Only a Question of “When” That the Lights Get Turned Off & Deliveries of Metals Cease!

lights outIt is now only a question of “when” that the lights get turned off and deliveries of metals cease.  ABN Amro notified customers 2-3 weeks ago that their supposedly ALLOCATED metal would not be delivered.  How can this be IF it was truly “allocated”?  The only plausible reason that customer “allocated” metal would not be delivered is because it was previously “re” allocated to someone else and is no longer in the vault.  There can be NO other explanation.
As has been said many times before and from several viewpoints, you either have the metal or you do notWhen all is said and done, there will be at least 99 people out of 100 who believe that they own metal who will find out that they do not.  The time to act and separate yourself from those 99 people is now, right now.  Deliveries will fail and supply for new purchases will dry up over night, there will be no “options” once the default is triggered.


Submitted By Bill Holter, Miles Franklin Ltd,:

Though you haven’t heard a peep out of the media, the Cyprus parliament voted Tuesday on their own financial execution.  They basically had 2 choices, they could vote themselves out of the EU and everyone loses their bank balances…or they could remain in the EU and lose 90%+- of their bank balances.  Option A would mean going the route of Iceland which 5+ years after their collapse is one of the few economies in the world that is actually growing again, option B would mean sticking with the “known” evil which includes the iron anvil of the the Euro attached to their feet for the future.  Option A is obviously in their best interest, option B is what they chose.

A media blackout on this event is in effect so that the populace doesn’t panic.  How smart would it be to play movie trailers in advance letting people know that “coming to a theater near you” is the theft of your bank balances?  I mean think about it, if you have plans to steal “money in the bank”, you want as much “in the bank” as possible right?  Why would you promote a bank run where all the cockroaches (that is what the savers are considered) scatter with their funds before you could rob them?  Plans have been quietly put into place to take the “Cyprus template” and use it far and wide.  Once begun, you will only hear “we have no other options” topped off by “who coulda’ seen it coming?”.  The coming “global bail ins” are more than obvious to see, all you need to do is use a little common sense and connect a few dots.
I wrote the other day that “the smack-down in Gold and Silver was probably the result of the bottom of the barrel becoming visible”.  This chart courtesy of Zerohedge   pretty much says it all.
JP Morgan is down to their last 165,000 ounces of Gold eligible for delivery at the COMEX.  It is quite interesting that this hoard has dropped by over 90% and that the draw down began last September (1 month before the obvious capping action in Gold began in October).  It is also interesting that the bloodletting of Gold would occur as the central banks of both the U.S. and Japan would announce over $2 trillion of further money supply debasement.
In my mind it now only a question of “when” do the lights get turned off and deliveries of metals cease.  ABN Amro notified customers 2-3 weeks ago that their supposedly ALLOCATED metal would not be delivered.  How can this be IF it was truly “allocated”?  The only plausible reason that customer “allocated” metal would not be delivered is because it was previously “re” allocated to someone else and is no longer in the vault.  There can be NO other explanation.  I guess we should wait for the lawsuits to commence by customers who paid storage fees (similar to Morgan Stanley’s fraudulent Silver storage back in 2009) for nonexistent metal.
As has been said many times before and from several viewpoints, you either have the metal or you do not.  When all is said and done, there will be at least 99 people out of 100 who believe that they own metal who will find out that they do not.  The time to act and not be a part of these 99 people is now, right now.  Deliveries will fail and supply for new purchases will dry up over night, there will be no “options” once the default is triggered.  Believe me or don’t, this is pure common sense and the most basic of math.  Regards,  Bill H.


  1. I believe you Bill Honest I do but I don’t care about the COMEX or the Banksters I just Keep Stacking like any sane person would do. Keep Stacking.

