Jim Willie: Riots Will Start When US Shortages of Gold & Silver Spread to Food & Gasoline!

Jim WillieJim Willie says, “We’re leading up to a big event. We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system.  We’re seeing a chain reaction of breakdown events in progress.”  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke talked about tapering the money printing to buy bonds two months ago. Dr Willie contends, “The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!” Dr. Willie predicts, “In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver. Just think food and gasoline. That’s when the riots are going to start. You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . . Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.”  Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth One-on-One interview with Dr. Jim Willie.

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  1. http://www.bullionbullscanada.com/bulletin-boards/6-general-market-chat/26842-class-action-suit-against-goldman-for-metals-fraud#26927
    JPM sued WITH Goldman in London metals-fraud
    “To paraphrase an old expression, “it couldn’t happen to a nicer Vampire” (or, in this case, two of them). The evidence is so overwhelmingly damning here, that even the Corrupt Courts of the U.S. will be forced to act in this crime, as JPM and Goldman Sachs are “Madoff guilty” in this one.”

    • Of course they will get a fine. No criminal culpability possible when you are TOO BIG TO PROSECUTE!
      The courts in England or the US cannot touch the Square Mile. It’s out of their jurisdiction…they are self regulated and policed.
      But pay your taxes or the IRS will take down your door and you’ll need to send your daughter to counseling!
      They will probably find some middle manager and pin all the blame on him and send him to the wolves. The CEOs will say “We had no idea what he was doing, but we’ve found the culprit now, no need to take it any further” …until the next scandal … and the next …
      London is starting to look like the biggest square mile crime scene on planet Earth at the moment though. I wonder if the general public will get angry anytime soon?
      I do like to see David Cameron squirm in his seat session after session when his ‘opposition’ continuously question his ability to actually have any power over the Square Mile. He is a much better liar than Obama, the Westminster system is so much more school playground style, though just as much as a joke as the Congress. Lots of jeering and tom foolery.

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  3. It won’t even take food shortages. IMO the only reason you don’t have blood in the streets in the US, is because of the expanding EBT / SNAP system. You have extortion being paid on the low end that way, and by corporate welfare on the top end.
    Any interruption in that, and it’s game over. I see maples for spot + 3.40ish. Nice deal.

  4. @agxiik what was that website again for 30.00 for an acre seed/crops sealed for 25 years?

  5. Shamus I would start with http://www.prepperwebsite.com   Be sure to put your credit in another room because there are vast resources in that site.  click on some of the food providers like efood, emergency essentials and mountain house.   they usually have heirloom seeds.  pries can vary a good amount so do a bit of research to see what suits you best.   Amazon might be a good source and if you google survial and heirloom seeds on startpage.com, a proxy search site that does not leave trails as to your searches, you should find a sufficiently overwhelming set of resources to satify almost any need. 
    I like the filet mignon and ribeye seeds.  Plant one and 6 weeks later you have a nice steak.

  6. Since interest rates have moved a lot higher in percentage terms in short order, where are the issues with interest rate swaps in the derivatives market?    If we follow Willie’s line of reasoning, a few banks should be in very big trouble today, it hasn’t happened. I just don’t buy this big risk in the interest rate swaps market.
    As far as all of this BRIC’s global trade system and end of the Petro dollar, this is nonsense in my opinion.  
    According to JW, PM’s won’t move higher until the COMEX is closed, well I just don’t see that happening either, the COMEX will be trading PM’s whether we like it or not.

    • Any big rise in interest rates will totally collapse the entire derivatives market

    • “Any big rise in interest rates”    Well, a move on the 10 year from 1.2% to 2.7% is pretty large. At what rate would you consider  a dangerous level?   4.0%, or 6.0%?

    • zman, I’m not sure what your objective is here, but every comment I see of yours contains a great deal of skepticism and bold assertions that severely lack justification. If you truly see the status quo continuing indefinitely you should leave this forum and better yet, leave the precious metals space altogether. I’m not saying this out of anger, I’m just saying it because it’s clearly not for you. Go buy other asset classes, all of which will do better in your optimistic forecast of the U.S. and global economy.

    • silversavings,  I don’t care for what has happened to the bulls in the PM sector, since we have been in a decline for 2 years now,  all I hear are these huge conspiracies for higher PM prices, and that is why I remain very skeptical of these conspiracies. It always, banks are going to colllapse, bond market going to blow-up, dollar going to 0,  petro dollar is over,  bail-ins across the globe, hyper-inflation, ect.   How about more physical buyers than sellers?  
      I want to see fundamental cases made for higher PM prices, based on the supply and demand of physical metal, based on good reasons for more buying of physical metal.  
      Sinclair just admitted last week that the current QE program is NOT inflationary, and the only way we get inflation is for the velocity of money to increase, this is a major change in his outlook, yet few in the gold sector would even mention it.
      I don’t think the economy is in good shape, but even if that is true, is that bullish for PM’s down the road?
      I admit I was wrong in my thesis in the silver market, I truly thought QE would drive silver prices through the roof because of the high inflation, but the inflation remains tame, and this tiny global market ($8-9 billion) remains weak. Could that change in a few years?  Yes.
      I am going to challenge the people that make wild claim after wild claim, many people know there are risks out there, but putting the risk into the proper perspective is needed, it doesn’t mean I am a bear.

