dynamiteThe sudden big spike up in Fed reverse repos in mid-September indicate that there was a derivatives accident that required the Fed to flood the global financial system with Treasury collateral, which is used to satisfy derivatives margin calls.
DB is not only now the lethal sovereign risk of Germany, it is the sovereign risk of the entire EU.

Whereas Bear Stearns the Lehman triggered the Great Financial Collapse in the U.S., Deutsche Bank could potentially trigger the collapse of the global financial system.

September 28 came and went without earthquakes, asteroids, flooding, fires and other such natural disasters that prophets of doom love to ascribe to the hand of God.
Sure, there have been a few natural events, but nothing of biblical proportions.  WW3 has not started.  Israel is still sovereign.  The economy has not collapsed.

So why all the fuss, and don’t those future forecasters look foolish now?

exit get outAs Jim Sinclair would say, yet another reason to GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM…

We are writing to share with you important information about a security compromise involving a database containing some of your personal information, as well as steps we are taking in response, and the resources we are making available to you.
What Happened
Federal law enforcement officials recently informed us that they’ve been investigating cybersecurity crimes involving the theft of information from Scottrade and other financial services companies…

The first phase of the Cross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) was launched on Thursday in Shanghai, promoting the global use of the Chinese currency. “CIPS is an important milestone in the internationalization of the yuan,” said Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, the central bank.

We are entering a time which I call the collapse point. At the collapse point, there is going to be massive systemic shock.
What does an economic collapse in the United States look like? 

GoldCore: Bundesbank Gold Reserves The German Bundesbank released an inventory of its gold reserves yesterday in order to quell ongoing public concerns about the true amount of actual unencumbered reserves.
Coincidentally, on the same day Deutsche Bank has warned it will lose a whopping €6.2 billion ($7 billion) in the third quarter, its biggest quarterly loss in at least a decade and potentially ever.