Mike Maloney & James Turk: Is Gold Confiscation Coming?

James Turk Mike MaloneyThrowback Thursday: in this clip from 2010, James Turk and Mike Maloney discuss how they see the end of the current US fiat monetary system playing out, and their thoughts on the likelihood that the US gov’t will attempt to confiscate gold and silver from US citizens in the aftermath of a dollar collapse.

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  1. Need more Silver info. Connecting dots, world problems and the affect on metals, etc, etc.

    • Maloney’s comments are spot on. The fact you continue to mock and try to discredit people that Doc features only reinforces my belief that you are seriously mentally ill and need some help. I’m not joking. You’re unstable and have become unhinged. Sell your PM’s and go see a shrink.

    • The US Debt clock just jumped to $17.311 tril from $17,240 tril.  Thats a dot.  The other one is UST10 straddling 3% Thats another dot.   Doesn’t take too many to make a picture.  Keep the opinions coming @Ranger you have the right to speak freely just the same as the rest here do which is odd since some so called Americans here seem to want to deny that of you.

    • Here we go, Arctree again. I was expecting you join in sooner or later in Ranger’s defense. This even more reinforces my long time suspicion. Ranger’s post do nothing except he is trying to bash and discredit good people. His posts have negative effect on many stackers and don’t bring anything positive to this forum.
      I think the number of regulars who responded to to Rangers gibberish should give you an idea what is the general opinion on this matter. As I said before even Zman has his defenders….

    • What f*cking opinion arctree? All I see from him is whining, crying, moaning and bitching.
      I don’t care what he says. Fill your boots Ranger. I just suggested he needed some psychiatric help, and he does.

    • @henasau @Bay-of-Pigs
      I interpret @ranger posts as rather melancholy. Yearning for more news in areas he wants to read about and I can understand that.
      If you or others read it as a personal attack you could be the one to visit a psychiatrist. 
      I`m sorry for you if you insist on making a buffoon of yourself you should try a little harder to read between his lines but, certain types here seem to have elevated themselves to lord & master of what shall and shall not be posted and when and by whom.
      Go read your constitution because some here are lurching into hypocrisy.
      Personally I applaud diversity of opinion, so do be a good chap and try and let others express themselves even if it is in a way that you don`t  approve  of otherwise that way lies fascism and bigotry.  You could come on out of your comfort zone and embrace open and free speech on SilverDr (i haven’t seen any Dr’s complaining about rangers posts)  and have the dignity to extend it to others even if they puncture the odd ego from time to time or just let it be.

    • Arctree, you appear to have comprehension issues. I don’t really care if you attack me personally, but please try to stay on point when it comes to posting. You are way off the mark on this. I never told him to stop posting. I am trying to help Ranger. He obviously has issues with a “buy and hold” attitude. I told him to sell and go do something else. Instead he repeats the same things and mocks the people featured on the threads. Why and how is that hypocritical to you?
      And if you think I’m going to sit here and read pitiful nonsense and trollish BS and remain quiet you can forget it. I’ve seen boards ruined by having “PC guidelines” on posting, only to see trolls run wild and destroy the site (via banning and censorship by moderators). Go over to Turds place and see what I mean. It’s a graveyard now and used to be one of the best PM sites on the net (for intelligent discourse on gold and silver). 

    • @Bay-of-pigs
      Nobody attacked you, I think the psychiatrist will be sooner for you than you think and I certainly don`t care about you not caring.  Your response is rather funny really when you consider this is an open forum.  You “told him to sell”? Told him to “go do something else”?  I refer to my  comments  earlier about Lord & Masters.   I detect no mocking but even if he did thats up to him.  I`m not here to specifically defend Ranger he`s big enough and ugly enough and I still say his posts are tinged with melancholy which is rather poetic dont you think, given the sentiment of the current silver bottom. I am, however, in a position to defend freedom of speech.  As for intelligent discourse on Gold & Silver?  Well that goes on and it goes on here despite your attempts at steerage.  Like I said earlier, allow others to express themselves.  Its a simple thing really, do try and grasp the principle and try to understand that the few vocal people here do not represent all the opinions on any given subject.

    • Go suck a bag of dicks asshole. Now I know why henasau commented on your original post.

    • @bay-of-pigs

      Bang goes the “intelligent discourse” from you!
      Showing your lack of depth really now aren’t you”? 
      To quote you again, your post seems to fall within the realm of “pitiful nonsense and trollish BS”. 
      Try practicing what you preach a while because I really cant stop you making a buffoon out of yourself but I wish you luck with that, you’ll need it.

