchange created the NEW SHANGHAI GOLD FIX and the FIX went LIVE Tuesday, April 19, 2016!   The NEXT 3-trading days Wednesday April 20 thru Friday April 22 Silver’s Price jumped up in the ASIA session and was then immediately SMASHED on the NEW YORK COMEX OPEN!


china goldFrankly, this is a disgrace and a scandal, and shows that the Chinese auction methodology is far more transparent that its London counterpart.
The Chinese will at some stage call time-out when ready, and allow the Shanghai Gold Price Benchmark to really shift up a gear to generate physical gold prices that will disconnect from the COMEX and LBMA pass the parcel shenanigans.

With the Chinese recent launch of their new gold-backed Yuan, the days of U.S. Dollar hegemony are numbered.
When the world starts dumping U.S. Treasuries and Dollars, investors better make sure they have already own physical gold and silver.

The financial system is sitting on the edge of a cliff and an increasing number of investors are beginning to realize it…

New York City’s largest public pension is exiting all hedge fund investments in the latest sign that the $4 trillion public pension sector is losing patience with these often secretive portfolios at a time of poor performance and high fees. 

dollar goldThe Fiat Money Quantity continues to rise at an accelerated pace, and now stands at $14.286 trillion
It would appear that this increase in bank lending indicates financial difficulties in the non-financial sector.
It looks like a condition of developing stagflation…