jim willieThe Hat Trick Letter writer Dr. Jim Willie  contends that the real problem for the West will be paying for oil and natural gas in something other than dollars.  Willie warns, “What’s likely to come very soon is Russia is going to demand either rubles or gold bullion for their crude oil and their natural gas. . . . I don’t think it would be a shock to see the Russians come out and say we’ve got over 20,000 tons of gold, and we are going to back our ruble with gold.  Screw the dollar.  I think in the next year or so, the Russians and Chinese are going to let it be known that between them they own close to 40,000 tons of gold They are going to have a real currency and do a real global reset and have a real return to the gold standard and screw the dollar with all its toxic sovereign bonds.  One of the principle foundations of the dollar is not gold, it’s the military.  We’re seeing it now.
Dr. Willie predicts we will see a shocking 80% decline in the value of the U.S. dollar in three years.”

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  1. If there’s a “silver” lining, Dr. Jim points out that the costs of imports will increase much more than products produced in the USA. Hopefully that will drive an increase in our manufacturing and create a lot of good jobs here in America.

    “Now I’m certain you believe that (tremendous investment) will be easily accomplished with worthless Notes, don’t you.”
    Your mind reading skills need a little improvement. Of course It will require investment to build new factories. A significant portion will likely come from foreign companies with stable currencies. For example, over the decades Toyota has invested and expanded production in the US and created thousands of good jobs here. It’s a shame we’ll be working for foreign corporations, but that’s the result of our pathetic monetary policy. And this isn’t 1968-69 anymore. Today we have cheap computers, 3D printing and other technologies that significantly reduce production costs. (I have a degree in Manufacturing Technology). It won’t be easy, it’ll take time, but we can rebuild our manufacturing base in America.

    “the stupidest thing I’ve ever read”, “You so stupid, man!”
    Lex, I’m very disappointed at your lack of respect and poor manners.
    “Who’s gonna work for half a TODAY’S WAGE???”
    Don’t worry Lex, wages tend to increase due to inflationary pressures. Please consult your macroeconomics textbook or:


    “Please name ONE SINGLE COUNTRY which prospered after its currency crashed! ONE!”
    Austria, China, France, Germany, Soviet Union / Russia, Taiwan, and the United States (during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War)


    So now that I’ve proven you wrong, you may want to reconsider your statements, and you may also want to consider an apology.

    I agree with your statements. Many Americans are already working for subsistence wages. And our savings will be wiped out – unless you have your savings in PMs, of course.

    • The Big Giant … “Hopefully that will drive an increase in our manufacturing and create a lot of good jobs”

      Really? Keep hoping for change.

      In the 1968-69 period I was working as a machinist in South El Monte and a ‘side business’ of the owner was Asian export of used machine tools. Huge quantities of the stuff! That turned out so lucrative he gave up manufacture of the precision boring tool that was the shop’s ‘mainstay’ signature product. The ‘profitable’ drain of capital equipment, a half century in progress, means  tremendous investment will be unavoidable to reinvigorate any semblance of manufacturing you dream of. Now I’m certain you believe that will be easily accomplished with worthless Notes, don’t you.

      The only ‘silver lining’ is in silver. Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

    • LOL, the stupidest thing I’ve ever read… Do you realize the domestic wages will also have to increase in order for workers to be even ready to work here? Who’s gonna work for half a TODAY’S WAGE??? Also the prices of raw materials and energy will go ballistic… So, the production costs CANNOT drop significantly and also export prices will have to increase in dollars to meet the high production costs… Please name ONE SINGLE COUNTRY which prospered after its currency crashed!  ONE!
      You so stupid, man!

    • So if we’re the marginal cost producer, it means we’re lucky to break even, so if you have a job, its paying subsistence wages.
      And if you had 20 years of savings at retirement (most don’t), you now have 5 years.

  2. Three years? I don’t think so. Since Mr. Willi’s analysis doesn’t allow for the exponential nature of the banknote scheme’s core deterioration, he presumes events will progress in the status quo pace of extend and pretend patchworks.

    Global currency implosion is proceeding much faster than he’s inclined to accept from his ‘gold-backed’ paper-paradigm view. And, as I’ve said before … an exponential process is best described as … ‘The faster it goes, the faster it goes. The worse it gets, the worse it gets.’

    Consequently, I suspect we’ll see major bank collapses within weeks, not years. There is reason for government’s draconian Police State installations displaying urgency. It expects imminent use of it … not years from now.

