In this MUST LISTEN interview, the Golden Jackass Jim Willie states that in the wake of the impending LBMA default that Andrew Maguire warned was in progress Monday, physical gold orders in size are being filled at the $2,000/oz price level, while the COMEX futures prices crashes and burns!

Is the long-awaited final disconnect between paper and physical gold and silver occurring before our eyes?  The fact that US wholesalers are SOLD OUT of physical silver as of Monday evening seems to substantiate this fact.
Jim Willie’s full report is below:



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    • Willie the windbag strikes again. He, to me, sounds more like a TV Evangelist.
      In a podcast with Andrew Maguire the intelectual gulf was apparent. Perhaps if he didnt feel the need to shout but then he has to do something to excite the audience I suppose.

    • He’s totally off the mark.
      Anybody wants to get an ounce of gold for $1,430  it’s no problem.
      Hell, $2,000 gets you a return flight to the UK, a 1 ounce Metalor bar and plenty of change.

      If you’re going to pay two grand, why not have a free trip to Europe?
      Sure is a lot of sh#t being talked at the moment.

  1. There was one 100 oz. bar of Silver left in the showcase when I went downtown.  It was generic.  I didn’t have enough fiat for that so I kicked rocks.  I am really optimistic.  I used the money to buy dehydrated food instead.  

    • @Battle-Beagle : forward contracts & hedges. the miners future production is locked in at a specific price for the most part.
      Many primary copper and iron mines are still selling their secondary silver production to Silver Wheaton for $4/oz

    • My thoughts are that non hedged primary silver/gold producer would take advantage of such a arbitrage if the opportunity existed?
      If Jim can provide the market location and brokers/dealer contacts for the $2000 Gold and $40 Silver buyers, I’m sure some people in the mining industry would love to talk with them.

    • David Morgan mentioned in a recent TFMR podcast that the forwards market is where the vast majority of metal changes hands and the pricing is totally opaque, and probably much higher.
      IMO experts need to reinforce this fact over and over again.

    • It does appear that Eric Sprott has sold around 3 million shares of PHS. I don’t know if he is still offering new shares. If he is, it would resemble what Goldman Sachs did to there muppets. But I’m no trader so there could be differences that I don’t understand.

    • You’re right, Charlie.  ALWAYS trust the gut.  It KNOWS that it will suffer if it is wrong, so tends to be right.  Going with the gut is like betting WITH the odds.  ;-)

    • Hope I didn’t come across as being negative. I too am stacking for my retirement. My reasons are simple; I like the supply vs. demand story and it’s something that can’t be printed. Governments can print and issue unlimited bonds, CBs can print unlimited amounts of money, companies can print and issue new shares… And once the baby boomer generation starts to die off, there will be plenty of empty real estate on the market. 
      I’ve been around awhile and seen the calls for the crash of the US dollar since the early to mid 90s. And how this would result in Bill Clinton not being elected for a second term. blah, blah, blah. 
      Buy it because you believe the story and not because some guru or charlatan said so. I can’t stand it when some pump it and are selling it at the same time, charitable trust or not… Such as Mr Eric Sprott.

    • Just thought of a couple more clowns..
      Max Keiser. 1st started pumping silver… “It’s going to $500 an ounce”. Now pumping bit coins. LOL
      And, how many times over the years has John Embry called for … The next move will send gold and silver to the stratosphere… It’s on the launch pad, blah, blah, blah. 
      I hope not. I’m not done stacking. Bought another 1,150 ounces of silver this week. Still a lot more to go. Hope they slam the price down some more.

    • I wouldn’t mutilate my babies with a hack saw.  On second thought I wonder what the dealer would say if I brought in a cutting tool and asked him to sell me half.

  2. APMEX just sold out of their backorder allotment of 100 oz RCM bars.  Less than 24 hours ago they listed 300 bars for delivery on APR 24th and they’re now sold out of this forward allotment.  This is just ONE type or bar.  The other bars that they are forward selling are JM bars which have sold hundreds of their forward allotment in the last 24 hours as well.  I expect that by end of day today, they’ll be entirely sold out of all 100 oz bars available prior to APR 24th.    Even with the premium on these 100 oz bars nearly doubling, they’re still selling like hot cakes.
    If you guys don’t know, RCM and JM are two of the largest refiners for 100 ounce bars that are in active production.  The big guys buy 1000 ounce bars, the medium wealth individuals buy 100 oz, and the little guys buy 1 ounce and fractional …  this gives us a good insight of how fast things are moving.
    Anyone else notice that the US Mint failed to post any sales on Monday?  They typically post huge sales numbers on Monday as they confirm their orders based on the London fix.  Anyone else find it strange that not a single ounce was logged leaving the Mint for this week?

    • The US Mint just updated their sales #s for the day, we incremented from 1.7Million this month to 2,215,000 million.  This means the mint only logged 500k ounces of sales, or 1000 boxes, since Friday before the raid started.  Its a lot, but its pathetic the US Mint is refusing (or unable) to sell enough to meet demand.

    • “…but its pathetic the US Mint is refusing (or unable) to sell enough to meet demand.”
      It’s more than pathetic, it’s illegal.  The 1985 law authorizing the mint to mint gold and silver coins requires them to do so in amounts that satisfy public demand.  Well, we’re demanding and not getting so who will go to jail for this?  Answer: no one. We don’t enforce the law any more unless it serves a political agenda of some kind.

  3. Informative and fun interview from Jim and Sherrie.
    Our government, the central banks and the media have created a false world, a matrix if you will, that they have succeeded in pulling over over the eyes of the majority of humanity to distort reality. This accounts for why everything seems counterintuitive, confusing and out of sync with our common sense and gut feelings .Coordinated propaganda repeated over and over becomes the truth and people are left bewildered. The evil ones are in control now but events are closing in on them.
    This is why it is so delightful to hear Jim Willie shining the light of truth on the lying reptiles as they try to remain hidden under their respective rocks. Can’t wait for the COMEX  egg to crack open and watch its diseased contents spill out for all to behold.
    Thanks to The Doc for giving us as much Jim Willie as he can.

  4. Why are those paying $40 not emptying out the webshops?
    Same for the Dubai $2000 buyers. It’s not like there is no gold district in that town… Get a low paid kid and empty all the stores of bullion. Then drive to a refiner and have them make you some bars.

    • I think the key is tonnage in proper 400 oz good delivery bars and or 1000oz bars. you’d need some swag to get an operation like that off the ground, not to mention some capital if you need to be able to deliver multiple tonnage at 1 time before payment.

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