Main Core: A List Of 8 Million Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

Are you on the list?  Are you one of the millions of Americans that have been designated a threat to national security by the U.S. government?  Will you be subject to detention when martial law is imposed during a major national emergency?  As you will see below, there is actually a list that contains the names of at least 8 million Americans known as Main Core that the U.S. intelligence community has been compiling since the 1980s.  A recent article on Washington’s Blog quoted a couple of old magazine articles that mentioned this program, and I was intrigued because I didn’t know what it was.  So I decided to look into Main Core, and what I found out was absolutely stunning – especially in light of what Edward Snowden has just revealed to the world.  It turns out that the U.S. government is not just gathering information on all of us.  The truth is that the U.S. government has used this information to create a list of threats to national security that the government would potentially watch, question or even detain during a national crisisIf you have ever been publicly critical of the government, there is a very good chance that you are on that list.

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The following is how Wikipedia describes Main Core…

Main Core is the code name of a database maintained since the 1980s by the federal government of the United States. Main Core contains personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data, which comes from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources, is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”

It was Christopher Ketchum of Radar Magazine that first reported on the existence of Main Core.  At the time, the shocking information that he revealed did not get that much attention.  That is quite a shame, because it should have sent shockwaves across the nation…

According to a senior government official who served with high-level security clearances in five administrations, “There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.” He and other sources tell Radar that the database is sometimes referred to by the code name Main Core. One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

Of course, federal law is somewhat vague as to what might constitute a “national emergency.” Executive orders issued over the last three decades define it as a “natural disaster, military attack, [or] technological or other emergency,” while Department of Defense documents include eventualities like “riots, acts of violence, insurrections, unlawful obstructions or assemblages, [and] disorder prejudicial to public law and order.” According to one news report, even “national opposition to U.S. military invasion abroad” could be a trigger.

So if that list contained 8 million names all the way back in 2008, how big might it be today?

That is a very frightening thing to think about.

Later on in 2008, Tim Shorrock of also reported on Main Core…

Dating back to the 1980s and known to government insiders as “Main Core,” the database reportedly collects and stores — without warrants or court orders — the names and detailed data of Americans considered to be threats to national security. According to several former U.S. government officials with extensive knowledge of intelligence operations, Main Core in its current incarnation apparently contains a vast amount of personal data on Americans, including NSA intercepts of bank and credit card transactions and the results of surveillance efforts by the FBI, the CIA and other agencies. One former intelligence official described Main Core as “an emergency internal security database system” designed for use by the military in the event of a national catastrophe, a suspension of the Constitution or the imposition of martial law.

So why didn’t this information get more attention at the time?

Well, if Obama had lost the 2008 election it might have.  But Obama won in 2008 and the liberal media assumed that he would end many of the abuses that were happening under Bush.  Of course that has not happened at all.  In fact, Obama has steadily moved the police state agenda ahead aggressively.  Edward Snowden has just made that abundantly clear to the entire world.

After 2008, it is unclear exactly what happened to Main Core.  Did it expand, change names, merge with other programs or get superseded by a new program?  It appears extremely unlikely that it simply faded away.  In light of what we have just learned about NSA snooping, someone should ask our politicians some very hard questions about Main Core.  According to Christopher Ketchum, the exact kind of NSA snooping that Edward Snowden has just described was being used to feed data into the Main Core database…

A host of publicly disclosed programs, sources say, now supply data to Main Core. Most notable are the NSA domestic surveillance programs, initiated in the wake of 9/11, typically referred to in press reports as “warrantless wiretapping.” In March, a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal shed further light onto the extraordinarily invasive scope of the NSA efforts: According to the Journal, the government can now electronically monitor “huge volumes of records of domestic e-mails and Internet searches, as well as bank transfers, credit card transactions, travel, and telephone records.” Authorities employ “sophisticated software programs” to sift through the data, searching for “suspicious patterns.” In effect, the program is a mass catalog of the private lives of Americans. And it’s notable that the article hints at the possibility of programs like Main Core. “The [NSA] effort also ties into data from an ad-hoc collection of so-called black programs whose existence is undisclosed,” the Journal reported, quoting unnamed officials. “Many of the programs in various agencies began years before the 9/11 attacks but have since been given greater reach.”

