Jon Corzine’s Son Found Dead at 31

Jeff CorzineWhether related or not, we suspect that speculation on the recent rash of banker deaths is about to substantially intensify as the NY Post has just reported that the Honorable Jon Corzine of MFGlobal fame infamy’s youngest son Jeffrey Corzine has been found dead at 31. 



According to reports, Jeffrey had not followed his father’s footsteps as a bankster, but had working as a drug counselor in California. 

Mr. Corzine is obviously devastated by this tragic loss,” said his spokesman, Steven Goldberg. “We ask that all respect his family’s privacy during this very difficult time.

Corzine had also recent launched a Photography website titled Jeffrey Corzine.

No details of the death are known yet so we will refrain from making any comments at this time, but we doubt that will stop SD readers from commenting and speculating.


  1. Karma, period.  What goes around, comes around.  Ol’ Jon has made millions suffer unbelievably.  now its his turn.

  2. You know that if people don’t quite obey the hints they receive, not they themselves are killed, but loved ones. To make clear who’s boss. Sons of whistleblowers are prime targets, even to be accused of something bad, humiliating. Like the cinema shooter, son of huge whistle blower. And there are more.

  3. brings to mind a Kurt Vonnegut quote about a man who never asked to be born anyway.

    Dead in mexico of what appears to be a suicide… but lets not bother to post that and just let the readers speculate, that will be a lot better

  4. Here we go, more tin hat theories will be coming out. Lol Hell I should have saved that for the Silver Recliner Report and had a seance. Keep Stacking

    So sad! only 31! doesn’t matter if his DAD was a son of a bitch!, maybe he never got the chance to see the beauty that this world can bring!
    either way… here’s Polly

    • +1

    • I was somewhat disturbed at the glee with which many zerohedge readers exhibited over this. Jon Corzine deserves to get something biblical hung on him, no question.
      I would draw the line at the loss of a child though. Firstly, I have no idea if his boy inherited his black heart. It didn’t sound that way. He was a drug counselor so perhaps he had demons he was dealing with and I would not judge that. Moreover I have no idea if Corzine’s wife or this young man’s siblings deserve this.
      Secondly, being a father, the loss of one of my kids is more than I could ever bear and it isn’t anything anyone should go through. Like most normal and well adjusted parents presumably, if it meant my kids having a full life I’d die in a second with a smile on my face and my eyes open. A couple years ago my son ( then 2 ) had a febrile seizure and at the time I thought he had died in my arms as I looked into his empty eyes. Thinking about it now I can only weep.
      Jon Corzine is a motherfukker but I would think that part of what separates us from him is a modicum of humanity which would include not cheerleading the death of someone who probably was not in any way complicit in his father’s crimes.

    • I’m with you guys. Let’s have some decency. Many of those gloating over this on Zero Hedge are bankers and traders. All they know is dog-eat-dog.

      Rise above it.

    • Well said @Canadian Dirtlump.  I could not agree more.

  6. Enough.  
    The man has lost his youngest son.
    My heart goes out to him and his family.

  7. Evil begets more evil…

  8. whooof   Wrapping my head around this one, I’ll need more information.  The reason for the son’s death will tell us more. 
    But this is pretty strange.  Corzine had legions of enemies.  

    • Sadly my first guess is perhaps the young man had some demons which got the best of him. Given MFG is in the rearview mirror now, my sense is that this wasn’t some form of divine retribution and since the guy wasn’t a banker apparently, the link to the spate of other bankers biting it isn’t there.
      But who knows.

  9. Corzine ripped off millions of dollars from many, many people.  I always wondered if some of those whom he ripped off were Russian Crimelords or mafia bosses and if, when they figured out that he was above the law, they would come for him and administer their justice directly.  Perhaps this is it?  Then again, perhaps not, it’s been a pretty long time now…

    • With the masters he serves, do we even need to look at the might of his enemies? 
      They may well have set him some deadline, “or else”.
      There’s still a use for him, so they’ll take his family members one by one. He’ll do a better job now.

  10. It will be interesting if further information of Jeff Corzine’s death shows foul play. SD readers, keep us informed on any further information.  