    • zman a rapid or disorderly rise or fall in interest rates quickly woud cause trouble inthe swap market. the fed lost 192 billion on recent interest rate moves but since they do not mark to market it is fine. for now. the trouble will come if you get a flood of bond sales from foreigners.
      as for bullishness physical metal has no counter party risk and cannot be printed. the silver and gold market are so small relatively they could explode easy.

    • @zman,
      kudos to you for challenging the local orthodoxy; what’s the point of hearing Jim Willie provide his view from the far side, if we aren’t allowed to interpret his information free of pre-suppositions?

      You are dead on with presenting the point about money supply and hyperinflation. pundits like Jim Sinclair have been getting their asses handed to them by M Armstrong for the last year, and the supply of crow necessary to supply them post every “bottom is in!” call is growing at an even faster rate than that of fiat! Far too many pm bugs are willing to let unproven theories substitute for rigorous examination of the situation, with all the facts on the table -simply to avoid having their assumptions challenged.

      Little do they realize that you are actually doing the heavy-lifting of protecting their interests for them, in bringing up questions about assumptions which have simply failed to play out in real time…. going so far as to ask you to leave because the stress of having to think it through is too much? lol…
      Well, Armstrong has made the point over and over – the link between money supply growth and inflation is not proven by the experience of Weimar Germanys’ experiment with the printing press -rampant inflation was a pan-European condition of the post-war period. Old timers like Petty and Cantillon made observations on things like velocity of money that were based pon empirical data – and therefore have held true over time – rather than making up theories to fit agendas which remain hidden to the untrained eye.

      Keep up the creative questioning ol buzzard- we’ll surely break through the wall of silence sooner or later!

    • “the inflation remains tame”
      What a joke. Get lost clown.

    • Yo, Pigsy Brother,
      you make me smile every time you post here, takin me back to other times on that ‘fringe Austrian blog,’ where conversation is carried out by cudgels, as a matter o course! A great education in survival of the fittest, and using one’s wits.
      But this here, I think you’ve failed to notice, is a more genteel section of town, and it behooves us to bow to the prevailing winds of polite and respectful discourse, doncha think! Make a case for stealth inflation, by all means, and what it all means for pm bugs – but pleaaase……. no AKAK-style attack of the mindless barking boosterism kind. It only encourages shallowness of thought, and incapacity to learn! Ideologues…Los que saben, no saben, y creen que saben!

    • Hedgey what are you insinuating exactly? Why not come out and say it? It’s somewhat ironic that you compliment zman for thinking “critically” when he put false hope in someone else’s analysis that QE is inflation. A good understanding of our financial system, and fractional reserve lending would have prevented one from ever coming to this ridiculous conclusion. Both of you seem to hold such contempt for prognosticators of the likes of Willie, Sinclair, etc, because you fail to do your own homework, and rely too heavily on the research of others, while believing others will do the same. If you were foolish enough to invest money on the misconception that QE is inflation from some “professional” you have no one to blame but yourself. To me, both you  and zman are individuals who feel cheated by the “professionals” because you put blind faith in their predictions years ago, without doing your own due diligence. Critical thinking? Try doing it yourself. I don’t need the help of fools to “think critically”, it is something I’ve done all my life, and is largely the reason I’m here in the first place. This QE “is inflation” nonsense is amateur’s talk. There are some things you really should learn before engaging in debate. Check your humility at the door.

      The information obtained here is a tool when performing one’s own analysis, nothing more. It is fair to say that anyone invested in this sector should know this, and know it damn well. This is investing 101, and is applicable to all investments, not just precious metals. This concept is to be understood, and probably can be found on pg 1 of the “Idiots Guide to Investing” hence there is NO value in discussing it here.

    • Zman you say you want to see fundamentals of supply and demand set the prices of precious metals.  So do we.  The fact is the derivatives paper market controls the prices in the physical market overwhelms the physical prices causes a disconnect in the fundamentals.  But at some point the pendulum swings back.  This fact of life has not been proven false, at least not yet.

