willieFinancial newsletter writer, Dr. Jim Willie, has a bleak warning for America.  Willie says, I don’t think the United States is going to be killed as the host.  I think it’s going to be bled to death and harvested for its organs, and done so by China.”  Dr. Willie explains, The Chinese will drain this nation and all the Western nations of all their gold.”  Dr. Willie predicts,I have been saying steadily, not until the dollar has problems and the globe starts saying we’re not going to use it anymore, and we’re going to force a devaluation on you . . . that is when the dollar will hit Main Street and the U.S. economy with price inflation.  It’s coming this year. . . .This is the late stage, the very late stage.  Dr. Willie goes on to predict a big German bank will cause a string of bank failures, a domino effect of failed banks.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, When the big impact comes from the dollar global rejection, and when devaluation does take place, there will be three effects:  a jump in prices . . . food shortages and supply disruptions, the third is violence.  This is the year we have the currency explosion.”  Don’t think Obama Care is going to make things easier.  Dr. Willie thinks, “It will be 100 times the nightmare than you think it might be. . . . Obama Care is a big plan to track people, both their money and their bodies, like a bunch of herded animals.  This is going to manage death of the individual and manage death of the economy.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with The Golden Jackass, Dr. Jim Willie:

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  1. So this is the year of dollar devaluation.  I guess that sucks if you are all in on the dollar when this event occurs. China has 60% of Manhattan.  At least they paid fair market value for it. Why would we keep honoring business contracts with the Chinese while conducting a proxy war against them in South Sudan? We should have kicked the game board over on those pecker heads awhile back.  

  2. The Jackass calls it right.  He has called many, many things right.  His “PETRODOLLAR COLLAPSE” call that the SAUDIs would be the instigator was dead on.  They are working with 3 other nations to develop an oil currency.
    I really can’t wait until the whole manipulated mess, that is nothing less than one big illusion, collapses!!!  You know it will be the worst time ever in US history as 10s of millions will be hungry in the streets, rioting, killing, going nuts.  Hopefully the will learn that the market isn’t your friend and buddy, Warren Buffoon isn’t your grandpa and CNBC is the sales dept. of Wall St.  
    But most of all I hope they learn:

    • Ya gotta give Lindsey Williams credit for the Saudi turncoating by America.  Ken Fromm (Lindsey’s first elite ‘friend’ and contact) called that one first in the Spring/Summer of 2010 just before the Arab Spring calendar began.   “This campaign will begin early next year.”  He was told it would be Tunisia in January, Egypt in February, Libya in March (Ghadafi was more stubborn that expected and delayed them about 8 months) Bahrain, Yemen, and UAE disruptions in the April-June timeframe… Then Syria… the end result was to be Saudi Arabia, which would be double-crossed when the US figured it had established it’s own domestic oil sources and could afford to blow off the Saudis with a trashing of the treasury bonds.  The ‘public’ reason for this was to destroy regional opposition to a war against Iran,  but the more real reason was to be the demise of the petrodollar (meaning the US Dollar) as part and parcel of the takedown of the United States sovereignty. He observed that Kissinger’s overtures to the Saudis in the 70′s was to allow the US to get rich on the Middle East oil, while paying for it with what they knew, even then, would ultimately prove to be worthless paper.

      Cashonly, listen to Willie again… he didn’t say the Saudis instigated (or are doing so) the petrodollar collapse. What he said was they are being forced into alliances with other powers (China) now because the US betrayed them by not completing the effort to remove Bashir Assad’s regime in Syria and end the Gazprom pipeline threat. As I said above, the globalists have had the strategy to betray the Saudi’s for over 40 years now. It was the CIA-MI6 (globalist arm) that has sponsored and orchestrated the Mideast turmoil of the Arab Spring all enroute to returning the camel jocks to their sand dunes. We used them to get rich off of for over 40 years, now it’s time to dispose of them.

  3. There is an unknow, independant (not linked to Wall Street) rating agency, Egan-Jones, witch degraded the 17 April 2013 the Germany rating with negative outlook, that then lost it’s AAA.
    Previously, always when  Egan-Jones degraded a country rating, more or less 1 year later the other agencies (Standard & Poor’s etc…) followed  Egan-Jones.  The 17 April 2014 will be the next step. If troubles come from Germany (that is the Eurozone main engine), that will be the biggest surprise, and  from where nobody was expecting coming from.