    • “I suspect we’ll see major bank collapses within weeks, not years.”
      A bold prediction indeed! I have better things to do so I probably won’t remember to remind you of this statement in a few months when the banks have not collapsed.

    • @PatFields
      “…… an exponential process is best described as … ‘The faster it goes, the faster it goes. The worse it gets, the worse it gets.’
      Look at hyperinflationary collapses like Weimar and Zimbabwe, to note the really remarkable episodes of currency crisis… you are absolutlely correct.  It seems tolerable and controllable until the curve suddenly goes asymptotic (that’s hockey stick for non-math folks)

      As for his three-year scenario, let’s not forget how effectively the banker TPTB have managed to stuff the collapse so far… in part because of that characteristic of their debt-note structure…

      Think 2008 on steroids.  Bank collapses will domino and daisy-chain because of the derivative linkages.  We aren’t in the 1930′s anymore Toto!

    • andrew james

      Yeah, that figures. Since it’s looking like the gambit to cut off the pipelines is a bust, they must have thought this would at lease cover the cost of the ‘operation’. One way or another, they or the Russians would eventually have stolen it anyway.

      “War is a racket.” –General Smedley Butler

    • 36 tons… in 40 wooden boxes and 15 people in “black uniforms” to handcarry that shit… keep on dreaming, pal.
      go get a blow job or sumpin’

    • I didn’t read the wooden boxes part or anything about hand carrying.  I’m still trying to process the info.  I haven’t drawn any conclusions from the article yet. Unlike you volkssturm. 

    • The story is certainly plausible… has the US engineered ANY COUP’s lately where the GOLD wasn’t a PRIMARY objective?   Ok, maybe not a primary objective but, plundered in the end???   After all, those damned Chinese are like loan sharks.  Deliver or we’ll shoot you in the Treasuries… :)
      As for the wooden boxes… just remember, the Fed is STILL trying to figure out how to work out the logistics of getting Germany’s gold back to them…
      Oh, wait,  that’s right, I forgot…  they told Germany to go pound sand…..  guess they couldn’t find any wooden crates after all!

  3. There cannot be a gold standard world wide. If they do it means that no person in the world can own gold. All the governments in the world would have to take it from there citizen. So the governments have it again so they can trade it between them selfs. Which leads to more problems. Who is going to inventory the gold everybody would have to come clean. Is there gold in fort knox? It will not happen because it will turn into a toilet paper pm game again. 1 ounce of real gold turned into a 100 ounce paper roll of toilet paper. To trade for only one purpose to control the pm price. The world is way to corrupt in government to pull it off. The people do not trust there governments anymore.

    • “There cannot be a gold standard world wide. If they do it means that no person in the world can own gold.”
      I have to disagree. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood your post, but I don’t think you fully understand what the gold standard means. It simply means that paper notes are used in place of gold. The paper is backed by gold, it’s as good as gold and most importantly, it can be exchanged for gold. The Bretton Woods system basically put the world on the gold standard and citizens were allowed to own gold.

    • The Big Giant … “The paper is backed by gold, it’s as good as gold”

      That’s completely BS and you damned well know it.

      Paper is poverty,… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”~Thomas Jefferson

      A banknote is not money; and no power on earth can make it money.” –James Garfield

      Money is the just medium and measure of all commutable things, for, by the medium of money, a convenient and just estimation of all things is made.” –Dav. 18. See 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 922.

      “The value of a thing is estimated by its worth in money, and the value of money is not estimated by reference to one thing.” –9 Co. 76; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 922.

      That which is granted or reserved under a certain form, is not to be drawn into a valuation.” Bacon’s Max. Reg. 4.

      Thusly …

      18 U.S.C., § 8 – Obligation or other security of the United States:
      The term … security of the United States” includes all bonds … national bank currency, Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve bank notes … certificates of deposit, bills, checks, or drafts for money

      So, the enumerated instruments are … not … money, but mere municipal statutory representations in its substitution, because
      In a fiction of law, equity always subsists.” –11 Co. 51.

      Sir, do not insult the intelligence level of this forum with attempts to foist banker brainwash here.

    • So you disagree with my statement, and you’ve offered some vague quotes. Please state your rebuttal clearly and intelligibly. Otherwise you’re just wasting my time. I contend that under a gold standard paper is backed by gold and it’s as good as gold. Now please explain my error.
      Kevin :-)

    • The Big Giant  … “I contend that under a gold standard paper is backed by gold and it’s as good as gold”

      As government’s Counsel rests, my case stands on the Record, from which I leave the Jury to render its Verdict.