    • @zman
      It’s Titanic Syndrome … Too BIG to sink. Unsinkable ship. You do realize that NO country in world history has been able to continually inflate their currency without an economic collapse don’t you? The ONLY reason it is taking a longer than usual time is that the USD is the world reserve currency and it’s IMF Sucker ‘partners’ and anyone holding USD’s as Reserves are being robbed blind of the fruits of their PAST and PRESENT labor. The petro-Dollar system is also a big reason that these other countries are forced to deal in dollars, and this is the only reason anyone is sabre rattling or sanctioning Iran.
      In order to understand WHY it will collapse you have to take an interest in FOREX dynamics and world trade arrangements. Tons of countries around the world are using the US/UK banking scandals to make a move for the exit, and China and Russia are rallying them to keep moving and using their combined Too-Big-To-Attack and Nuke arsenals to back up the other countries’ moves for the exit. You have to go well beyond US Main Stream Media to find out about this as the US MSM WILL NOT COVER IT. The recent TPP talks are Americas last chance to stem the tide of countries bucking the IMF trend, and they look like they have failed.
      I would suggest if you are not too clued in on the world of Trade Deficits and the global tug-a-war of geo-political-economics two great books on this subject which are required reading are;
      SUPER IMPERIALISM, The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S World Dominance – Michael Hudson (1st Edit. 1972. New Edit 2003)
      …and the sequel…
      GLOBAL FRACTURE, The New International Economic Order – Michael Hudson (1st Edit. 1977. New Edit 2005)
      Of ALL the books on economics I have ever read these two are required reading. US Investors too often only look at the world through the eyes of the Post-WWII and Post-1971 US-centric status quo. Michael Hudson is Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri (Kansas City) and there are more that one politician in Washington who hate his guts because he has educated many third world countries on how they are being screwed through the IMF/World Bank/ITO model imposed on them simply through inertia post-WWII. This inertia is now grinding to a halt. I would suggest spending some serious time reading English versions where available of foreign economic and political press instead of reading US papers as they are all simply talking rubbish. They have to do this because US domestic investors getting spooked would only speed up the race to the exit … but it CANNOT be stopped now after 2008 and the complete lack of the justice system since then to do anything decisive.
      China and Russia are rallying an anti-hegemonic alliance against Western Imperialism, and since the US has shipped China and other foreign creditors so many US Treasuries and also the infrastructure and jobs, the US is in economic failure mode. Currency debasement mode. Collapse of the Roman Empire mode … its sad, but it is HAPPENING!!!

    • hedgey, sorry, but if people are going to talk crap, I will call them out. Inflation has been running at 6-8% at minimum for years now, so I’m not going to listen to zmans moronic drivel using fraud ridden US gov’t stats.
      Thx, but I will say what I want, and I think Doc is okay with it. He’s never told me to “tone it down”, as I’m stating facts, not opinion.

    • BOP,    Lets assume that inflation is running at 6-8% today, what is causing it?     Is this from the result of QE?    Is there a direct correlation between inflation and QE?  Is it low interest rates?
      I think inflation is running at 3-5%, you think 6-8%, this is a slight disagreement, who cares.  

  7. This was a good interview. I did not know, until Jim brought it up, that Russia has a weapon that could destroy the US fleet in 30 minutes from the start of a conflict. I looked it up and found he was wrong, it was 20 minutes.

    • He should also mentioed that recently, China has perfected their land based mobile missiles that can take down the US Navy 7th Fleet in the Pacific Ocean, especially when they move closer to land masses during combat/war operations. This is the number one worry of the US Navy operating in the South China Sea and SE Asian area.

  8. Willie is starting to sound like Bix.

  9. I did NOT need to see that *stress*

  10. Ah! Someone else who knows about the Sunburn missile.  Yeah, we have no defence against it.  Flies at Mach 3 (about 2000 mph) and about 10 feet off the sea surface.  By the time the ship sees it on radar, it’s all over…

  11. She’ll keep the Buzzards and Cyotes fed for months… LOL…
    (What a disgusting pig)

  12. Psalm 20:7: Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
    Modern translation: Some trust in fancy shmancy military hardware, but Israel will crush the Russians with the help of her God. God will throw the Russians around the way a category 5 tornado throws around an empty aluminum pop can.

    • you have a hal lindsey hangover. i can name my dog israel but that does not make him righteous. ultimately the last fight is not ours and no man can know the date or time.

    • Um, not to change the subject, but since you keep leaning that way, I got to tell you, Israel betrayed their Messiah, and most still deny him… They’re waiting for someone else to come along….even though the timetables passed, and all the requirements were fulfilled. They required signs, and denied signs given. Without a ceptance of their own messiah, they curse themselves…Sorry, I think Ye are cursed.

    • I’ll say it again Proverbs…
      Some Facts for you as you seem to have a hatred for Irans political situation based solely on their Religion and an unerring support of Zionist Israel which is somehow congruent with your belief in Jesus;
      The Israeli Knesset passed the Anti-Missionary Law 5738-1977 into Law in 1977. It decrees that if a non-Jewish Christian is apprehended giving a New Testament to an Israeli they may face a jail term of up to 5 years.
      THEY PASSED THIS BILL WITH AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY INTO LAW ON 25th DECEMBER 1977, Christmas Day. Just so that the *slap* could be felt across the face of every Christian across the globe. They also discriminate against Jewish Christians in the business sector and the %age of Jewish Christians leaving Israel is record, which is probably a good decision for those Christians if you ask me. Jews felt uncomfortable living in the 3rd Reich, so if I were a Christian in the Jewish Zionist state I would feel uncomfortable too.
      Please ask your pastor whether he works with/for AIPAC or in association with B’NAI B’RITH to brainwash his Christian fellowship into thinking that the modern Zionist State Of Israel is at all religiously tolerant to Christians and that they don’t just reject Jesus Christ but they despise him?
      Another Fact;
      As of 2009, 8% of Israeli Jews defined themselves as Haredim; an additional 12% as “religious”; 13% as “religious-traditionalists” ; 25% as “non-religious-traditionalists” (not strictly adhering to Jewish law or halakha); and 42% as “secular”
      So you see 67%+ of Israeli Jews are NON-RELIGIOUS, (and growing) but Benjamin Netanyahu will claim that they deserved the Palestinian land because God made them a promise that is enshrined in the religious text that most of the population rejects. Huh? Tel Aviv is also the Gay Pride capital of the Middle East (Only mentioning this on religious grounds because Benjamin Netanyahu and the other ‘Promised Land’ cheerleaders claim a Jewish BIBLICAL claim)
      So on religious grounds as a Christian you would have to question your unerring support for Israel would you not? I wish Jews no harm, just as I wish even the Arab whether Christan or Moslem no harm, but it would seem that Israel thinks very different about anyone who is not an ethnic/slightly ethnic Jew in ‘Israel’ who is not Statist (As MOST are Atheists)!!!

