• What’s the largest money laundering institution in the world?  Robert Mazur, the Former Undercover DEA agent Robert Mazur who famously infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel, asserts it’s the Federal Reserve! […]

    • Banks are well known money lauderers. Citibank and HSBC have already paid major fines for it.

      • Citibank and HSBC have already paid major fines for it.

        Compare the billions in fines to their profit margin.

        May as well of pointed a crooked finger at them and said ‘NO‘. The results would have been equally unimpressive and useless.

    • Exactly as Cynical sez!  Built in cushion insurance. The countries are run by sociopaths having zero sympathies but for the 1% of the 1%.

  • In his first international television interview since stepping down from his post as Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis told CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour on Monday that European lenders had forced his […]

    • To Doc: I attempted to send this article for use but your contact form is not functioning. You have my permission to spread the truth about what it behind the gold attacks, no longer the Fed, not BIS, not JPM, not the “Chinese”.

      Sound the Alarm, the Gold Attacks are a Criminal Sting:



    • To Doc: I attempted to send this article for your use but the contact form is not functioning. You have my permission to spread the truth about what it behind the gold attacks, no longer the Fed, not BIS, not JPM, not the “Chinese”.

      Sound the Alarm, the Gold Attacks are a Criminal Sting:



    • If you look at the way they have behaved from the very first day [the Syriza government] assumed power,” he continued, “close inspection will reveal… [that] they were far more interested in humiliating this government and overthrowing it—or at least making sure it overthrows itself in terms of its policies—then coming to an agreement that would ensure they would get most of their money back.”

      Discloses It Was Clear Syriza Was Going To Say “Yes” As Troika Forced Choice Between ‘Suicide Or Execution’

      These two statements from Varoufakis made it clear that the PM was threatened and not a traitor as being reported in the alternative media. It seems as if democracy is lost in Greece.

    • Varoufakis introduced capital controls including locking people out of their safety deposit boxes THEN he resigned. So HE put people in potentially grave danger. If he had announced that he will resign because he refuses to implement capital controls then he would be a hero, but in reality he’s another charlatan.

  • So then use words that match your meaning, such as “End to occupation.”

  • Jason does a great job talking about economic and financial dynamics and trends.  The discussion probably would be helpful to people new to these topics.

  • The Collapse is Right Around the Corner….


    SD Podcast Spotlight:  X22Report Spotlight

    This interview talks about inflation, asset bubbles and what’s going on in the real economy. Possible shortages […]

    • Jason does a great job talking about economic and financial dynamics and trends.  The discussion probably would be helpful to people new to these topics.

    • The collapse has been “right around the corner” for five years now. We may have to wait five more.

    • Rome was neither built in a day,  nor collapsed in a day.  Other than being MUCH larger and more powerful than the Roman Empire, the American Empire will take time to collapse… and LOTS of it.

      Be that as it may, however, we all need to remember that “the collapse” is far more likely to be a long slow downward spiral to eventual complete collapse (process) rather than something seen as a huge WHAM! BAM!! occurrence (event).


      • Events that start slowly and develop over time, often eventually get to a wham bam ending very rapidly. Good example is a sink hole. The global economy has eroded like a sink hole, hard to even notice at first. Then easy to ignore until the cars and houses start falling into a gaping chasm. It’s what is not seen under the surface that is most dangerous and likely to materialize very rapidly towards the end.

  • A few folks have concluded that since the 604 metric tonnes were stuffed into one month for reporting purposes that that detail is significant.  It’s not significant.  China simply declared an addition and updated their holdings declaration by dumping the entire post-2009 claimed additional holdings into one month rather than trying to compound…[Read more]

    • @Flying Wombat
      What if China doesn’t count leased gold and just sticks with actual holdings?
      They could later declare that they unwound some leasing agreements, received physical back in stock, and thus added 1,000 tons in a month. And the next month. And the next.
      By that time, other countries may become pressed to do he same, which they…[Read more]

  • Actually, the campaigns have already started and because crashes take a couple of years to move through, the powers that be will be working hard to proactively prevent a crash.  They do NOT want a crash in 2015 nor 2016.  Putting on a good show and continuing the false left-right paradigm is far more easy to do pursuant to screwing all of us than…[Read more]

  • TPTB are not 1%-ers.  They are 0.0001 percenters.

    All it takes to be in the 1% is about $2 million dollars.  You can’t even buy a Congressman with $2 million dollars.  $2 million dollars is nothing like what it was decades ago.