    • Gentlemen… history shows us that when the US had a gold-backed currency system and a silver-based coin system, US gold and silver certificates were used as money and that they could be converted into gold and silver at virtually any bank and most stores.  It was the conversion of paper into metal and metal into paper at the choice of the individual citizen that made this system work.  BUT… as we all know, or SHOULD know, paper is just as good as gold or silver… until it isn’t!  The government can decree that notes convertible into metal are null and void henceforth but they cannot decree that silver is not silver or that gold is not gold.  Those are incontrovertible FACTS and do not rely on the whims of the state.
      A precious metal currency standard puts considerable pressure on the government to rein in their spending because when they are out of gold, they are all done spending.  They cannot create more gold at whim.  They MUST have the physical metal if they are to spend more money.  This proved to be intolerable for the spendthrifts in government, so a new system was devised that did not force the government to spend wisely.  With an unbacked currency, they were free to just print and spend as much as they liked and then to borrow even more on top of that… which they have done in vast excess.  
      Gold and silver money in the hands of the people puts vast power into the people’s grasp.  When times are good, people are content to use convenient paper money.  This then allows the Gov to hold more gold and, presumably, to spend more of it.  But, when times are not so good and the people become fearful of even harder times, they tend to convert their paper into gold and silver coins as protection from any currency games that the Gov might be tempted to play.  This then reduces the power of the Gov to spend money because the people now hold a lot of it and it is not available to the Gov for spending.
      The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating and we now have a real belly-full of the unbacked paper Ponzi scheme that has been in effect in the US in various ways since 1913, in 1944, 1965, and in 1971 with the birth of the Fed, the Bretton Woods agreement, the end of silver in US coins (reduction to 40% silver in US halves, then ending all silver in US coins in 1970), and the closing of the US gold window, respectively.

    • Ed_B … “we all know, or SHOULD know, paper is just as good as gold or silver… until it isn’t!”

      Ed, even to you, my good Friend, I respectfully yield no quarter on this subject.

      You feel inclined to say that paper works … until it doesn’t … when in point of fact it never works, but continually and viciously destroys genuine money, subverting and frustrating everyone’s yearning for Liberty. The truth of that plays out right in front of us every single moment the ‘markets’ operate. By use of sheer credit for ‘bidding down’ money metals, the worthless credit is over-valued in juxtaposition. In turn, it’s used to over-value other derivative credit claim instruments.

      I urge you to recognize that when coin is left free to untrammeled market-driven rational equilibration, its resulting value makes amazingly little volume necessary to see one through a day’s needs and any vulnerability to temptation for a ‘more convenient form’. Surely you remember as a young boy, how much a dollar of ‘allowance’ would content you. In my experience, it might last five days. Now, consider that the value of the silver in our youth had already suffered centuries of determined suppression under British siege around the World (see Charles Savoie’s treatise). That was all accomplished through paper credit claims ‘backed’ by gold (the contemptibly unholy idol-calf of adoration).

      During the first Chinese ‘flying money’ experience, The People wrote about their resentment of it. No doubt. As their population grew, no such effect was embodied in the Emperor’s scrip, contrasting as naturally occurs with metal under their weight based Tael System, incrementally raising its value over time, accordingly.

      This bias, I feel you haven’t yet fully plumbed, is self-defeating. I pray you make a greater effort to do it nonetheless, because we all need every available hand on the rudder to steer our course into more clement seas. Yours I perceive, are Good strong hands, sorely needed at the task and so, much to be coveted.

    • @TheBigGiant
      “… Please state your rebuttal clearly and intelligibly. … I contend that under a gold standard paper is backed by gold and it’s as good as gold. Now please explain my error.”
      Richard Nixon, August 15tth, 1971 removed the gold backing from the dollar… one man, one declaration, one signature on an executive order… POOF!
      The Euro was originally backed by 15% gold…   Uh… Where is that gold today??? POOF!!
      Yeah paper is backed by gold so it’s as good as gold… until one day, the politicians do what they are best at.  Stealing and lying about what they’ve done.  I still have a gold certificate that was in my family… where do I go, Mr. The Big Giant to get my gold for it? POOF!!!
      Clear enough?

