Militias Are On Route: Is the 2nd American Revolution Starting in Bunkerville, Nevada?

bunkerville nv

An area just outside of the little town of Bunkerville, Nevada, with a population of around a thousand people, may go down in history. This little spot in the desert may be compared with Concord, Massachusetts, the site of the “shot heard round the world” – the first shot fired in the American Revolution. Because it looks like the second American Revolution may start there…and soon.
It seems that the US government, in all of their infinite wisdom, has declared war on a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy.
Armed federal officers have arrived to steal Bundy’s cattle and close down the land he is using. What’s more, they have declared a zone around the area to be free of the restrictions of the Constitution, specifically, the First Amendment right to assemble and speak freely.  They’d like to keep their reprehensible actions quiet and out of the public eye. It’s really difficult to mow down a bunch of protesters ala Waco with the whole world watching.
Yesterday, tensions began to rise even further and numerous protestors were tazed and assaulted. (You can see the actions of those brave BLM officers on this video HERE).  It looks like tensions will rise even further because Americans have had enough.
Militias have been mobilised. It’s going to get real.
Bundy may be facing down a bunch of armed federal thugs but he’s going to be backed up by militia members from across the country.
This is the day that Patriots have been talking about and training for. They will not stand down.



From the Daily Sheeple:


Yesterday, The Daily Sheeple reported that tensions were running high outside of Bunkerville. It seems that the US government, in all of their infinite wisdom, has declared war on a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy.

In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.

Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came along. (source)

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CBS reports that militias from Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida will be standing with Bundy against the Bureau of Land Management.

If you aren’t a combatant, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in this revolt against tyranny. This is a call to action.

Here are the pertinent email addresses and phone numbers:

  • Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number:  (202) 208-3801
  • Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form-
  • Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # - (775) 684-5670
  • Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # -(702) 486-2500
  • Senator Dean Heller Contact Form -
  • Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244
  • Sheriff Douglas Gillespi - (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111
  • Email:


Share information in support of these people who refuse to stand idly by while theft, violence, and tyranny occurs at the hands of the government. If we all spread the word, there is no way that another Ruby Ridge or Waco can quietly occur. We can combat the disinformation spouted by the mainstream media by publishing REAL photos, REAL videos, and REAL accounts of what is happening. We can keep the communication open and tell the world what the United States government is doing to its own people.

Share this and other stories through email, through social media, through links in the comments sections of mainstream news sites. Whatever you do, don’t wait for someone else to take action. Now is the time to speak up for liberty. Make this story too viral for the mainstream to ignore. Do not allow these brave people staring down the barrel of a gun to do so without our support.

The Bureau of Land Management has picked up a snake by the tail, and it looks like that snake is going to bite.

blm nevada

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  1. This story and ones similar to these go so deep that the general public has no earthly idea what their Constitutional Rights are anymore.  They don’t air things like this to keep yo in the dark about Freedom and what it REALLY is. We The People began to fight back and Ruby Ridge was the “shot heard ’round the world” but everybody forgets about it.
    Well not everybody.
    There’s more folks, oh so much much much more! If you only knew what the “Montana Freeman” knew concerning Justice Pro Se and Common Law issues it would boggle your little “indentured servitude” feeble minds. They don’t want you to know the difference between that which is “illegal” and that which is unlawful.  They don’t want you to study and learn what the Uniform Commercial Code is. They don’t want you to know that as of 1933, the ink was dry upon the sale of your once great Republic.
    Again, there’s more folks so so much MORE!

  2. If I have this correct, that rancher has his cattle grazing on federal lands. Yeah, Congress is being dick-headed a-holes for suddenly denying the guy this benefit he and his family has been enjoying for a hundred or more years … but Congress has a Constitutional authorization to do it. The guy’s blatantly getting a really raw deal, but the problem is … it’s Lawful (not simply legal).

    “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.” – Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2

    That’s ‘Constitutional Dictatorship’ over lands and matters strictly under Congressional jurisdiction, right there in black and white for anyone with eyes to see.

    Now, I suspect those militia groups have probably been infiltrated by really slick federales who’re firing everyone up to play out this Punch and Judy Puppet Show. This sort of drama is … exactly … what Congress wants to ‘justify’ filling up those FEMA camps.