    Some claim the Rothschild family is worth 500 trillion.  Now that’s an example of true 0.0001 percenters (have to…[Read more]

  • There’s disagreement among analysts about Chinese mine supply and how it flows after the refinery stage.  Most just base their view on how things are done in the west more often than not – mines send doré bars to refineries, refineries send to exchanges.  But the thing is, the Chinese government owns refineries and Chinese media has freely…[Read more]

  • Larry, a few months ago Jim Rickards told Erin Ade from RT’s “Boom Bust” that China would likely announce gold holdings in 2015 (he didn’t specify when beyond that) and he told her China would likely declare 3 to 5 metric tonnes.  Your comment, “Jim Rickards did write an article in May predicting China would do exactly what they just did” is not…[Read more]

  • The Euro Summit statement (or Terms of Greece’s Surrender – as it will go down in history) follows, annotated by yours truly.
    The original text is untouched with my notes confined to square brackets (and in […]

    • My guess: bankster stooge. If he was for the people he would have resigned when they tried to put in capital controls. By his hand the greeks are suffering.

    • My guess: bankster stooge. If he was for the people he would have resigned when they tried to put in capital controls. By his hand the greeks are suffering. By his hand the banksters have the tools to rape and rob the depositors. Don’t look at what they say, watch what they do.

  • PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler weighs in on if Greece has just been sacrificed to the bankster gods like Lehman Brothers was in 2008…and is the $1.4 QUADRILLION derivatives market on the verge of […]

  • While the party in the 1990s ended badly, the festivities currently underway may end in outright disaster.   The party-goers may not just awaken with hangovers, but with missing teeth, no memories, and Mike […]

    • He’s got a great financial mind. The more they mock him on CNBC the smarter he looks.

      Its painful to be early while you’re still early. Stand by your convictions. The market always has the last word because manipulation can only hold back the markets for  a period of time. Once market forces re-assert themselves we’re going to feel much smarter.

      Until then, stack on.

      • “He’s got a great financial mind. The more they mock him on CNBC the smarter he looks.”


        Indeed so.  I keep thinking that if the so-called pundits on CNBC were so smart, why are they not running multi-billion dollar hedge funds and making tens of millions for themselves?  Instead, they only TALK about what others are actually DOING.


        Schiff is often right but also often early.  So?  That’s when financial advice is actually useful and not AFTER a stock has gone WAY up.  He called the real estate bubble and its bursting pretty well.  At that very same time, various CNBC and Bloomberg pundits were advising people that it was good to go out and ” buy a house”.  A few months later, the bottom fell out of the US RE market, making Schiff look like a genius and all of them like idiots.  Oh, well.  Truth WILL out, as they say.  😉


    • If one is waiting for the ‘markets’ to return to ‘normal’, one will be waiting for a long time.  The only real markets are super-markets, where people go buy real things like food.  The so-called ‘financial markets’ are all based upon the foundation of debt-based fiat ‘money’ created out of thin air, so such markets can never return to ‘normal’ because they’re not real markets to begin with.  They are a ponzi scheme of creating ‘paper wealth’ from the indebtedness of people.  People offer their labor for ‘money’ created by someone who typed in numbers in a computer.  Who in their right mind should work for such a thing?  Therefore, nothing will ever change until the way that money works changes.  The world has an unsound and corrupt money system as its financial and economic foundation, so it is not surprising that everything that relies on such a system is also corrupt.  Accordingly, no real change can come about until the world’s money system is restored.  It is meaningless to try to build a strong house upon a crooked foundation.

      • Good comments and I largely agree.  But it IS possible to step off of the debt hamster wheel.  I did and I know several others who have as well, so it can’t be all that uncommon.  Yes, we worked for fiat because it IS legal tender and that’s all that anyone will pay us with.  But that didn’t mean that this was the end of our involvement.  No, we took that fiat, saved it and invested it.  I went into the US stock market and did well.  Others went into real estate or a business and also did well.  All this allowed us to retire early and enjoy life.  Yes, I own PMs now as a solid part of my financial assets but I also own stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, two cars, and a home that are all paid off.  It was a struggle but it was possible via many years of hard work, saving, and investing.  Yes, times are now different.  They always are.  But people who desire a better life can still get it IF they are willing to work hard, save religiously, invest wisely, and spend carefully.


  • Ahead of the landmark BRICS/SCO summits in Russia’s Ufa, Putin’s top aide Yury Ushakov speaks to RT, Vesti and RIA on the key topics of the forums’ agendas, including the BRICS New Development Bank, Iran […]

    • Oh, I don’t know, lionkid. When it comes to reading anything like this its important to focus on what is omitted in an answer as much as what is said. What is said is what has been agreed to before hand. The safe, unvarnished answer that avoids controversy. Actually, the manner in which the Greek question was discussed is loaded with information. You just have to know what to look and listen for. At least, I got some information about it that I didn’t have before about the Russian stance on Greece.

    • The Greeks have announced an agreement to whatever Germany dictates. The PM has gone against the ref vote.