    • @PatFields
      “…Surely you remember as a young boy, how much a dollar of ‘allowance’ would content you. In my experience, it might last five days.”
      When Occupy Wall Street came to my city, I took the liberty as a radio host and quasi-authority on matters of liberty and freedom as it applied to the issues illuminated by the Occupy participants, to show up at the venue and foolishly believe I was speaking at a free “public’ event.  Anyway,  until I was forced to give up a bullhorn to the local constabulary (which I didn’t even use but merely had slung over my shoulder so as not to lose it) and strongly urged to leave under my own power and free will as contrasted with being hauled away in shackles, I regaled the financially illiterate with stories of the value of the pre-1965 silver quarters which I would hold up in my hand and, occasionally toss out into the gathering crowd.  I explained to them how, as a young boy, I could buy a great deal of things with a single one of these quarters.  I even observed that these quarters in their day would buy a whole gallon of gasoline, which in fact, they STILL COULD today… but not for their monetary value but for their intrinsic silver content.  I spoke of getting a weekly allowance of 8 of these quarters each week and as a young boy, I felt rich and on top of the world.  At the beginning of my presentation, when I’d toss the quarter out into the crowd, the audience  didn’t seem too interested in them as they fell among their feet to the ground.  However, by the end, they were all clamoring for them as though I were some Rock Star Celebrity throwing out some show memorabilia.

    • Sigh @PatFields and @Sovereign Economist
      Obviously, if you can no longer convert paper to gold then you are no longer on the gold standard. Any dimwit can understand that. And it’s very sad that you’ve tried to twist my argument to imply that’s what I meant. If putting inaccurate words in my mouth is the only way you can prove me wrong – then congratulations on your lame victory! Here’s you zinc metal.
      I’m going to say this again for the 3rd time – hopefully it’ll sink through this time. “under a gold standard paper is backed by gold and it’s as good as gold.”
      Now as to the govt’s ability to maintaina gold standard (which is a completely separate subject) I agree that govt cannot maintain the fiscal responsibality to maintain a gold standard. Sooner or later that paper will no longer be backed by gold – hence the gold standard will have ended.
      This is such a simple concept that I’m surprised you guys are having trouble grasping it. If I had any desire to teach basic reasoning skills I’d be a 3rd grade teacher, but since I don’t I’m going to consider this debate closed. Furthermore, due to the unmitigated nature of the slap down I’ve bestowed upon you, I’m also going to consider both of you my B!+CHES from now on. Have a nice day :-)

    • @TheBigGiant
      Don’t be so quick to dismiss the replies that Pat and I have made in response to your thesis and declare a pyhrric victory…  ;)  Ontologically, your assertion may be correct and perhaps hold true.  But, by itself, the statement is incomplete as an operating paradigm.  As long as there is a gold standard, the paper IS [almost] as good as gold, as long as someone (government?) honors the standard.  However, what is the point of having a gold standard if you have no assurances it will be in effect tomorrow or the next day???
      But, lets set that argument aside for a moment and take a different path to drive a subtlety out into a more obvious light and let’s take this discussion in a different direction.  In your own words in definition of the gold standard you said, “…The paper is backed by gold, it’s as good as gold and most importantly, it can be exchanged for gold.”  (Your words)  But that standard, in order to be effective, introduces a new element to the equation.  Because the very standard implies “gold convertibility” this introduces a burden upon the paper instrument.  That burden is that of a counterparty to said paper.  In point of fact, the paper CAN NEVER STAND ALONE without a counterparty, whose job it is to make the exchange into the metal itself upon demand.  GOLD CAN NEVER BE BURDENED in this way.  So… the paper, indeed, can NEVER be AS GOOD AS GOLD.
      And it is for this reason that the examples of failed gold standards I cited above are pertinent replies to your assertion.  If, on the day those convertibility periods ended, it would have, indeed, made a difference to you whether you were hold paper or the metal itself, it would have been the counterparty defect in the paper that would have failed you.  Indeed, my family’s gold certificate suffered from a terminal failure of it’s implied counterparty. It turned out not to be AS GOOD AS GOLD after all…

    • The Big Giant … “if you can no longer convert paper to gold then you are no longer on the gold standard. Any dimwit can understand that.”