    • This is supposedly a big part of Mario Draghi’s “We’ll do whatever it takes.” strategy to keep the European monetary/debt disaster off the radarscope for now… they know DeutscheBank is bankrupt and that Germany has been plundered in the name of the solidarity of the Political state of the EU.  It began with the bailouts in Southern Europe…. necessary to keep the Dream of the showcase “EU” together, but Germany is, despite the propaganda, in very poor shape at the moment.
      And to add insult to injury, “They AIN’T GOT NO GOLD NEITHAA!!!!”

    • The reason you dont hear much from Egan Jones these days is because they had the balls to down grade the USA and the USA took them to court and have a order against them for a year I think that they can not mention anything about the USA  rating . . They and the chinese are the 2 you can tell the truth , the others are paid by the banks to rate them , so you know you will never get the truth from those folks

  4. Only problem with ‘ol JW’s prediction is that, well… he has been saying the same thing for the last 2 or 3 years. Will be be right (ie: vindicated) in the end – sure he will. But it’s a matter of timing…. it could happen this year, next year or 3 years down the road.

  5. We know this will happen but the ‘when’ of it is unknown to anyone, even those with their fingers on the trigger.
    I’d rather be 2 years early, as would anyone talking about this, than 1 day late.  Willie was wrong about Morgan Stanley going broke. They were rescued by QE buying up bad mortgages, the primary thing that would have caused MS to bankrupty. He was wrong about the USD 10 yr rate gong to 1% but it did hit about 1.40%  If this rate goes over 3% for long that will be a disaster.
    Willie has been right about much of these disasters and uses a solid math to affirm his pronouncements
    One more story for preppers
    The contamination of the West Virginia water supply has two back stories**

    Maxsilver  Egan Jones has a knot jerked in its tail by Hollande.  The best rating service is the Chinese rating agency Dagong  In October they dropped the US to A minus.  They are being generous
    Once the large rating agencies are found to be dupes and pawns, this agency will call the tune and the tune now is the US bonds are close to junk status.
    **People did not stock water.
    The chemical is used to clean coal. 
    False Flag?  Maybe. 
    Another way to damage the coal industry? Count on it
    Obama’s next news conference.
    “Oh boo hoo hoo, look at all the damage this spill caused. We have to destroy the coal industry so this never happens again.” Fuggedabout the jobs lost.
    That’ll be the next talking point of this spill.

    • “False Flag?’
      Probably not.
      I am saying this because I work at a decrepit industrial facility and we are constantly dealing with failures of old equipment & roofs that are literally falling in.  A breach in the wall of an old, riveted tank, due to corrosion, does not sound too far-fetched to me.
      Having said that – there is no reason why O’Bummer won’t try to milk this disaster to serve his purposes.

  6. Last thought
    Willie is dead bang on with Obamacare
    If the Chinese get their policy hooks into this nightmare, then yes, we will be fodder for wealthy Chinese demand for fresh organs to replace those damaged by pollution, smoking and Fukushima.  Extreme? 
    We use the Chinese prisoners as our organ banks today, provided by the Red Chinese Army’s medical system.
    It’s called transplant tourism.
    A new heart goes for about $150,000.  Google that.
    Connecting the dots.We owe the Chinese about $1.3 trillion. What will the Chinese debt goon squad demand as repayment?
    We have a large prison population run, in part, by for-profit corporations.  How do you juice the bottom line? farming out the gulag zeks as slave labor.  Body parts are harvested and sold when the prisoner can’t work any more.
    How do you keep the prisons filled.  Debt slaves will be incarcerated for crimes that heretofore were discharged by bankruptcy.  Student loan default, chronic late payments, defaulting on credit cards or auto loans, nonpayment of taxes, non payment of health care bills. 
    The Red Army used to execute prisoners then bill the family for the cost of the bullet.
    Does this like this could only happen in other counties
    Tick Tick Tick
    Since my giblets are in good working order despite being 61-ish, this does concern me. I watch my own back today

  7. Mammoth  I heard this was an ongoing problem with a leak that was not taken care of adequately. Once the measures to contain it failed, the flood of chemicals was on.   It was a slo-mo train wreck that happened due to bad policy  Anything more than that is speculation but it does tie into the theme of false flags if it was let go to make a point
    Keeping with the theme that 25% of the West VA population was subject to this contamination for 4-5 days is inexcusable. What would happen if this occured in a state with a huge head count?   FEMA was out in its usually inefficient manner, two days late and ill-equipped to handle this.  We are talking about water here.  This can be trucked on by the millions of gallons n very short order.  The people were without outside supplies of water for 2 days before relief came in.
    This may not have been a false flag but it was a good bit of disaster intel for this government monkeycrats–mostly on the effect of a disaster of this scale on the people.  Next time who knows what will happen and how it will be precipitated.   The end result will not be good

    • The FEMA response in WV has a precedent in the ‘eptness’ department… can anyone say “KATRINA?”  Heh heh, SURE YA CAN!!!!
      This is what makes me think that when they declare martial law and send FEMA down the streets of America, it’s gonna be one clusterfuck.  I can’t wait to see the film at 11!