  11. Sins of a father mustn’t be visited upon his offspring for retribution of him. Yet, this isn’t a rule for the most amorally despicable in our midst. Whether directly or indirectly connected to MF Global, I won’t be a bit surprised to eventually learn of such connection.

  12. It’s all so Machiavellian.
    Since this young man did no one any harm (that we know of) his death is as tragic as anyone else’s.
    The Corzinator probably carried millions in life insurance on him.
    RIP, Jeffrey.

  13. The reason we are not to judge others, even the very  worst amongst us, is simply because GOD creates vessels for honour and vessels for dishonour, we  all have a beast within us capable of the most  despicable evil given the circumstances, to understand self is to come face to face with this beast ,
    You can not flee what you can not see!

    This realm/age we are scattered into  was created for us to take on flesh/corruption and by  this knowledge of good&evil which the dividing/duality of will ultimately brings our souls to a desolation which will bring about a  turning back {repentance} to ONE singular, which can be depicted as  1-2-1

    { “GOD not sharing his glory with another” } It is in our re-gathering we will be in the image of GOD/perfection

    It  is assumed by theologians that  we were created perfect and in GODS image back in the creative weak,  and Adam by his fabled “free will” brought about his and  our fall from perfection/GOD ?

    HOWEVER  when GOD made the firmament ” it was so” when GOD gathered the waters into one place so the dry land would appear  ”it was so” and “it was good” when the earth  brought forth grass, herb with seed , trees with fruit “it was so” and “it was good” when GOD made the stars and planets “it was so” and “it was good” when GOD created the moving creatures with life, within the waters “it was good” and when GOD created the living creatures   upon the land “it was so” and “it was good” BUT when GOD created man there is no mention of this being “so”  and neither did He  say “it was good”, simply because we as spiritual beings are passing thru this realm and our physical creation is but a means to an end which is a beginning, thus our creation is fit for purpose, hence when GOD saw everything He made “it was very good”.

    The wisdom of GOD is a great mystery but have no fear for Jesus  overcome this world and has providing a path back home for all men, and to say He has not is to rob GOD of His glory   ……………………………… 

  14. Given MFG is in the rearview mirror now
    Only thing i’d say about that is justice for some people doesn’t have a timetable. Not saying there was anything nefarious about his death but that doesn’t mean its not related to his dads ventures. Michael Hastings got death threats for years so when he died in that fiery wreck it makes one wonder if it was one of those old threats come to fruition.

    • @BetterThanNoSN
      “Given MFG is in the rearview mirror now”
      Yes, the MFG event is long past but the wreckage of people’s lives who depended on what was stolen from them, not only in amount but in time / opportunity cost, likely continues.  It is a festering sore on the financial body of any number of people who were cheated and robbed.

  15. Ever done some business under the table? Ever been dishonest on taxes? Ever flirted with a married woman or had an affair? Ever look at porn?
    You are all guilty sinners before God and you have all hurt others in your lives.
    How would you like it if those you hurt gloated over you when if you lost a child?
    Grow up and have a heart, even if “banksters” don’t.

    • Excuse me Chaplain, but this is W A R, and it’s an ugly INFORMATION WAR!
      So pick up a proverbial weapon or get out of the way.
      Thanks sir, see you at Vespers and I’ll save you a seat.
      Bless you.

    • I’m with Proverbs1616. 

      I have compassion for all of Jeffrey’s family, including his father.

  16. Gee.
    Just like Bernie Madoffs son was Arkancided…..they now……..
    Awwwww, never mind.
    And the Sheople go baa-baa-baa baa.

  17. This was retribution, plain and simple. A lot of pizzed off cattleranchers in California.  The son was an easier target than the father, and more convenient.  Jon should think about doubling his bodygaurds., cause it ain’t over,IMHO.

    Except when you steal our money!

  19. XC Skater said…  “You know that if people don’t quite obey the hints they receive, not they themselves are killed, but loved ones.
    This is just one of the many ways Mr. Putin keeps Russia’s influential people kowtowing to him.

  20. I’ll repeat what needs to be repeated….KARMA!  Plain and simple!

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