    We ‘metal-heads’ ought to find this occurrence particularly (can I say, highly?) suspicious, happening at this juncture where death’s pall is on the face of the American banknote. ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ those ghouls say … and if there’s no crisis, be damned certain they’ll conjure one up.

      Not familiar with common law, but shouldn’t there be (or is it) a case for a statute, and hence new law to be enforced, when a family as in this case, have used and harvested the land for many generations (?), without the owner previously having any grievances with the previous practice.
      i.e. if a ‘common occurrence of business’ has been carried out, the legal response should be that “the practice/occurrence” should be allowed for the foreseeable future, since the plaintiff didn’t raise any concern  about the issue during previous practices. The government didn’t raise any legal concern earlier, but rather let the practice continue , they have no claim, no?

    • And, I suppose Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2 also gives congress the right to create a “Constitution free zone”?
      No. This is larger than arguing over what law gives the Congress it’s right to violate a citizen’s sovereignty. We are on the precipice of a global geopolitical change (happens every few hundred years) and there will be the attendant chaos. You had better get ready to defend and protect what you hold most dear. Laws aren’t going to mean much in a few years time.

    • BobbyBazooka … “Not familiar with common law, but shouldn’t there be (or is it) a case for a statute, and hence new law to be enforced, when a family … have used … land for many generations”
      Common Law deals with Sovereign Right above all statute, and Property (that which is proper to a man exclusively from all others in society).

      Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law” Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, at pg 370

      In English Common Law, the Sovereignty is in the Monarch. Since 1215 AD and Magna Charta, Parliament (Baronry) has assumed some right to define that Land’s Common Law by statute with the Monarch’s acquiescence.

      In America, however, Sovereignty is shared among our Land’s inhabitants, individually and severally, so American Common Law is of their making such that a Jury of Peers finds it righteous, just and in keeping with general precedent. Because all are Sovereigns, each man or woman ‘Wages their Law’ at their court, one-on-one until at length the Jury Verdict renders which is Of Right, or had done a Wrong to the other by Trespass bringing Injury to his Property.

      All of that is to say, this is America where statute, codes, rules, regulations, all be damned … the rancher should assume his character as a Sovereign Man and hold his court to Wage his Law one-on-one against the men and women acting against his Right and Property for a Jury of his Peers to adjudge.

    •  Not Sure … “I suppose Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2 also gives congress the right to create a “Constitution free zone”?”
      What part of “nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States” is confusing you?

      Regarding your Rights and Property, your Law is supreme. It’s your ‘castle’. The same is so in the ‘castle’ of Congress. To deny that principle is to concurrently allow it of all others. That later is Collectivism … are you a Commie? Is this a Bolshevik Revolution you’re pressing?

      Since this rancher and generations of his family has enjoyed the leave of maintaining his property on land under jurisdiction of another it’s a blessing … but it doesn’t comprise a Right nor is it thus property to him by exclusion of all others in society.

      If one isn’t Claiming Right and Law, one is impressing criminal lawlessness. A Sovereign holds court as he stands, you’re holding your court here before this Jury of Peers, Man … Wage your Law, Declare your Case and let it be impartially Judged.

    • Pat, a grazing right is a real property right.  While jurisdiction over the land in this case is indeed federal, the abuse of law here concerns Executive Branch agency “administrative law” that has begun to get aggressive and abusive in the last 20+ years in service to an environmental agenda that is not based on science.   The Bundy family has a real property right that the federal government must treat with respect and provide just fair market compensation should the federal government, in essence, declare eminent domain given the execution of an environmental policy objective empowered by “administrative law.”  The excesses here are not in the case of the Bundy family, nor with common Americans coming to their aid, but with the fact that the Feds want to make an example out of the Bundy family and are using excessive force while demonstrating no interest in a peacefully solution.
      As for this being the next American revolution, we all should hope nothing like that happens with violence, and everyone supporting the Bundy family and the general push-back against federal agencies gone wild remains a political fight.  Everyone here, don’t take my words on the importance of what I just said.  Watch this very important interview with Constitutional Sheriff Mack:

      Source:  click here

    • Flying Wombat … “a grazing right is a real property right.”
      Okay, that’s splendid. Being a ‘townie’ up here in Philadelphia, I wasn’t aware of that (I’m preparing to prosecute a ‘riparian right’ type of Claim right now).

