A Bi-partisan bill titled the Surveillance State Repeal Act has been introduced by Rep. Mark Pocan to completely repeal the fascist Patriot Act. 
While the bill appears to have little chance of going anywhere due to the total embrace of fascism within Congressional leadership, its introduction seems in part related to positioning ahead of the expiration of key provisions of the Patriot Act, set to expire on June 1st.


When the bears are attacking and “stuckholders” are looking for shelter, that is the time to call on the experts who have found a way to make money in up and down years.
In this excerpt from the Casey Research “Going Vertical” webinar, The Gold Report shares inside secrets from Pierre Lassonde, Rick Rule, Jeff Clark, Doug Casey, Frank Holmes and Louis James as they call out their favorite picks of yesterday and today.

fall plunge

“I do believe it will be this year that they end the manipulation and end this monetary system. . . . . You can see it happening already in Europe.  It won’t take long when the Greeks say okay Germany, we are done with you. . . . That whole system will go down, and that will come to the United States.”

How much time do you spend each day with all electronic devices completely turned off? 
The average American spends more than 10 hours a day using an electronic device.  And most of that activity is not even interactive.  The vast majority of the time we are just passively absorbing content that someone else has created. 
This very much reminds me of the movie “the Matrix”, but with a twist….

Geopolitical tensions escalated dramatically over night as Saudi Arabia launched military operations including air strikes in Yemen. The Saudis claim the action is to counter Iran-allied forces besieging the southern city of Aden where the U.S. backed Yemeni president had taken refuge.
Oil surged and gold rose nearly 2% following a sharp drop in stocks on Wall Street globally in response to the bombing in Yemen.

chris powell GATA

GATA’s Chris Powell joins CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, discussing gold market manipulation, the failure of mainstream financial news organizations to put critical questions to central banks about their surreptitious intervention in the gold market, the “new” gold fix in London, the market-destroying and imperialistic results of gold price suppression, and the general subversion of democracy by central banking.
Powell’s full MUST WATCH interview is below: 


“January was just loaded with big events…the door was opened to a number of different channels working simultaneously for bringing about what I call the global paradigm shift and that’s basically the retirement of the dollar and the re-installation of the gold standard both in trade and in banking.
Sooner or later we’re going to see a massive flow of major banking systems dumping Treasury bonds because they don’t use them anymore – they don’t want them anymore. And that’s when we’ll see QE4 come into play.”

silver smash

Today we again had some short covering in the silver comex with the silver OI falling by 464 contracts.  Gold OI fell by a whopping 14,006 contracts.  Both gold and silver rose nicely today. Again we had 1,028.80 oz of gold leave the comex vaults.  
Gold was knocked down this afternoon to $1195, options expiry is tomorrow so the crooks are already whacking:

For the last couple of decades those in charge have been building up huge bubbles, one after another, by merely kicking the can down the road.
They went from the Asian financial crisis, to the Long-Term Capital Management bailout, to the NASDAQ bubble, to the real estate bubble, to the banking bubble, to the sovereign debt bubble, and now to this central banking bubble where balance sheets of major central banks have just exploded in recent years…
Every time there’s a little problem, a recession or some banking failure, they try to take shortcuts. Doing anything they can to avoid taking the pain and to look like they’re proactively doing something about the problem.
They slash interest rates to zero, they conjure an extraordinary amount of money, and pave the way for trillions of dollars, euros, and yen to be mis-allocated in the system.
And when it all starts to collapse, they try to take yet another shortcut.
But all it does is lead to another crisis. To exactly the same place where they were before—total gridlock.