Are Gold & Silver Investors Ready for the 2015 Derivatives Melt-down?

collapseManipulation is KING in the future’s casinos and only those who understand how they do what they do will profit right along with them…
Will there be a rebound from the recent manipulative take-down?

Quite possibly, but it is only going to be a short term rebound as the Precious Metals DEPRESSION IS the goal of the bullion banks and their minions heading into 2015 so all precious metals investors everywhere will lose their confidence in the metals and other hard assets, invest in paper stocks, and then be raped when the world wide economic collapse that I believe is coming takes place in the Fall of 2015.
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Asset Forfeiture – How Cops Continue to Steal Americans’ Hard Earned Cash with Zero Repercussions

In a nutshell, civil forfeiture is the practice of confiscating items from people, ranging from cash, cars, even homes based on no criminal conviction or charges, merely suspicion.   As is often the case, what starts out reasonable becomes a gigantic organized crime ring of criminality, particularly in a society where the rule of law no longer exists for the “elite,” yet anything goes when it comes to pillaging the average citizen.

While the epidemic of law enforcement theft is problematic throughout the country (see these egregious examples from Tennessee and Michigan), it appears Texas has a particularly keen love affair with the practice. Not only did last year’s story take place in Texas, today’s highlighted episode also takes place in the Lone Star State.  This time in a town of 150 people called Estelline, which earns more than 89% of its gross revenues from traffic fines and forfeitures.   
In other words, from theft. 
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INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: Near Record At A Quarter Of Global Mine Supply

Indian Silver Imports vs Global Mine SupplyIt looks like at least one country is still taking advantage of the extremely low paper price of silver.
From information just released, India continues to import a near record amount of silver in 2014.
Even though silver imports slumped in June compared to last year, demand is still extremely strong.
Do you really believe top silver producing countries like Mexico and Peru as well as many other South American countries will continue to give away their silver for a mere pittance when the Dollar finally loses its World Reserve status?
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1st Half Gold Exports from Switzerland to Asia: 600 Tonnes

Gold as a weapon in a global currency warAccording to the latest figures by the Swiss Customs Administration, the country has exported a total of more than 600 tonnes of gold to Asia in the first half of this year.
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Gold’s Strong Season Begins

gold bullGold’s strong season is just getting underway, with this metal’s summer-doldrums seasonal low in place.  The past couple months’ stiff headwinds are starting to shift to fierce tailwinds, thanks to Asian demand ramping up heading into autumn.
Gold’s pronounced seasonality is very important for all investors and speculators to understand, as today’s inflection point is a very bullish omen for this still-unloved asset.
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Deutsche Bank & HSBC Accused of Silver Fix Manipulation

Jamie DimonPerhaps this is why Deutsche Bank could not find a single buyer for its seat on the London Fix: the bank, along with HSBC have been officially accused on manipulating the silver fix in a new suit filed in federal court in Manhattan over the weekend.  [Read more...]

Clear and Present Danger Zone

dangerDing, Ding, Ding!
The bell tolls, not for the 1%, but for the remaining 99% in Europe, the UK, Japan, and the US.
What Danger Zone?  The powers-that-be must find a way to keep the masses under control, raise taxes, enrich themselves and monetize the debt.
The result will be currency devaluations, blood, inflation, distractions (such as downed airliners and new wars), banker bonuses, continued payoffs to politicians, and so much more. [Read more...]

Why the Legal Tender Law Targets Lenders & Gold

gold or fiatThe legal tender law targets the lender.   It grants to debtors a right to repay a debt in dollars.  In practice, this means that if you lend gold, the debtor gets a free put option at your expense.   If the gold price rises, he can repay in dollars. If it falls, of course he will be happy to repay in gold. It’s a rotten deal for the lender.
The relationship between lender and borrower is mutually beneficial, or else it would not exist.   The parties are exchanging wealth and income, creating new wealth and new income in the process. The government is displeased by this happy marriage, and busts it up by sticking a gun in the lender’s face.   His right to expect his partner to honor a signed agreement is violated.
Because no lender will lend gold under such circumstances, gold is relegated to hoarding and speculation only.
This strikes a blow to savers, because the best way to save is to lend and earn interest.
Savers are forced to choose between hoarding gold, getting no yield, or holding dollars and getting whatever yield crumbs are dropped by the Fed.

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The Rot Within, Part II: Inflation Is Not “Growth”

hyperinflationThe official policy of the Central Bank (Federal Reserve)/government is: inflation is necessary for “growth,” i.e. economic expansion. The unstated reason for this official support of inflation is that it’s easier for borrowers to service their debts as their income inflates.
Just as the Federal Reserve cannot directly force you to stick the needle of monetary heroin (debt) into your arm, it also can’t force employers to pay employees more. [Read more...]