  2. The movie and trailer he speaks about is shown at the silver Doctor Theater.  Two showings a day, 3 on Sunday  Popcorn is free
    Don’t say we didn’t tell you folks

  3. A question:  If JPM, the TBTF, the IMF, etc… could be manipulating the markets by reducing the prices and or dumping their allotments of PM’s onto the markets.  Could they somehow be reloading their very own vaults under the disguise of the BRIC’s money program?  If they are doing this with the help of the FED, by making “certain” markets undesireable, and to keep Joe Blows investment money in markets that will be confiscated.  This really makes me believe the U.S. non elitest population, is about to be hung out to dry. Clean out the banks and make everything either worthless or too expensive to own.   Aren’t the TBTF and the likes greedy enough to cover their losses with gains, possibly elsewhere?  As well as their tracks in doing so? 

  4. This is a wow—interview!

    • Thanks for sharing that video…Hope people watch it until the end….

    • Yes, great perspectives. I just want to give her a BIG hug! 
      My wife and I where only yesterday speaking about when we were kids.  In those days you didnt borrow money, silver was in circulation and if you bought anything by debt it was frowned uppon with words like `on the never never` and  `on tick`.  My mopther taught me that silver was Money (I used to save the silver for her from my loose change) and credit cards where for Americans to put there head between her t*ts and go `blubble blubble blubble` This was from an American Express credit card advert and was derided by all in those days as foolish.  They tried to make you feel uber wealthy if you had one. 
      One shinning light of candor of late is Proffessor Jeffrey Sachs who has lambasted the Bankers on the Wall Street Post:

      Wall Street Economist says “Wall Street Full Of Crooks”

      I also posted the audio on my Tube channel: Arctree

      All credit for this to BStill3

      Doc The NYPost has the full audio (see end of article) I suggest it could be retrieved and made into a great story.

    • Excellent video, 4 oz. A great lesson. As for Sachs, he’s hand in glove with the elites. Regard anything he puts out with (more than) a few grains of salt.

  5. All one has to do in order to know future events is apply “What you know about your opponent”. Much like a chess game, the pieces are being silently moved into place for a checkmate, and anyone with eyes can see them being put into place.
    What we know about our financial opponents? (all of them)
    * They silently put in place a “quick kill” legislation to fund the next bank collapse with your money. (this is the way it should be btw)
    * They are financially leveraged to the hilt and could implode at any given day (seen by bailouts /bailins & printing then and now)
    * They trade on inside information to fleece the public
    * They manipulate the markets (calling themselves “Market Makers”)
    * They LIE to the public, spouting “feel good information” Even the FED. who swore the housing market was stable, and the banking sector was SOLID. (He knew the opposite was true, but only HIS FRIENDS knew the truth, and were allowed to position themselves properly. The populous was left to rot)
    Regarding “Your Money” which is either set to be stolen, inflated away, or evaporated in the market through manipulation and bubbles; it would appear the only sensible thing for a person to do is store wealth in PM’s which cannot be inflated away, nor stolen by banks.  We live in a volatile world, anything can happen.  You can get hit by a truck today, shot tomorrow in a robbery, be at a b*mb site when it explodes, thieves can break in your house, and governments & oligarchs can steal your currency through slight of hand.
    Therefor do what your grandparents did.  They trusted themselves and hid their savings in places only their trusted mate knew of.  Worried about both of you perishing and your kids not getting the PMs?  Hide a note in an item that is willed to them describing the location of your “buried treasure”.  Do not wait to become a victim before you act to defend your household. (just like buying an alarm system after being burglarized)
    God speed everyone!

  6. Thanks to 4 oz for posting the interview. When something like this comes from older people who have seen hard times themselves it is more than credible. It is instructive. Watching this is better than reading a hundred articles about gold and silver.
    How can we get this interview to go viral?

  7. I grew up poor and learned the value of money, the video 4oz posted hit the nail on the head. My first piece of gold was a $20 eagle from my grandparents, still have it and will never part with it.

  8. Anyone want to take an over-under bet on a COMEX default?  I’ll go up to ten years and take the over.  Comex is just a way for buyers and sellers to meet, if physical supply dries up we’ll see prices skyrocket, and COMEX will be alive and well.
    Do we really want it to fail so that governments and big giant banks tell us what gold is worth?  I’d prefer the buyers/sellers get to set price as they do today, granted speculators in the middle cause price fluctuations, sometimes major ones… I’d rather have that with reporting of major holders positions than some opaque government saying gold is worth X because I said so (sound similar to a $100 bill?)