  8. Jim Willie has some well thought out scenario’s that I would not be surprised if they came true eventually.  It is hard though to visualize many of the things he talks about currently since we seem to be treading water at the moment with no market shaking news coming out and gold in a holding pattern at these distressed prices.  In fact, gold could go even lower.  From where I stand, with no real dependable information sources to rely on, I have to remain skeptical about everything I read.  Jim Willie puts out interesting info.  I am waiting for more information to come forth though.

  9. Willie said, “dollar global rejection, and when devaluation does take place”
    The dollar seems to holding up just fine as the dollar index still remains over 80. The Euro, Yen, and Pound are in worst shape.
    The fact of the matter is that Jim has made hundreds of predictions in the past 5 years that NEVER materialized.  Yes, he called the housing bubble, but that’s about it.

    • @zman Willie has a list of predictions that have come true.  Could you make a list of some of the predictions that Willie has made in the past 5 years that have not come true?  I don’t believe it is hundreds.  If you can come up with a list of things he has predicted I bet you couldn’t think of more than 15 over the past 5 years that have no come true.  He has a fairly substantial list of predictions that have come true on his website.  Saying he has hundreds of predictions that have not come true is to say that Willie is a dud.  A dud he is not.

    • zman is a troll.  He continues to post glaringly wrong commentary or misleading lame-stream-news and constantly expects someone on this website to counter.  It’s a tactic used by debaters which makes me believe he’s being paid by a 3rd party. The other obvious elephant in the room is why would you constantly post on a website like Silver Doctors if everything you posted was silver negative and appears you have no interest whatsoever in the metal. It would be be like surfing and posting on opera websites but hated opera and would never attend one. It just doesn’t make sense unless you are being paid by a 3rd party.

    • @powerball
      “…The other obvious elephant in the room is why would you constantly post on a website like Silver Doctors if everything you posted was silver negative and appears you have no interest whatsoever in the metal.”
      It’s called CoIntelPro.

    • Zman is welcome to voice his opinion.  As far as the oracles go.  I don’t like it when the so called guru’s make short term predictions that don’t come true anymore than anyone else.  Lets use Jim Sinclair for example.  Remember when he made his famous buy gold now at 1600 prediction?  Last March-April time frame?  He was dead wrong and it hurt his reputation.  I don’t know why they make these kinds of predictions.  You will notice that Sinclair does not make these kinds of predictions any longer nor does he appear any longer on KWN.  Lindsay Williams is going to have to learn that lesson as well with his GCR prediction in 90 days.  That is going to hurt his reputation also.  Zman’s predictions are worth about as much as mine.  Worthless.  Jim Willie gives us good food for thought and his predictions, while not always timely, will eventually come true.  I do think he is making a mistake this year by putting times on his predictions.  John Williams made the same mistake.  Global Reset is going to come when we least expect it.

    • (Warning: Long one!) Let’s understand that this issue of time predictions has it’s own dynamic.  The globalists in charge of this whole NWO thing have a general plan and an ideal timetable from which to execute their plans.  But, let’s realize how many 10′s of millions of man hours have been spent by these people on their dime in the think-tanks of the world war-gaming and mapping strategies and all manner of permutations and alternative scenarios.  A lot of what we are seeing in the world today is, to me, not unlike a game of chess. Only it’s played on a board of many many dimensions.

      For many years when the globalists had the MSM pouring their disinformation and propaganda into the minds of the masses, unimpeded by any opposing or exposing viewpoints, the globalist strategy had a relatively clear and direct path to their end goals… if you go back and look at the history of this whole morass, you will find that the farther back you go up to about 25-30 years, the shorter the expected time would be until we had Global Governance.  But, as time went on, it would be inevitable that, at some point, the people would start to stir and realize something was not right.  Then as the internet came online and increased it’s reach into the mass awareness stream, people started to migrate from the MSM to the alternative media arena… and an awareness began to develop of the NWO plot to enslave the world under One World Government.   Granted, this has been a painfully slow process, but this awareness is starting to pick up an accelerating momentum now.

