Max Keiser: Forget the Academia, its WAR NOW!

SD reader RedditSilverbugs caught up with Max Keiser at last night’s SLA event, and talks with Max about the salted Tungsten bars discovered in the UK, the SLA, and the war launched against the banksters and the bullion cartel.

Max tells SD that it’s time to forget the academia and education about precious metals, and its time to TAKE ACTION against the banking cabal!

Max predicts silver is starting its next major bull move right now, which will take silver to new all-time nominal highs.

Full interview below:


  1. You can tell he  hates being bugged but is quite the trooper for dealing with it!!  Now it’s time for Blythe to get smacked LOL I love it..

  2. I love the comment on tungsten bars :)

  3. Nice interview… And I did get a kick out of his reaction when asked about the tungsten tainted bars also… And that tungsten will be worth far more than the paper…lol… Nice..

  4. Good job Reddit,

    Be careful not to get caught in the big city at the wrong time. Agreeing with silver spiff. Max didn’t have Stacy to back him up. I think he’s very uncomfortable outside the element of his studio.  He makes some very good points but I wish he’d pull a mini Sprott and buy a large stack all at once.
    2 OZ.
  5. I agree 2 oz… If he were to purchase a large physical order in 1 shot it would help the cause… It may also show that he does indeed take this movement as serious as he has stated… If we could enough get of those substantial transactions in addition to us smaller stackers pecking away steadily we could put a serious dent into things…

  6. I am a conscientious objector when it comes to fighting.  However, I am a member of the SLA and buy my phyzz regularly. I bought an extra ounce on 4/12/12 for the cause.

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