  9. mikey
    Do you have a clue? Maybe read more than commenting or reserve the comments to actual learning by asking questions. Try it most would be willing to take the time scrubbing the brain washing off you.
    This is in no way me trying to insult you it’s just one who sees that you do not comprehend what is truly happening. 10 years out? what no world war by then? no marshal law by then? no world fiat collapse by then? I don’t even recognize the USA anymore from the last 10 years.

    • @AG925:
      Yes I have a clue.
      If you read, i do ask questions where i am confused.  
      Here are two:
      What purpose does world war serve?  
      What purpose does marshal law serve?  
      I think DC would love to have control over everything.  They only get a piece of the action today, if there was no market they could have the whole shebang?
      Want to know what I want to own more than silver?  Water Rights.  Sacred to all and should be shared equally?  You darn well better believe it.  What if some profiteers get their hands on them first?
      Gotta have these three in order:
      #1 Air
      #2 Water
      #3 Food
      #3 is already taxed, regulated, etc. 
      #2 is headed that way
      #1… glad I’ll be dead before they figure that one out.
      How is that for brainwashed?

  10. “ABN Amro notified customers 2-3 weeks ago that their supposedly ALLOCATED metal would not be delivered.  How can this be IF it was truly “allocated”?  The only plausible reason that customer “allocated” metal would not be delivered is because it was previously “re” allocated to someone else and is no longer in the vault.  There can be NO other explanation.”
    In that case, there should be a class action lawsuit against ABM AMRO for breach of contract.  They promised ALLOCATED gold, accepted money in that basis, yet did not deliver it.  That SHOULD be illegal, even in Europe.

    • Maybe ask Mikeyj80 what he thinks? He apparently thinks the COMEX is okay.

    • Mikeyj80… alias Silverseeks Valerb… alias Zerohedges lednbrass… alias kitcos AboutAg…
      Now he’s trying to take over this forum too with his characteristic hyperactivity
      Nice going Alpharetta keep on lecturing us but please don’t put down you have some trader job. Based on the quantity of your posts here and on silverseek its obvious you don’t have any.
      And what is with this story about you hoping in 30-40 years to sell…
      On SS you keep bragging about being an old life-experienced wise guy… with plenty of wealth and grandchildren…
      ? Do you really think your wealth will keep you alive and kicking until 150? : )

    • This was not a comex issue, this was a private banking issue.  I will try to find the info and post it here but basically it was a service they were able to offer their customers that they are no longer offering.

    • @xiaomiao
      I am a 33 year old, husband and father of a beautiful baby girl.  Got a family I’m charged to look after, seemingly similar to many other posters here.  I’m hoping for another 30-40 years but bad tickers run in the family so I’m not overly optimistic.  

    • What I was looking for:

      We reached out to ABN Amro before posting but a representative answered that they were unable to answer questions from the media.  In response to our published article, Alex Evans, Senior International Press Officer at ABN Amro sent us a letter to clarify the issue.  At issue is the reorganization of a small unit called Hollandse Bank Unie that faciliated trading in physical gold.

      “Until 2009 ABN AMRO had a small bank that traded in physical gold called Hollandse Bank Unie (HBU) located in Rotterdam. Following our integration with Fortis Bank Netherlands, ABN AMRO was required by the European Commission to sell a part of its commercial banking portfolio in the Netherlands to Deutsche Bank. This was publicly announced at the time and included the sale of HBU, along with the transfer of HBU clients to Deutsche Bank. These HBU clients were able to use ABN AMRO facilities during the transition phase, and Deutsche Bank also offered its HBU services to ABN AMRO. Deutsche Bank subsequently announced last year that they would cease HBU activities in the Netherlands from 1 April 2013 – including this facility for ABN AMRO. We recently sent a letter to small number of affected clients, advising them that we can no longer make use of the HBU facilities provided by Deutsche Bank from this date. ABN AMRO has not provided these services directly since the sale of HBU, so there is no change to our offering – only to the facilities provided by Deutsche Bank. We have also found a new provider for these services, that is UBS.”

