Dr. Jim Willie, financial writer and Editor of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “I’ve been getting overwhelmed in the last month or two at the plethora, the litany of signals the financial system is imploding.  U.S. dollar is in a sell-off.  Treasury bonds are rapidly losing their integrity . . . and both banking and military sectors losing their global leadership.”   Dr. Willie goes on to says,The U.S. dollar and its trading vehicle, the Treasury bond, are dead . . . we have extraordinary tactics in place to keep the system going because they don’t want all the big U.S. banks to die.”  Dr. Willie goes on to warn,Banks, bonds and currencies are all on the edge of collapse.”  Dr. Willie contends a global currency reset is coming.  What happens to the U.S. dollar and gold?  Dr. Willie predicts, 50% dollar devaluation . . . we’re going to see a doubling of the gold price overnight.”  Dr. Willie contends, The Treasury bond will be phased out and gold will be phased in.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie:

sic semper tyrannis



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  1. OK Dr Willie, are you going to provide a SPECIFIC TIMEFRAME?
    Will the devaluation happen in the next month? The next 6 months? The next year? Or the next 60 years?
    Without a SPECIFIC TIMEFRAME, Dr Willie’s prediction is nothing but hot air and completely pointless.

    • i prefer trigger point or chronological event than exact timeframe
      why ? because if we just rely on exact timeframe
      we cannot adjust our mind to adapt to the “next” condition
      just like Lindsey William … Jim Willie are not inform us with the exact “timeline”
      instead he inform us what are the “trigger”
      and how the event will take place

      sometimes few event will happened before “the bigger one”
      so we can “estimate” when the event take place

      it’s like… we have a bow and arrow that ready to be released…
      if we pull the “trigger” now
      we know for sure that arrow will fly to the target ( sometimes we can see that arrow flying )
      and the next few second we can sure if the arrow hit the target or miss
      by seeing if the target are down or not

    • Do you want a timing point so you can then come back and say – ‘Jim Willie said 3 months and it hasn’t happened – so he’s wrong’
      I’d hardly say Jim Willie is pointless. More likely you’re a troll?

    • @Tom… so don’t read or listen to him… now that was easy wasn’t it?
      Personally, while JW seems a bit unhinged at times he obviously has some interesting contacts and a great attitude on the vultures of finance.
      I would never miss one of his public articles, and the web casts are surely thought provoking, and just plain great entertainment… caught a two hour webcast (on background while working) a week or so ago and there was not a dull moment.
      Thanks for posting them all Doc.

      btw… to any who do not visit Ed Steers page at Casey Research for his matter of fact report on the previous days metals action, it is a must read (IMO)… and always seems to have at least one interesting link to a story of the day I would otherwise miss.


    • Tom to your question.  Cashin on KWN pulls out a Adam Smith quote about a party where the food and drink flow but everyone knows at any minute troops will burst in and there will be chaos but the problem is – “all the clocks have no hands.”  

  2. I don’t when USD devaluation is coming, but it most certainly is. Nobody knows exactly when this will happen except the elites who are robbing everyone blind right now.
    What I do know is that physical gold and silver remain hugely under owned and undervalued. That is a fact nobody can refute.

    • Indeed, Indeed
      I have to admit i really enjoy listening to JW and I cannot discount what he says.  There are many people running around pointing a lot of things that are coming unhinged before our eyes in this slow-mo trainwreck – Jim’s are by far the most intriguing and if true, the most disturbing.  
      I have to point out that the Iranians were at the nuke program long before the US cut them out of the SWIFT system which forced them to seek alternative settlements which has lead to gold coming back more strongly into the international settlement equation – as far as we know.   I have read that the Saudis have been getting gold as part of their account settlements due to their understanding the fiat equation.   Ever notice how you rarely hear of Saudi gold?   Odd don’t you think?   When you consider the millions of barrel they pump each year, the settlements are staggering.  Would you want some gold as part of the payment?    
      Back on point – Iran was accused of developing nukes long before they were forced off the dollar settlement system.   So on that point, I think JW is pushing his point past the history I recall on the matter.   But I still love listening to him.  (Don’t read him much – just enjoy his rants!)  

