• It all smoke an mirrors and the shell game combined. The banks have so much money from the massive QE injections they could of actually paid of the national debt totally off. You said the feds total balance sheet is 4.5 trillion dollars. All they had to do is just make a simple deposit of round it up to simple 5 trillion. Into there mega bank,…[Read more]

    • Strange article title.
      Isn’t that balance sheet on an eternal incline anyway? A reduced balance sheet should make the newpaper headlines before an increased one does.

  • Not even close to checkmate. They havent even used up the pawns yet. There so many things they can do to bring the price down an keep it down. Here is some of the moves they can make.

    1# They could call in all the coinage and yes there is silver there even plated. This could hold the price down for 6 months. There reason its costing the…[Read more]

    • “And will open up many large mines to help employ the unemployed.”


      Are these the same unemployed who won’t pick fruit to earn money?  Why would then go down into a mine where it is hot, dirty, exhausting, and dangerous?


      “They can say they finally have the tec to actually make precious metals an its just some short time till they …[Read more]

  • Its so obvious the government isnt even trying to fix the economy. Actually doing just the opposite. The coming crash is coming soon and fast. Here is my thesis why its is linked to obama care act and now is in its 2 year of destruction. Taking out  billions of dollars out of the U.S. economy. Through the tax of not having insurance and the laying …[Read more]

  • When the shit hits the fan your house isnt going to be worth anything. Why the banks are going to be broke as they want you to believe. No one is going to be able to get a loan to buy a house or even to loan on it. The only thing your house has going for it is you will be able to live there for free. With the banks belly up saying you cant have…[Read more]

    • Add to that a lot of banks are likely to get torched by enraged former customers.

  • I seriously doubt he ate that much food or if he was even there at the games. Its could be a simple credit card kick back scam for frog skins.

  • You forget the leverage factor of real verses the make believe stuff. Its somewhere over 150 to 250 to 1 by now. We can actually very truthfully say that. It now takes a whole roll of toilet paper comex promisary note to equal one real ounce of silver. Think about its a roll of toilet paper has 250 sheets its made up of. I be lying some here…[Read more]

  • Theres none no buy in massive huge quanities. Its a figment of there retardation, a mirage of a huge warehouse full of gold and silver. That is actually the worlds biggest warehouse of used toilet paper thats been used and reused again. Making a 100 = 200 to one leverage factor of one ounce of real silver. Then dumping it on the market crimex to…[Read more]

  • What do you mean by regulate? They probably already do, they are just going to actually annouce it to the american people. And only thing new is the news taxes you are going to have to pay.

  • To kill the dollar totally is a move that is hard to do. Its just like greed it will always be there. Yes our gov is printing dollars  for the sole purpose of the power to buy a new world order. And to make a much stronger gov and a poorer people. Our dollar index stays high because most other countries are doing it to printing it.  The feds total …[Read more]

    • “The question here is where did all this money actually go???. The american people sure didnt get it?”


      Actually, many of them DID get it.  This is the money that was used to buy the votes that got these idiot politicians elected… and then re-elected.


    • If the US govt runs a 50% deficit, how is it funded? And where does the deficit go to? Illegitimate jobs that should not have existed. Food stamps for more people than listed as unemployed.
      Half of all spending should not take place. Half army. Half government. Half education. Half the road works. Half the lobbying charity donations. All of that …[Read more]

  • 60 billion a month is alot of frog skins. If you do the real math behind the smoke an mirrors. here it is. 60 billion x12 =720 billion a year. Then the smoke an mirror cover up. Then the leverage of fraction reserve banking and its all actually legal. 720billion x10 is 7.2 trillion. with more mirrors and smoke the banks just lend to there gov at…[Read more]

  • I thought the euro dollar was suppose to be back by 10% gold. So the people there and all over the world would believe in it and support it. So now they annouced that they are going to start QE1 an dump 60billion a month. Which in laymens turns doing the math 60 billion xs 12 = 720 billion a year. But it doesnt stop there the math still adding…[Read more]

  • Confiscate no but take yes ugly dog. It just got me thinking since the gov is in very heavy in buying from QE3. Keeping the stock market up. It could just easly take it back and yours too. In an orchistrated huge mega market crash. And the american people wouldnt be the wiser about it.

  • They cant take your pension and savings. Because when they that  the  end game its all over. The end game of controlling the world is gone. And that is not here yet. The minute they start to confiscating your accounts all trust is lost an all the people will start not paying all taxes. There is a line that cant be crossed. But the other hand there …[Read more]

    • The laws allowing confiscation have already passed, and put in place.


      If you see a carpenter leaving Home Depot with a new Skill saw, you can bet your ass some wood is going to get cut

    • Silver Dollar has nailed it…but, let’s name this spade, eh?..