  13. 8 August, 2013

    US govt investigating JPMorgan Chase over suspicion of fraud
    JPMorgan Chase announced in a corporate filing Wednesday that the bank is the subject of two civil and criminal Department of Justice investigations for alleged malfeasance in connection with mortgage-backed securities. The announcement follows Tuesday’s news that the Department of Justice filed suit against Bank of America for defrauding investors and gambling residential home mortgages to maximize profits. Both banks are accused of breaking the law in the years before the 2008 housing market crash – one of the main causes of the ensuing US recession. Chase, the largest US bank by number of assets, is accused of violating federal securities laws in offerings of subprime and Alt-A residential mortgage securities between 2005 and 2007, Reuters reported.

  14.  Amos 6: The Lord God made this promise; the Lord God All-Powerful says:

    “I hate the pride of the Israelites,
        and I hate their strong buildings,
    so I will let the enemy take the city
        and everything in it.”

    9 At that time there might be only ten people left alive in just one house, but they will also die. 10 When the relatives come to get the bodies to take them outside, one of them will call to the other and ask, “Are there any other dead bodies with you?”
    That person will answer, “No.”
    Then the one who asked will say, “Hush! We must not say the name of the Lord.”

    11 The Lord has given the command;
        the large house will be broken into pieces,
        and the small house into bits.
    12 Horses do not run on rocks,
        and people do not plow rocks with oxen.
    But you have changed fairness into poison;
        you have changed what is right into a bitter taste.
    13 You are happy that the town of Lo Debar was captured,
        and you say, “We have taken Karnaim[a] by our own strength.”
    14 The Lord God All-Powerful says,
        “Israel, I will bring a nation against you
    that will make your people suffer from Lebo Hamath in the north
        to the valley south of the Dead Sea.”


  15. Hawaii County struggles to pay for police raises
    Posted: Aug 07, 2013 10:46 AM PDTUpdated: Aug 07, 2013 10:46 AM PDT

    By Ian Scheuring - bio | email


    KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) – Hawaii County is trying to figure out how to fund nearly $4 million in police raises.
    Deputy Finance Director Deanna Sako says other departments will likely have to take cuts to fund police raises. The raises are from collective bargaining between the state and the police union.
    West Hawaii Today reports the raises were agreed on too late to be factored into the current budget that started July 1.
    Union President Tenari Maafala says Honolulu and Kauai counties have agreed to fund the increase. Maui is scheduled to take up the issue next week. Maafala says the union will pursue litigation if the arbitration isn’t backed by county councils.
    In other words: Two counties in the State of Hawai’i are nearing bankruptcy Maui & Hawaii Counties. Drudge Report earlier this week stated that Honolulu is the next Detroit and is appears to be true.

  16. Damn it Scott! You promised if I sent you a pic of the broad I picked up on New Years you would delete it! They said she was hot! It was 3 o’clock that morning… Well it was about to pass out, and my buddies threw me in that dark room… Damn you, you promised! :)

  17. Zman, I read 7-10 economic articles daily, written by the same 10-20 investors, billionaire, and CEOs of investment firms. Those who comment on the crash of the dollar paired with raising rates do intact say 6% is certain death, triggering derivitave exposures beyond all possibility of coverage. Also many say 4% would make it impossible to pay interest on our debt. Am I the man behind the curtain? Are you? Might I suggest positioning yourself according to your own beliefs and faith in your favorite advisors, I’ll do the same, ever pondering the possibilities, playing some risk, but keeping safe hedges myself through PMs. No need to scowl at financial opinions, they are everywhere, and they all differ…. You know?  I’ve read the history of your posts, I know how you feel, it’s repeated in every post you make. Scepticism is healthy, but not keeping an open mind will get you fleeced. I’m positioned on both sides. I’ll do well if SHTF and if not, I’m taking advantage of low locked interest rates. (Free money I call it!) 