  11. Mickey there is an alternative between this comex and govs/big banks dictating things, the alternative being the collapse of THIS comex and building up of an honest exchange, so yes it is reasonable to hope for the collapse of the comex.
    Btw if comex will one day settle in cash legally it won’t be a defaut like you keep saying but in practice it will because nobody but you will further go over there any more to buy futures knowing there is no metal. So please stop with your mantra comex will never default

    • Xiaomiao, i guess I don’t see it as a dishonest exchange.  Any market is going to be open to manipulation, whether it is global and electronic, or local and purely physical.
      I do agree with you that if they ever were to go to cash settled contracts they would lose a lot of volume and potentially would be the death of the contract.
      Never is a long time, but I would take the over on 10 years.

  12. Mikey do you actually work for the COMEX? I am not asking this to inflame or insult you – I actually want to know the answer.
    You are demonstrably capable of making cogent arguments as I have observed in a number of threads lately, but you seem unwilling to question the notion that the COMEX is anything other than an orderly, honest market mechanism. I have seen enough shenanigans in the area of price suppression, which has become so predictable that it would be as farcical as a keystone cops movie, if it was not such a serious problem and a threat to the financial wellbeing of millions of investors.

    • I do not speros, however my day job involves trading cash commodities underlying physically settled cme products.  Volatility is a challenge, more so for the producer, industrial and consumer side than the investor in my opinion.
      If you’re buying for 10 year or longer positions, these dips are buying opportunities, and great ones.  Something does seem up with gold, silver demand just doesn’t seem to be there.

    • Also Speros, I’m not unwilling to question anything and would be happy to be pointed to some articles that may show another point of view on comex.  I welcome the speculator, he provides liquidity between buyers and sellers.
      I watch fundamentals of silver supply first and foremost, charts and technicals second, and the global macro is third.

  13. Mikey  It appears that the gold book of ABN AMRO was sold off so that service was not longer available to clients.  Dbank might continue it for remaining clients if I read their letter.  I am one jumped on the band wagon, calling BAN MOAR the canary in the coal mine, presenting a failure of allocated accounts.  ABN has been beaten like a rented mule over this.  If it’s just a case of selling that book to DBank then they might have been falsely accused of leasing or otherwise disposing of or taking the client’s gold   Is this the way you see it?

  14. mickey/Valerb/AboutAg/Lednbrass
    a couple of days ago you wrote I trade in physically settled markets for my day job and y so I’ve seen them work and work well and believe that people at the CME genuinely want price discovery.Despite of the evidence yes evidence and don’t ask any links please that the cme is refusing to implement their own rules about concentrated positions. Even cftc Bart Chilton complained about their lack of cooperation in this area. You insist defending comex as the best possible world, and you do it in a forum where you know very well how host and people here think about this issue. I don’t know why are you playing this game

    Some time ago you put down this on the silverseeks board I’m still having wonderfulul life. I still have all my Silver and I still have a bunch of FRN’s and other currency and more coming it. Next weekend I’ll be watching a showcase soccer tournament and spending three nights at the Hollywood casino in Indiana and two weeks later we’ll be spending three night at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, just gambling our spending money away and having a great time doing it. Yes sir, life is still wonderful.
    Apparently it wasn’t the first time. I can remember an issue you had with a german guy
    You like spitting your wealth in others face isn’t it. Yes you like it. I don’t like it thats why as a long time lurker of the pm community I’m calling you out. Come here in Asia step out of your limousine and shout those things out loud. Don’t be afraid. Just for fun

    • You must have it all figured out.  I don’t visit casinos, I do play poker online in the 2c games, make enough to have dinner about once a year, simply hobby, that is the extent of my gambling.  I am 50% German as well, I have no problem with anyone unless they give me a reason too.  You can go on believing whatever makes you happy.  I’ll do the same.
      I’m here to broaden horizons, happy to do so where as there seem a handful of people here with really good thoughts they’re willing to share.  If you only want to hear what makes you happy then just stop reading my posts.

    • Also, I’ve made no claims of wealth and read here that some can afford to decide to buy a monster box of eagles at one time, I do not have that capacity myself, not by a long shot.

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