Elijah Johnson has released an interview with Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management, who warned SD readers last summer (9 months prior to the Cyprus bail-in) that if you are still in these markets you are either stupid or on drugs!
Barnhardt, who has been under attack by the IRS, shocks by stating that Obama intends to INTENTIONALLY collapse the US economy!

Barnhardt’s full interview is below:

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  1. Looking forward to listening to this later. Lot of respect for Ann Barnhardt. Honesty in a sea of lies and deceipt.
    Although not quite into the religious stance, and she would burn a hole in your body by looking at you. But those aside, got a bit of a crush on her!!! 

    • It’s that pink AR, JC… 

    • Lol. That’s a tick in the box for you RGR ;)

    • …is that anything like “man in the boat” JC? lmao!

    • I find it a little difficult to take a women seriously when she wears a man’s tie that stops at her knees. Not to mention that trailer park hair do. (the photo of her on this page, next to Elijah, is at least 20 years old) Her hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease) has now caused her eye balls to well and truly pop most of the way out of her face, making for a fierce looking gal. On a less visual note, she just seems too full of hate.

  2. He’s such an ideologue, I’m not sure he does not believe that their policies won’t eventually work! 
    Other than that, I agree with Miss Ann
    Here is one of here Pics, when she received death threats from jihadists LOL!!! 

  3. Ann’s a good egg.  People that are honest and fair in their business and personal dealings are the most shocked and appalled when they discover how crooked and larcenous our financial system has become.  She flipped out, her world view shaken.

    • Indeed so but what an amazing example she was on Wall Street.  Upon finding that she was risking other people’s money in a rigged market, she explained the situation to her clients, REFUNDED their money, and closed up shop.  Now THAT is integrity and that’s extremely rare on Wall Street or in DC.  Whatta gal!

  4. Yeah, she flipped out….she’s a bit of a whacko.  Also, on this site’s “SD Hall of Fame”, her article “If You’re Still In These Markets You’re Either Stupid or on Drugs!”.  Take a look at how old that article is and think about how much money you would have lost if you listened to her.  Hall of Fame my ass!

    • So show me the post you posted, where you predicted the current bull run in the DOW? 

    • The DOW is all FLUFF and FIAT! 
      It is good to get out before they pull the plug, 
      Better a year (or 5) EARLY than a DAY LATE! 

    • “Better a year (or 5) EARLY than a DAY LATE!”
      Indeed.  There IS no late.  You’re either preserving your wealth or you are screwed.  Just because that has not happened yet does not mean that it won’t.  As always, even semi-accurate timing is virtually impossible.

    • The only possible LATE is waking up too late
      and consequently, SOL!

  5. FDIC can cover 1 cent on the dollar?  LOL…
    Any day now, any day…
    Oct 8th :)

    • Looks like a depositor with $100,000 will get a shiney new $100 bill.  Got $200,000?  You get TWO  ! ! !

    • Come on, guys.  We ALL know that the FDIC has an unlimited call on Fed money printing resources, so there is NO limit to what they can and will cover.  The amount they have on hand for this is peanuts.  It is also similar to a big insurance company… a trillion dollars in liability backed by 30-40 billion in cash assets and lines of credit.

  6. She needs to lose the weapon, if she’s talking about the same God I’m talking to.

    • Where is self defense prohibited? 

    • Luke 22:36 (Jesus said)
      . whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one

    • Lose the weapon? Never.
      Exodus 15:3
      The LORD is a warrior.

    • As UD says, Jesus told his followers to buy a sword to defend themselves, even if they had to sell their cloak to get one.  There is no piety in remaining defenseless in a violent world.  Defending your life against a violent aggressor is NOT a sin.  Refusing to do so might be.

    • Let me see, Catholic Britain invaded Catholic France in the 100 Years War, and Catholic Heaven raised up a Catholic peasant girl in Catholic France to drive out Catholic British from Catholic France…I present St Joan of Arc…and she wore Catholic made weaponry. Is there a problem, officer?