      I posited some years back that the globalist calendar and timetable would follow a path of relative order until it reached a point where it was no longer possible to forward the agenda in complete secrecy.  Inevitably, as they went forward, the people would start to see effects of the plan which would make them sit up and pay attention. The result would be that their plans would have to pass through a period of CHAOS which, by definition, would deny the globalists any ability to plan or adjust from within.

      Well, now this process of bringing the world under global governance HAS progressed in a state of order for some years.  It is now reaching the point where a small, yet significant number of bright minds in the alternative media arena, are seeing the reality of things and have begun to get very loud.  The masses are awakening.  And as @AGXIIK so eloquently observed on another thread here recently, the process has advanced to a stage where ” My thoughts are more along the lines of any human system, no matter how smart or, worse yet, how intellectual, being able to control the hundreds, thousands or even millions of variables involved in their plans for domination…”  I call this stage in the globalist scheme of things the “CHAOS.”  It’s sorta like when the space shuttle returns to earth, there is that period where communication with Houston is disrupted…  control is lost for a period… and they just depend of the inertia of the shuttle to carry it to where it needs to be when communication and control is restored. And I think that we are in that CHAOS period on the Globalist timetable now.  The Globalists parry a rook on the chessboard… the feedback from the world system is immediate and dynamic as we respond to that input… kings bishop to n3 – CHECK! As Hillary Clinton lamented a couple years ago,  “We are losing ground in the information war.”  What she was saying is that first, the people are being informed, albeit for us in small numbers… but… more importantly, we are being informed in a manner that allows us to respond effectively… the more light we shed on the evildoing, the more resistance we are mounting to the smooth execution of their plans.

      Now, of course the multi-decade think-tank analysis of possibilities has most likely a solution for whatever response we can come up with, but the point is that now, we are actually active on the Chess Board with the globalists and their strategy is being met, move for move, with response and counter moves…  BRICS dollar alternatives, China accumulating gold, HUMANS acting in ways inconceivable to an ordered systen…  the Greek response to the Troika and Papandreou’s sellout of Greece to the bankers. When the people learned the truth, CHAOS ensued and the bankers lost control of the Greek situation.

      So now, the question for the globalists comes down to whether or not, while the system was ordered and predictable, they were able to create enough inertial momentum to push the whole system through the chaotic period and still have it come out on the other side of that chaotic period at least somewhere close to where they intended it to come.

      I say this business of predictions is a disclosure. But the very disclosure itself, forces the alteration of the original timetable. This business of making time predictions on stuff is the Knight to Knight 3 feedback response which, by it’s very existence, has the power to force the globalist timeline off its’ original schedule…. the time predictions might even simply be a means of saying to the globalists, “We KNOW what you are planning, and by giving the dates, YOU KNOW WE REALLY DO KNOW YOUR PLAN!”

      Here’s an example of how this MAY have worked…  Recently, there was a story of several nuclear weapons being taken from an arsenal in Texas.  The story was that perhaps a nuclear false flag was set to be perpetrated against America by…. whoever….   Well, Alex Jones broke the story of the missing nucs… and, right about that time, Lindsey Graham, the senator from South Carolina started screaming about the possibilities of a NUCLEAR attack near or in HIS HOME STATE!!!

      Well, let’s assume for a moment that this attack would have happened.  Can you imagine that. in this day, where the term ‘false-flag’ has almost made it into the lexicon of the masses. a nuclear 9/11 event could have happened here in the US without SOMEONE SOMEWHERE pointing to a report ahead of time on Alex Jones talking about two nuclear devices disappearing from a US nuclear storage arsenal???  Clearly if such an attack WAS in the works, it seems unlikely that we’ll see it now.

      So… in a way, we ARE in a dynamic dance with the globalists.  They parry, we respond and expose them.  I remember when Bob Chapman and I would talk each week for over 3 years from mid-2009 until he died in June of 2012, he was always optimistic that WE, the free people of the world, were WINNING.  And, as time went on over that 3 year period, he become more and more optimistic as time progressed.  His thesis was that the globalists would not succeed in establishing World Government since the people were simply waking up too fast.  And, as he said, “What it really takes to destroy the NWO agenda is to expose their plans to the light of day.” In the meantime, we do have the power to force them off their ideal plans. And THIS power increases every day. Maybe one day, we will be able to throw them off so badly that the whole thing collapses in on them… in the meantime, we keep sticking them every chance we get…

      Willie made an interesting point when he was asked about when the GCR might happen. He suggested that things are now always taking longer than we expected to happen. I say that is, at least in part, because, by exposing their actions, we are forcing the globalists to parrot the line from Boris Batenov of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame, “CURSES!! FOILED AGAIN!”

