Look How Far Silver Has Come

Chris Duane of Dont-Tread-On.me continues the Silver Bullet, Silver Shield video series with part 22: Look How Far Silver Has Come

Silver Bullet, Silver Shield Part 22:
Look How Far Silver Has Come


  1. Yep—I’m Okay With These Relative Performances

  2. Chris Duane always has super vid’s. I’ll take that too Jake. 13.3%. Banker asked me today “What is DOC Investments”? I told her to look silverdoctors.com

  3. I think so too, 2; Even though it seems like there is always something in them that I know will really turn off someone I might like to pass the vid to. Hardest part of this is waiting–hoping that another persons eyes will somehow open… In the mean time guess it’s okay for them to think I’m crazy….

  4. I’ll sleep well tonight after watching this video.  Physical silver is the smartest thing anyone can buy with cash.  I need to stop telling myself a hundred dollars won’t get me a lot and instead buying clothes with it.  Every ounce counts and since I just said that I’m going to my dealer tomorrow with $300.

  5. GOT PHYZZ?!!!!

  6. Hell yeah!!! We got the Phyzz in this house!! For all my neighbors know it just may be built of Phyzz… Haha… Just keep Stackin and Squirrelin away… The silver story is far from done yet has had an Emmey award winning story already… There are so many directions we can go with silver and the end result will still be the same…. It is a tremendous opportunity!!

    Happy Stackin!!  

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