      What that fellow and everyone else in his position ought to do then is to completely and totally avoid the Roman Civil Law statute-code gobbledygook and proactively file Claim at Common Law, as living men and women, for Trespass on (grazing) Property against the … individual … men and women Wrongdoers causing them Harm against their Wishes or Permission and bringing Injury upon their said Property.

      To ‘wrap their heads around’ the broad concept, they could listen to some of Karl Lentz’s audios at …

      … and read Bill Thornton’s work at … so they get the ideas and tips to assemble their cases (pretty damned simple really).

      None of that ‘administrative law’ crap holds trump over Common Law, Eric. I spent … YEARS … swimming through it’s labyrinth and like breaking a bad drug habit, once I really locked onto the Common Law, it was a clear steady beacon of light. The BIG KEY is that the contest is going straight-up Man on Man … Woman on Woman each holding THEIR court under THEIR jurisdiction, rather than ‘defendant’ on ‘attorney’, or ‘petitioner’ on ‘agency’. No ‘pleading’ or ‘begging leave of court’. That junk is for supplicants and dependents.

      So, if there is a property right in grazing land that inures to those folks, their absolute best course is to make their Claim as the Sovereigns they’ve been brainwashed to forget.

    • @Not Sure
      “Laws aren’t going to mean much in a few years time.”
      Laws ALREADY don’t mean much to the Obamunists.  Obama promised to “remake America” and he has done his damnedest to do so… Eric Holder’s BS during his recent congressional testimony notwithstanding.  These people do whatever they want and then dream up some interpretation to cover their butts after the fact.  If that is not a nation of men rather than a nation of laws, then I do not know what is.

  3. Frightening indeed!   This will make silver prices go up right?

    ok first, this is horrible! those so called “officers” have families themselves, how the hell can they do this to their own countrymen?
    But, secondly, this is the EXACT situation that Washington has caused around the globe for the last 40years (and counting) … not as nice when it happens on domestic soil.
    furthermore, most of these ppl (I’m assuming) were probably waving their American (Chinese made) flags like crazy when Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, now look at them.

    • “how can they do this to their own countrymen”?
      Well, what you do is get rid of all the high-ranking officers who said NO to the questionnaire that asked: Will you fire upon Americans?
      Then, you arm all your agencies, with weapons and hollow-point bullets, millions of them.  You know, the agencies that will have to defend the word of Obama against the common peeps, agencies like the EPA, Dept of Education, et al. 
      Then you start pushing around peeps who are not bothering anyone, looking to provoke a fight.
      That’s a recipe to have the Government “teach the peeps a lesson”. 
      Where the Obama group has not thought this thing through, is that they have underestimated the fact that there are MANY MILLIONS of us peeps that will take only so much of their push and then we will push back.  It has been this country’s way for hundreds of years.  Push us too far, and we will push back until you have no push left!
      In this particular Bundy case, they may be on the wrong side of this, but the Government has the obligation/means to resolve the problem in a manner that resembles adults working together to resolve a problem, not a bully pushing a family around until a fight is provoked.
      It needs repeating:  Push us too far, and we will push back until you have no push left!

    • @silverrrrr
      “In this particular Bundy case, they may be on the wrong side of this, but the Government has the obligation/means to resolve the problem in a manner that resembles adults working together to resolve a problem, not a bully pushing a family around until a fight is provoked.”
      I can’t think of a single issue in which the Obama regime showed ANY interest at all in settling by mutual consent and adult behavior.  I suspect that the next one will be the very first.

  5. if 5,000 militia, or even 500, is the correct number, the infiltration is a given.  And this situation could go very badly against the rancher and his people. The few federales seen in the video is the tiniest tip of the goon squad army.
     The government that is ‘generous’ enough to give away grazing lands is powerful enough to take it back.  Particularly land, which is freighted with hidden strings and attachment.  

    • If that’s the case, why should we give a damn about anything related to our freedoms? We are all infiltrated by the government….that’s the problem. We don’t do anything to defend our natural rights because we fear the government will preempt our efforts. I mean, why bother investing in gold and silver? You know damn well the government won’t let silver rise to $1000/oz and gold to $50000/oz., right? That would be the death knell for the dollar and THAT WON’T HAPPEN. They will stomp the life out of you and me to prevent that from happening. That’s what governments do. They exist to perpetuate and expand their existence.
      So go back to justifying why you won’t fight for this rancher’s livelihood and wait for them to bust your door down.