The following information seems to be fair game for collection without a warrant: the e-mail addresses you send to and receive from, and the subject lines of those messages; the phone numbers you dial, the numbers that dial in to your line, and the durations of the calls; the Internet sites you visit and the keywords in your Web searches; the destinations of the airline tickets you buy; the amounts and locations of your ATM withdrawals; and the goods and services you purchase on credit cards. All of this information is archived on government supercomputers and, according to sources, also fed into the Main Core database.

This stuff is absolutely chilling.

And there have been hints that such a list still exists today.

For example, the testimony of an anonymous government insider that was recently posted on alluded to such a list…

“We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.

What in the world is happening to America?

What in the world are we turning into?

As I mentioned in a previous article, the NSA gathers 2.1 million gigabytes of data on all of us every single hour.  The NSA is currently constructing a 2 billion dollar data center out in Utah to store all of this data.

If you are disturbed by all of this, now is the time to stand up and say something.  If this crisis blows over and people forget about all of this stuff again, the Big Brother surveillance grid that is being constructed all around us will just continue to grow and continue to become even more oppressive.

America is dying right in front of your eyes and time is running out.  Please stand up and be counted while you still can.


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  1. Would love to get a copy of the list in file form…does anyone know where to download one? I know we stackers must be on the list just for stacking. Would love to see who else I know is on the list. Anyone????????????

  2. Democide.  Death by gummint.
    Remember Joe Isuzu?  Would you buy a car from him? He never lied.  Nor does our gummint
    I’d prefer to be  Joe Nisei. 
    I may not be brave all the time but I want to be brave once. And when it counts

    • Death by gummint sounds a LOT like suffocation.  This doesn’t affect the already brain-dead but the rest of us would suffer horribly if we were to submit to it.  No patriot should ever tolerate this sort of abuse.  This is NOT what the US Founding Fathers envisioned.  Had they done so, they would no doubt have gotten back on those ships and gone back to the old world.
      Joe Isuzu?  Yeah, I remember the guy.  He reminded me of our politicians, only more believable.  lol

  3. Our local TV station went out on the street, and asked passers by about the current government intrusion into cell phone records.
    One lady actually said “If you have nothing to hide, where`s the harm”   I was stunned. No doubt she is clueless on the Constitution.
    When you need to prove yourself innocent, rather than the government proving your guilty, we will no longer live in a free country.

    • Just the case of another useful idiot that will have little or no value once they have attained the control over us all. The useful idiots are destined to become nothing more than collateral damage in this struggle when the dust clears. They have little worth because of their willful ignorance to those who manipulate them.

    • There are people in this world who cannot grasp the difference between privacy and secrecy.  Unfortunately, government employment tends to attract them like poop draws flies.
      Useful idiots?  Sure.  The world is awash in them.  Although the term should be modified to “idiots who are useful… for the moment but who will be tossed under the bus the moment they are not”.

    • They no longer teach the constitution in school, my friends grand daughter had an American history book home from school with her. Beyond saying the constitution was formed when the US was formed no mention or discussion of the contents. And the rest was a socialist version of how this country works.

    • Agreed, Mary.  If anyone wants to see a deer-in-the-headlights look from a young “teacher”, just ask them what their view is of The Federalist Papers.  Not 1 in 100 will know what the heck you are talking about.  If they do not know it, they cannot teach it.
      IMO, every person in the US who loves liberty should read these at least once.  Interested people can find them all here:

  4. An honor to be counted on that list among those that would rather be free then submit to tyranny….

  5. Aramaic Bible in Plain English

    2 Timothy 3: 1But you should know this, that in the last days hard times will come. 2And people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disloyal to their people, rejecters of grace, wicked, 3Slanderers, captives to desire, cruel, haters of the good, 4Traitors, impulsive, arrogant, loving lust more than the love of God.
    Matt. 24:37-38:  “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 
    Genesis 6: 10And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. 11The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12And God looked on the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way on the earth.

    • That seems startlingly familiar.  Maybe we should all be building arks like they did in the movie “2012″?

