SDBullion Releases LOVE, the 6th SBSS Medallion!

Introducing LOVE!! The Sixth and Newest coin in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield Series. With a stunning design and message that speaks volumes. This new addition to the series is a must have for anyone and everyone! Available NOW at SDBullion in both Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof designs!!

Love ad2 (1)

Check Out Chris Duane’s New Launch Video for the SBSS Love coin below:

SBSS large2


  1. where’s The Love?  It’s In Silver Baby…

  2. Love? That’s a bit rich, considering the source.

  3. Oh, boy … this one’s really, really nice. I’ve always perceived the form of a ‘woman in waiting’ to be the most beautiful of all. And, Chris is correct … the passage into being a parent was for me as well, life’s most profound and transformational.

  4. I usually do not comment, and I am familiar with giving ‘hate’ a wide berth; but I have got to offer my opinion on this coin.
    Mr. Duane let this coin design go to mint? Why does the coin not have a pink case? How about some bedazzlement on the pink case too? Does the buyer get a coupon to Claire’s Boutique at the mall with a purchase of 20?

    • It’s said, a genuinely ‘manly man’, must hone his courtly skill as keenly as the edge of his sword.

    • Chris is certainly demonstrating he can walk the walk as well as anyone claiming to be “aware and prepared”.
      ‘Love’ embodies the opposite consciousness Chris has been featuring in his writings about first transiting the 5 stages of awareness, then walking away; and this message has been delivered consistently over the last year or so. The ‘Silver Bullet- Silver Shield’ and Love connection is a sublime construct to contemplate; but I think Chris has built sufficient case to warrant this highly personal release.
      The image he chose for Heidi Wastweet to sculpt is so stunningly opposite the Warbird design, and what a powerful message to his wife and family… I cannot imagine the challenges his wife has faced as Chris went through the 5 stages in a dramatic way: anger, bargaining to anyone who’d listen in the blog sphere, etc.
      Perhaps the SBSS series will not only tell a story of our times, but reflect each of our own journey as well.

  5. It still has the scary dark reverse. 
    But yeah, could he the series got some bad responses for being so dark and gloomy.
    This one is a bit over the top for me, all the hearts, but I must say I like it a lot. Will be a great gift for stackers (95% male) to their significant others.

  6. So, I have ordered the Trivium, the War Biird, Freedom Girl, and the Slave On.  That’s 4.  Now there is the Love coin.  That makes 5.  What was the 6th one?

  7. @hromano  Debt and Death the first one.
    As for this coin, Chris has the right idea but he could have done without the hearts as it makes it look cheap and as for me I would have called the coin Life.

    • I would have liked something such as Love&Compassion. Perhaps someone reaching out to someone in need, St. Martin style. Or Life&Love. Not the hearts, but a bit more elaborate a picture.
      I cannot fault the pregnant beauty though, and the wedding band, although not necessary in reality, does suit it. Heck, the cheezy image off a proud dad kneeling by the woman to express love to the living and unborn, would not have been bad either.
      Then again, perhaps this is a coin aimed at romantic yung women, and for that it’s fine. An experienced coin collector may want a bit more. But heck, I’ll get a bunch and am sure I’ll flip them easier than similar non-legal tender bullion.

  8. SBSS has jumped the shark with this one.
    I thought the ’Keep Calm – Slave On’ coin was in poor taste, but this Love coin is just ludicrous. What the hell is it supposed to mean?
    Freedon Girl is the best of the batch – nothing else comes close.

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