    • The ECB is throttled back by Germany and I do not blame the Germans one bit.  If the ECB starts buying large amount of useless PIIGS debt, the german people are being leveraged in the process due to the way the ECB is financially structured.   But notice how the media loved to make Merkel out to be almost evil and mean for not loosening the purse strings on the German people?   Forget the fact that she would have been voted out – it would not have been wise to underwrite debtors who are just going deeper into debt with no end in sight.
      On that JW is right – there has to be a reset of the global monetary system at some point, the US alone is on the parabolic part of the curve where its debts are out of control.  But we all know that.   

    • BTW Regarding the ECB dance with Germany – I got a good laugh when the proposed to buy some German debt as well.  LOL big concession to the German people – we will use some of your ECB obligations to buy some of your own debt…  But not nearly as laughable as the Fed buying US debt…its a perpetual funny money machine heading for a cliff.  

    • Hard to say what the Panama banking shutdown was all about but considering the secretive nature of governments, it is doubtful that we got the real story or even more than just a whiff of what was really going on there.  I really doubt that we’ve heard the last of it, though.  Like an iceberg, though, much remains below the waterline and out of sight.

  3. This morning I went to Provident Metals to check my status and the web site was down for maintenence.  This made me think of the possibility of the day (or night more than likely) that gold and silver crash that they are referring to next week.  There is no guarantee that purchases will be allowed if the prices were to plunge considerably.

  4. A question for those wiser than I, ???  Take a deep breath, a long question follows:  If gold and silver were allowed to reset to their true value or maybe even a bit higher, and the small amount of people who invested in it (1% – 2%) were allowed to make astronomical gains because of their gamble on the precious metals, would that not be the same as when a small amount of people bought Microsoft or Berkshire Hathaway when it was first offered and cheap, and now have a very nice gain on their investments?
    Once the metals were re-priced to reality, the world could get back on track and start over and there would be a certain small amount of people who made a lot of money in the process. What would be wrong with that? People and business would once more have a floor beneath them and know what their money was worth going forward. Those who had invested their money in the metals would be a minority and very well off just like at other times when people have made investments that paid off.
    The fact that some people have made a fortune in stocks or bitcoins does not bother or really affect me in any way that I can detect. I may wish that I had invested in those things but , oh well, life goes on. Do you get my drift here?
    The whole would be better off even if only a small minority happened to strike it rich. Money comes and goes and changes hands constantly throughout history, and this would just be another period in time, nothing more, nothing less. Business as usual. But to keep stalling and manipulating the metals is only prolonging the misery and destroying lives in all walks of life. To the Bankers and politicians: (((Release your manipulative grip on the markets and let the metals rise to their true and honest value))))

    • @mayeeden
      My thoughts are similar. Is it not just a wealth transfer.
      Presumably there will be PM Millionaires, and Billionaires. Jim Willie is effectively saying all fiat currencies will be devalued to PMs not each other (in relative terms). So holders of physical would gain. However I believe the longer they string this out, the more physical they wring from weak hands. This is an endurance game. They have unlimited paper to screw us with.
      The bottom line is that this cannot go on forever. Something runs out in the end. Patience, Faith, Available Physical Metal? How long is anyones guess. But pressure is obviously mounting.
      On your train of thought. What if PMs ramped up considerably overnight. A disconnect between paper and physical. Say Gold $10k, Silver $1k or even more! This would make it very difficult for the little man to get out.
      I’m intrigued too.

    • It would also re-liquify the banks to some extent.  JPM seems to understand this if Ted Butler’s observations are correct about JPM going way long gold after being way short.   Gold Sacks may have gotten the memo too when the put out their SELL GOLD report and then became one of the largest holders of GLD.