Alasdair Macleod on The Coming Slump: Why The Cure Will Finally Kill the Patient

macleodThe transformation of an economy from no monetary discipline into one based on sound-money principals is widely thought by central bankers to risk creating a major banking crisis.
The crisis will indeed come, but it will probably have its origins in the inability of individuals, robbed of the purchasing power of their fixed salaries and savings, to pay the prices demanded from them by businesses.
This is called a slump, an old-fashioned term for the simultaneous contraction of production and demand.
Not even zero or negative interest rates will save the banks from this increasingly certain event, for a very simple reason: by continuing the transfer of wealth from individuals through monetary inflation, the cure will finally kill the patient.

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Jim Willie: Derivatives Meltdown Looms: Gold to Arrive on a White Horse!

The 1987 stock slam that occurred was a wake-up call.   The response was the creation of a derivative banking foundation of vaporous substance.
Derivatives played a key role in the Lehman investment bank failure. In reality, it was more a planned financial murder event, orchestrated by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.   The Wall Street kings killed Lehman in order to pick its bones and to feed Goldman Sachs.
When big banks begin to fail, the belief has been, the risk of contagion will be the main focus. Since Lehman, the major Western banks have lashed themselves together for safety and security. They have done so with financial derivatives, the rope to connect them together.   So the next failures will put the entire system at risk of collapse.   This is the oft-described nuclear outcome, which has been brought upon by $1.4 quadrillion worth of derivatives. 
The world faces a guaranteed systemic implosion caused by derivatives.  Bank failures and contagion will lead to the widespread connected failures, and lost control by both governments and central banks to manage them. Gold will be the secure port during the stormy outcomes.
Gold will arrive on a white horse.  The return to the Gold Standard is the answer. The Gold Price will reach incredibly high levels when the derivative implosion occurs, when the East introduces a legitimate gold-backed new BRICS currency for trade settlement.  The fallout will be tremendous, as the USDollar is rejected on the global stage.

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Alasdair Macleod’s Market Report: Paper Blast!

dynamiteThursday the gold price was hit at the start of Asian trading and an hour into New York trading a sell order of some 6,000 contracts was dumped on the market, driving the price down to $1288.
It was clumsy dealing, which appeared to be designed to drive the price lower, and the effect was magnified because of the quiet market conditions.

In essence, precious metals are in corrective mode with low volumes, and gold has already moved back to its 200 day moving average, where it could find some renewed buying support.

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Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political “Elite” on its Board

“The secret that hundreds of employees are now refining involves devices that automate and miniaturize more than 1,000 laboratory tests, from routine blood work to advanced genetic analyses. Theranos’s processes are faster, cheaper and more accurate than the conventional methods and require only microscopic blood volumes, not vial after vial of the stuff.”

Henry Kissinger leads a shady cast of all politicians and military men on Theranos’ board. 
Which is where this whole thing becomes very creepy, very quickly. 
You can accuse Henry Kissinger of many things, but being a humanitarian isn’t one of them.
Furthermore, you’d think there’d be more healthcare professionals or businesspeople on the board, but it’s almost all military men and politicians.

I have no idea what these military men and war criminals are up to, but it probably isn’t good.
When there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there’s a lot of smoke here.

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Tekoa Da Silva: Dollar to Die Like a Lobster in Boiling Water- Asia is Ready to Eat!


SilvaSprott’s Tekoa Da Silva joins The Doc & Eric Dubin on this week’s Metals & Markets from the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver discussing:

  • PM futures roller coaster: metals smashed under $1300 and $21 ahead of options expiration, but close week with a strong Friday afternoon rally- is the take-down over?
  • Tekoa discusses his journey from PM journalist and pod-caster to Investment Executive at Sprott Global- what he’s learned from the brilliant minds there including Sprott, Rick Rule, and John Embry, and how SD listeners can apply lessons he’s learned at Sprott to their investing
  • With the BRICS announcing the $100 billion central banking alternative to the West, Tekoa discusses the death of the US & the dollar as occurring gradually so as not to alarm the boiling lobster: “At some point the lobster will pass away, and be eaten by outside groups!
  • Tekoa reveals how he was able to get the  ECB’s Mario Draghi to admit central banks’ gold leasing has been unsuccessful 
  • From the stunning “Castle in the City” in Vancouver, Tekoa gives an inside update on the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium, and reveals how excited the Sprott team is about the next major bull upleg in the PM and natural resource sector. 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With Tekoa Da Silva from the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver is below:  [Read more...]

The Economy Is Collapsing… So Is The MH17 False Flag Event

collapseEuro zone’s debt is rising.   Companies reporting in that sales and revenue are dropping.  China has made a deal with Venezuela for oil and agricultural production.   Portugal’s president says the bank is the tip of the iceberg, collapse is coming.
Obamacare loses subsidies in 36 states.   BRICS pumping in billions of non US dollars into Africa to build infrastructure.   Central banker/US government false flag story collapsing, no proof, just believe us, it was Russia.  
Russia moving military assets to protect the country from NATO. Leaked emails show Ukraine and US Government were planning a false flag.
The X22 Report covers the top stories of the week below: 
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