    • Iam about 50/50 on my smack down predictions, usually right it will happen but have been off by 2 days a few times. Only other prediction I make is the US is screwed and a walking corpse…

  10. Newsflash!
    First Day 2014 Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Reach 3,180,500
    This year’s opening day sales came in lower than the prior year, when authorized purchasers had ordered 3,937,000 coins on the first day of availability.  In 2012, first day sales totals had reached 3,197,000.
    So, we are back at 2012 demand levels for ASE’s.  Let’s see how  the media spins this into damning evidence that Silver demand has cratered…
    http  :/  /news.coinupdate.com/first-day-american-silver-eagle-bullion-sales-3104/

  11. and another thing, Dammit   What if that spill was engineered to cover up a much worse spill.  A spill of radioactive tritium and other nasty stuff concealed in plain sighte while everyone goes nutzo about the toxic chemical spill that riveted our attention for 5 days. Film at 11. Nothing to see here. Don’t drink the water

  12. I never make any predictions, I try to analyze what is happening today.
    As far as Willies incorrect predictions, let me see-  Dollar crash?  No.   Euro split up? No.  Bank failures?  No.  Foreigners selling US debt?  No.  Gold shortages?  No.   Comex default?  No.   End of petro dollar?  No.    Derivatives issues?  No.    The lost goes on and on.

    • “The lost goes on and on”.
      Well, you got that right. No bank failures or derivatives issues? Bear Stearns, Lehman, MF Global and the London Whale ring a bell? FFS zman, quit trolling like we’re a bunch of dummies here.

    • “Bear Stearns, Lehman”    Please, we are talking post 2009 stuff here.  The fact of the matter is, since the collapse, all of these dire predictions never materialized.    “MF Global and the London Whale”    So what?     It doesn’t seem to concern very many today. 

    •  “MF Global and the London Whale” So what? It doesn’t seem to concern very many today.
      Within the MSM it does not concern very many. NONE, Actually! But who believes the MSM?  

    • I am brand new to posting on Silver Doctors but I have been reading the site for years. Also I am up to my eyeballs with CEF and many gold and silver junior stocks. zman’s opinions on the gold and silver markets are correct if you are managing money professionally for others since taking positions in precious metals has been a “falling knife” experience. If you are accountable to your investors you cannot use a “black swan” event as your rational to make a 5-10% allocation to PM. However, if you are only accountable to yourself, you can use the following logic:1. we live in a shit happens world 2. the fed can easily lose control of the economy with Q.E. having a much lesser positive effect with rising interest rates and purchases rising 100 plus billion /mo.3. the business cycle kicks in and we have a recession within our current depression. 4. bank failures and government defaults in Europe, by large nations, France, Italy, or Spain. 
      The guru’s will all try to take visionary credit if one of the above happens but their timing sucks right to the last man. Reference Turk, St.Clair, Maguire, Leeb, Embry, Sprott, Celente (white shoe boy),and Willie. To move forward on a positive note, we need more evidence on the above to induce speculators. The rise could be significant since PM are mostly in strong hands after this bear market.

    • @goldensax
      Good to hear from you!
      AFAIK, NO ONE is a Financial Adviser here at SD, so taking the stance you outlined with clients is not likely their position. Unless Zman is an investments Professional LOL? HUH, @zman? Are you?
      I take a similar tactic when I speak with sheeple, as you outline above. I just try and make them think, which is darn near impossible :D
      Horticulture… use that in a sentence please!
      “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her THINK”
      He’ll appreciate that line  ;)

    • @goldensax
      “… zman’s opinions on the gold and silver markets are correct if you are managing money professionally for others since taking positions in precious metals has been a “falling knife” experience. If you are accountable to your investors you cannot use a “black swan” event as your rational to make a 5-10% allocation to PM…”
      Managing money for others is a business where your performance is about all that counts.  Brokers and investment advisors fly or die on their performance, measured every year, year over year.  If they don’t produce above average returns, they are fired or they starve to death.  That game is not about protecting the client aside from simply making sure they will last long enough to continue to swallow your book and boost your commissions.
      The failure to call black swans and prepare for their appearance and the consequences of same is what caused customers of these financial advisors and brokers to lose many tens of billions of dollars in net worth in 2008 and early 2009.  Yes, PM’s have been the falling knife in the past couple of years, but it should be noted that few brokers and financial advisors are as the honorable samurai.  For if they were, they would know that, in failure, falling on their sword, it would be the RISING Knife that kills them.