      Maybe what the actual ‘dimwits’ here ought to understand is that a gold mono-metallic scheme … forces … the fiat banknote scheme into existence by necessity. There’s far too little gold for global use as the sole money unless ‘certificates’ are eventually drawn on pico-grains which negates any trend toward constancy of unit-value. It isn’t just government that can’t maintain a ‘gold standard’, no one can, because it’s an impossibly stupid notion in the first place, just on physical scale alone.

      Another thing, is that the monetary scheme of the American Federation is … Constitutionally … a silver-centric Poly-Metallic arrangement. That’s the ‘Law of The Land’. So, this ‘gold-standard’ argument of yours is … fundamentally Anti-American and Un-Lawful.

      Turning ghetto-boy on your opponents in an argument, declaring them as proprietary ‘bitches’, as any Slaver is wont to do, perfectly fits your line of assertion. You don’t unilaterally decide whose case prevails in these discussions anyway, Mr. Big Shot; the readers do.

  4. Our souls being a dividing/gendering or scattering from Truth,  symbolised by Eve taken out of Adam { Adam being symbolic of GOD and Eve GODS SOUL, which we are} is a parable of endless explanation  and therefore can only be written down in part having no measure
    To be carnally minded {666 beast of a field} is to take thought or to eat of {perceive with ones five senses } that which is from without { outside of perfection}  which reveals our nakedness and  the covering of becomes lies { symbolised by fig leaves}
    We have all eaten and eat  from the tree of knowledge {being lead into temptation} which fruit has both good and evil in it, thereby breaking the first commandment { thou shall not eat Gen 2:17 } this is all according to plan, seeing that we are still being created and this lesson of good&evil symbolised by a snake on a steak/tree $ with its forked tongue ~~~~:< of duality {lies} this was unavoidable, and so Jesus had to become this lie/duality and be lifted aloft and nailed to this tree ie:Truth sacrificed

    Jesus kept the first commandment and did not eat of the tree of knowledge, in other words Jesus did not have even one thought outside of GOD because He did not enter into labour but into rest by living in the very moment and eating from only that which came from within Him ….

    We will all take up our cross, { eat only that which flows out from within us } but first our souls must become desolate {to hate the beast within us and this world of confusion} which will bring us to repentance/turning back to GOD/TRUTH .GOD will re-gather us by the very same path He scattered us, leaving a path home for all  

    • G&E…You’re new here.  Welcome.  Yeah, we’ve gotten away from having intense discussions on Truth here at SD.  Archives are full of some robust dialogue.  Now, we pretty much stay on topic.  That’s why no one has bitten on your comments over the last week.  Stick to global macro economics and I’m sure you’ll get some feedback.

    • G&E..I read your comment and must say it made some sense to me.  I have heard the creation story before
      and was very moved by your comments.  You state that we are still being created but not sure on that as
      God finished His creation on the 6th day and rested on the 7th.  The whole thing was completed.  Maybe a better
      word would be that us Humans are still Growing and Learning which I feel will never end.  Heaven to me will be
      free of our sin but we will forever be expanding outward.  To the Glory of God and His Creation which is the Light
      and Truth.  But UglyDog is correct.  I read this site and the comments to help me get to the Truth of today so as to
      not be blindsided by what is soon coming.  This is a great site and the commenters are smart and informed people. 
      I am with UD hear…Welcome!! 

    • Hello G&E, Ill get right to it. I would be remiss by not taking this opportunity to point out that the entire story of “creation” can be found in the seminial work of L.W. King. While i am no expert on the subject, Professor King was and his knowledge and translation of the Babylonian tablets ( please note that Babylon preceded Torah/Talmud by hundreds of years ) concerning the Enuma Elish very much is still the definitive and unabridged creation story. While Genesis makes for interesting reading it was not is not and will not ever be anything more than a plagerized and seriously abridged alegory for creation. Sorry to edify in this manner but ive spent some time on this subject and cannot let misinformation obfuscate the truth. Carry On. and welcome :-)   

    • Where’s Proverbs when you need him ;)
      Welcome aboard. Not my strong knowledge base, so I’ll not be adding any of the robust dialogue UG mentions.
      That is not to say I don’t try my best to be a good, honest person, and bring up a family full of love, patience and peace.
      Not that it might sound like that in my home sometimes ;) Lol.

