1. Ok  So I was pulled over for doing 35 in a 25 MPH zone.  The cop gave me ticket for $250.  Compared to my income, it was affordable. I’ve sped through this area many times, doing 35-45 MPH regularly.  I got caught. So what.  It was worth it. 

    HSBC’s made a few hundred billion in skim from laundered drug money, banking terrorist states and those the US has on their (S)hit list.  The US looked the other way for years ever since Wachovia and other banks failed.  The US needs a means to assure the ‘illegal’ money continues flowing since they have as much of a hand in it as the banksters. The US get a nice piece of the ‘vig’
     My ticket was $250. Theirs was $1.9 billion. It’s all relative.
    (In my defense, I haven’t had a speeding ticket in 20 years). 

    • I don’t know about your state, but in mine, the fine isn’t much a problem, it is the increase of the insurance for three years that results from the points.

  2. “Plus, prosecutors recently decided not to indict HSBC for money laundering, as government officials were reportedly concerned over the repercussions to the financial system.”

    My BS detector is pinging.  Perhaps they should be MORE concerned about not indicting the guilty.  Failure to do so in such obvious cases leaves no room for doing anything that favors the citizens in less clear cases, now, does it?

  3. Bankers Rule of Three

    First Strike  Banned from banking for 5 years
    Second Strike  5 Years in jail
    Third Strike  Summary execution.
    I think they use this in China, but they don’t have the first two strikes.  Straight to the firing squad

  4. Proscecutors consider manipulating LIBOR a crime.

    So how is the Fed manipulating the Fed funds rate not also a crime?  It is.

    Supressing interest rates with Interest Rate Swaps is fraud since the issuer knows the swaps can not be unwound.

    When the Fed says they intend to unwind the swaps, they lie. They know they can not.  

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