panic crash“National Emergencies”
George Soros warned the EU Parliament this morning that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has “unleashed” a crisis in financial markets similar to the global financial crisis of 2007 and 2008…

SchiffThis is going to be a huge crisis. Alan Greenspan was on CNBC saying this is the worst thing he has seen in his career. He’s not talking about what has already happened. He’s talking about what is ABOUT to happen. He understands how screwed up the economy is because he helped screw it up. . . . One of these days, you are going to see gold moving up at $100 clips routinely when people really perceive the dangers in the fiat world and come to grips with how much money these central banks are going to PRINT…”

faberMarc Faber says gold’s investment case has been strengthened by the U.K.’s vote to quit the European Union as the fallout may spur the world’s central banks to step up easing, hurting currencies and buying gold and silver bullion, according to Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report as reported by Bloomberg today.

cartel raidToday, the June gold and silver contract go off the board.  Interestingly, the options on the Comex gold and silver expired yesterday so our bankers did not do too good and could not do their normal raids because of the power behind BREXIT. 
However, the bankers do have the much bigger OTC/London LBMA options to look forward to, and they expire Thursday at noon.
Thus the boys will go all out to make up for lost  opportunity and raid for the next few days…

beach ballGold expert and author of “$10,000 Gold,” Nick Barisheff, says all markets are manipulated and fraudulent. Barisheff predicts, “This has been happening in all markets. When you have a manipulated market, at some point in time, you have a massive correction back to what would be the norm. It usually overshoots the norm. It’s like keeping a balloon under the water. Sooner or later, it’s going to pop.