    • Strange, that’s all I’m hearing for you?!?! If you have something constructive or informative to say, please say it. Otherwise please do not soil the comment section with your pointless remarks.
      Thank you,
      Kevin :-)

  5. Maybe we will find ourself in some sort of currency/oil/economy halfway house. 
    Half way to the Third World
    Half way to full and complete national bankruptcy
    Half way to total revolution
    If we become anything like North Africa during the Arab Spring, when food prices rose 40% nearly overnight and due entirely to the FED’s QE enterprise, the Fusion Police State will find themselves rolled over in a single night.
     They will be subject to the same inflationary pressures, the same collapse of delivery systems and the same threats to their families.  They may not side with us but I see that some will take up the battle cry, to unite against the people who are responsible for this debacle. Not all Spartans were born in Sparta.
    We will not be saved by fractional gold backed currency. We will not be saved by another paper FIAT paradigm, particularly if it is implement and enforced by a foreign government, even as our debt and FIAT paradigm has been implement in this country for over 100 years. Replacing one foreign master with another is totally unacceptable.
     We will be saved by real money, real sweat, real privation and real economic reconstitution. This will flush out the poisons that have infiltrated this country 
    All countries rise and fall over the decades and centuries. America will go through this cycle.  It will happen on our watch.  Some are ready for it; many are not. That awakening will be harsh and deadly for many.
    This country is still resource rich, filled with vital people ready to roll up their sleeves.  This country is also rich in precious metals and other natural resources, husbanded by the wiser of us for that time in the future that will make its harvesting a necessity.
    We will prevail after a complete reset and restructure.  I have confidence in that event and in the outcome.
    We will have to forcibly remove hundreds of thousands of banksters, politicians, lawyers and place-taking drones. That will remove the noxious weeds that have choked the American people, drained their substance and poisoned us for decades. By remove I mean remove permanently.
    If Cass Sunstein can casually state that a body count of 25,000,000 is an acceptable number to further the growth of the Fascist State and has laid down this marker with the full acceptance and accomodation from this present administration, then I believe turn-about is fair play. I am not a big fan of cheek turning. When someone says they want me gone, they will have a deadly fight on their hands.
    I find it completely acceptable that the same body count of useless bureaucrats and elites happens in order to restore the Constitution, liberty, sound currency and the God given freedoms of every person who remaining in this country.

    • And where are most of the resources located? Food growing regions? Fuel producing regions? Even a large number of the nuke plants?
      Rural conservative USA, that flyover section most people have no idea what goes on there. A heavily armed area that is more and more leaning towards telling government to stuff it and starve them out. Let the useless eaters and baby factories eat each other or starve. Let the big cities crumble and burn. Those of us who believe in limited government will be just fine.

    • @AGXIIK
      Oh, how I could comment on SO MUCH of what you share here… LOVE IT!!!
      But, I’ll just take this one.
      “…Maybe we will find ourself in some sort of currency/oil/economy halfway house. 
      Half way to the Third World…”
      Notice what’s happening on the way to the Third World….   They hollowed out our industry and moved it to China….  now the Chinese are bringing their money to the US and buying up old shuttered factories and real estate…
      Now, just think… As soon as they do a global currency reset, or, the dollar just implodes for any of a number of possible (intentional) black swan causes, then, they can staff those factories with CHEAP US LABOR… YOU!!!!!  Ta DAH!  Unemployment problems solved!!!  Yay!
      OK America, you’ve now solved the unemployment problem, now you have the solution to those pesky offshore low-cost producers who compete with cheap labor too!!  Now, with the devalued dollar, YOU are the LOWEST COST LABORFORCE!!!!   Now, America, just think… YOU can get a job at the American equivalent of FoxConn and work building iphones for the rest of the world now.  And, just to keep you safe, they’ll put up suicide nets around your buildings… Ain’t working for the Chinese land barons and corporate magnates just GRAND???   Heck, they might even employ you to fix your collapsing infrastructure and build some new GHOST CITIES that, of course you won’t be able to afford for a few years, but hey…. they could be in your future…
      Maybe THEN, you might pause to consider how you should have paid more attention to what your politicians were doing all these years… at least you may actually long again for the days of American IDLE, Dancing With the Stars and the updates on all the places Tiger Woods put his Putter…


      Maybe there is still time…

  6. If you want to make a difference;  plan to make a difference, then train 3 people in what you know.
    Any mission critical life sustaining skill will do if you have the will to do it.
    Then tell them to  3 people in what you know.
    It takes time, effort, will and some money to train others.
     Don’t waste your time on those who will not hear or learn. Find those who will to learn and train them. Concentrate and focus on those willing hearts and minds. You do not have time to waste otherwise.
     For those of you who know me, if I have to describe the nature of the training on this site then my words will fall on deaf ears.
    Those who know what I mean will train others.  
    For those who don’t get it, then find someone who will train you so you get it.
    Nuff said

