Blythe Masters Jamie DimonIn perhaps the most bearish news for paper gold & silver prices of the year, the head of JPMorgan’s Commodities division (and the face of the bank’s alleged manipulation of the gold & silver markets) Blythe Masters, has just joined the CFTC in ad advisory role for swaps regulation.
No, this is not April 1st, and yes, you read that correctly. Blythe Masters, welcome to the CFTC.

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Perhaps Jamie Dimon will be taking a job as Obama’s Press Secretary next?

CFTC spokesman Steve Adamske states that acting Chairman Mark Wetjen (who opposed Bart Chilton’s efforts to implement position limits) invited Ms Masters to the CFTC:

Blythe Masters, head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s commodities division, is joining an advisory committee of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said Steve Adamske, a spokesman for the regulator. Masters, 44, was invited by acting Chairman Mark Wetjen to sit on a global markets committee at the Washington-based regulator of futures and swaps, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Masters is scheduled to participate in a CFTC meeting on Feb. 12 to discuss cross-border guidance on rules, the person said.

We’re sure that Ms. Masters will make her first task consulting to the CFTC about the need to open up a 4th investigation into silver market manipulation.

Folks, it takes alot to stun us here at SilverDoctors. 
We are simply speechless. 

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    • Pretty funny actually…ya can’t make this stuff up….fox guarding the hen house, huh? It’s not like the CFTC was worth more than a fart anyway….and ya gotta feel like the ‘Client’ has to be pleased…

    • Agreed, until there is a physical delivery default or none avaiable they are simply going to keep playing the same games they have always played. It is a little disheartening though to see the amount of corruption and BS that exists today.

  1. This HAS to be another one of those hacked headlines, right?
    Well, look at it this way folks.  The members of the CFTC were/are pretty useless as they were marginalized by the tacit governmental approval of their non-action.  If Blythe Masters really is taking this job, then actually, that non-action may not be a bad thing.  At least it keeps her where she can’t do anything dangerous!!!.  Blythe Masters relegated to a do-nothing post.    HA!   Like raining bankers (from another post here)  ANOTHER WET DREAM!!!!  Perish the thought!  Two in ONE day!  Wow!  It’s BONANZA TIME!!!!   Now, if only it could be reported that Jamie Dimon has been found dead on the sidewalk, electrocuted by a malfunctioning Chase ATM, I’d surely be in HEAVEN with a TriFecta!!!

  2. Obama gets peace prize …
    Blythe gets a regulators throne …
    Why the heck did they kill Osama Bin Laden? He would have made a great Counter Terrorism Tzar … did they ever think to simply offer him a job? … or maybe he was working for ‘them’ all along. (R.I.P Seal Team 6)
    Is her job within the CFTC going to be that of a fox trying to catch the foxes trying to raid the hen house? or is her job going to be as an insider collaborating with the foxes on how they avoid CFTC reach in order to prevent them getting caught? … you know, bad PR for Anglo-American firms is bad for the Empire overall.
    @Ranger … Concubine … classic! ;P

    • “Counter Terrorism Tzar!!” ROFLMAO!!!! That’s RICH!!! Just remember though, he once WAS on the US payroll… hell, probably his family’s still collecting the survivors benefit!

      Osama’s been in the freezer since 2001.  They only killed him on May Day 2011 again, this time with public flourishes because 5 days earlier they posted the most phony long-form BoBo birth certificate that Photoshop could fumble into existence on and it was already starting to be ripped apart and ridiculed as the phony POS it was!!!!  Hell, they didn’t even have the sense to flatten the damned layers!!!!  How STUPID could they get???
      “Oh Crap!  That didn’t work!   Quick, we need a diversion!!!!”  “OK, let’s do the Osama feint.”  “But, that was supposed to be the October Surprise!”  “Yeah but if we don’t pull the trigger now, we ain’t gonna make it to October!!!”
      Personally, I think the people who did that birth certificate must have been the same folks they commissioned to do the website.

  3. HEY EVERYBODY   Blythe is NOT going to go to the CFTC  She is withdrawing from that postiion.  Furious Twitter feed forced that decisions
    I think the Silver Doctor Irregulars helped with that effort

  4. Wow. This is next level horseshit. Everyone who knows anything about JPM and Precious Metals knows how tainted Blythe Masters is. FFS are they even trying to hide their cards anymore?
    We really are at their end game aren’t we.

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