  7. I can respect a lot of AB’s viewpoints but I’m going to put out a little critique here: 
    AB completely is clueless or in denial about 911, the War on Terror, etc.   FAIL!  She is 1000% wrapped up in this goofy “Islamist fanatics are trying to take over the world”, and this partisan BS rhetoric (I grant the dirt she dishes on Obama is true, but she completely fails to see other factors at work, nor any types of conspiracies or groups working against America besides “Obama and the Marxists.”)    People like this are the kinds of dumbasses who think things would be much better now if McCain or Romney were president.
    AB ironically is the kind of religious fanatic who would push HER agenda down YOUR throat if she was in a position to do so, such as if the Vatican ran the world.
    It’s beyond naive and gullible to think all of the world’s problems are because of Islam and Obamaists.  
    AB seemed so sincere 2 years ago when she closed shop because of corruption in the markets, but I now wonder if she isn’t some kind of rabblerouser plant.   

    • Actually, I don’t wonder about it…  I’m pretty sure.   You know, the whole “controlled opposition” thing…  She is too smart to be so clueless about how the world works.
      Her areas of failure take away all credibility.   I can’t think of the banksters liking anything more than a rabble rouser telling the sheeple to get riled up and take up arms because “da evil Musloids” are coming.   AB will support the next war and parrot the govt/media story on any false flag attack you watch…   

    • Okay, I will say it. She is a dumbass on the big picture. Her worldview is a joke.

    • Islamists are out to take over the world, infidels must be eradicated.

  8. We’re still sucking air.  We still get to post the facts online.  The prevent defense has gotten us all this far.  I ran into somebody that made it through 4 years of college and thinks that Paul Krugman is a good economist.  I’m not going on the offense for that.  That is not worth Uncle Sam kicking in my door. 

    • Don’t worry, your friend who thinks Krugman isn’t a Bolshevik freak will eventually learn by experience.   I looked at USA Today cover yesterday, all about how great the economy and stock market are.   And how “$12 trillion” in “wealth” has been “created” since the 2009 Dow bottom.   Of course that’s a JOKE.   You would think after $10T in deficit spending and another several trillion in QE and giving $17T to foreign banks, and on and on and on would have been able to generate more than flat GDP and no real economic growth anywhere except some frontier and emerging markets.    Look at what the Fed, BOE, BOJ, Euroland, China stimulus, etc has done.  Not much except continue to inject countless trillions into the system with little effect except a stock market ramp up to rarified valuations.

    • @Slvrizgold He’s not my friend.  I don’t have ANY friends and I have no regrets about it. 

    • you don’t need friends anyway… just a B.O.B.!

    • B.O.B. pic:

  9. She is kind of hot…Love straight forward women.. 

  10.  As much as I want to support someone who is radical and who wants radical change,she unfortunately is a lunatic. It’s not impossible that Obama may be trying to bring down capitalism, but she’s 100% sure, why? because she’s a lunatic.  She’s telling people to pay the taxes and penalties on closing out their retirement funds because they will be stolen. Is this possible? Yes it’s possible, but she’s certain it will happen, why? because she’s a lunatic.  She says our taxes are paying for “a cult of child sacrifice”  I don’t know WTF that means. I have been to her website and I agree with what she says about the koran being a violent disgusting book but so is the bible with it’s murderous god. To summarize, don’t do anything rash based on what this woman has to say………because she’s a lunatic. 

    • “She says our taxes are paying for “a cult of child sacrifice”  I don’t know WTF that means.”
      It probably means that she is opposed to abortion which the US Gov supports via tax money sent to groups like Planned Parenthood.

    • While I’m not absolutely certain that our retirement accounts will be stolen, 
      I am certain enough that I will take it out ASAP (and pay all the penalties and taxes)
      because it is certain enough TO ME!!! I agree 100% that it is the SAFEST & BEST COURSE OF ACTION.
      Plus, AG & AU are a better investment right now, than the Bubble DOW. 
      Also, abortion is functionally a “child sacrifice cult” to the “god of self” if you believe it or not! 
      Not much difference between what she says and what I say, now, is there? @hookshot
      PS: Love your avatar!