    • AGXIIK….good words.  Always good to read your thoughts and could not agree more.
      Jesus “Turn the Other Cheek” meaning needs to be re examined for the True Meaning.
      I have a hard time with that too.  We are given the survival instinct like we are given legs and arms.
      Turn the other cheek and they will cut your damn head off.  People need to meditate more on that phrase
      much more than just taking it literally.  You are a passionate writer.  Thanks always for sharing with us here.

    • I can’t agree more. I’ve created several websites tying to help people buy junk silver and prepare for emergencies. They may not be the best websites, but they’re all free and they’re the best I can do. I also take friends to the gun range and show them how to properly handle a firearm. i talk about the importance of firearms for security and freedom. I also encourage my friends to learn about the economy, their 401Ks, PMs, etc. and to really think about the best way to save their money. Some think I’m nosy, some think I’m paranoid, but one day they’ll all thank me :-)

    • I recommend “A Failure of Civility – How to Defend and Protect You, your family, friends, neighborhood and America during a disaster or crisis” by Mike Garand and Jack Lawson.  Also, if you are a veteran you can join Oath Keepers and become a member of a Civilization Preservation Team.  We took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That oath does not have an expiration date.  Semper Fi.

    • I have been working with a group who are physically disabled as I am. Torn up spines, bad shoulders… but still able to do one thing well. Long distance “target” shooting. Several have 338 lapua’s (I want one!) and we have a 1,000 yard range we can shoot on. I have managed to do a 6 inch grouping with my 223 at that range, need a scope on the type 53 7.62x54r(very comparable to a 308) so it is ready for medium to long range.

    • @silverdog
      2 thumbs up!!!
      @Anita Bonghitt
      Dr. Willie has one of the best (maybe the best) track record in the business. Yeah, he’s a bit crazy, but I think his job would drive anyone crazy. Also, years ago he said in an interview that he doesn’t want to be take too seriously, because serious people in his line of work tend to disappear or fall off buildings.

    • Yeah the knock on Jim is that he is a wild man and has unnamed sources.  He can also be depressing to read as he envisions a fascist present and future for the US.  However, his forecasts have been very accurate over the last few years.  Now if he would just get together with Steve St. Angelo….I don’t think Jim emphasizes the steep decline in cheap energy. He is deadly accurate about almost everything else IMHO. Well maybe not the underwater Carribbean prisons…..

    • @Anita Bonghitt
      “…Hard to take Willie seriously with all his screaming and swearing.”
      What if, on the night of Paul Revere’s ride, no one cared if it was “1 if by Land, 2 if by Sea”?????

      What if Paul Revere had Jim Willie’s voice???  Would anyone have listened?
      Message or the Messenger?  CHOOSE ONE!

  7. I’m sorry … I just can’t believe anything Willie shouts as he is just to wild and crazy with only unsubstantiated “information” from private sources or “details he doesn’t want to go into” (a favorite saying of his). To me he is the poster child for those  that think conspiracy theorists and the people who listen to them are crazy.

    • I understand, it’s hard to take Dr. Willie seriously by listening to him. But he has one of the best (maybe the best) track record in the business. No one can substantiate the information he talks about. How can we know how much gold China actually has? Or how much gold is in Fort Knox? Or what the 1% talk about behind closed doors? Or how close the big banks are to failing? Jim is basically just trying to make predictions based on educated guesses. He must be taken with a grain of salt. He sounds crazy, but his predictions are as rational as possible.

  8. Agallin  Thanks for the note AG   I enjoy writing on SD, venting sometimes.  the world in its present condition is pretty scary  there are so many things that can fall off the tracks and go BOOM
    I just figured out your post handle   AG  all  in     It took me a while.

    • Sovereign Economist   Now that is a scene I would pay a dollar to see—real dollar–Morgan or ASE.  So you carried a bullhorn. Good thing you did.  Can you imagine if Paul Revere mumbled his warning.  Or just texted the message.
      ‘Say what Paul—what’d you say?
      I said
      -ne- f by lnd, 2 if by c’ LOL :-) :-)  whoa dude, surf’s up.
      Heck, we’d still be ruled by the royals
      Aw crap, we are still ruled by the royals.  Go back to sleep, nothing to see here
      Maybe Harvey Weinstein—no–The Cohn Brothers, should do a movie about the life of Paul Revere. Justin Beiber could play Revere. Once he gets out of jail. Maybe his voice will drop a few octaves in the big house. I bet he could shout the message pretty loud after pulling a chain with Bluto.