  6. Speaking to PMs specifically, looking at the control grid that is physically and digitally around us makes it even more clear that the metals are manipulated and will be indefinitely save some collapse.
    To the specific point, for a number of years I’ve postulated that at some point, we’re going to see death squads wiping out useless eaters , while other useful unwashed masses will be rounded up, and yet other will be sent for re education. Sounds kind of like the weather underground playbook no?
    With the powers of 1984 and a brave new world at event horizon and a hyper insecure satanic mass of elite wanting to remain in control…. one’s gotta wonder.. when does this break.

    • They are not ready to take control by open confrontation. So, they need 9/11 2.0 on a bigger scale to lock down the country. BTW, you up in Canada are in the same danger. Your police is buying the same black armoured vehicles. You are under Northcom already and your private information is shared since January of 2012 with the US Weather Underground.

    • “Sounds kind of like the weather underground playbook no?”
      It sounds JUST like the same old rotten Marxist play-book that’s been around for a long time now.  This is the kind of BS that should cause everyone around those who even bring it up to just shoot them and then go on about their lives.

    • i harbor no illusions otherwise. we will fall harder. that is most. not me.

  7. Even our elected reps in Congress have been refused access to details of the scope of the intrusions. We really have arrived at the end of pretend… either we as a nation demand the NSA and IRS be shuttered and dismantled NOW, just as an opening salvo; else we are done for… there can be ZERO compromise. 

    • At this point in time, when I think of  Congress  I think several hundred drug-addled whores. The IRS is their pusher. The DHS is the pimp keeping the ‘girls’ in line.
      If there are any ‘Pretty Women’in Congress,   that whore with a heart of gold, they are still crack-addled prostitutes 
      Their crack is FIAT. That addiction is 100 years old

    • “Even our elected reps in Congress have been refused access to details of the scope of the intrusions.”
      Then they should pinch off the financial support to these SOBs until they ARE given complete access.

  8. An excerpt from George Washington’s farewell address:
    The founders knew well the challenges our nation would face and provided much wisdom that could guide us again..
    It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositaries, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by the others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern; some of them in our country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit, which the use can at any time yield

  9. Here’s one pissed off guy that even Obama should fear…  :D

    • grrr…

    • There is a guy at work who is always putting up Chuck Norris jokes…like “that is not a volcanic dust cloud. Chuck NorrIs was having a barbecue”. The current one is
      “The Inuit have over 100 words for snow but only two for fear: Chuck Norris”
      I will show him this and he will laugh

  10. I can just imagine Chuck’s next comment… something along the lines of “Come on you pencil-necked geek.  Let’s meet man-to-man and see if I can’t convince you to stop this anti-American crap!

  11. That’s funny! Chuck Norris!
    But you know, in real life, Chuck Norris is a born-again, Bible-believing Fundamentalist Christian who writes columns for America’s greatest online newspaper, World Net Daily (, which incidently is run by a Christian American of Syrian descent who is uber-pro-Israel.
    So I think in real life, Mr. Norris would go to him, give him a big hug and say, “I forgive you for spying on me, Mr. Muslim President. Now let me tell you about how you can get saved through believing on Jesus the Son of God”.

    • Somehow, Chuck Norris reminds me more of Jesus beating the hell out of the money changers who were defiling the temple than he does of any touchie feelie scene.  lol

  12. You mean that there are only 8 million out of 400 million americans? Oh, we have to take out the children, and the ones on any government welfare, food, SSI, social security, medicare, section 8 housing, etc. programs since they will die without these doleouts. Wow! Only 8 miilion hardworking people paying taxes! No wonder our government is broke. LOL.