    • similar:

  11. Ann at her best.  For those who have read some of my previous posts about Ann, Warren Pollock, the Fidelity Scam and my rotation out of paper and IRAs into physical and SDIRA, Ann was the person who precipitate what, for me, was radical moves.   I enjoyed her statement that if you can’t take your assets, bullion preferably, and build a bunker then defend it with a serious firearm, then the lesser choices would be dangerour to your financial wellbeing.  I did that
    No, I have not cut the cable but my tax strike is just about zeroed out that liability.  She went much further and basically said FO to the IRS.  They have made her a target and regretfully I expect she is trying to make a martyr of herself in the near future. 
    But that does not take away from the fact that her intellect, courage, resolve and will coupled with  passionate belief in God and Jesus makes her religious writings as much a part of her message as do her teachings about the subjects of finance, investments, scandals and fraud as good as any you will find out there.  It is worth heeding her message even if it seems extreme to some.
     If you want to get some powerful insights and intelligence about these subjects, you will find her opinions illuminating.

    • “It is worth heeding her message even if it seems extreme to some.”
      The phrase “fight fire with fire” comes to mind.  :-)

    • It is this kind of passion and drive this country needs now, More Than Ever!  
      The RETards (regressive Lib-Tards) have it and More. Trust me on this one ;)

  12. She makes sense until she says “the Mohammadians are coming to kill you”. LOL. Little girl, we have massacred hundreds of thousands of the so-called “Mohammadians”…. We need to get out of their lands. And there is evidence…mounds of it, showing that the West has been secretly funding “radical Islam”…Because radicals tend to get the dirty jobs done that governments would rather not be associated with (ex: Homs, Libya).
    What we are doing to the Muslims overseas (and here at home), is what is going to happen more and more to the “good” Christians by their own government. Drones, etc….It’s all coming home, sister. The “Mohammadians” don’t have to do anything. The world is waiting and watching the collapse of the U.S. Very sad the people of America let this happen.

  13. Silverrrrr.  Mossberg 590.  Side saddle shell carrier.  48 round waist bandolier.  Mixed loads on the bandolier ranging from 7.5 shot,  00 shot, buck and ball, slugs   Know where they are on the bandolier.  tactical reloads after every 3 rounds.  Don’t run dry.
    M4  10 magazines in double stacked chest rig.  27 rounds per mags to prevent feeding problems.
    Just sayin’ 

  14. Ann Barnhardt is one of my very MOST admired commentators and it was a great gratification to hear her voice again. Still, she raises that sense of amazement in me that I’d spoken of before on this forum … how in the hell doesn’t EVEN SHE ‘get it’?
    Because Ann follows these types of imaginary rabbits like ‘Cloward-Piven, down labyrinthine holes of misdirection, she’s dissuaded from rather dispelling false premises that conceal deeper insight into just exactly what predestines an economy to the condition where such a program CAN be introduced in the FIRST place!
    If banknote ‘money hadn’t set the stage, Cloward-Piven wouldn’t even be POSSIBLE. The very notion of it wouldn’t even be conceivable! So, the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach in Chief, HIMSELF, wouldn’t likely have been raised up to a position for it’s ceremonial rubber-stamping.
    My heart sinks when Ann blithely defends ‘The Dollar’. Instead, if she saw through its TRUE nature of an economic ‘Original Sin’, her supremely commendable moral quest, would carry SO much farther!

    • Pat  Your intellect and ability to explain that which is much clearer to me now, the nature of FIAT currency and its history, might resonate with Ann.  If you haven’t tried to let her know of this before, this might be a good time.  She sees much of this paradigm and is willing to hear other viewpoints and learn.  I’ve seen than in her posts and blog sign.  You and she (and I ) share the same opinion on the vermin in the WH.  I just finished the Manchurian President and what I that I knew is even worse than I expect.  Cloward Piven is only one part of the strategy of this slime mold stinking up the government.   Her personal email address is ann@barnhardt.biz.  thank you for your comments on Ann.  She is one in a million.

    • AGREED, @PatFields
      SO MANY RABBIT Holes, that I basically note then Ignore, until it appears again…
      Too many to run down! I look at the WHOLE FOREST, not individual trees. Even 
      our “Supreme Leader” is a rabbit hole puppet of the Bank$ter$, and Limbaugh and 
      Hannity are totally consumed by Obama… Talk Radio is, for the most part, a wild 
      diversion for “the masses” who are NOT under the spell of “gubment handouts” and 
      the demo NI crats who lead them on! 
      Here is a 1,000% TRUE Political Cartoon! 