      I learned to things from your post about your ‘speaking engagements’
      1.  The people will wake up quickly when told their pocket lettuce is garbage
      2.  The Praetorians know their FIAT paychecks are garbage but they will break your head and haul you to the hoosegow if you tell them or anyone else.  It is amazing that the banker overlords have that much control over the goon squads. 
      No, its not amazing.  Slaves will cherish their chains and kiss their master’s feet in adoration.  The story told them just needs the right embellishment.  
      It reminds me of the frothing at the mouth LEO in CT who shouted that he would give his left testicle to break down the door of a gun owner.   HUH?  He still had any balls left?   

    • @AGXIIK
      The thing I discovered about the Occupy Wall Street thing AFTER THE FACT was that this was NOT an organic uprising of young people fed up with the financial system.  Rather it was an organized instance of ‘controlled opposition’ staged by folks who went to the trouble of getting their permits to hold their event under the protection of the local law enforcement folks.  Their rules.  In essence, foolishly believing this was what it was claimed to be… an organic and spontaneous gathering of interested people,  I crashed what turned out to be a ‘private event’ and was effectively trespassing and they took exception to my presence and my message because these were counter to their objectives of disparaging capitalism and filling the kids heads with socialist dogma as the solution to all their troubles…
      Turns out, Occupy Wall Street was a Soros operation and they paid about 100 kids from I don’t know where to board buses and come out to the park for a day… oh, and they provided free lunch tickets to be used by these kids at the food concessionaires…  Hell, I was a speaker and I DIDN’T get a lunch ticket…

  9. “Timing” is always the issue.  We can predict the sun will burn out.  We can also predict everyone who is living today will die.  The dollar will lose reserve currency status.  The financial elite will know what to buy and where to invest before that happens.  Some people are privy to timing.  Dr. Willie and the rest of us are not.

  10. And I’m sure that 40,000 tons of gold is hidden in a vast under water vault near the under water prison that he’s talked about in the past.  Or maybe the underground city full of 40,000 spies and other “block ops” people has been guarding it…  Oh way, my bad, that city was blown up late last year and everyone perished.  A little kooky is an understatement for Dr. Willie. 
    He has made some predictions that have come to pass but he is a serious loon.  Not sure why they still post him on SD.

    • ” Not sure why they still post him on SD.”
      He’s good doom porn, which helps sell pm.
      With that said, Putin demanding gold for oil, even if its just to spite the U.S., doesn’t seem that out there. I almost wonder what would happen if he just brought it up in passing, maybe in an interview with Charlie Rose or something. It would be interesting to watch the coverage by the MSM. I’m sure they would just parrot the 8,000 tons figure and move on, but it certainly might push a few more people into looking at gold price manipulation.

  11. The Big Giant# In the late 1700,s to 1933. It was real paper you could go to the bank an redeem it or pms Yes. But after 1933 to 1971 only the governmnets could own gold an exchange it as legal money. They had dollars that where backed by gold an even silver. But you the American people couldn’t convert it. It was only converted to governments we traded with. And in 1971 Nixon ended the exchange gold back dollar an let gold trade freely again for the American  people. There is no way in hell they are going to do the 100% convertablity thing again with the American people. It will be the only backed currency as gold only in the governments hands. The EU wasn’t there currency backed by 10 real gold? When it started it didn’t get them very far.

  12. The Russian news media is saying a million Ukrainian Jews have been displaced, and Russians are also being kicked out of eastern Ukraine.
    The US is saying the ethnic Ukrainians are giving the Jews & Russians flowers, boxes of chocolates, and copious hugs.
    Both sides are full of sh!t.
    Caption translation:  “On March 16 we vote.”

  13. For what its worth, in 2012, Germany imported almost 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia.
    At $100/barrel, and 1350 gold, that works out to be 1.47 metric tons per day or 537 tons per year.
    I’m sure Russia will be happy to take Mercedes in lieu of gold for a portion of payment, but the 5 tons they got from the U.S. last year wouldn’t go very far in terms of actual oil payments to Russia.

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