      As for Henasau`s comment on my original post, you mean?
      “Keep the opinions coming @Ranger you have the right to speak freely just the same as the rest here do which is odd since some so called Americans here seem to want to deny that of you”.

      So it seems that you strongly disagree with free speech? Why are you even in America? Good grief, your getting more bizarre the more you type!

    • Arctree, don’t hide behind free speech and liberties. This forum is about the essence and BOP is right. Just about any PM forum has been destroyed by trolls and government shills. Why this forum is still prospering?? It is prospering because posters here are proactive and react to any attempt to destroy it. It appears to me, you have a gender to run this forum down by ….. You fill the dots yourself. I think I already gave you a hint what I think.
      I repeat again, Rangers post don’t bring anything positive to this forum. His trollish gibberish are attempts to bash people and discredit any Doc’s article. His posts are not even opinions.  I can see more value in Zman posts where we can intelligently respond to his crazy theories and educate others.
      One more thing; Ranger have right and duty to defend himself on his own. No need for you to jump in his defense on every occasion.  

    • @Henasau
      Oh deary me you do seem to be barking up the wrong tree along with your mate.  Like I have said I don`t see any harm with rangers posts which is why I suggested that your psych needs to be re-etched.  
      The essence of a forum is free speech it prospers because of that.  I have found objection to the objection of free speech.  I have a “gender to run”?  Do you mean agenda?  Yes I do its called “making thoughtless troglodytes think”.  That always makes me feel better  knowing I have challenged perceptions even if that isnt admitted.  
      Have you read my feelings on his posts?  You say “Rangers post dont bring anything positive to this forum” Its you that just said that, one opinion or two or three, it doesn’t matter its not a vote it`s as forum! “Trollish Gibberish”? In your mind it is. “Bash people”? Sometimes life starts with a bit of a bash! “Discredit the Doc`s articles”? The Doc` has objected to his posts? Yes? Actually no the Doc` has not objected to his posts.
      You seem to have run out of legs to stand on. Try going over what I have written again, you may find enlightenment or you may find that indeed the buffoonery is within you too.  Discrediting articles is not a bad thing and it has to happen for reasonable  dialog to occur.  Most-else is PC`d out of existence which is precisly what you are doing. Oh, and lets not forget the thinly disguised threat to label me a troll or whatever, I`m sure if you could get your way it would be a Star of David!
      It`s a free world Adolf!

    • OK Arctree you seem to be one of those guys who likes to get involved in shooting competition. I am not into it at all. I shared my opinion and it appear I am not alone. I dare to say I am in the majority. I am done, this is the last post to you on the subject.
      I am sorry about my English. English is not my native language. In fact English is my third language. I will try harder the next time.

      And you seem to be one that opens there mouth before engaging a brain.  To say your Engrish is bad at this stage is a cop-out.  You  didn’t  share an opinion you tried to enforce yours on to others.  In a sense I can understand that you felt justified in your points of view but then when fools keep the same company they do tend to blot out all else.
      A wonderful American expression (I think) Dont bring a knife to a shooting match.
      Good day to you.

    • @Arctree @Henasau

      He explained himself quite thoughtfully, as did I. You apparently have severe comprehension issues following logical and rational arguments. Instead of addressing the issue (Rangers original comment), you hide behind something else (free speech) or deflect the argument in some other direction (calling people “thoughtless troglodytes” for example). Trolling and baiting 101. You won’t fool anyone here. Nice try.
      Feel free to chime in @Ranger. I was only trying to help you as you appear distressed and very unhappy about your gold and silver holdings. Selling them and doing something else might be a good thing for you to consider. Life is too short to be sad, angry or miserable all the time. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  2. James Turks responses, “Mm Mm”,  “I See”,  LMAO    My Response, “What Gold, What Silver?” Lol Keep Stacking

  3. They have to find it to take it! 

    • Yeah, but if it’s outlawed how can you spend it? It would be the equivalent of selling drugs or something.

    • “It would be the equivalent of selling drugs or something.”
      The black market price would be v high :-)

    • So is your risk of going to jail in the land of totalitarianism.

    • “So is your risk of going to jail in the land of totalitarianism.”
      It must be gettin’ bad your side of the pond for you to ‘sense’ your gov would put you in the cells for holding bullion.  I can see them saying, “gold&silver eagles are no longer legal tender” but jail time?
      Hey, you’re there though and will ‘sense’ it better than me, bud.