  18. look things will get more expensive life might get a bit more difficult, we might have to go back to a similar life of early 1980′s when you had to save for a year or two or three to buy a new car. This bs of oh the world will shut down when the year 2000 hits is just rubish. Wtf is wrong with these idiots oh I gots me some gold and silver and food hidden let the whole world collapse. If you buy the hype you’ll look like an idiot, hey acid was jeans where the shit once, don’t buy the hype! be it in investing, home styles, clothing and so on 

  19. Our form of government, our geology, our climate is NOT forgiving to people who do not take their very physical survival seriously. It is not a game of  have’s and have not’s, it is work for your food, shelter, procreation or perish. I recall the Watts Riots in LA. There was a threat that black students would riot at Sunkist Middle School. My little Catholic elementary school was down the street. There were LA City Police stationed all around the area until school let out. I am for meeting force against unlawful civil disobedience, even deadly force, for the next generation to flourish.
    As far as these writers and their obvious conclusions, the only thing that will happen is an unannounced worldwide event that breaks down borders. I submit Nibiru. Laugh if you want, the circumstantial evidence the last 20 years is overwhelming for this to appear very soon. Make your peace and get your people prepared. They have the gold stashed for the day after. Think about it. They printed this money to put the finishing touches for their survival. Matter of time, really. I go on, have to, and accept that this as fact. Still, I am making over 10% return in stocks…what a kick…all for naught.

  20. @silversavings
    just which brand of glue have you been sniffin sir?
    “Both of you seem to hold such contempt for prognosticators of the likes of Willie, Sinclair, etc, because you fail to do your own homework… blab blab blab… ad nauseum.” I think I’ll speak for myself, and let the other party who it has served you to lump me with do the same.

    I’m on record here(amongst several other sites)as holding “Big” Jim Willie in the highest regard. I spent several years defending Jim Sinclair from spurious attacks on the delay to his prediction of $1650 gold. I shall defer speculation as to your etc;the two examples that you quoted are enough to convince me that you have damaged your synapses to a degree that probably eliminates any possibility of YOUR discovering what it actually involves for one to indeed “DO THEIR OWN HOMEWORK” AND  think for themselves.

    “To me, both you  and zman are individuals who feel cheated by the “professionals” because you put blind faith in their predictions years ago, without doing your own due diligence. Critical thinking? Try doing it yourself…”
    your tour de force of blustering bullshit stopped just short of the ‘insinuation’[to quote yourself]I’m waiting patiently for to get fully into debunking mode here. I have no need to insinuate anything chum – not only have I explictly commended the previous commentator for showing signs of independence of thought… I’m prepared to go out on a limb, and suggest that your awesomely mistaken read on my positions is a sign of what happens when the talent of projecting onto others what truly domesticates itself pon one’s own doorstep exceeds the ability of a genius such as yourself to recognize the limits to their own omnipotence in reading the minds of others.

    Carry on screaming dude: gots to be some kind of therapy you are trying out: I’m confident that sooner(or later) you’ll stumble pon just the right one. Have you heard of ‘primal scream’ perchance? Based pon your performance today, I’d say – give it a go guv! All the best!

    • @hedgey
      Speaking of damaged synapses, I had to read your comment three times just to make sense of it; it’s nearly unintelligble.
      Zman: “  If we follow Willie’s line of reasoning, a few banks should be in very big trouble today, it hasn’t happened. I just don’t buy this big risk in the interest rate swaps market.
      As far as all of this BRIC’s global trade system and end of the Petro dollar, this is nonsense in my opinion.  
      According to JW, PM’s won’t move higher until the COMEX is closed, well I just don’t see that happening either, the COMEX will be trading PM’s whether we like it or not.”
      If you feel so inclined you may venture to Zman’s profile to see the same level of inightful analysis displayed above in each of his comments. If you consider this commendable analysis, you sir, seriously need your head examined. Good day, sir!

    • silversavings, the burden of proof is on the person making the assertion,  if interest rate swaps are going to cause a meltdown if rates move higher (which they already have with a move from 1.2% to 2.7%), they have to provide the evidence, but guess what?  It’s nothing more than speculation.
      If someone is going to say the “Petro dollar” is coming to a end in a few months or even in a few years, the burden is on them.  Today the Petro dollar is working just fine, not one country has said they will not accept dollars for oil.
      If someone is going to say the COMEX is going to end, they must prove it, there is no evidence the COMEX will stop trading PM’s.
      I don’t make the wild claims, I don’t have the burden of evidence and proof of these claims, all I am doing is challenging the claim.
      This is a good one, “A good understanding of our financial system, and fractional reserve lending would have PREVENTED one from ever coming to this ridculous conclusion.”   (That QE is inflationary)
      Really, so thinking that the largest global QE money printing fest in world history could be inflationary was a RIDCULOUS conclusion?  You must be kidding me, you knew better?  So I guess you have been making big bucks shorting silver from its $49 price spike based on pure speculation.
      EVERYONE in the PM world thought massive QE would be highly inflationary, and they still do, explain why currency debasement on a large global scale was not inflationary, and will not be in the future. 
      Your “good understanding of our financial system” is pure BS, even PM bears fear QE as being inflationary, but your good understanding told you otherwise, sure dude.

