rocketThe massive debt bubble created by our monetary system is about to burst. The demonetization of gold and silver, has over the years diverted value from these metals, to all paper assets (such as bonds) linked to the debt-based monetary system.
The process of the devaluation of gold and silver, started by the demonetization of gold and silver, is about to reverse at a greater speed than ever before. This is similar to what happened during the late 70s, when the gold and silver price increased significantly.
However, what happened in the 70’s was just a prelude to this coming rally.

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Submitted by Hubert Moolman:

The 70’s was the end of a cycle, this is likely the end of a major cycle; an end of an era of the debt-based monetary system (dishonest money).

This era of dishonest money, has filled the economic world with many promises that will never be fulfilled. There will be a massive flight out of paper promises, into the ideal safe haven assets that would offer protection. In my opinion, silver will be the leading asset when this flight out of paper promises happens. This fraud started with the demonetization of silver and it will end with silver taking its place as money - the most marketable commodity.

If silver only equals the performance of the 70s, it will reach $150. However, this cycle will only be over when silver and gold are not quoted in the current fiat currencies or any other fiat currency. Instead, most goods would be quoted in terms of silver and gold.

Below, is a self-explanatory comparison of the current silver bull market and the 70s bull market:

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  1. Gold’s low from 1915-2013 was $212 in 1971 when adusting for inflation that is over $970 dollars today.
    Silver low from 1915-2013 was $4.13 in 1931 when adusting for inflation that is over $50.60
    Silver and gold are at historics lows and they are suppressed but in my opinion these low prices won’t last long. Stackers just need to relax. History is on our sides a few thousand years to be more specific. Look at the worst prices the last hundred years and adjust for inflation if you are nervouse,. again relax.

  2. Thus far, the inflation is very tame relative to the 70′s, so the comparision is not there. 
    In the 70′s, we had extreme domestic wage inflation, today we have the opposite.  The business world does not feel any inflationary pressure today, that’s the big difference.

    • True, the inflation rate is low today  but I’m comparing these prices by using the inflation the dollar has suffered thus far, so I see this as a good way to compare prices. When you compare something you do not use the current inflation rate unless you are trying to predict a commodities price in the future when comparing currency.

    • Excuse me.  Which planet do you fellas live on?  Here in Phoenix real(not the gov’t hedonic number) inflation is far from tame and is significant and noticeable.  It touches all areas of my business from supplies to healthcare costs to technical expenses to energy. 

  3. While we’ve seen these forecasts before, heck in, what was it, 2010/2011, folks were calling for $250 Ag.  That’s fine, make all the predictions they want.  Only need to be right once! ;)
    I don’t mind low current value, just gives me a chance to buy more.  I remember when it was in the 40′s just a year or two ago and folks couldn’t get any, I just waited (got lucky) and now am able to obtain more.  Slowly but surely.  We know it’s going somewhere as the physical price for ‘junk’ is outrageous – I think that says something.  People are taking the ‘easy’ stuff now, when that runs out then the hard stuff will take off again.  But that’s not why we’re stacking is it?   It’s a marathon folks (for most of us) not a sprint.
    Stack, stack, stack and stack some more.

    • Yeah, author is from South Africa and by profession is their version of a CPA.  He’s a self taught technical analysis guy.  Likes to write articles casting himself as expert in the precious metals space.  In reality he has no professional experience or training to give his opinion any more validity than mine.

  4. My prediction is as good as any, I say $!51.50 and then back to $30.
    Anybody ever consider what FIAT that Gold and Silver will be trading in after the Dollar Collapses?
    When he family is hungry and we are out of gas, I wonder if those institutions as well as others will have assay equipment
    or accept the Yuan?

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