The recent bank bail in has Spanish investors spooked and the contagion is beginning to spread.
Gold & Silver Prices may get a boost as economic collapse 2017 gets worse and we watch this dire banking crisis come to a head…

“The Bond Market’s Calling Bull**it on the Fed!”
Legendary Silver Investor Eric Sprott Breaks Down the Gold and Silver Markets in the Wake of This Week’s FOMC Rate Hike:

The bankers were  probably expecting even more gold leaves to fall from the gold tree with the raid yesterday. An open interest of around 390,000 to 400,000 is core and nothing will move these guys from their contracts.

Gold reversed sharply lower after the Fed’s latest rate hike this week, on heavy selling from speculators and investors alike.  Bearish sentiment flared on traders’ long-held belief that higher rates spell trouble for zero-yielding gold.  But market history reveals the opposite, that Fed rate hikes are actually bullish for gold.  This week’s Fed-induced gold dump is likely to flag gold bottoming just before a major new rally erupts.


Sprott’s Michael Pento Joins Us For A BOLD Prediction…


While They’re Letting Cryptocurrencies Run For Now, the Gov Has An Internet Kill Switch That Can Destroy BitcoinWhat About Gold?

Silver prices will skyrocket as The Fed may soon set it’s sights on a much faster rate of devaluation of the dollar. The current target of 2% is not enough the currency is not devaluing fast enough to feed the monster. They want to collapse the dollar with a 3% a year cut to the purchasing power of the Dollar:

James Wesley Rawles, joins the SGTReport to discuss current events, and both the near and long term outlook of the United States, and humanity.
We discuss the pure fraud of the Russian hacking narrative, and the foul stench rising from the dying mainstream mockingbird news media that perpetuates it. And we round out the conversation with the one way to survive what is coming upon the earth: The full armor of God.