    • Yes, investment gains from buying PMs would be the same as any other investment gain, except that it would be much more heavily taxed.  Gold and silver bullion gains are taxed as “collectibles” and, as such, pay a 28% tax, unless held in a Roth IRA that isn’t taxed.
      “Once the metals were re-priced to reality, the world could get back on track and start over and there would be a certain small amount of people who made a lot of money in the process. What would be wrong with that?”
      From the perspective of TPTB, nothing is wrong with that… as long as the RIGHT people are the ones making ALL of the money.  Specifically, that would be THEM, not us.

    • @Jccjktj  >>>Jim Willie is effectively saying all fiat currencies will be devalued to PMs not each other (in relative terms). So holders of physical would gain.
      It seems to me that if in fact this is the plan (A Gold Revaluation and subsequent Fiat Devaluation of all western Fiat) then the smashing of the London and US Gold Markets from the high of $1800oz down to the present levels has been done and is being done as part of a deal with US Bond holders like China as payment for the devaluation in real terms of the Bonds themselves some point in the future.
      The London Fix and the Futures contracts being created out of thin air and dumped on the market to suppress the price is only aiding the Chinese and perhaps the Saudis, whilst the Western media is doing all it can to convince dumb white-skinned-round-eyes that their Fiat still has good standing and that Gold is a dead loss as an investment.
      If this is the case then the real losers are countries like South Africa and Australia that are now exporting ALL of their annual mined gold that isn’t consumed domestically at their Mints (like the Perth Mint) directly to China and a little to Singapore, and because they strap themselves to US and London finance they are exporting all of this national resource for a greatly discounted price from what it will very soon appreciate to. If South Africa and Australia were smart their Govt’s would simply create Fiat through their central banks and automatically buy up 100% of their own supply as Reserves and not export to China … but of course Australia and South Africa are almost totally subservient to the Western Imperial Commercial Empire (bought and sold politicians always do what their real masters order, and it isn’t the voters they work for). In effect US and London pilfering over the past decades are being made good through Periphery Neo-Colonial mining colonies just as was always the case under the British Empire, and also the early 1900′s American Empire with it’s sugar plantations in Cuba and Hawaii etc… not much has really changed in the last 100yrs.

      Jim Willie says: “GCR is a Grand Project towards a new Gold Standard”  …  or he is incorrect and there is NO plan and the only thing a devaluation would cause is a huge new World War … debt mountains always cause the big wars. WWII would never have happened without onerous reparations payments, and these new modern bailouts and China calling for their pound of flesh will be no different IMO… or he is correct and we are being sold out on a massive scale.

      Jim Willie says: “Chinese in a dollar devaluation want an offset in a Gold appreciation”… but because nobody knows where all the real Physical actually is, such a revaluation and announcement of a new Gold Standard would be a very risky proposition with countries like China maybe sitting on vastly larger stockpiles than we can imagine. The Chinese are like the worlds biggest ants nest with much more human labor at their disposal than any other country, and who knows exactly how much they have mined domestically that has been bought directly on Communist Party mandate over the last 2 decades… same goes for the Russians I believe, these countries have lots of land surface area and who knows what natural deposits they have found and already mined.
      IMO, a return to the Gold Standard is like playing Russian Roulette, and Chicago, NYC and London are handing their own peasant populations a loaded gun, 6 in the chamber, and telling them to take a hit for their country, when the only real winners in this situation are kleptocrats who all have their bags packed and plane tickets booked, and their kids have all been trained to speak Chinese.