  13. However these (predictions) come to pass, today, tomorrow, next week, next year, whatever, one thing becomes more clear every passing day:  The United States is going to be China’s BITCH, unless there is a very DRAMATIC change.  The possibility of that is becoming remote, equally, by the day.

  14. willie does not give dates for his predictions which is a smart move.One mistep and your credibility takes a huge hit.
    As far as his predictions he has been pretty accurate.
    There is only one person out there who I respect  more  that is Lindsey Williams..

  15. 1000 tons of gold out of London every month for at least a year???
    Did they ever have that much gold? That sounds very, very hard to believe.
    Jim Willie, John Williams, John Embry… the list of highly knowledegable people predicting 2014 will be “the year” gets longer and longer…. let’s see what happens!

    • The only guru claiming that 1000 tons per month is being sold to the east is Dr Willie.  I think that claim needs to be substantiated with more than he heard it from his “sources”.  That being said, I still enjoy Dr Willie’s opinions.  I think we are all adults here though.  If 2014 turns out not to be the year, no biggy.  We already know that the experts have been wrong for the last couple of years.  It will be a nice surprise to me if they are right.

    • When we hear numbers like this from commentators like Willie, it’s not only hard to believe, but even harder to verify, as are most all financial indicators from major/central banks. The same happened in 2013, when Karen Hudes was talking about a stash of “secret” Fed gold in Hawaii. There’s virtually no way, aside from additional whistleblowers, that any of this information can be readily confirmed.
      That being said, it should most certainly be considered. We all know paper PM markets are heavily manipulated, but every analyst I’ve listened to, from Willie to Sprott to Celente to Williams, is utterly flabbergasted at how long this manipulation has gone on. It’s easy to say, “The banking cartel is just that powerful!” but it would most certainly be an intellectually lazy response. There HAS to be a quantitative reason, with reserves being drained faster than ever and price smackdowns still coming so liberally.
      The only one I can think of, that is, again, virtually impossible to substantiate from where we all sit, is that there’s simply more above-ground gold and silver than we’re being told.

    • @poliokeeper
      “…The only guru claiming that 1000 tons per month is being sold to the east is Dr Willie.  I think that claim needs to be substantiated with more than he heard it from his “sources”.
      From a report by Alex Stanczyk comes this:

      “…We met with the managing director of the largest refinery in Switzerland and spend about two hours talking to him, we learned some very interesting things. Whats going on in the gold market as far as the price, is I think very counter intuitive. Everybody understands, knows and believes the price should be higher than it is, but it isn’t. There’s confusion in the marketplace, and there are two reactions; the reaction in the west is fear, confusion and uncertainty; the reaction in the east is buying. Now, this gentleman we were talking to probably has a better idea of physical gold flow than anybody else globally. He sees what is coming from the mines, he sees what is coming from the UK, and all over the world, as well as where its going. He indicated the price didn’t make sense because he has got so much fabrication demand. They put on three shifts, they’re working 24 hours a day, and originally he thought that would wind down at some point. Well, they’ve been doing it all year. Every time he thinks its going to slow down, he gets more orders, more orders, more orders. They have expanded the plant to where it almost doubles their capacity. 70 % of their kilobar fabrication is going to China, at a pace of 10 tons a week. That’s from one refinery, now remember there are 4 of these big ones [refineries] in Switzerland…” <—This is 160 mt per month or about 1900mt/ yr JUST FROM THESE 4 REFINERIES…

      Jim Rickards has also confirmed the numbers expressed by the same director in another article I saw…
      The notion that China is taking in anywhere under 2000 tons from imports is virtually implausible from many anecdotal sources.  And this doesn’t account for their production of around a reported 400 tons from within their own borders.

    • As Good a place as any to insert this, but CHINA is buying as much as they can from Africa.
      A friend of mine since 1995 has married a girl from Ghana. Their reported sell price is ~$400/ozT
      after it is refined locally. So you cannpot tell me China is all over that, and furthermore, there is
      still room for the prices to be shoved DOWN from the $1200 range. But it should stabilize around
      the average of ~1200 and ~400 (weighted of course as I suspect Africa accounts for well under 25% of world output)

  16. The integrity of an analyst is not based only on correct predictions but admitting when one’s calculations are incorrect. I find this much more validating. Timing Counts as well! Otherwise we look like a bunch morons who waiting to get raptured into bullion heaven for the Second Coming of Gold based on a prophecy of corrupt goverment. Have some kool-aid with that stackin’
    There are no trolls here, just frustrated PM investors who have been listening to same story for many years and are starting to wonder if charlatan whistle blowers are charlatans themselves. I trust nobody and especially when the arguments are one sided to an extreme. If anyone, a PM investor should understand this. To cling to every piece of bearish news in the world is ridiculous. 