  13. G8 
    not to be a nit picker,  but there are about 115-120,000,000 tax paying Americans in a total population of about 310,000,000.  There are another 115-120,000,000 Americans, for one reason or other,  do not pay any Federal taxes.   That 230,000,000 are the adult population. 
     Of the non-tax payers, about 45-50,000,000 are under some sort of Federal aid program  SNAP, EBT SSI and other Fed and state programs.  The rest are the unemployed (some inclusive in the welfare  Fed transfer payment group) totaling maybe 30,000,000. The rest are civilian and military retirees totalling 40,000,000  These are rough numbers and can be 5,000,000 off but overall  the tax payers are about 50% of the adult working population

    • AGXIIK,
      I was being facetious and blowing numbers out of my keyboard …. to match the headline of 8 million on the list. LOL. Your numbers are more accurate, of course. I was just making things up, to be a wiseass :-)

    • Please… let us not put SS into the welfare / unearned benefits category.  Like everyone else who wants to work for someone else, we HAD to join this farce of a retirement plan and then allow OUR money to be extracted from us ALL of our working lives.  Don’t begrudge ANYONE for clawing SOME of it back, if they can, and as soon as they can.  Same goes for Medi-crap.  :-)

  14. Ed B
    Double Mint
    Double Mint Gum
    Doublemint Twins
    Suffocated between those cute twins
    I”m game
    Bet you didn’t see that coming.  LOL

  15. Sorry  G8 
    With all the disinfo that being spread around I wasn’t sure.   Sometimes I’m a real noodge

  16. My sincere expectation is that I’m probably a ‘charter member’ of the ‘Core’ club! I’ve been critical of government my whole LIFE! From loudly protesting Rizzo’s anti-Liberty tactics in Philly to finding myself among the folks who vehemently criticized Reagan during the Chrysler ‘bail-out’ (of which, we were 1000% correct about the precedent it set and its eventual devastation), clear through to the present!
    Through it all, I say it loud and I say it proud! COME WHAT MAY!

  17. Don’t worry Ed  I’m not taking away from the folks who paid into SS and Medicare for 30 to 40 years.  While the politicians changed the laws to make these payments into general tax revenues, that was still our money, earning maybe -1%   The Congresspimple honey pot is still ours, as are the vet benefits earned by their commitments to us.  The sad part of it is that 45 years ago the politicians starting making promised our asses have to cash and right  now it’s more of a case of ‘adios dinero’  ‘no mas’  It was not intended to grow to this level but there we are.  The SS program could have been privatized 30 years ago.  But nooooo—-the choices are too hard.
    The only way these transfer payments and retirement plans will be paid is that they will be unpaid, or at least paid through tremendously devalued currency or through theft from some source, such as the private pension plan theft that have been in the works for half a decade.
    This country is writing checks it can’t cash now and certainly won’t be able to in the future without extreme measures.  I can only guess what they will be.  The mathematical certainty is a crunch will come sooner than later and it won;t involve retirees unless the union and government pensions are absconded with. I am thinking the social compact will unravel is the SNAP and EBT cards have a cyber failure and the restive masses receiving these funds get roused, like the Turks have been since Ergodan basically took over.
    Molon Labe      Come What May   Nuts.  
    The double Mint Twins are 65 and mad as hell.  They do not plan to take it any more.
    Ed  You know the blondes I refer too. 

    • “The SS program could have been privatized 30 years ago.  But nooooo—-the choices are too hard.”
      Yes, it could have and should have.  In fact, there are 2 cases wherein it was.  The City of Galveston, TX and the nation of Chile.  The Galveston case is especially intriguing.  The folks there who opted out of SS in the early 1980s came out with WAY more money per person in their pension plan than SS ever thought of having and it was not stolen and dumped into the general fund.  In Chile, their old SS-like program was scrapped and a national 401K-like plan was adopted.  People there have done MUCH better than any SS-like program as well.  I guess that people will choose tofu for sure rather than rib-eye steak with a bit of risk.  Having made that choice, only now are they discovering that they too are subject to more risk than they initially supposed.
      “This country is writing checks it can’t cash now and certainly won’t be able to in the future without extreme measures.”
      Agreed.  I cannot put into words how corrupt this BS is or how angry it makes me that politicians today see no problem with ripping off the future of our kids and grandkids by making them debt slaves so we can party today and they can take credit for the largess.  Talk about the ultimate in taxation without representation!
      “The double Mint Twins are 65 and mad as hell.  They do not plan to take it any more.
      Ed  You know the blondes I refer too.”
      Indeed I do and they are a couple of real sweethearts.  :-)

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