  6. Going to the Senator of Nevada. Dean Heller website on fb, he is trying to stop  BLM encroachment.


    You mean Chinese businessmen have bought the property in Bunckersville? Chinese owned, but only in the heading and no where else in the story. Solar Farms?????

    Silverdoctors please give me a link to this Golden Age by the UN?

  7. Important issues here:

    90% of Nevada is owned/controlled by the Federal gov.
    What changed was environmental laws to protect a tortoise on Federal land removing grazing rights.
    The BLM and EPA essentially “write” legislation that is reserved for Congress constitutionally.
    The militarization of many of these departments that include SWAT teams (Including the EPA and Dept of Education!)

  8. It really is too bad that the feds are kicking this rancher off public land. That being said I really have no sympathy for welfare ranchers. Where were all these militias when the 99%ers were getting their head caved in by the police, or the anti-war grannies were getting beat around the head and shoulders? Oh that’s right, they loved the establishment during the Bush era and when the system abuses those whose opinions they do not share.

    • Uhm, I was in Manhattan on day 1 when thousands of people rallied.   Before the movement became hippies and communal shit.   I was there for weeks delivering support.    I was that militia man in hiding.   I witnessed first hand the aggression of NYPD.   I will never forgive them or the feds for what I witnessed.

  9. Everybody in America is going to hear about this Fed action.  Yes, many folks will go back to sleep afterwards, but this is going to be viewed by many folks as a major infringement on individual rights.

    • Agreed, Woolly… and nothing makes cockroaches run like hell like shining a bright light on them.  As the roaches in DC get hit with the light of public perception, they WILL scurry!

  10. Not Sure   my group has discussed at length how to deal with infiltrators:  How to spot them and eliminate them. There is a test if someone wants to join.
      Bundy’s position is tactically poor, on flat land with the enemy controlling the land and air. Bundy has the will.  I am not sure if the goon squads have that same steel in their souls.
    5,000 people will make a huge bang but they may have to fight their way on to the land and then find themselves surrounded.  The Alamo comes to mind.   We are following this closely from a strategic and tactical basis.  The head of the snake is revealed, armored up in full battle rattle. Our tax payer dollars used against us.
    I am confident that the local praetorians will cut and run when faced with this militia.  They are outmatched, outgunned and outmanned. They are cowards too boot.
     The shock troops are no doubt being arrayed in neighboring counties and states to deal with the ranchers if the BLM heavies are shoved off the land. When a federal government holds 90% of the state of Nevada they will defend it with all force needed.

  11. One more thing.  For those of you who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and that’s not something you forget, Oathkeepers is a great organization.
     Joining is easy.  $40 minimum a year.  they take credit cards, paypal and bitcoin.  Bitcoin?  Whoda thunk it
    This group needs your help.  

    well, since i’m a viking by birth (i.e. barbarian) , just wanted to rectify my savage feelings….hmmm, tho get some pure history and culture in here (and my favourite opera singer)… enjoy:


