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Last week saw gold rally $15 to $1233 on Tuesday before sliding to $1207 yesterday morning, then rallying in the afternoon. Silver’s moves tracked gold’s, bottoming out at $17.30 Thursday at the London opening.
Friday morning precious metals were firmer in pre-LBMA trade, reflecting some short-covering ahead of the weekend.
The action, as has often been the case recently, is in paper markets with hedge funds shorting gold and silver against a strong dollar.   This can be readily seen in the following chart of Managed Money shorts on Comex, which is back in record oversold territory.  The chart of silver is similar:

tea party

Civil disobedience is as American as apple pie. In fact, one of the most memorable moments in the formation of the republic was the Boston Tea Party, a much celebrated and historic act of civil disobedience.
From colonists dressed as Native Americans dumping East India Company tea into the Boston Harbor, to Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience. From Rosa Parks, to Martin Luther King Jr., civil disobedience has been a significant part of what has made these United States free, and is a tactic that should be elevated and encouraged, rather than censored and demonized.
Fortunately, the burning desire for truth and resistance is alive and well in Jefferson Country, Colorado, where students and teachers joined together in protest against an outlandish proposal to censor “civil disobedience topics” from the AP history curriculum, in order to focus on: “patriotic material, respect for authority, and the free-market system.”

swan end

Precious metal investors have long been second-guessing themselves, due to false alarms. Many, many false alarms.  They are, quite honestly, shell-shocked.  Even the mention of the next “event”, now simply makes them angry, both at those telling them about the importance of the events, and at themselves for “believing this stuff in the first place”.
They feel jaded.  They feel foolish.  They feel betrayed.
While I totally understand and empathize with those feelings, they’re forgetting to set that anger in the rightful place: right at the feet of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve.  They are failing to channel and harness that anger and outrage, and use it for something positive, like stacking.
The thought never occurs to many of them, that if they simply put even a little bit more into gold or silver at 30% and 65% discounts, respectively (from their highs 3 years ago), that their investment cost in those metals would take a dramatic plunge.  They fail to see that they could become much stronger hands than they are now.  None of that matters to them anymore, they’re tired of “being played”, by their emotions, and by “shysters”.
In fact, for many of them, stacking is now the last thing on their minds.  Many are now simply waiting for the next miraculous rally, so that they can mercifully dump those positions at the prices they bought them at.  Many will sadly do this too, just as the Bird lands, and the Great Flood washes everything else away.
The Black Swan is real, and it is coming, just don’t bother looking for it.


Here are the likely profits taken by the commercials during the latest COT week:  2 Million ounces at $50 profit is a cool $100 MILLION profit.  At $200 an ounce that is $400 MILLION profit.  So there are the two ends of the spectrum, not a bad haul for a week.
Meanwhile, the speculators appear to suffer from delusions of grandeur aka greed.  They are convinced price is still going down now and they are loading up for the fall (as the commercials covered 2 MILLION oz of gold shorts!).
They are seeking payments on their new hedge fund(ed) homes out on Long Island, I guess.

The speculators are not going to be rewarded unless they sell those shorts NOW.
And by the time this is read it may be too late…

Fed whistle blower

In September 2013, just 24 hours after Andrew Maguire went public with revelations of two actual JP Morgan whistle-blowers in the silver manipulation case, the CFTC quickly and summarily closed what had been an ongoing, 5-year silver market investigation. In a curious development, just two days later the chief investigative officer of the CFTC, David Meister, suddenly resigned his position and left the agency.
Case closed.

Fast forward to yesterday…

copper girl

While it’s true that the entire financial system is rigged today, some markets are manipulated more than others.  This is certainly true for the precious metals… particularly SILVER.
This metal is the whipping boy of the Fed and Cartel Bullion Banks.  Most would believe it’s impossible to manipulate a metal for decades… it isn’t.
If we look at the two charts below, we can see just how much more of a beating silver has taken compared to copper over the past 3 years:

Blythe Masters Jamie Dimon

As far as the beat-down going, I’m ecstatic over it…the Chinese, Indians and Russians are taking every single piece of gold off of the market that they can get their hands on…I say take it to zero, take it to $5 – I want it to go down…if it goes to $15, I’m definitely backing up the truck because I know in my heart of hearts that [physical] silver and gold are running out and the only physical metal that’s left is primarily going to China, India and Russia and I want to get my share before they get it all.
PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler joins the SGTReport for a MUST LISTEN interview on the banksters smashing silver to a new 4 year low and discusses what’s next for the metals- how low can silver go despite the very real demand for PHYSICAL metals throughout Asia?


The European Central Bank again cut the interest rates it controls. Notably, the deposit rate was moved deeper into negative territory. It is now -0.2% (minus 20 basis points, that is not a typo).
The ECB says it’s trying to nudge prices higher, but it’s actually feeding the cancer of falling interest.
One man’s debt is another’s asset. The ultimate asset is the debt of the government. If debtors begin to default in earnest and if one default causes others in a cascade, then the system can collapse like dominoes.