    • “Nothing to read here that is worthwhile”.

      I’d be excited if I were a .gov paid troll like you, because said gov may be a little behind the eight ball on global affairs.  The US is going to fold like a cheap tent.  The USD is going to fall like a bag of hammers, and guess who’ll rescue it?
      That’s right…. NO ONE!!!!

      Btw…. The sabotaging of blog threads by paid .gov trolls is way too obvious.

    • You’ve been outed as a troll Lionkid, nothing you say matters anymore.



    • Paco replied 2 weeks ago

      It is your commenting which is full of s#&t. Who is the ignorant low life that programs you?

  • In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Greek referendum results, financial terrorism and bail-in fears induced velocity of money.

    SD/TND VideoCast Spotlight:  Keiser […]

    • Good ole “agent scumbag” Keiser.

      • Yea really. You know the brown ooze that resides under the whale shit at the bottom of the ocean? This is the clown that was screaming”Buy silver and shut JPM down, back when it was at $42. Sweet call.

  • In the immortal words of the Mogambo Guru, “We’re all frikkin Doomed!”
    He hasn’t changed his witty humor, as you’ll hear in the latest episode of “Welcome to Dystopia”:

    TND Podcast Spotlight:  Welcome to […]

    • Judges not following the laws, making up new interpretations …
      Politicians taking bribes…
      HIV Researchers salting results…..
      Cancer doctors prescribing meds to healthy people…..
      Companies harassing workers to breach as many laws as possible to support profits….
      Churches lyeing to members…….
      Bankers using bait and switch in documents….
      Resadjudicatta despite fraud….
      Workplace terminations for injuries, illness, and disease…..
      Unions refusing to prosecute management for workplace harassment….

      Then there is the blue colar worker who now works 12 hours for 8 hours pay.

      Eventually the corruptors will have their day.

      The question is, how many more decades of this garbage must one endure ?

  • Eric Dubin and Rob Kirby join Dr. Dave Janda on Operation Freedom to break down Greece and what happens next…
    RELATED:  TND Exclusive: “Greece: Evidence Of “Plunge Protection Team” Response + What Happens Next” […]

  • That elite financial forces in Europe are using financial muscle to provoke political outcomes in Athens has never been more apparent, say critics…

    TND Guest Contributor: Jon Queally […]

    • In the continuing saga of “We are The Elite and going to bang you hard” there was this article on BBC this morning about a pensioner weeping outside a bank after being told his savings were not available.  The entire article Greece debt crisis: The cost to pensioners was a sad preview of what is to come globally!  Then you find this article Anger over Christine Lagarde’s tax-free salary which is no surprise either.  The problem with TPTB is not recognizing that this nonsense is what causes the return of the guillotine and the wrangler’s rope and Live Oak.

      There is no doubt that much of what is financially painful is due to people wanting today what they should wait and pay for tomorrow debt free.  Greece, Europe, Japan, USA and even China to some extent have written the hot check in a continuous manner.  However, there is no justification for down right theft.  No doubt the old saying “nothing is free” rings louder today than yesterday!

      Apparently both my US Senators voted FOR the TPP and who knows what else which is another promise of a cot in the bunker while SCOTUS continues to shred The Constitution and Bill of Rights.  When a nation of peoples turn from those principles that made them great this is the ‘Clear and Present Danger’ result apparently!

      I grieve for my country while Satanic darkness is preparing to cover the land.  This miniscule group of demented psychopaths motivated by self centered greed and false illusions of power will surely bring much pain to us all including the power elite themselves working studiously to bring it all about.  I include them in this statement since the permutations and combinations cannot be calculated to the final degree.  Prepare yourselves for a ’29 Depression on steroids my friends.

      Thanks Doc for both the looking glass and very competitive prices in PMs.

      • “Prepare yourselves for a ’29 Depression on steroids my friends.”


        Indeed so.  Depressions very much appear to be manufactured by the big NY banks and specifically for the purpose of fleecing the sheep en masse.  They do this in grand style about every 80 years and in a halfway mode about every 40 years.  This allows for plenty of milking and for the memory of it to die out.  Unlike in previous depressions, however, we now have a HUGE amount of public and private debt hanging over us all, like the sword of Damocles, and we also have mega-leverage via these idiotic derivatives.  Yes, the next depression will be a real doozie.  We’ve been seeing the front edge of it since 2008 but the real bulk of it has yet to hit us.  Maybe we are in the “eye” of this financial hurricane, so things don’t seem so bad.  But they will be, oh, yes… they will be!


