Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Regarding Syria

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Congress:
I write today to tell you all of the deep concern held by a great many Americans about a possible US military attack on Syria.  We are tired of wars, especially in the Middle East, and want our sons and daughters brought home to defend this country and not a large part of the 93% of the world that is not US territory.
We have spent many lives, limbs, and eyes plus a great deal of the US Treasury on wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as other places around the globe.  Enough is enough and it is more than time to end this spirit of military adventurism.  We are causing more problems than we are solving with this.  Our intentions may be good but it is not intentions that count in this world; it is results.
What is happening in Syria today is a tragedy and a serious problem for the Syrian people.  But it is not our problem
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A TND Exclusive:

It is doubtful that any US military action in Syria will do a thing to actually help that country or its people. I absolutely shudder to think what will happen if Syria really does have nerve gas weapons that get bombed and dispersed over a wide area.  Tens of thousands of innocent civilians downwind of such a strike could suffer terrible deaths and it would be America’s fault for doing this.  They will not thank us for this, nor should they.  This is a foreseeable and completely avoidable human tragedy and a calamity that must not be  allowed to happen.  This entire affair smacks of the line from the Vietnam era of “we had to destroy the village in order to save it”.

If we really want to help the Syrian people, we should be giving food, medical supplies, water, clothing, blankets, fuel, and tents to the Syrians who are now refugees in other countries, such as in Jordan and Turkey.  Those countries resources are under a serious strain from the large numbers of refugees seeking sanctuary.  Any humanitarian aid that we could provide to them would be of immense benefit and much appreciated, both by those governments and their Syrian guests.  This is how people can and should be helped and not by blowing up a significant portion of their country’s limited infrastructure.

Although it is not the highest concern, we are also deeply concerned about the amount of money that is to be spent on a Syrian adventure.  These things always cost much more than expected and produce less tangible results than originally claimed.  The US is in deep financial trouble now and we simply cannot afford to be serving as the world’s policeman.  It is time to be most concerned about our own people now and how best we can serve our own needs before we continue to worry about everyone else in the world.  If national borders need to be guarded by US troops, then let those be US borders and not foreign borders half-way around the world.

There is so much about this situation that is currently unknown that it is not possible to make a clear and well-thought out policy that includes military action.  The “what ifs” are numerous.  What if Syria attacks Israel?  What if the Iranians jump in on Syria’s side?  We know that Russia will send air to Syria but what kind of aid?  What if Syrian death squads are dispatched to the US to poison water supplies, use poison gas in our subway systems in Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, and/or Philadelphia?  What if Egypt closes the Suez canal in protest or joins in a Syrian-Iranian attack on Israel?  What if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz?  We can prove whether or not the weapons used in the claimed gas attack on August 21st were nerve agents and of what type by chemical analysis but we cannot prove who launched the attack.  The mere launching of an attack from a supposedly secure area does not prove who launched it.  Bombs explode in the Middle East on a daily basis in supposedly secured areas.  As we saw in the Tokyo subway gas attack in 1995, it is possible for terrorists to get their hands on very dangerous chemical agents and use them as weapons of war.  To say that this is beyond the terrorists in the Middle East to do this as well is ludicrous.  It is entirely possible that this “attack” was nothing more than an accident due to the mishandling of an unfamiliar weapon type by rebel forces.  These and many other vital questions have not been answered and must be before US military involvement should be approved.

None of this is to say that the current leader of Syria is a good guy because he clearly is not.  The truth of it is that there aren’t very many “good guys” involved in the Syrian civil war.  It is basically a war between two groups of murderous thugs, so neither side is worthy of American aid.  It is certainly not the place where we should jump in between these groups.

In summary, this entire proposed military intervention in Syria is ill-conceived and unnecessary.  It will not achieve its stated results, it will cost far more than anticipated, and there are so many possible terrible consequences that it is difficult to consider them all.  If the goal here is to secure Syrian nerve gas weapons, it should be clear that this cannot occur without boots on the ground and lots of them.  A half million men would not be too many for such an operation, yet we are told that there will be no boots on the ground.  Many of those fighting against the Syrian regime are members of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other extremist Muslim groups that are murdering and torturing Christian civilians in Syria as we speak.  We most definitely should not be allied with those who treat human life so casually and so abysmally.  Many of these fighting the Syrian government are the worst sort of cut-throats imaginable and their actions are not in keeping with the American ideals of peace, freedom, justice, truth, or liberty.  I urgently and strongly request that you vote against any and all forms of military intervention in Syria now and at any time in the future.  The risks to our people and our nation simply outweigh any possible reward for such actions.