    • silversavings;
      I’m humbled that you took the time to read my missive three times… thanks for that. I’m still not sure if you got the gist of it yet – you dramatically misunderstood my position, and instead of politely asking for clarification of it, started in on a wild attack of pointlessly hostile nature.
      Here’s a four step programme to get back to the land of the living -
      1) break glass\take chill pill. When I spoke about breaking through the wall of silence, I was not looking to run into a screaming bedlamite on the other side!
      2) explain to the assembly under just what banner of crypto-fascism you are flying this idea that a guy(zman or anybody else!) should be told to leave a forum cause they don’t happen to share your take on things.
      3) study this definition -ad ho·mi·nem – appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason. 2.attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument. Since I did not so much as mention you in my original comment, you might see on reflection that your attack was entirely unprovoked. You might also have noticed that when the tables are turned, it’s not entirely pleasant to be on the receiving end. Best avoided altogther what?
      4)*optional, but recommended* resolve to avoid such attacks in the future, apologize the party[ies] at whom it was directed, and move on to better things. No hard feelings.

  21. Riots ALWAYS HAPPEN when there is a shortage of food !!! This is a fact and undisputable.

  22. Varney was having a discussion on the Powerball Lottery, describing it as a Government Run numbers game.  Don’t you love a government that taxes people bad at math with stupifyingly bad odds combined with the tiniest hope of a $500  million win?  These sorts of Gov-Crimes chap my ass.  I enjoy Varney with his personable mein and plummy Brit accent. He’s not completely sold out and does have some real outrage when confront with the many recent acts of criminal overlords.  He noted that back in the old days the Numbers racket provided a tad of hope for the poor that they would get a small win.  The Mob’s rake was about 20%, a small parimutuel cost.  This honest ‘criminal’ activity was light entertainment until it was taken over by the criminals in the state houses. They found that making their horrible odds sound like each buyer was making a contribution to the Educational system was helping the poor fund education
      Give me a break. 
    Education receives 3-5%, a paltry amount but still a number large enough for the Teaching Gulags to chase that funnel of cash like hungry baby birds looking for a worm.  The state takes about 50%.
    The ill-educated, being both bad at basic arithmetic and any semblance of education, feed the Gulag with the tiny shreds of their remnant of spendable income or EBT cards, while their lives circle the drain pipe greased with hopium.   The state pumps grease into the hole with the fat rendered from the souls that preceeded them into this rat hole.  Thus the state eats their young.

    But speaking about being bad at math, the better educated of our citizens also appear to chase the same schemes set out like mouse cheese at the trap.  They are just as seduced by the normal human emotions of greed and the hope they can ‘get rich quick’, even if the paycheck is a bonus equal to the mega power ball lottery promised the the low end winner of the government’s theft scam. 

    It’s almost like the first class passengers are invited to partake in some element of unbeateable Baccarat while those in steerage toss the bones provide by their lords and masters.  Don’t ask me what set me off this AM but seeing people being taken advantage of by disgusting elements of the human scum pond give me a keystroke rash

    One more thing. If you liked the government lotteries just wait until the Omamacare death panel lottery comes into full force. That plan is also a evilly crafted roll of the dice lottery. Each die is speckled with single dot. If you roll snake eyes, your number is up. Lots of snake eyes coming our way.
    This eugenics monstrosity is the overarching wet dream of the bioethicists and Agenda 21 cheerleaders. They are going to ram this down our throats if it kills us

    • @AGXIIK … Best comment on whole thread.
      If the average wage is declining and the cost of servicing domestic debt is going up (its bottomed and is rising in case everyone missed that), then the amount left to spend is less and OF COURSE THE VELOCITY OF MONEY IS LOWER   ….. PEOPLE!!!! The velocity of money is always supressed until the point of no return in confidence is reached and then everyone spends what they have like crazy into a diminished and atrophied economy … that’s when inflation will occur.
      But are there people here trying to say there is NO RAMPANT INFLATION?
      If the value of an hours labor is less, and the cost of Real Estate and thus Rent is more (Inflation in house prices…bubble coming … again. Stock market is bubbling also) then even if there is no visible CPI then in relation to Labor there bloody well is inflation.
      The semantics aside … the economy is in a transition stage … the inflation WILL come … and the foreign political climate DOES have an effect on this … and regardless of how much Ben prints, the US will never get its creditors back, they simply do not trust NYC or London anymore and are only still playing ball to give themselves a softer landing whilst they adjust their trade deals (and trust me, THEY ARE). When you call your clients Muppets you tend to lose their trust … in the real world anyway.

    • Read some Roger Penrose…it slowed me down avoiding a gasket failure. Poignant and well written as usual. The degrees of education in my observations of how people address others written or orally follows this time line.
      Graduated from HS 1957—Genius
      Graduated from HS 1967—Near Genius
      Graduated from HS 1977—Prodigal
      Graduated from HS 1987—Intelligent
      Graduated from HS 1997—Smart
      Graduated from HS 2007—Moron
      Graduated from HS 2016—Low Grade Moron
      I did not factor on post graduate degrees, where the title does upgrade one whole level. That said, I do enjoy reading from pre-1977 HS graduates. There is such a noticable difference, ya know?

    • @Thomas
      Kaboom! Truth bomb sir.
      Until I reached this site I had no idea whatsoever that there were people who could go into conniptions over a neutral phrase such as Collegiate Institute. This place is an education unto itself in the ways and wherefores of the devolution of public discourse. More scary than a CD compilation of the entire cinematic output of George A Romero!
      Your point bout pre 77 is very well taken indeed. I have a question however.
      What about those of us who “failed”[note quotes pls!] to matriculate from the full course of ‘general education’[aka HS] altogether?? We must be off the scale completely! Only question is… which way? lol!