  4. Looks like James had goode lunche,  whant nice sleep go way Mr Maloney. Da

  5. If they were to do this, they’d go for MF global-type locations.  The resources 4 house-to-house searches for PMs wouldn’t be worthwhile.

    • There is no need for any house to house searching.  Just go to the top 20 bullion sellers, grab their sales data, and you will KNOW who has what and where… no searching needed.  Unfortunately, a great deal of that bullion may have been lost on some wild canoe rides.  ;-)

  6. It seems to me that, at least presently, there isn’t enough physical gold floating around in the US to make any confiscation or nationalization effort worthwhile.  Perhaps the greater issue might be the imposition of some form of windfall tax on the sale of gold after a currency reset puts gold’s value against the dollar at a more appropriate level.

    • Perhaps that is the best reason ever for owning some 1/10 oz. gold coins.  They can be sold on the QT, no muss, no fuss.  :-)

  7. The problems with the DC drones is the two EOs from last year   NDAA and NDRP.  NDRP actually had a $600 amount, at which point if you exceeded that in a PM transcation you, as seller, or bullion dealer as seller must file 1099  That alone made me psycho crazy (er)  That 1099 includes your entire profile with name address and SS number. 
    It was withdrawn or voted down by Congress but I think, and could be wrong, the FDR EO barring Americans from owning gold is still on the books.  Reagan, again I think it was Reagan, signed another EO allow the munchkins, muppets,serfs, peasants and zeks the right to buy gold. 
    The government that is generous enough to allow you the right or privilege to own gold is strong enough to take it away

    I am long on canoe futures.
    My next business will be boating adventures on the Truckee River.  
    Holey hulls optional

    • “…the FDR EO barring Americans from owning gold is still on the books.  Reagan, again I think it was Reagan, signed another EO allow the munchkins, muppets,serfs, peasants and zeks the right to buy gold.”
      IIRC, it was president Gerald Ford who signed the law that allows all US citizens to buy and hold gold in 1974.
      As to the status of the infamous FDR EO #6102, that seems to have been set aside by the law signed by Ford.
      Personally, I think that EO 6102 was unconstitutional but since it was never challenged in court, it had the force of law behind it… as do many things that go unchallenged.  Fortunately, many Americans ignored EO 6102, kept their gold, and did not get financially screwed when the dollar was devalued by 69% a few months later.  Not that lots of Americans owned much gold back then.  Sure, the wealthy did, lots of it, but not the common folks.  Once in a great while, they might see a $5 or $10 gold coin but their money was almost always copper, nickel, or silver at best.

  8. I think that would happen in a truly capitalistical system but we are far from that now. We are closer to socialism now then capitalism. There is no laws for the government to obey just the people has too. the gov could just say tomorrow the crimex is bankrupt an the price a pms cant be set so sorry we are forced to lock silver an gold prices at a set price. $30 an $1500. an the gov will gladly pay you that price garranteif you sell to U.S.. But I believe the story will go done at the end in this is the way the plan is unfolding? The usa Gov is running on empty money wise. They have to inject the economy of the government every month with 85 billion dollars. And this money 85 million is actually made out of then air. Then fed puts on deposit 85 billion dollars in an account at the bank an can legally loan out in loan paper the real numbers of QE. $850 billion dollars. An all the government seems to care about is that this money gets to buy treasure bond an at an almost 1% interest. An the mega banks don’t seem ready to actually loan out to the American public. So down the future I see the usa government going bankrupt an some how the big mega banks tanking over to rule the usa into the new world government. The government can keep the price of pms down till they actually run out of metal then theu well lock the prices an close the crimix down. An with the stock market crashes an the small banks close an the gov out of business CASH will Be king, You wont be able to get cash anywhere. But at this point house, car, loan payments you wont have to be making. An even taxes.

  9. Personally, there is no need to confiscate PM’s because the banks are only a key stroke away from doing a Cyprus on us.  False flag operation to follow Paulson ‘s call to give the private banks more power or a call for marshal law.  Please keep Stacking because Silver and Gold are Real Money.
    P.S.  Can I suggest a second opinion as we (You & me + everyone else with ideas) trudge the road to Silver land where precious metals end their manipulation by cabals, cartel’s, governments, and people with lots, lots, lots lots, lots of money.

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