Warmest regards,

Ed Brown

# # # #

Ed Brown is a retired chemist with over 30 years of experience in laboratory research and industry, including serving as a senior chemist for a division of a Fortune 500 company.

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    • Obama speaking from both sides of his mouth at the same time.  That’s quite a trick.  Only a lawyer or a politician can do it.  :-/

  1. Powerful words, but it still falls short.  I would add:
    The American people are in near unanimous agreement that you not only refrain from what you propose to bring down on the people of sovereign Middle East states, but that we will hold you in contempt and criminally accountable for any further escalation of violence abroad.  It is the wish of this US Viet Nam veteran that any reprisals brought down on our people for your actions be limited to you 535 criminals in the US government who no longer represent the population of the US. If you must proceed with your Luciferian plans to light the world on fire, please feel free to be on the first plane to depart to the Middle East, don a parachute, and personally fight these battles yourselves, you spineless gutless cowards.          

    • AHMEN. 

    • I agree 100% with the sentiment of your comments, Dan, but try to be as objective as possible when addressing anyone in congress.  I have no idea if any of them will see this letter but am hoping that some will.  My words were from the heart and, I believe, represent a good portion of what the American people think and feel on this issue.  Our so-called leaders seem so out of touch with us mere citizens that I want to call attention to this disconnect.

    • Use them as cannon fodder in the front wave attack

  2. I have always felt that dropping food, clothing, medical assistance and good will in general is the most powerful weapon available. Every time we invade due to “humanitarian” reasons, we end up killing far more than died in whatever initially happened to same. I am so happy to see people around the world, but especially here in the US, waking up exponentially because this is the only way to stop the madness we have witnessed over the decades.

    • I agree, SilverSlicker.  It is my hope that the Syria issue will be a huge wake-up call for all Americans.  It is time that we all stood up and said with a calm, clear, and powerful voice that we are done with these adventures and want to join the world community as an equal partner and not as an overlord.  I believe that humanity can achieve miracles if we would just do so and leave all this petty bickering behind us.  I know that some will not want this because they thrive on strife, conflict, and war but that path truly leads to the dark side.  Those of us who seek the light don’t want any part of these pre-arranged wars.  Yes, there are times when nations must fight to defend themselves and their interests but I do not believe that this is one of those times.  I don’t much care for Assad or any other petty dictator masquerading as a real “leader” but if we want to support the Syrian people, there are other ways in which to do it that are far more effective than war and that will build a good relationship between us and them.

    • Rebels are stealing what aid is coming in and with holding it from Christians

  3. Great letter.  If they gave a crap what you think.  Which they don’t.
    The US military is the enforcement arm of the corporations that really run this country, and has been for a LONG time.

    Obama will probably won’t get Congressional backing, only because enough of them ( especially in the House )have to face the voters next year and can’t take the heat.

    But look for him to cook up another route to get the job done for his masters.

    • Thank you, Just Observing.  The point is, the letter is not really for or to them but for and to all of us.  It is a call not to arms but to unity as human beings who want and need a safe, secure, and prosperous future for ourselves and our children.
      They say that the pen is mightier than the sword.  In some cases, it can be, if it brings new ideas into focus.  As others have mentioned, Americans are waking up and it is entirely possible that the Syria issue is largely responsible for that awakening.  None of us knows where this awakening will lead but I am hopeful that it will be truly amazing.
      Yes, TPTB are powerful but then so are we.  Many of us just haven’t realized that yet.  When we do, it will be GAME OVER for those who seek to profit from endless wars, fake currencies, and all the other NWO crap that they are trying their best to feed us.  Well, we’re not going for it any more and we need to let them know that in no uncertain terms.

  4. @Ed_B  Great letter.  Want to be President?  We need a man like you in office.  Noticed your letter is being picked up all over the internet.

    • Thanks, UglyDog.  Something tells me that I would be a lousy president but perhaps a great king!  There are any number of heads that should roll before the rest of us can get on with living decent and productive lives.  lol  
      Short of that, I would certainly have a great interest in gathering up the banksters and broksters of Wall Street and the Fed, conducting some very thorough investigations, and having trials based on those investigations.  There are any number of people who need to be held accountable for their actions and / or in-actions, some of whom work in the regulatory agencies, such as the CFTC and SEC.  A large number of people working for the CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, and DOJ could stand some legal scrutiny as well.
      I am hoping that many will see this letter and start thinking about all that is going on.  Our government is out of control and ignoring the US Constitution.  This should never be allowed.  It is our founding document and all of our laws are based upon it.  Well, at least our laws SHOULD be based upon it.  I can’t say that I have agreed with the USSC on a number of their decisions, especially lately, and they are supposed to be the guardians and interpreters of the US Constitution.  When those in charge of being the guardians of the US Constitution fail in their efforts, it is time for the People to step up and take charge.  Before they can do that, though, they need to be awakened to all that is going on.  The good news is that this seems to be happening and it is gratifying to be a small part of that awakening.