  23. I deny everything.  The dog ate my homework.  The car wouldn’t start.   Just kidding.  
    Your point is something everyone should note.  The real inflation monster is not on us yet.  We, the  general run of people, haven’t had to face the real privation and harsh reality of a government gone wild with banking system, monetary crunch and death by debt rammed into their faces like MENA and the PIIGS.  (New rock band) 
    When that reality visits us the sound you hear will be like  huge cow with really bad digestion taking a big one on a flat rock. 
    The ensuing  collective scream of anguish will be horrible to hear. The Watt Riots and destruction in East LA after the Rodney King vedict will be a popcorn fart in a whirlwind when our major cities explode with hungry angry people expressing their rage at the ‘injustice’ visited on them by their benign and generous Uncle Sam. I expect that many people who on the dole do not want to be on the dole. They know they’ve sold their souls to the company store  When that store’s doors close, they will be seriously pissed and riots will ensue.  Tearing up the joint in the only way they have to express themselves.  See the southern eurozone tier on that reaction.  
     Just listening to the hue and cry of the Greeks, Spainards and Brazilians as they wake up to this brand new reality is painful.
    Ours will be many times as bad.  The three letter agencies have MRAPs, 2 billions rounds of JHP ammo and up armored personnel in full battle rattle to deal with those who take to the streets.  I am not confident that this will work itself out. 
     The currency scheme will fail and every dollar will be used to buy something that has value. Gold and silver might get a break due to that, like they did in the 1970′s and into 1980

    • >>>MENA and the PIIGS.  (New rock band)
      Great band, I love the way they use percussion grenades and the screaming and the moaning … reminds me of a dream I had once of the future of the whole Western World … Great band though … LOL.
      The genre would be Debt-Metal:P
      The label would be IMF Records!    [I'll stop now]

    • OK, I have one more …
      Their first best selling album was Allahu Akbar …. their second was the Brussels Blues …. now I will stop :)

  24. After reading this article I was looking to get some views of solid SD posters.  Except for cindy, and couple of the “regulars”  the rest was from “The Deep”.  Where the fuck did these TYPISTS come from?  Jeezus.  Can we get a filter for this site???????

  25. I’m done here. All I will say is QE in and of itself is NOT inflation. An expansion of the monetary base does not necessarilly result in inflation. If big banks receive printed cash from the fed in exchange for the treasuries they hold and this money is subsequently deployed by buying up various assets, all you get is asset price inflation, not demand pull inflation as you falsely expected. QE increases the potential and magnitude for future demand pull inflation, by decreasing the confidence in fiat money over time and increasing the monetary base. That is all. Monetary velocity has been the missing ingredient, which is affected by psychology and can turn at a moment’s notice. QE is percieved to be precious metal bullish because it suppresses bond yields, eliminating opportunity costs for holding physical metals. It also increases the chances of higher inflation when monetary velocity finally increases. QE never was and never will be inflation.

    • silversavings, very well said, and I agree 100%!!      “QE increases the potential and magnitude for future demand pull inflation, by decreasing the CONFIDENCE in fiat mone over time and increasing the monetary base,”
      “It also increases the chances of higher inflation when monetary velocity finally increases.”   And that may take a very long time.
      I think many PM bulls thought that the confidence would be lost by now, and that is where the miscalulation took place.

    • @silversavings … I will disagree with you on that.
      That’s like saying Crispy Creams will not make you obese because the obesity comes later.
      Or, a dramatic fall in a sea floor cravass will not cause a Tsunami because the Tsunami hits later and in a different place.
      Even when a Star supernovas there is a point in time where it is imploding before the explode … it’s a law of nature that funnily enough mirrors Economic suicide also.
      QE Infinity has signaled all overseas creditors that US Debt will be debased, and yes it is debasement if you inflate the money supply infinitely which is what this is now. Why would any overseas creditor ever want to buy US paper ever again? It is a boomerang and has to come back home as a USD is a claim on the US and nobody else.
      The end of the implosion part of this supernova will be when the penny drops on the derivatives, just as Willie says in this interview – which was very good in my opinion as he lets it all rip on the overseas aspects which are coming home to roost since 2008 and as he says they are speeding up. An exponential curve is nice and flat for a while but there is a point when it starts to get infinitely steep.
      The only reason as you have said that QE has not hit CPI is because of sequestration into so called ‘assets’ and the velocity as you have said, but these are simply signs of an implosion in progress … all we’re waiting for is a spark, and when that comes reality will kick in, which is what Willie was saying. The Monetary Wizards have only one more trick in the hat; Credit Creation and with it Speculation … and the other teams (overseas) have read this playbook before and are countering that play … this is all that really matters … confidence is DEAD!