  13. Bobby Bazooka   Berserkers to the front lines!!!! Vikings rule !!!!
    Republic [for] Mars.  I was listening to the video post from Stewart Rhodes, head of Oathkeepers, today.  He made clear and completely unambigious statement that an Oathkeeper stands for those who took the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Period.
     Not sometimes, not maybe, not because you can do it safely, or if it’s not convenient, or your boss says its ok to look the other way.  Its either Up or Down.
     If a soldier, LEO,  politican or even an animal control officer,  fails to stand for or uphold his oath, that person becomes an OATH BREAKER.  
    Breaking that oath cannot and will not stand  You are either an oathkeeper or an oath breaker.  If a politician votes against his or her oath, and that includes every one in goverment except Ron Paul, then they are against us.  They broke their oath. They are worse than someone who never took and oath to uphold the Constitution. They violated a near sacred promise to uphold the Constitution. It does not get much clearer than that.
    When one takes their marital vows there is no equivocating.  Fidelity is paramount and there is no half way. You are either faithful or you are a lying asses dog.  No middle ground there.
    I met with Bay of Pigs in the vil’ today and we were talking about this and Ron Paul amongst many interesting subjects.  He thought that the claims of the government in the case of Bundy were bogus too.   I got back from visiting with BOP, turned on the computer only to find the story about the Chinese Solar plants that were arranged by Harry Reed—oathbreaker beyond compare and crooked as a dogs hind leg. It is true. I dont know.
    So whether the Oathkeepers talked about the IMF agreements in 2010 are relevent to this mission or this group is unknown to me. This slimy little turd and his band of cronies and thieves probably forget their oaths of office 5 minutes after being sworn in,scrambling out the door to start starting in earnest once the ink was dry on their political office.
    The blogosphere is now filled with notes that the Bundy property will be used for fracking (from Natural News);  gold mining operations from Gold Core (I think) or the Chinese solar panels.  Whether it’s one or the other, you know these fascists will not allow a cattle rancher to stand in their way.
    Those solar panels do not take that much space, a few hundred acres. There is a huge solar farm on Hwy 395 north of Adelanto. You pass it in about 2 minutes at highway speed..
    Fracking is very invasive and potentially damaging to the land on the land.  What happens to the BLM’s poor little turtles?   Cattle can coexist with fracking just as the turtles can.
    Gold mines??
    those can be contained to a few square miles.
     We are talking about hundreds of thousands of acres, 1200 sq miles of land in the desert. That’s bigger than some states.
     If the Alaskan oil pipeline can run for hundreds of miles and present little bother to  any of the animals in Alaska,  the notion that cattle can’t graze on this land is total BS.  I read in one post that cattle and fracking, or gold mines cannot coexist.  Total bullsheep. 
    If you say Harry Reed and something happening this big in Southern Nevada, particularly if it’s commodities, you know that son of a bitch called his homies in the White House to the rid of the cattle rancher and allow him to dip his beak in the deal.  I heard he’s worth well over $50 million.  This bastard is a capo di tutti fruitti, part of a criminal enterprise called the US Senate.

     Oathkeeping violations are abounding.  The IMF may not as close to this problem as we might think, but the IMF and NWO and restrictions on our right to use open range land and Agenda 21 and EPA idiocy and the BLM and the Forestry Department and Army Corp of Engineers and the rest of the goon squad agencies who have totally forgotten their oaths,  all these uparmored chickenbleep bastards with 1.7 billion rounds of JHP killer ammo are going to find they are outnumbered 100 to 1.  How this will shake out is unknown. I hope the gangsters back down because if they don’t, there will be blood.

    • If Mr. Bundy was a large Dem contributor OR raised tofu instead of cattle, he would not be having any trouble from the cowards in DC.
      Yeah, they talk tough when confronting an individual here and there but let’s not forget that Putin and the Iranians ROUTINELY kick sand in Obama’s face and get away with it. So much for the supposition of Obama having big brass ones because he can push around productive American citizens.
      Perhaps one way to deal with this is for ranchers across America to refuse to sell any beef to anyone in the DC area. Let them eat chicken… or, better yet,  North Pacific seafood.  ;-)

  14. At its core this is a States’ Rights issue.  Governor needs to step in with the National Guard and escort BLM army off the property.

    • But UglyDog, that would require him to… man up?  He can but WILL he?  He seems in a perfect position to mediate this situation and resolve it peacefully.  Hopefully, he will make the most of this opportunity.

  15. Ugly Dog  from what I have read and heard, Sheriffs are the top law of the land when it comes to counties.  Whether Gov Sandoval steps with the National Guard and upholds his oath, or the sheriff steps in and upholds his oath, someone at the state level needs to shove these BLM goon squads out of the county, in handcuffs if necessary.  That is the line in the san din my opinion.  The ranchers and militias should not have to go to war with the Federales and their thugs.  The state government, or better yet, the county sheriff needs to step in.  

    • “The state government, or better yet, the county sheriff needs to step in.”
      Agreed.  But they’d either better have them already or be prepared to grow a pair… fast.

    • Ag…Don’t you see what we have here.  The new Federal Army under the guise of the BLM is testing the waters.  In Hitler’s Germany they were called Brown Shirts.  BLM did not take action unprepared on a whim.  The show of force, the sniper positions, the kill zone are evidence of a plan beyond harassing a few ranchers.  Unfortunately the sheriff has been silent.  Governor needs to wake up to the real issue, States’ Rights, and exerting his legal authority order the National Guard to escort the Federal Army out of Nevada.  The land does not “belong” to the Federal Gov’t.  It’s the peoples’ land and it’s going to require a strong governor to remind Washington of that.