    • sorryy :(

  15. I like Ann – a lot – but she’s got blind spots and can become very closed minded. For example, I cannot understand how she thinks Ron Paul is a Jew hating racist. That was the silliest thing, falling for a smear campaign run by liars in the media. Every now and then, she still brings out and sticks the knife into Ron Paul, claiming he’s seeking power, even though the guy is now retired. Whoops. I see later she changed the post to Rand Paul, and not Ron.Then there was the call for total economic collapse by Christmas 2011.
    Frankly, my (not based on anything) opinion is, she has a few drinks sometimes and then babbles in her posts. Other than that about 95% of the time, she’s amazing. 

  16. The Barnhardt Tape from above bullets:
    1) She was a hedge broker for farmers and ranchers.
    2) Her firm was not the legal custodian of her customers money, she introduced her clients to whomever she was clearing from in Chicago.
    3) The closure of her brokerage was precipitated by MF Global’s Corzine stealing 1.6 billion in segregated customer’s funds.
    4) What really made her to decide to close shop was the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange failed to step in on behalf of MF Global customers when MF Global failed. The Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange could have bought MF Global for 6 billion dollars using the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange’s emergency slush fund. The Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange also locked out customer accounts for one week disallowing them to liquidate their positions.
    5) Besides the clearinghouse her firm,brokerage used and Penson’s bad financial position, why did the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange fail to backstop MF Global, protecting the customer’s funds in that clearinghouse? If the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange failed to back stop MF Global’s customers, how can she expect the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange to back stop Penson and the clients she referred them to?
    6) She states the answer is the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange knew in part that MF Global was not an isolated situation.
    7) She states due to zero interest rates, the clearinghouses could not make money in US Treasuries, so they did and are taking segregated customer money and investing into derivatives.
    8) The Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange knows this and can not bavk stop all or any failed clearinghouses, thus customer money IS NOT protected anymore.
    9) When she realized this, she warned her customers and shut down warning them their money is no longer back stopped by the Chicago (Mer-(can)-(teel) Exchange.
    10) Cyprus is the next step after MF Global.
    11) MF Global, in collusion with the Obama regime (et. al.), was a test case.
    12) John Corzine was a strong Obama pick to replace Geitner.
    13) Joe Biden is a slack jawed, drooling imbecile for also worshiping psychopath Goldman Sach’s Corzine.
     Intermission. We will resume the second half of The Barnhart Tape interview after some daily duties and chores.

    • http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=mercantile
      Unless you are making fun of Miss Ann   :(

    • *14) The MF Global “settlement” with segregated customer accounts was for .89 cents on the dollar. MF Global accounts were “cyprused” for .09% of their money. However, many ranchers and farmers with their operating capital hamstrung while a “settlement” was being negotiated, sold their hedges for .40 cents on the dollar to “recovery sharks” just to stay in business.
      15) MF Global is a “cyprus” on a smaller scale where the Cyprus theft of bank accounts was nationwide. This type of “bail-in” is coming to the US.
      16) Eastern Europe is next to be “cyprused” according to her grapevine.
      17) All bank accounts are fair game for Cyprus style bail-ins in the EU.
      18) In the US, retirement accounts will be first for bail-ins then bank accounts.
      19) In an oscillating 8-10 trillion dollar demand deposit system in the US, if 25% of our banks failed, FDIC in no way can insure demand deposits in our banking system.
      20) When the 100 trillion derivative markets crash taking down our banks, the 11 billion currently on hand at FDIC will not cover 8-10 trillion for demand deposit accounts in the US.
      21) Watch Argentina…is basically the forerunner of everything that is happening, is a template to be used elsewhere.
      22) Argentina is forcing people to convert bank accounts into bonds or face prison.
      ….there is 19 minutes of her 31 minute interview. All I can say is…tough decisions must be made each and all.

    • …re-instituting Glass/Steigel would take care of ALL of this, afaik…

  17. nicely done synopsis Thomas   the interview was a bit longish but I would rather listen to Ann than Gerald Celente.  He is very smart, knows his stuff but his hectoring screechy style grates on me.  Ann  does sound frenetic to me and got seriously taken by the IRS including a levy against her $20,000 Well Fargo bank account.  I could not believe she would leave that money in any account just for the taking by the uber goon squad nazi bastards at the IRS.  That is what I call a blind spot.  She sold all her stuff and move in with friends but still resolutely posts and blogs, staying in the fight.  that takes a lot of courage.

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