JP Morgan Going Long? This is a Sucker’s Play! – Bill Murphy

Bill MurphyWhile the Federal Reserve continues flooding the financial system with newly printed dollars and discussion of war between the U.S. and Syria continues, the only investments that have never gone to zero and have proven throughout history to preserve wealth through times of economic and political turmoil ironically continue to fall! In this exclusive interview*,  GATA chairman, Bill Murphy, explains why the prices of precious metals are falling and questions if JPMorgan Chase & Co. has really been investing in gold amid the most devastating and blatant gold price suppression scheme he has ever witnessed.

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  1. Only the Morgue’s clients are long and taking a beating. Can’t believe anyone still listens to those thieves.

  2. It is all paper, who cares anymore.

  3. Even Murphy admits the physical silver supply is there, that is why the price is at $22 oz today. 

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