  16. Anyone else notice just how much “Bunkerville” sounds like “Bunker Hill”?  :-/

    • No Kidding huh?
      Well, some say Revelations is a repeat of history too….

    • Nah, I would not kid anyone about something like that.  :-)
      A lot of history is a description of human behavior.  Since human behavior doesn’t change all that rapidly (some would say never), a lot of history looks as if it is being replayed over and over.

  17. All eyes in Connecticut need to be paying attention to Bunkerville Nevada until this is over….

  18. The words of a Rancher:

    A Rancher TELLS ALL:

    B Hunt wrote:

    I live in SW Utah. I grew up on a ranch less than 100 miles from the Bundy’s ranch. My father knows Cliven Bundy. I know Cliven’s son Ryan. This is not a hoax, it is an action of force by the BLM.

    The BLM was going to sell the cattle at one of the smallest cattle markets in Utah. No cattle markets in Nevada would take the cattle without a properly signed brand inspection (which the BLM cannot obtain without Cliven Bundy’s signature). The BLM paid the owner of the Utah cattle market $300,000 to do the sale (‘R’ Livestock Connection in Monroe, Utah, owned by one Scott G. Robbins, according to the Utah Business Entity Search). Utah Governor Herbert stepped in and forbid them from bringing the cattle into Utah without the legally required health and brand inspections (which again, require Bundy’s signature) and that no feral cattle are allowed to be imported at all (per Utah statute). Because Bundy claims ownership over maybe 350-500 head of branded cattle, the other 500-700 estimated head of cattle would all be considered feral. BLM officially backed off, but we suspect they are still secretly shipping them through Utah without any permission to do so, to “private” buyers in Colorado. The contract cowboys that the BLM hired to do the roundup are from Sampson Livestock in Meadow, Utah (traitors one and all).

    From what I understand, Cliven Bundy owns both the Water Rights and Grazing Rights to all of the land where his cattle run. If Bundy failed to use them, the Grazing Rights would revert to the BLM and would be retired, while the Water Rights would revert to the State of Nevada, likely to be sold to the highest bidder (which would probably be a bidding war between mineral companies that are behind this action with the BLM and the City of Las Vegas which is thirsty for water and has had multiple attempts to buy water–through eminent domain from Utah farmers and ranchers–from Utah, which were all blocked by the Utah Legislature and Utah Governor Herbert). Chances are, the BLM has already filed a claim on the water rights so that they can sell to the highest bidder (instead of the state) and are trying to get the cattle off to show that Bundy cannot use the water beneficially (much like what the US Forest Service and BLM both tried to do to Wayne Hage).

    Now, for Cliven Bundy, he’s not fighting this for his cattle or his own livelihood. He recognizes that he will probably die before this fight is over. He has said multiple times that he is fighting this to wake people up about the tyranny of the Federal Government and also to help wake up the western states about getting the rights to their own land back from the federal government, which has repeatedly shut down ranchers and closed off land. (MO = 1st, get all the ranchers, farmers, Native Americans, and foresters that use the land for positive, sustainable production off of the land; 2nd, grab up all the resources; 3rd, close off the lands to public access including camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, boating, shooting, etc; 4th, sell off the resources to the highest bidder regardless of what that will do to the land, the local environment, or the economy; 5th, collect royalties on the resources in perpetuity; 6th, reduce and eliminate all SLS and PILT payments to the states, impoverishing them beyond belief.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting about this. It is important for us to be able to raise the appropriate resistance.
    My Response:

    Thank you for sending your valuable insight. This contained the details we were all missing.

    From this we can now firmly conclude:

    1. The BLM’s actions are not only flatly illegal, they are unlawful, and not only unlawful, they are so unlawful that it took bribing someone with a $300,000 payoff to get them to accept stolen cattle from a Government agency. I do not think that could be topped ANYWHERE else in the world, other than with something like a Mexican drug cartel.

    So we have a clear cut case of unlawful and prosecutable actions by the BLM in this case.

    2. The real goal is to shut down public access to these lands. Obviously Cliven Bundy was not a jerk, and he let people go back there to explore. I myself have done a LOT of back country exploring, and noticed in the early 2000′s that they closed down all the back roads about a half mile before the destination they used to go to to discourage people from exploring the wilderness.Rather than drive the whole way, you had to get out and walk a considerable distance to scenes such as Swazy’s leap, Paul Bunyans Wood Pile, and practically anywhere else you would want to go while out 4 Wheeling. And in the desert sun, that long of a walk was usually tough to do. This resulted in these types of locations no longer being visited, which effectively equaled a shut down.