  26. silverrrr  Willie is an aquired taste and when a person listens to his video posts it is as likely to get people fired up  as anyone short of Lindsey  Williams or Alex Jones (or a lot of Tequila).  I dont listen to them anymore for that reason. It makes me more than a bit crazy.  I also don’t listen to Willie’s video since I subsribe to his Golden Jackass monthly news letter.  That is two editions for a total of about 70 pages and even just the reading of his essays is enough to get anyone fired up. I can only read maybe 10 pages at a time to prevent brain damage, as much as I like his hard edged Walter Winchell hammering prose. 
    As for the unusual posts on this edition of SD, some folks are getting a bit edgy. I think it is symptomatic of people who are very concerned and probably a bit fearful of what they read and how they process it against their historical studies and precendents.
    I’ve thought a lot about the brush wars that are breaking out here and elsewhere.  There is one way I deal with it and it involves some lessons learn from my parents. They raised hunting and fighting dogs.  These dogs would fight amongst themselves, mostly sound and fury, signifying nothing. But as an 8 year old, I wanted to get them to stop. My parents would tell me to stay out of the fight. If it got serious they’d thrown a bucket of water on the dogs, breaking up the scrap.   I had waded in a few times, bitten for my efforts. 
    Getting in the middle of fights is costly and damages everyone. A little over a yeare ago a major war broke out on this site involved some really strange types who fortunately have gone elsewhere. It nearly destroyed the site. Doc and Bull Run questioned their thinking on whether to continue. After a lot of damage control the site was revamped and more people as not came here to read and opine in a reasonable manner, agreeing to disagree but still knowing whose side we were on.
    On this site we have some really good minds weighing in on these subjects.  Many have educations that put mine to shame. So does their writing ability. One of the things I enjoy most of all is the essayists who provide good content to help us understand. Their backgrounds are diverse and their view of this terrible crap fiesta we see daily would make any thinking man of woman concerned for the well being of others and their own as well. 
    We are on the same side of this battle and need to make sure we remain allied to let whoever reads this site and others knows they cannot divide and conquer.  When the bigs weigh in, with their billion dollar wealth, and they are found on Silver Doctors, the Big Ears who scan these sites may, and frankly, should be concerned that us Average Joes and Janes are hearing these opinions, and what is more, are taking concerted action to work against the worst these SOBs plan to throw at us.  The silver and gold price suppression and attempts by the Fed to scare strong and weak hands, large and small stackers out of  their position shouts that the enemy is at the gate. This is not a time to flag in our battles against them.
    If we argue amongst ourselves as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, we allow our foes to gain advantage, territory and the thought processes that help us get a handle on these very real threats.  Many moons ago I thought I was paranoid.  Now I know that there are sons of bitches who are out for blood. I plan to keep mine as long as I can.
    Your posts are enjoyable and welcome.  Don’t split the scene.  that goes for you as well Silver Savings.  We need all the voices, eyes, ears and minds on these subject.  It takes time to post here after reading long articles and even longer posts (sorry about my bloviating) I think the time is well spent.

    • I just exhaled.  I feel better now.  Thanks for the post…as usual!

    • @agxiik  +1

    • I completely agree with you … but I will say just one thing in regards to;
      >>> “Now I know that there are sons of bitches who are out for blood.”
      I think anyone who hasn’t worked that one out yet who posts on this site has not yet realized that this is quite the consensus. The articles posted on this site take this for a given, so anyone debating this basic fact is acting the antagonist. Antagonists are impossible to eradicate and once identified they should simply be ignored.

    • As for the unusual posts on this edition of SD, some folks are getting a bit edgy. I think it is symptomatic of people who are very concerned and probably a bit fearful of what they read and how they process it against their historical studies and precendents.
      Just parsed this now. Interesting to see someone taking on the role of intercessor…
      at the same time as going thru a self-actuated ‘thought rectification’ programme a la Gang o Four China 1965. Well understood and appreciated for what it is, Dude, but hey! what’s the point? Bindar Dondat… let your full light shine. Toning down means going down.
      No compromise. No Fear. Only way to travel AGXIIK – and still arrive alive, at the other side.

  27. @AGXIIK  said… “I like the filet mignon and rib eye seeds.  Plant one and 6 weeks later you have a nice steak
    -  -  -  -  -  -
    Please do not give the folks at Monsanto any more ideas!

  28. @AGXIIK
    Remember what Andy Grove (founder of Intel) said: Only the paranoid survive.
    Thanks for your posts…I find myself largely in agreement with you about a whole range of things.

  29. On inflation.
    Would US food stamp programs be to hide inflation from plain view? Having dozens of millions of beggars in the streets, that would kind of attract attenion, now wouldn’t it? Especially, if begging became a typical second job to all those part-timers out there.

  30. Hedgey  I do what I can do to keep on truckin’  
    There’s an saying I like.  ‘I don’t start fights but I will end them and be the last man standing’ 
    Another one is ‘Pick your battles wisely, you never know which one’s you’ll have to fight’
    One of the other regulars noted that leaders call wars Kinetic Actions.  That’s rich.  I think it was Einstein who said
    ‘I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but I know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones’
    Now that’s kinetic.
     Little me and my little friends playing Cowboys and Cavemen.  Rocks and slingshots were the preferred means to take down the other side. 
    We weren’t allowed to play Cowboys and Indians.  My mother was half Iroquois and took that side very seriously. Now there was a warrior.  I take after her just a little.

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