      “As for businessmen, I could persuade a capitalist on Friday to bankroll a revolution on Saturday that will bring him a profit on Sunday even though he will be executed on Monday.”
         -Saul Alinsky, Chicago professional activist.
      I would venture to say that this above saying when it comes to the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers is true. These people pledge allegiance to no power but themselves, and selling every Westerner into slavery and poverty is good business as long as their own pile of ill gotten Gold appreciates in value. All I know is that their kids knowing a little Chinese will not help them one bit because on Monday comes their own Executioner, whether they like it or not they have sold the West and their own children into the hands of Communists like the Chinese who value human rights about as much as Planned Parenthood value a Fetus … not much.

    • @WillNotBeASlave @Dang
      Great stuff, very interesting thoughts. The UK letting it’s Commonwealth outposts be bled dry to save itself – good spot.
      Sprott had suggested to miners to hold back some of their inventory rather than sell all at below true value, but I think many of these companies are part of the problem of Western finance.
      That no one really knows where the most gold is is possibly the real game being played. Everything else is buying time before having to show their hand.
      Are there deposits as yet un tapped? Are there hoards from years gone being held? What are the official above ground figures. Who knows.
      The real dealings are not confined to borders. The ultimate players only have allegiance to themselves. But they forget that there is a symbiotic relationship between them and us and the balance is shifting. Much more is being questioned than ever before.
      Interesting times ahead.

    • We have already seen some exiting when Benny opened his mouth on Tapering.  The 10 Yr rose 100 bp. in a few days.  Watch the yield on 10yr…therein lies the tale.   As demand falls and CB start to get nervous and start selling…then the wheels start falling off because the market to market value of their bond holding start to fall and if they are using them for their fraction reserve holding bang! The whole house of card collapses.

      This could be why JW’s point about China just casting some of it off as dead may hold some truth to how the Chinese deal with their unwinding. The problem though for China – they still have to export a lot of crap…to all those indebted countries with confetti for settlements. Also making JW’s point about phasing in gold worth noting.

      We can’t Nationalize the Central Bank because the Central Bank already Privatized the Government.
      Didn’t you get the 1913 Memo??? LOL.
      The IRS is proof that the Govt was privatized. Only morons would allow a private banking cartel to have a monopoly on the nations creation of credit, but the good news is that every other country in the world except a few stragglers under siege and sanctions have privatized their govt’s too, so we are not the only morons.
      In fact, planet Earth is a ship full of Morons with a captains deck full of tools arguing over who is more qualified to steer the ship into the ice berg.

  5. I have a question on this one some body hope can give an answer. When the government devalues the dollar. What actually happens? So your dollar is now worth 0.50 cents. But does it stop there meaning this. Your loan like on a house was say $200,000 an you have it paid half down to $100,000 so now its like you just started making payments on it. You still owe $200,000? Anybody have any info on this. or does there loan dollar amount also get cut in half. so it only $50,000 you owe now?

    • As I understand it, if the Dollar was worth 0.50 cents, your mortgage would still be $200,000. The value of the currency goes down, but the debt stays the same, thus effectively halving the debt. However the cost of other things will rise, food, fuel, anything that isn’t fixed.
      So it’s good for debtors.
      On the flipside, because people will have less purchasing power, non essential items will have to compete for the dollars in your pocket, thus I believe real estate, cars, holidays etc will have to stay competitive, which might mean staying the same in price or even reducing in price. So I can see real estate becoming cheaper for example, especially where property is vastly over valued (eg here in UK).
      And correct me if I’m wrong. Physical holders will then be able to at least hold their purchasing power or potentially purchase more in time.
      Something along those lines in theory.
      Not sure if a devaluation or a wealth tax (bail-in) is more likely.
      Either way, these are the questions going forward as to how they will try to ‘soft’ land this. I think a wealth tax is a softer landing, but I don’t think it will do enough. It will just prolong the inevitable.
      Not to say these are easy outcomes, just that a hard landing is nuclear war. That no one wants.
      If you fancy depressing yourself watch this www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz5Bdr5V81s
      We don’t want to go there.
      So if a hard landing is out of the question and a soft landing won’t do enough, somewhere between is where we are heading?

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