    3. The motives are for profit. Rather than manage the lands responsibly, the BLM is stealing it from it’s rightful holders via corrupt actions and legal loop holes, and selling it off to corporate interests. This is cold hard proof that America is not a democracy, or more importantly a Republic, it is in fact a facist dictatorship where corruption rules and rights, freedom and honor are irrelevant.
    The BLM killed hundreds of desert tortoises on purpose

    They say they had to kill them because they did not have the funds to care for them. Here are two really good solutions to that “problem.” 1. Just take them out in the desert and turn them loose. -OR- 2. They could have taken the three million dollars they said the Bundy raid will cost them, CALLED OFF THE RAID, and SAVED THE TURTLES with that three million. If they had three million to destroy Bundy, they had it for the turtles as well but did not use it for that because tyranny comes first.

    Steeped in arrogance and incompetence, once again a Federal agency fails to see the obvious. Or perhaps they do see it but they could care less about nature and instead operate as the enforcement arm of a band of high ranking thugs.

  19. Ugly Dog  Sovereign Economist made the point very clearly.  Yes, I see what the BLM is.  Nothing more than an enforcement arm of the federal government, armed to the teeth and ready to kill American citizens to protect their corruptocratic fascist overlords.  The tendrils extend far beyond our borders.  Harry Reed is just a hand out in this system.  BLM and its ilk are the hired guns, ready to enforce the rules promugated by their managers.  Every fedeal agency is uparmored to the point of having tanks to keep the people off their lands.  The sequester late last year when pistol packing goons stopped people from traveling to and even stopping to view parks and national recreation areas is just a test run to a total shut down of the people’s parks.  Agenda 21 says that lands like this cannot be used by the people, only by the foreign corporate interests who are buyng up the national heritage lands that our forefather fought for
    Even the little weenie junior forest rangers, counting fish, trees and bugs, are packing Smith and Wesson M&P 40 cals with Winchester Law enforcement Ranger series rounds. 
    This is the dawn before the start of war.

  20. SNAKEBITE   I heard the  total is closer to 1,000 militia at Bundy’s ranch and about 200 goverment thugs.
     I spoke with a friend who’s a former Marine and he described the way  the Federals are surrounding the ranch is in a manner typical of an attacking force with high ground and firing positions like Ruby Ridge or Fallujah.   The BLM and its ilk are gunning for a fight.

     One shot fired by anyone, particularly a BLM thug  charged with the task of inciting the fire fight, will start a brush war and it will spread like wild fire.

    There is one matter that makes this situation really bad and that is over 50% of the people in this country are on the government titty. Their vested interest is in the overarching power of the government to pay them, suppress protestors to the Federal conveyor belt of largesse and goodies. They pay no taxes but expect to be supported by the government. Never expect anyone to change their minds about situations like this when their paychecks and government benefits depend on thinking according to government dictates.

    That means that whatever happens at this ranch, the story will be spun that this rancher did not pay his taxes, used tax payer lands for his personal enrichment,is some hayseed hick–a throwback, and then fought with the government who was trying to protect the people’s interests against a wealthy evil rancher.
    These divisive politics and the constant theme of ‘them versus us’ will be played and spun for months. Listen to the code words used to describe Bundy, his people and the militia going to help him. The word ‘militia’ is freighted with meaning.

    This is the same government with many of the same people, such as Clinton, that murdered 80 people including children at Waco and many others in Ruby Ridge. They were murdered by the DC goverment. Let that sink in for a minute.
    This president is completely capable of pushing buttons to kill thousands by chickenshit drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. This pussy whipped bastard can’t stand up against a real man like Putin or Jinping. Hell, his wife is more of a man than he is. But this psychopath son of a bitch can kill innocent people who are unable to fight back.
    My Marine friend and I both agree he has tasted blood and he likes it.
    This is a war criminal occupying the people’s White House who would kill us without a second thought and probably is looking for a reason to do this. He is a professional hater, punk-assed bitch and thug. Nothing more–nothing less, and on the payroll of the powers that have run the Fed and other criminal banking enterprises for the last 100 years and longer. .

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