    • @kintama
      OR Bullish.
      I get your point.
      SD is better than you have outlined, but there is a influx of new SD’ers who are frustrated investors.
      There is also a growing level of impatience amongst the old timers. That is what you are seeing lately.
      I am sure you can find a more level-headed attitude from some of those more seasoned stackers.
      Most of which have been here longer than I have.

    • “There are no trolls here”
      LOL. I have been battling trolls on several PM sites for 5 or 6 years. They are all over the internet. You are sadly mistaken.

    • @Bay of Pigs
      Hey Piggy, I thought you were on VACATION?
      I’m with you, a troll does not have to be a Mama-cass sunstein to exhibit trollish behavior.
      There are unpaid trolls as well!
      “If it walks like a troll, quacks like a troll… :D”

  17. Sovereign Economist 
    That was a first rate post worthy of its own SD byline
    This fight is intergenerational.  We have to fight with the front foot forward, leading with the left jab and right cross. 
    Defense never wins in this war.  We must to keep the enemy on their back foot, constantly moving to their blind side.
    Never go against an alternative news Sicilian when truth is on the line
    If the main stream media tries tells you life is not pain, they’re selling something.  They’re selling you their version of the painless way to slip easily  from this mortal coil. 
    Dylan Thomas said it best—’Do not go gently into that good night’   That has real meaning in this fight
    In the kingdom of the blind Oligarchs the one-eyed men can see. 
     They’re trying the  “By The Book Old School Bob and Weave’, using  small ball tactics, thinking we will fall for their B Game MOPE. 
    People are waking up. 
    This fight will never end until the disinfectant of bright light burns out the the disease of the NWO. 
    Roll over a rotten log to  expose the maggots. They die.
      If nothing else, we need to continue paying it forward in the name of voices like Breitbard, Chapman and their confederates.
    I post, therefore I am.

  18. @AGXIIK
    “..If nothing else, we need to continue paying it forward in the name of voices like Breitbart, Chapman and their confederates.”
    By God, I TRY to do that every day… even as those are some really big shoes to fill…  I miss Bob a great deal, he was a wonderful friend…
    There is a story I must share with you all…  Back in November, I went back to visit with his family.  While there, I went to his resting place to pay my respects.
    I sat there and began something of a monologue with him… as I used to do when we were starting our shows together.  The ‘monversation’ went on for awhile.  Eventually, I got around to talking a bit about what was happening in the world today and what was likely to happen in the future and how hard it would be on people when the system finally succumbed to all the globalist destruction.
    I asked him rhetorically how bad HE thought things would get…  “What do YOU think, Bob?”  I looked skyward as if waiting for an answer…
    About twenty seconds later, I saw, to the west and moving in toward the mausoleum, a flight of about 80 to 100 turkey buzzards approaching out of the light of the sunset. I’ve never seen so many at one time before…  As they approached the mausoleum, they began to circle, gliding on the drafts, wings mostly still, in a slow and ‘synchronized’ manner.  There was dead silence as this flock (what’s the collective noun for turkey buzzards?) [Oh Crap... for turkey Vultures, it's a WAKE! /se.]  circled overhead in a near perfect vortex…. about 75 feet off the deck.  They stayed for about a minute and then, as if on cue, they broke their formation and moved slowly off to the east…
    I will never forget that moment.  I just shook my head.  “Damn Bob, I always thought you had a HELL of a sense of humor!  But this just says it all!!!!  The man was prophetic when he was alive…  seems he still is….
    As for my post being an article post on it’s own, I actually thought about that after I posted it up… I’d only change the beginning to set the context for the content.  I appreciate the compliment.  :)

    • Turkey buzzards are like circle flies.  You can’t fool them.  They have a great sense of smell for dead meat.  There’s lots of it in the east.

