#AskJPM Announces Public Twitter Q&A With Vice Chairman, Hilarity Ensues

*Update 8pm: According to FT reports , JPM has just foreclosed on tomorrow’s #AskJPM event, stating: “#That idea back to the drawing board.”

We’re not exactly sure what JP Morgan was thinking when they came up with the PR stunt of having Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee take over The Morgue’s @JPMorgan handle for an hour for a public Q&A.
What we do know is that unless Mr. Lee’s secretaries and interns start submitting a few soft-balls, Jimmy is in for the longest 60 minutes of his life if these quickly going viral responses are any indication…

sic semper tyrannis


We doubt anyone is likely to top Banzai7′s submission:

Image courtesy Flickr:

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  1. I don’t have any questions for them.  Just action.  More Silver please. 

  2. My favorite comment so far:
    what gin pairs best with the tears of the unemployed?
    Quick! You’re locked in a room with no key, a chair, two paper clips, and a lightbulb. How do you defraud investors?

    “Jamie Dimon is not even qualified to shine Banzai7′s shoes with his Tongue”
    Thank you for the laughs, Doc.  I see we are not alone in having these sentiments towards the fraudulent banksters

  3. I liked    “When you say  ‘bang the close’ do you think about your mother?”

  4. More than the entertainment value, I am heartened to see so many people are at least somewhat aware.  The banksters have to be at least a little bit worried about the mass of anger that’s seething just below the surface and when it will erupt..
    Uncut Seattle @uncutseattle
    #AskJPM Do you ever feel the slightest bit guilty when elderly EBT users pay your $.75 fee to buy catfood for dinner?
    Amy Hunter @amy10506
    Are SEC regulators good in bed or do they just kinda lie there? #AskJPM
    Tea Junkie (Pleb) @TeaJunkie1
    Did you think you could control Twitter the same way you control the corporate media? #AskJPM
    Zane Zodrow @ZaneZodrow
    Is bribery of federal government officials counted as a marketing expense, or a legal expense?”  ,  #AskJPM
    The Three A’s @TheRealThreeAs
    #AskJPM can I borrow some cuff links for an upcoming trial? http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/1600335

  5. Gold and Silver in a bit higher Green tonight on London Futures.

  6. That could be fun if they actually do it :d

  7. Here is more preparation on “Last One Holding The US Dollar Loses,” in X22 Report by David. 
    #E214 http://youtu.be/KDKMBeT8J1s
    Episode 214

  8. I’ve had a question i’d like to ak.
    How much money per month, in the last year,  has JPM used on behalf of the Fed to intervene in the PM market?

  9. I don’t have a twitter account, but if I did…. I would ask him this:
    when the execution of bankers starts, would he prefer to be shot, hanged, or burned at the stake?

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