JP Morgan has given the axe to 3 execs over its $2 billion (again, which our sources have informed us are closer to $100 billion) credit default swap losses.

The 3 scape-goats include Achilles Macris, head of the Chief Investment Office  (rather ironic is it not that the man who is responsible for the department that may have brought down JPMChase is named Achilles?), Ina Drew, head of risk-management (sounds like a tough job with a firm that holds over $90 Trillion in derivatives positions), and Javier Martin-Artajo, a managing director on Achilles’ team.

The Great Whale himself, Bruno Iksil has reportedly not been given the axe yet, but is expected to be given a pink slip in the coming days. From the WSJ:

Three high-ranking officers are expected to leave J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. this week, said people familiar with the situation, in the latest fallout from a trading blunder that has cost the bank at least $2 billion.


Those leaving are Ina Drew, who since 2005 has run the risk-management unit that is responsible for the losses; Achilles Macris, who is in charge of the London-based desk that placed the trades; and trader Javier Martin-Artajo, a managing director on Mr. Macris’ team, the people said.


Ms. Drew has offered to resign multiple times and that request will likely be accepted this week, these people said. She is expected to leave as soon as Monday, the people said.


Trader Bruno Michel Iksil, nicknamed the “London Whale” for the big positions he took in credit markets on behalf of the risk-management unit called the chief investment office, is likely to depart as well, but it isn’t yet clear when that will happen, said people familiar with the situation. Mr. Macris, Mr. Martin-Artajo and Mr. Iksil have all been stripped of trading responsibilities, added one of these people. All four executives declined comment through the company.


Ms. Drew initially tried to downplay the issues when the positions came to light in April, said people familiar with the situation, but once the scope of the losses became apparent she offered to resign, said people familiar with the situation.

Our sources have confirmed The Doc’s suspicions that the CIO unit’s massive losses are a result of IR swaps tied to the US 10-year, which have suddenly tightened from 2.3% to 1.8% over the past 2 months.
Our sources have also informed us that The Morgue has already SUSTAINED LOSSES OF OVER $100 BILLION on these positions.

We’ve always known JPM’s nearly $100 Trillion position in derivatives, and specifically its $70 Trillion in IR swaps would eventually take down The Morgue, but it is only too ironic that the leader of the office responsible for the losses is named Achilles.

  1. Ok to the JPM web surfing trolls run home to daddy. Tell him he needs to clean house some more. I think the wisselblowers will be all over the hall ways at JPM trying to save there a$$.

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  3. “Until the loss was disclosed on Thursday night, Drew was considered
    in the industry to be one of the best managers of balance-sheet risks.
    She earned more $15 million in each of the last two years.

    “Ina is
    an amazing investor,” said a money manager who knows Drew, but who
    declined to be quoted by name. “She’s done a really good job over a lot
    of years. But they only remember your last trade.” READ MORE

    This is like Firing the Evil Oil Speculator because you didn’t like high gas prices and expecting to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the very people that got JPM into this mess may be the only ones who might know how to get them out. What most people don’t understand about high oil prices is that it’s the speculators who can drive prices down just as fast.

    Imagine that you have a credit card company that suffered a breach of security from a hacker. Putting the hacker in jail without forcing him to devulge how he hacked you just transfers the problem onto someone who has insufficient background to pull you out of the mess.

    At some point you actually need the guy that started it all to get you out. He is unfortunately sometimes the one most knowledgeable about how to fix the problem.  

    I’m surprised Jamie didn’t keep these people around to get them out of the complex problem THEY created–especially if he didn’t have a handle on how complicated these trades are. He could have told them to focus on unwinding the trades–who knows, maybe their losses would be more contained. Instead, some new set of people now must attack this with less hands on experience specific to these positions.

    I think this only makes things worse even though the decision was designed to make things appear that Jamie is “doing something” about it.

  4. The morgue probably fired these three scapegoats to make it appear it was a one time deal.  It will look better when they ask for more money.  The three firings also gives more credibility to Doc’s sources.  I don’t see them firing three of their own crony capitalists over a couple billion but a hundred billion ya.  With as many idiotic moves the morgues made, they’ll be no one left to fire.

  5. Hey 2oz – I’m far from an expert on these matters, I’m sure others will elaborate and/or correct me, but from what I know unwinding a trade essentially means reducing your risk in a certain position to zero.  The easiest way to think about it is this; if you hold say a long position in stocks, the simplest way to reduce to risk exposure to zero would be to sell the entire position, or for a short trade you would buy back the entire position.  For certain stocks you can buy/sell puts/calls as well, but this is more of a hedge and to me wouldn’t fit the definition of an unwind.

    For more complicated financial instruments I can only guess and assume that unwinding involved completely selling long positions or buying back short positions.  Take a look at Zerohedge, they have some great but complicated analysis on this trade, but keep your financial dictionary handy.

    Bottom line is that if this trade hasn’t been completely unwound yet, I’m not sure how liquid the market is for these derivatives is, anyone else involved in the market or sensing opportunity and able to trade this market will be frontrunning the JPM trade.

  6. Thanks Mrgneiss. So, If they have to unwind, or sell their entire portfolio on this, and no one wants to take enough risk to purchase these positions, does this leave JP in a default scenario? And what of their stock holders?

  7. 2oz. My take on the “default scenario” is that not only is it possible, it probable. The market has moved away from real trading with the advent of all these crazy algorithms. As a result, because of the lack of liquidity, these HFT’s try to capture extremely tiny changes in security prices.

    In order to get any decent profits from trades, they must trade huge volumes. In some cases, as with Bruno Iksil’s trades, they need to exceed the total of their trading accounts(with leverage) so they can profit on little moves.

    The first rule of trading is to not let each trade exceed a small percentage of your total trading account. One day when the trade goes against you where you apply human reactions to loses, you’ll allow the trade to get away from you so that losses become unmanageable. This is what happened to the JPM trades. After all the technical analysis is exhausted, traders are still just people with human emotions.

    The unfortunate situation is that when incurring 100′s of billions of dollars on single trades, where the whole net worth of the company is on the line, to capture small spreads and tiny profits, your trade turns into a nightmare when things go wrong.

    Usually,lying about these losses multiply the madness by several times.  I’m sure we’ll hear soon about some cover-up investigation at JPM.

  8. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the HFTs all though a computer algorithm, are not completely separated from human biases. They are computer programs that are created by human actors. Therefore these programs can not capture profits in an irrationally behaving market, even if designed to do so b/c there are literally trillions of variables as soon as you have many traders with HFTs from different companies acting in their best interests. 

    It has not surprised me that this crack has occurred in the pot. We might not see too much more on this derivative loss b/c I believe the meeting Dimon had with Fed Bank of NY and BAC behind closed doors was precisely about this and precisely about extending a line of credit to JPM overnight. 
    Many scenarios could play out over the next few months but I believe this is the most important month for metals I have so far predicted that their attacks would occur in the beginning of May. It will either last till the end of May and HSBC et al will pick up the slack lasting until Operation Twist ends in June.

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