    • Is there any doubt that TPTB like where they are seated and don’t plan on “giving up” ANYTHING anytime soon?… The signs are easily seen on all sides of the The Pond — What is being played out today on a small side-stage, will soon be reflected and replayed in some form/forum on a much larger stage, ie: maybe the USA?…Maybe Spain…etc. The power of the “People’s VOTE” is the stake in the heart of this beast! Just remember/recall what was said “first” when this was announced maybe a week or two ago: THERE CAN BE NO FURTHER TALKS UNTIL THIS REFEREMDOM IS HALTED…para phrasing what I read, re: Mercle from the North Germany throne!. Perhaps there is some understanding by these elite’s that you can control a few to a few hundred individuals — but, you sure as hell can’t control MILLIONS when they have a VOICE in matters of state!.. ie: their OWN destiny.  Can there be any doubt now that the times of “pitch-forks and torches” are nearly upon us again?..  VOTE in the streets…VOTE from your rooftop LOUDLY…

      FEAR seen in the beast is a wonderful sight to these old eyes! Perhaps “some peoples” have seen the path to salvation from this beast, eh?.. The “in your face” nature of these actions (re: vote) by the beast only serve to “open the eyes” of more sheepeople and convert them into “thinkers” once again. All these different “cause/effect” pairs only bring to mind the old book series “The Foundation”. There is a quickening towards the reckoning when EVERY breathing body on this blue marble is going to have to decide on a course of personal action — or, perish. When, in the course of earthly events, unshakable facts become self-evident; and, our gross food supplies are reduced by at least 10 to 20% overall, TPTB will be shown for what they truly are: puller’s of levers and pusher’s of buttons BEHIND THE CURTAIN without clothes. (now, where did I store that new rope???)… (See: DARK WINTER by John L. Casey).. Check-6

      • “Can there be any doubt now that the times of “pitch-forks and torches” are nearly upon us again?..  VOTE in the streets…VOTE from your rooftop LOUDLY…”


        No, there is no doubt that these times are approaching.  But don’t forget to bring nooses too… lots of them.  Every lamp post in DC is awaiting its own decoration.

    • As you can see I am logged in but when I click the story about the Greece Referendum the page says I am not logged in.  Is it gremlins at work?  I can’t even link the story.  Frustrating comes to mind.  Of course we all know that a lot of Greece’s problems can be solved by printing their own currency.  At least they will own their own predicament after that.

      • @andrew-james

        yeah, i get the same thing. some stories i’m shown as logged in but others not. the SD site, or a outdated app or plugin ?????????

      • @ silver-nurse There are a few minor glitches in the word processing here from time to time as well.  Sometimes it takes several seconds for my keystrokes to appear.  Until further evidence is revealed I say its gremlins.

      • I saw something like that a week or so ago.  I would login to the homepage but when I clicked on an article it would come up showing that I was not logged on.  If I logged in on that page, it would take me to the homepage, effectively eliminating my ability to respond to any articles or comments.  Fortunately, Bull Run & Co. got this fixed and it has been working fine for me since then.

    • I get hassled all over the net. I think they SD are still under attack.  I can tell you a few websites where you can go load up on some free malware now if you are interested.

  • When it comes to China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite bubble, there’s one thing that most people miss..


    TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin |

    When it comes to China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite […]

    • Hey, ever since the Russians, Chinese, etc., decided to form their own banking system, the AIIB, their stock markets have been under attack by the US of A and the EU.  Just like the Feds [Reserve?] has been controlling silver and gold, they are in an all out war to prevent the Chinese from getting approval for a reserve currency. Note: a good stock market and banking system are the foundation of a reserve currency.

      Now everything should make sense.  The Cyprus, Greek, Puerto Rico, crises are the giant internal cracks in the corrupt Western system.  I don’t think the system can survive both the internal and external “attacks” brought about by the years of corruption coming to fruition.

      • I am wondering the West financial vultures have something to do with the recent Shanghai Stock Exchange crash?  China needs to be very careful with it’s dealing with theses West financial vultures.

    • The Chinese market, shadow banking enterprises and PBOC remind me of the events, printing and sky high market valuation that lead up to the Lehman crash   These days of irrational exuberance seem to afflict many countries but China appears to be quite susceptible to this syndrome.

      • Off Subject AG,

        Concerning Greece. Go along with Troika, promise deep reforms, get more bail out money, buy Gold, tell the Troika to go F^^^ themselves, repatriate the Drachma backed by Gold and dance. Tell Russia the deal is on come put your Naval Base here and we accept the revenue from the gas pipeline. NATO is toast, Merkel changes panties and Draghi jerks off with eyes crossed!

    • @Ranger

      Merkel wears panties?   I was thinking either lederhosen or commanda.

      Greece is the gift that keeps on giving for us who have nothing better to do than opine. I speak for myself of course.  Isn’t it fun to watch bankers in deleriums?

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