  5. Let’s start at the beginning. What do we know about Syria?
    Well, if it wasn’t for the unholy civil war ravaging the country, Syria would appear to be any normal middle-eastern country, with ‘proper’ buildings, ‘proper’ roads and ‘proper’ people driving around in ‘proper’ Japanese cars. A proper nice place it would be.
    Syria has a ‘proper’, that is like-it-or-not democratically elected Government which much of the population is sheltering behind for fear of the invading Islamic hoards who are busily beheading Christians, burning churches and otherwise killing innocent civilians. The Government is of the model which, like the US, has a president (rather than a prime minister); but President Bashar al-Assad is not to the Western taste. He likes to have his portrait up on billboards and posters and even on the Syrian flag. (Wouldn’t Obama like that!). His appearances in Parliament see him coming like a rock-star from behind a curtain, waving his hand as he receives the adulation and applause of the assembly. We see that he is not a full shilling. Far from it. 
    But wait a minute – the Syrian Government is aligned to Russia, so we are not allowed to use the word ‘Government’. No, no! Syria has a Regime! Give a dog a bad name, as Norman Lord Tebbit said in the House of Lords debate on Syria last week!
    The motley assortment of rag-headed terrorists trying to bring down the Syrian ‘regime’ hide amongst the general population, and counter-attacks by the ‘regime’ often result in many civilian deaths, in much the same way as the American regime kills civilians with it’s drone attacks on militants in Pakistan.
    Now, wouldn’t it be nice if Western Governments, constantly exhorting the population to be on the guard against terrorism, were to go to the aid of the embattled peoples of Syria and and continue that fight against terrorism which is the constant target of propaganda?
    But no! Obama says that if chemical weapons are used, then that will be a ‘Red Line’ crossed and America will have to bomb Syria! The next day, chemical weapons are duly let off and Obama and his pet poodle David Cameron cry out that they must bomb Syria. The Assad ‘regime’ is evil, they say. We must eliminate Assad and turn the country over to al-Qaeda so that they may murder all the Christians and peace will reign supreme!
    Well, Messrs Obama and Cameron. You will both understand if the the reaction of the rest of is is to think – ‘Set the squirrels onto them, they’re Nuts!’


  6.   Obama  “There are innocent people being killed in Syria”
    Us   “What are you  going to do?”
    Obama  “We’re going to attack Syria, killing  some innocent people”

  7. Dear Mr. Brown,
    Thank you for your thoughtful plea for peaceful actions on behalf of the american people and government.  However, in light of a few facts you may not be aware of, I’m afraid this is not the course of action we will be pursuing.  If you believe we, the American Government and Military Industrial Complex, wage wars for idealistic reasons, you are as deluded as the average Dancing with the Stars watcher.  No sir, in fact, our goal is a multi-pronged agenda that few outside of the inner circle of power are aware of.  We are pleased to to hear that you and many like you still haven’t figured out our game.  However, since the time is nigh for the veil to fall from our tyrannical faces I will go ahead and make you aware of some of the primary goals in our pursuit of power and riches.
    Firstly, the US Dollar is the United State’s primary export, and we like to keep it that way because it means countries who use it have to play by our rules.  If a country refuses to use our currency then we shun them from the global financial system, forcing other countries (those who use our currency also) to shun them, precipitating an economic collapse.  If we are fortunate enough, the collapse may spark civil unrest, providing us with the opportunity to launch a “humanitarian” regime changing military incursion.  So you can see why forcing other countries to use the USD is very important to US Geopolitical control.
    Second, Russia, China, and Iran are all in their own right large petroleum economic players who all shun the US currency and thus the defacto oil trade monopoly.  This sets a bad precedent.  Anyone familiar with the US corporate business model knows, competition is bad.  This actually brings us to our middle east “adventures” as you say, and more directly, to the current quandary we find ourselves in with Syria.  Syria is by itself not that important, but it is a huge strike against Russia, who controls major gas pipelines through the country.  You see, we, your lovable politicians, don’t give a damn if someone is a ruthless dictator or not, but the friend of our enemy is our enemy.  As a result, we have financed, trained, and armed Jihadist mercenaries to carry out ruthless attacks in Syria in an effort to destabilize the country for the sake of screwing Russia (think Afghanistan circa 1980′s).  As far as humanitarian aid to the “people caught in the middle”, we just don’t care.  The more of them that die, the better our argument gets for using our multi-trillion dollar military to kill even more of them and steal their stuff.
    Third, I would like to remind you that we, as politicians, are above the law and therefore can trade on insider information.  If we know we are going to war, we know who will get our government juice, and therefore we know which stocks are going up.  There is too much money to be made in this game.  I apologize for not being able to share my insider information with the general public, as it would be illegal for you to trade with it and I don’t want to contribute to any of your moral misguiding.  In conjunction with this, there is the debt.  Debt can be used just as  long term wealth sink against the American people, justifying outrageous taxes, price inflation, and eventually the sale of the country to the lowest bidder.  Keeping the American people poor keeps them from being able to take up arms against us, and keeps them compliant as they suckle from our teat for basic subsistence.
    Lastly, we would wholeheartedly love if a foreign service would carry out “terrorist activities” against the homeland because it would then justify further destruction of that piece of toilet paper our beloved constituents like to call the “Constitution”.  We could finally unleash the police and military to snuff any and all dissenting voices.  Best of all, we would not have to resort to deceptive means like these so-called “False Flags” that tinfoil hat wearers love referring to.  It would be like Hanuka, Christmas, Thanks Giving and the Final Solution all in one.
    God Bless you my friend, and God Bless America.
    Coldest Regards,
    Your Sociopathic Narcissistic Satanic Politician

