gold crash

The FOMC meeting begins today, and Janet Yellen holds a press conference tomorrow afternoon.
The Fed has consistently failed to raise inflation to their comfort zone, and the global oil price crash will make their job even harder now.

If all the Fed says at the press conference is that “lower oil is good for consumers”, I’m concerned that institutional investors may lose confidence. The current global stock markets decline could morph into a horrific crash. 

World War 3

In her latest interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt breaks down where the global economy is headed with escalating tensions and sanctions between Russia and the West.  
The former Barnhardt Capital CEO explains why a full-fledged military confrontation is coming…GUARANTEED!


Rents have gapped to off-the-charts unaffordable levels.

Of the largest 35 metros areas, Miami, San Francisco, New York, San Jose and Los Angeles have the biggest differences between current and historic rent affordability.
Rents are historically unaffordable in all of the largest 35 metro areas.

As Jimmy McMillian accurately noted four years ago in this classic: The Rent is Too Dam* High.

Jamie Dimon

As of Sunday night, December 21 – effective for Monday, December 22 – the Comex is implementing “Price Fluctuation Limit Rules”.
The “price fluctuation limits” kick in for $100 moves in gold and $3 moves in silver.
The question I have is, why now?
Why not in April 2011 after silver was dismantled in price and went into free-fall?
Why not in September 2011 when gold started to go into free-fall?

Just what exactly, are the banksters scared stiff of at the bottom of the market? 

Nothing screams economic recovery like 2 out of every 5 Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Especially when that number has reportedly increased by 33% since 2012.
With recoveries like these, who needs recessions?

silver fight

Silver must be controlled, because silver is the fiat ponzi’s ultimate “pressure point cluster”!
Silver is the “cluster of nerves”, the deadly, 5 pressure-point knockout…from which there is no recovery.
If someone hits the physical silver market in just the right way, from the right angle, it can deliver a lethal blow to malevolent financial powers around the world, like a magnificent lightning bolt.
Silver MUST be controlled.  

silver smash

The banksters obliterated gold and silver today as Russia announced an emergency rate hike of 650 basis points, raising rates on the Ruble from 10.5% to 17%, sending the USD plunging vs the RUB! 
Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:

China gold

Mutually assured destruction” now best describes the uneasy stand-off between an increasingly indebted US government and an increasingly monetarily frustrated China.
So here’s a quiz: 1) Which country is the world’s largest sovereign miner of gold? 2. Which country doesn’t allow an ounce of that gold to be exported? 3. Which country has advised its citizenry to purchase gold?
Three questions. One answer. In each case: China.
Is it plausible that, at some point yet to be determined, a (largely gold-backed) renminbi will either dethrone the US dollar or co-exist alongside it in a new global currency regime?

caption contest

It looks like Austria is taking gold repatriation step by step, just like The Netherlands did.  First there was some discussion in politics about the official gold reserves and then actions began to be taken behind the scenes.
In the case of Austria, they started to allocate their gold.

The fact concrete actions already have been taken since July 2013, tells me there is a significant probability more will follow; such as repatriating gold from London.

Given the ‘risk of a high concentration at the Bank of England’, the examiner advise to ‘rapidly evaluate all possibilities of a better dispersion of the storage locations’… The central bank has not ruled out such a relocation. The existing gold storage concept would be reviewed, potentially it will bring parts of the stored gold in the UK to Austria, OeNB experts have stated.

Bear in mind The Netherlands did not even talk about repatriating openly while preparing it.
Who knows how many countries are preparing or discussing repatriating behind closed doors at this moment.

petro dollar sunset Willie

Currently, we live in a brave new HALCION world, numb and safe from the inner kingdom of truth with all of us.
From dawn to dusk, things turn “Orwellian” as the cycle completes its totalitarian turn.

We are living through this chaos now – the conflict at the heart of what is often deemed as entitlement.
Medical care, education are firmly wrapped in an entitlement display when the real issue is the raw inflation induced by the corporate banking class.

Real banking will not return for some time.   The hidden depression will mirror a hidden inflation.   Electronic food lines, transfer payments replaced by the magical array of chromatic illusions – equally mysterious.

silver mine

We’re not there yet.   The gold price hasn’t been low enough yet for there to be a real cleanse.   The landscape is still littered with the ‘walking dead’ among junior miners and management teams.   For that reason I’m not convinced that we’ve seen the bottom or that we’re going to see a rapid turnaround in mining stocks.
The bull market was especially long.   I’ve never experienced ten years of ‘summertime’ in the mining sector before. Usually the bull market trends are a lot shorter.  During those years of ‘summer’ we saw a horrendous waste of capital. A lot of money was spent on poor projects and poor mines. It’s going to take a while for all that to wash out.