DiceThousands of liberals have issued death threats to Mark Dice (made famous over his youtube in which he could not give away a one-oz gold maple in SoCal) after Dice tweeted a Michelle Obama DNC transgender joke: 

CamboneWith gold prices rallying over 24% this year and the U.S. dollar, which usually trades inversely to the metal, also up, research analyst Marin Katusa says he expects this to be the “new normal.”
“I’m very bullish on gold…”

goldToday, we learned the largest pension fund in the country is in very serious trouble and it appears the challenges they face may result in the same actions being taken as the Teamsters.
If you have assets in the CalPERS system, good luck…

collapseBo Polny has just made one of the Boldest Financial Forecasts EVER,
Predicting the DATE of the Greatest Financial Crash in Human History…

economic dollar collapseThe system is being gutted from the inside out.
Unfortunately, the coming collapse of the U.S. economic and financial system will be orders of magnitude greater than what took place in 2008
Because we just had a subprime housing market in 2008,
whereas the ENTIRE U.S. economy today is SUBPRIME….  Subprime Auto, Housing, Bonds & Energy

endAs gold reaches for higher prices and gains more attention, the propagandists are flooding the news outlets with articles on the virtues of investing in the stock market and the evils of precious metals – Silver/devil.
The Ponzi must continue at all costs…