The analogy of dominoes is apt because creditors are themselves debtors. They are typically leveraged, so a small loss can cause insolvency.
The financial system must collapse—necessarily so—when the interest on the long bond hits zero.
Debtors cannot hold up an infinite burden of debt, and that is what a zero long-term rate means.


What has happened to America?  Please show these numbers to anyone that does not believe that the United States is in decline.
It is time for all of us to humble ourselves and face the reality of what has happened to our once great nation.  For those of us that love America, it is heartbreaking to watch the foundations of our society rot and decay in thousands of different ways.
The following are 50 facts that show how far America has fallen in this generation:

the end

All analysts aren’t created equal. 
Precious metals experts, though largely honest and helpful, are normal folks, just like you.  They provide valuable insights, entertaining content, and helpful guesswork, but those insightful guesses are not always correct.  In fact, lately they’ve been far more incorrect than correct, due to manipulation being cranked into overdrive.
Look, we all know that the big picture for the world financial and economic system is a terribly bleak one. We all know the Great Reset must come.  The entire world financial system is malevolent, built on fraud, and is, mercifully, unsustainable.
It has to end: but that doesn’t mean it has to end tomorrow.
So, with that in mind, here are some takeaways to hold onto, the next time you hear talk of “the end being near”.


Alibaba is now the poster child example of how corrupt and controlled by the bankers our entire system is.
Any professional money managers/fund managers who bought this stock for anything more than a quick flip should be strung up from an oak tree by the neck for breach of fiduciary duty.
It is completely inconceivable that the SEC would have approved this stock for issue in the U.S. market 20 years ago.

That the SEC put it’s meaningless “It’s okay to sell this stock to retarded U.S. investors” stamp tells us the degree to which our financial and legal system has become engulfed by the corruption and criminality of Wall Street banks.
BABA is the kind stock market nuclear waste that boiler room penny stock operators like Stratton Oakmont would stuff down the throats of helpless senior citizens and greed-crazed morons.  It’s not the kind of garbage that, historically, any large Wall Street investment bank would have touched with a ten-foot pole Although I can understand JP Morgan and Citi having no qualms about to selling BABA to anyone who picks up the phone call from their broker at those two firms, the fact that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse were willing to sell this sewage to the public (historically these 3 firms left the boiler room rot to the sleazy penny stock firms in Long Island, South Florida, Denver and Salt Lake City and focused on real crime) tells us just how unethical and corrupted Wall Street has become.

gold reserves

In August 2011, the Venezuelan government surprised the gold market when it announced that it would seek to repatriate, at short notice, 160 tonnes of its foreign held gold reserves back to Venezuela for safekeeping.
The government also revealed at that time where its gold was located and in what form it was held.

The Venezuelan significant repatriation request, in the summer of 2011 may have been a contributing factor to gold’s strong price appreciation at that time, as market participants were forced to find 160 tonnes of physical gold bullion at short notice.
The 160 tonnes of gold was transported back to Caracas with much fanfare in a series of flights from late 2011 to early 2012, with the last flight carrying 14 tonnes of gold from Paris.
Fast forward 3 years, and with Hugo Chavez out of the picture (rumored to have been poisoned by advanced Western weaponry), the banksters unsurprisingly appear to be attempting to get their hands back on the 160 tonnes of phyzz currently residing in an underground vault in Caracas. 

US divided

A building is too big when it can no longer provide its dwellers with the services they expect – running water, waste disposal, heat, electricity, elevators and the like – without these taking up so much room that there is not enough left over for living space, a phenomenon that actually begins to happen in a building over about ninety or a hundred floors.
A nation becomes too big when it can no longer provide its citizens with the services they expect – defence, roads, post, health, coins, courts and the like – without amassing such complex institutions and bureaucracies that they actually end up preventing the very ends they are intending to achieve, a phenomenon that is now commonplace in the modern industrialized world.
“It is not the character of the building or the nation that matters, nor is it the virtue of the agents or leaders that matters, but rather the size of the unit: even saints asked to administer a building of 400 floors or a nation of 200 million people would find the job impossible.”


Recently in [bankrupt] Argentina, a single police officer was left in charge of an entire jail in the Buenos Aires area which was housing several dozen prisoners.
The lone officer, who was clearly in over her head and poorly trained, heard suspicious noises somewhere in the building.  So what did she do?  She (a police officer) called the police.
The police officer’s response really reveals just how desperate the situation is, “I have only one vehicle to patrol the whole district.”
These aren’t isolated events. This is a major trend that is due to befall any bankrupt government.
Think about it: are we really so arrogant to believe that a bankrupt government can continue to borrow money forever without consequence?
Bottom line: independence is key. You cannot rely on a bankrupt government to provide the services that they promise.
That goes for anything… from providing basic security to insuring bank deposits to paying out Social Security benefits.
They simply don’t have the financial means to make good on their promises.
And this is a reality that’s important to recognize and prepare for before it’s too late.