  19. By Bill Holter
    As you know, Germany has reported that 37.5 tons were delivered last year, which is about 50 tons shy of what was the announced plan last January and was expected to be delivered over the course of 2013. Peter Boehringer (Germany’s equivalent of GATA’s Chris Powell here in the States) asked many questions of the Bundesbank, the most central being: Why was this gold “recast” before being returned?
    As there has not been an audit of Fort Knox since the 1950′s, nor a bar list made public since this German gold was claimed to have been deposited with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York back in the 1950s, this is a can of worms that has already been opened and any “answer” will only lead to more questions.
    So why exactly would the gold need to be recast before sending it back?
    Never mind the obvious question that we’ve already asked. Why will it take up to eight years to send the Germans their gold?
    You see, gold has a “fingerprint.” Once it is refined down to 99.999 percent pure, the fingerprint is erased. For example, the “coin melt” that came from the 1934 confiscation has a fingerprint of 90 percent purity. The gold the Soviet Union was selling back in 1990 was 89 percent pure and had the czar’s stamp on it, which was a dead giveaway that they were out of gold (money). They collapsed within six months and it was foretold by this “fingerprinted gold.”
    For these 37.5 tons to be recast brings up the question: Where did it come from? Was this the original gold that was safe-kept? Or was the German gold leased out a hundred times over and is this gold being recast and returned from another source?
    Is this like the bank employee or even retail cashier who stole from the register with the intent of replacing it before anyone found out?
     This is a very legitimate question because we know for a fact that demand has outstripped supply for 20 years or more — and the supply had to come from somewhere, right?
     If the gold was held on an “allocated,” basis then the bars should at most need a feather duster to clean them up before shipment — unless they are not the same bars. There is no other explanation for this, as the New York Fed would have no incentive to go through the process of recasting (refining?) even an ounce if the Fed was shipping what was originally stored. Germany would not and should not expect its gold back in form other than how it was originally delivered to the New York Fed.
     I call “monkey business” on this one because there are just too many questions. The questions collectively all have the same obvious answers. All these obvious answers point to the same conclusion: The German gold that is being delivered is not the same gold that was supposedly deposited more than 50 years ago. That their 300+ tons (20 percent of the supposed total of Germany’s gold in New York) will take more than eight years to deliver means that it’s not just sitting in a corner collecting dust and waiting patiently to be delivered — it was mobilized and “used” years ago. The conspiracy wackos who used to be laughed at with their (our) farfetched questions and claims had merit after all — and all along the way!
     Please remember that even though this gold that has been delivered no longer has any fingerprint left to it, foreigners can (and will) eventually come to the obvious conclusion. The process may take longer and be far more complex and obfuscated than the Soviets delivering gold with the czar’s stamp on it, but the result will be the same.
    We live in an era where everything is supported by confidence, so how confident will anyone be if (when) it is known that the gold is long gone?
    This is a very serious question and is the core reason I have been screaming to buy gold for more than 15 years no matter what the price has been. Any price between $252 and $1,920 over the last 15 years has been too low by orders of magnitude. In my opinion you could add a zero to the prices of gold and silver and still possibly not have the price necessary to clear the market.
    We will not know exactly how much monkey business has already gone on until the music stops. Whatever levels gold and silver do finally settle out to when the dust clears will be an indicator as to exactly how much. All you need to do is read the questions that are being asked and then use common sense. Any and all questions speak to one thing: There has been fraud. Gold and silver in their physical forms are anti-fraud and will be priced accordingly after the revelation.
    Copyright Bill Holter, Miles Franklin Precious Metals Specialists, 2014

    • Silverdagger I read the post too  It is a game or dance  Germany made some lame excuse that they ordered the recast or did not care that it was recast.  The purity and nature of their gold should not have been an issue. But the fact is what when gold goes from the COMEX or LBMA to China it makes a pitstop in Switzerland for a refinement to the Chinese standard of purity .9999 and weight.  I think that is 1 kg bars.   No one trusts the bullion banks gold  It’s pretty clear why.
      These are not the bars you’re looking for. Move along.

  20. I do give JW credit for one part of the interview, he disagrees with John Williams about the whole “hyper-inflation” outcome.  Willie stated that dispite the massive QE programs and increasing money supply that none of that money has entered the general economy, and therefore no meaningful inflation.
    He also stated that inflation is NOT going to start anytime soon, more QE will not make any difference.  JW stated that the only way inflation would start up would be if the globe started to sell off the dollar.
    So I do agree with JW about this subject, a larger FED balance sheet makes no difference, since there is no velocity of money all of these inflationary fears are misguided at the moment.

  21. Smart folks don’t buy into Bullshit and if your leg gets pissed on, it’s really not raining at all. Without really saying, nothing new is really being said. What will be will be, but not anytime soon Jim Willie1

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