    • Understood and, no, I am not naive about how the world works.  My letter is not about being naive but about awakening others to new possibilities that may not have occurred to them… like, just maybe it is possible to work with people for a better future for both them and us instead of dropping bombs and missiles on their heads all the time.  Some will say that I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… as has been said.  From my point of view, we ARE America.  We are the American people and we are 320,000,000 strong.  We are tired of being led down the primrose path of destruction by BS artists, incompetents, and the truly evil.  And we ARE awakening.

    • My apologies Ed, sometimes the cynic in me just goes haywire with impatience and frustration over the current state of affairs.  I appreciate your attempt at raising the level of awareness for the general public and attempting to redirect conscious objectives towards more humanitarian goals.  Best Regards.

    • @FreeGoldMonkey
      No apology necessary, FGM.  We’re all getting more than a little frayed around the edges these days… me included!

  8. Proud to know you, @Ed_B!
    Now here is another related item, the latest from Bix Weir,

    Bix Weir via 

    2:05 PM (6 hours ago)


    to me


    Rumored reports of another delay in the release of the New $100 Bills are false. At least so far. We are still on track for the release of the new hundreds on October 8, 2013. Again, here’s my take on the significance of the bill…
    Hidden meanings in the new $100 Bill!
    Having said that, I believe there will be some significant changes to the bill when it is finally released into the public. I have posted a Private Road comment on the matter here:

    New $100 Bill Update: 9/9/2013
    There are many scenarios playing out this week in our battle to free ourselves. Number one being the REBIRTH of the POWER of the WE THE PEOPLE when it comes to war authorities. Yes, it’s all planned and orchestrated. It was the ONLY way to wake up the Sheeple to the fact that in the United States of America…
    Stay safe my friends…and stay low. There’s no telling what a cornered rat will do!
    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
    Bix Weir
    OK, so now then we call our Senators, Congressmen, the President, and say NO to Syria… 
    But if/when they proceed, Then What? Impeachment? Recall Elections? I want to know! 

    • “Proud to know you, @Ed_B!”
      Right back at ya, RGR.  This is one of the best sites on the web these days and it definitely a home for
      the good guys. :-)
      “OK, so now then we call our Senators, Congressmen, the President, and say NO to Syria… 
      But if/when they proceed, Then What?”
      What we do is work hard to just savage their butts in the coming 2014 elections.  Unless they are totally rigged, and I do not discount this possibility, it WILL have an impact upon them and their strong desire to ignore us.  We only seem to have the attention of these politician-critters as an election looms.  We need to use that to beat hell out of them.  Any of them who support this idiocy should be fired.  Yep, ALL of them.  The unfortunate part of this is that they are not all up for re-election at the same time.
      Brilliant as the Founding Fathers truly were, they never saw the possibility of a rising political class as a distinct possibility.  If they had, they would have instituted constitutional protections via limiting any one person to no more than 12 years in any and all federal political offices.  They would also have limited government borrowing rather severely.

  9. Speaking of rats, Now I remember where I saw John Kerry face.  I think it was on the Man Show.  Remember Special Ed? Or was it the Crank Yankers?

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