      BAIL IN …  Laws/Rules/Reg’s have already been passed and enacted in all/most of the G-20 nations!


      However…This little slight of hand just means our BANKSTERS can dip their hands into OUR DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS…of all types, across the board, according to YOUR SSN …[Read more]

    • @MontanaMel


      “Remember: as a simple depositor, you are now considered just “another” UNSECURED CREDITOR. As such, go to the back of the line for any recovery… FDIC notwithstanding.”


      I always marvel at the words that these knuckleheads come up with.  Unsecured creditor?  Really?  How TF can one be an “unsecured creditor”when the depos…[Read more]



       Maybe the real message here is that our fiat is pretty much worthless in the overall scheme of things.  Why would it not be?  After all, they can pull as much of it as they want out of thin air, so neither its creation difficulty nor its scarcity adds to its value

      Now you got me thinking…

      IF, as you say, “worthless”, then WH…[Read more]

    • @MontanaMel


      “IF, as you say, “worthless”, then WHY would they risk being road out of town on a rail for even thinking of touching our money on deposit – eh?.. WHY this “Bail-In” crap… it will just spur “new rope” sales.
      IF it is so easy for them to just “snap their fingers” have Fiat come out of thin air in the first place, then why do the…[Read more]

  • Whats next the banksters governments out ? Its pretty easy what the end game will be. If you go by the natural law of the gov. (We create the problem so we can solve the problem) Which means my guess they wanted the pms in the comex to go bankrupt default for the end game, thus when this happens the gov comes in to fix the problem freezing prices…[Read more]

    • And those who have PMs will bury them in secure locations again, raising a collective center finger to the governments foolish enough to outlaw gold and silver.  PMs are about as close to eternal as any money can be.  They will simply outlast the wrong-headed governments out there.  While this is in progress, there WILL be a tremendous black ma…[Read more]

  • I hardly believe that will ever happen. Maybe the other way around. China could suddenly just say the gov here is buying gold around the world at a price of $200 over spot. Buying shops open all over the usa an the world. And in the usa all the gold an silver bought goes to this bank vault that china already owns Oh yes jp morgans vault. I think…[Read more]

    • @Dang


      “I think one main reason our gov never wants the price of gold to be worth anything is? If it goes to $5,000 an ounce we the people well want to actually see it make sure its there.”


      OK, but here’s another.  Either the Fed or the US Treasury holds a lot of gold certificates from the old days when gold was valued at $42 an oz. …[Read more]

  • This derivatives crap is another thing. How can you sell or promise something the whole world cant even pay off with all the money in the world. It meaningless bet that should be outlawed. It has nothing to do with true capitalism. Everybody around the world should pull all there money out of the banks and stop paying taxes. Its getting to a point…[Read more]

  • My prediction for 2015? The stock market will take huge falling all the way back to the 10,000 line. But it will do it slowly. 200 300 500 points at a time. At some time when close getting there the gov will say and vote away obama care. Playing there card of the gov actually helping the people. Trying to get people back trusting the gov again.…[Read more]

    • @Dang

      If I remember correctly, with 42 gals per barrel, that translates into $1.19 per gal, without any transportation or refining costs, profits, middleman markup, etc. I can’t see gas at the pump falling much below $1.75-$2.00 gal.

    • You make it sound like the price of gold cares about the broke 4% of the world more than the working and earning 96%. It’s a whole world out there, and if gold price has anything to do with the US, it’s the way the rest will purge the US from the big game.

    • Want a much different spin?

      Since everything revolves around Central Planning including the manipulation of LIBOR, Gold, Stock Markets, oil, etc. it makes sense the powers behind the curtains are pushing up the dollar value for a reason which they will not tell the average person on the street.  They probably want the dollar rising above a …[Read more]

  • Never true, my guess is they might of bought it, but only in toilet paper form as usual. And by doing so, the mint didnt have to eat selling coins at give away prices. And even buying actual silver to make coins. Also all this buying from over seas for years  makes me very suspect if this is true also. The jig should of been up along time ago. …[Read more]

  • There is a lot of ways out and the simplest is the best and the easiest. Simply default its the best. Resulting in just 2 years the real economy be back on track with nothing to stand in its way. Here is the way it should go down. The president says on tv announces in one week the U.S.A. will default 100% on its debt. Meaning say 2o trillion…[Read more]

  • My guess for the why and how of the big pms price control of the worlds elite governments was wrong. There plan all along was to create the problem so they could solve it. Meaning they want to collapse make insolvent the comex. So at the very end game. The gov can and will come in to freeze the market there. And if the price continues to rise on…[Read more]

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