Move Over Vampire Squid, BOA Also Doing God’s Work!

bank of americaOne would think that TBTF bank CEO’s would have learned from Lloyd Blankfein’s epic blunder when he stated that Goldman Sachs was doing God’s work in an interview- inciting a firestorm of negative publicity for the bank… 
One would think.

It appears that Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan must have missed the memo.  
In an interview with Charlie Rose airing last night, Moynihan made the Blankfein mistake.


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While Moynihan didn’t go as far as Blankfein and explicitly claim his bank was doing God’s work, he sure implied it.
1:24 into the clip, discussing the bailout Moynihan states:

“I believe we have an obligation to help everybody.  Help people who need help.  You know it comes from some of the Judeo-Christian training, and going to Notre Dame, you know all that kind of stuff.”

Perhaps one day soon Jamie Dimon will proclaim he’s bringing salvation to the masses? 

Doc H



  1. God’s work? When he illegally forecloses on a persons home, he chalks it up to god? Shifts 75 trillion in derivatives risk from the books of BOA to the FDIC, God’s work. Not likely! He is a crook. I wonder if he really believes his own drivel.

    • True! God wouldn’t affect its own people like these banksters! Perhaps his excuse would be: ” It is for your own good because we are doing the right thing. “

  2. LMAO AGXIIK Our Ex Banker Is Going To Have A Field Day With This One. Remember now Turn The Other Cheek. OK!!

  3. They are doing satin’s work for the new world order. Charlie Rose is a member of the Bilderberg Group.

    Way to go Charlie

  5. Not sure what is going on but silver is surging over the $29 mark on Gainesville coins…. I don’t see the move on kitco, checking other sites.

    • My NetDania chart flash crashed, Kitco chart flash smashed!

    • Kitco is delayed longer than I thought. THe move higher is showing up finally. It looks like some of that Russian cypriot money has made it surge on the Globex system…

    • Kitco? You trust Kitco’s chart even after what they have done to us? Kitco made a scandal a few months ago where it has hidden the cartel’s price smash.

  6. Crash on as well?!

  7. someone should tell this ass hole breath about what Jesus did to the moneychangers. the best move he could make is follow in judas’ steps and hang himself.

  8. Ok Charlie  Here’s my take.  
    Helping below median income people?  Sure.  We are the best subprime rapists on the planet. 
    Oh, and a banker helping humanity is like a $20 crack whore acting as a sex therapist.
    260,000 teammates?  Teamates?   WTF newspeak BS is that.  Lets shove them though some used TSA biometric screening systems, irradiate them and give them an info chip so we can track them 24/7 
    B of A as a health care provider is like Sweeny Todd the Barber as a massage therapist. 
    Dr Moynihan, the hand of God, at your service.
    Moyniham is a smarmy eggsucking bailout whore who should have stayed in bed, ankles up, and let Warren Buffet have his way with him. 

    • “Moyniham is a smarmy eggsucking bailout whore who should have stayed in bed, ankles up, and let Warren Buffet have his way with him.”
      AG…  you’re being too kind here… and… how do we know that Buffet and Munger didn’t turn Moynihan into a “brother burger”?  lol
      As to BofA… weren’t they the ones who foreclosed on a house against which they had no loan? Is that the ultimate in big brass ones or what?

  9. I was at a Lloyd B. religious seminar to heal afflicted G S bankers who the devil had struck down. Lloyd told a cripple if he believed he could walk again and asked to you believe? The banker said yes I believe! I BELIEVE! Then get up from that wheel chair and walk Lloyd  encourages him. With great effort the man stood up. Hallelujah he cries. I can walk. I can really walk! But why can I only walk backwards?

  10. Maybe the Vatican will make this guy a Saint.  

  11. That’s like saying that the pope is doing God’s work when in reality, he should not according to the Bible. Only gold and silver should be used and not the corrupt paper currencies.

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