empty vaultThe Gold manipulation will continue until the Gold market is totally broken, until the big banks that control it are totally broken, or until the USDollar & USTBond structures are totally broken.  Personally, I am encouraged by the mid-April events to crash the Gold price. It has resulted in exposure of the criminal element, in exposure of the COMEX & LBMA as being desperately low in Gold inventory, in exposure of the great difference between paper Gold price (futures contracts) and physical Gold price (actual high volume sales), and in tremendous motivation by the very wealthy to reclaim their Gold in Allocated Gold Accounts. The bankers have brought to the table a Prima Facie case that their corrupt Gold market attack was motivated by having no Gold for contract delivery.
The Jackass forecast is for the next great scandal to be centered upon the Allocated Gold Account thefts, which my excellent source informs me involves the improper usage, leasing, and theft of over 20,000 metric tons of Gold bullion. The German Government formal request for repatriation is the tip of the iceberg.  It is a contest, a race, between the breakdown of the USD/USTBond structure and the COMEX & LMBA Gold market structure. The former is in the process of being rejected by the Eastern nations, now organized. The latter is in the process of being recognized as an empty arena with no Gold in inventory.

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From Fabrice Ristori, GoldBroker:

“In view of the on-going manipulation in the gold and silver paper markets, I have decided to do a multi-interview with three prominent voices in the precious metal markets, and ask them exactly the same questions about gold and silver manipulation : Chris Powell (GATA), Egon Von Greyerz (Goldswitzerland.com) and Jim Willie (Goldenjackass.com).

Investors (in the know about the manipulation) have a few essential questions, so I tried to focus on some that go straight to the point.

I have already explained, in my latest Market Report, that there is a disconnection going on between the paper and the physical markets but, this time, with these three interviews, I wanted to share the views of three key analysts who do recognize that gold and silver paper prices have been manipulated for years.

After Chris Powell, here is the second interview with Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com.

The Golden Jackass is designed to inform and instruct in the complex ways of gold, currencies, bonds, interest rates, stocks, commodities, futures, derivatives, and the world economy, with no respect shown for inept bankers and economists, whose policies and practices contribute toward the slow motion degradation, if not destruction, of the financial world.”

Fabrice Drouin Ristori



Fabrice Drouin RistoriMr Willie, thanks for accepting this interviewHow long can the manipulation of the precious metal markets last ?

Jim WillieRather than focusing on the time spectrum, think instead on the event spectrum. Focus not on a sequence of time, but instead on an event schedule in a chain. Systems are sustained by the corrupt players, institutions, and policies. The Gold manipulation will continue until the Gold market is totally broken, until the big banks that control it are totally broken, or until the USDollar & USTBond structures are totally broken. Personally, I am encouraged by the mid-April events to crash the Gold price. It has resulted in exposure of the criminal element, in exposure of the COMEX & LBMA as being desperately low in Gold inventory, in exposure of the great difference between paper Gold price (futures contracts) and physical Gold price (actual high volume sales), and in tremendous motivation by the very wealthy to reclaim their Gold in Allocated Gold Accounts. The bankers have brought to the table a Prima Facie case that their corrupt Gold market attack was motivated by having no Gold for contract delivery. The Jackass forecast is for the next great scandal to be centered upon the Allocated Gold Account thefts, which my excellent source informs me involves the improper usage, leasing, and theft of over 20,000 metric tons of Gold bullion. The German Government formal request for repatriation is the tip of the iceberg. The banks will not break first since far too protected. It is a contest, a race, between the breakdown of the USD/USTBond structure and the COMEX & LMBA Gold market structure. The former is in the process of being rejected by the Eastern nations, now organized. The latter is in the process of being recognized as an empty arena with no Gold in inventory.


FDR: What will put an end to it ? Physical demand ? Geopolitical event (BRICS) ?   

JW: My strong suspicion is that the COMEX & LMBA corrupt schemes will continue ad nauseum, despite the growing recognition of their corruption and empty inventory. Those in control of the Gold market are not subject to regulatory rules or legal prosecution, operating as essential parts of the sprawling fascist system. So they will continue. However, the end will come with the global isolation and then rejection of the USDollar in trade settlement. The recent G20 Meeting in Turkey brought attention to the bypass of the USD/USTBond system. The Eastern nations are working fast to create an alternative system, frustrated and angry at the abuses and corruption in the open. The Jackass forecast is for the new Gold Trade Standard to come, which will arrive within several months. It will not create a standard for banking and currency, as in SWIFT rules and FOREX rules. It will involve a new BRICS Development Fund, which will transform into a USTBond processing plant, converting the toxic USGovt debt into Gold bars. The trade settlement will work toward Gold payments, with an important intermediary function provided by Turkey. When crude oil abolishes the USDollar as the standard payment vehicle, the game is over. The G7 Meeting hastily called in emergency session in the first week of May demonstrated that the Western nations have noticed that time is almost up completely. The death of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard will coincide with the death of the USDollar global reserve currency. The end is being driven by China & Russia working within the BRICS, the G20, and the Shanghai Coop Organization.


FDR: What will be the signs proving that the manipulation is ending ?

JW: When the COMEX & LBMA are turned into an empty arena, with very few players and very little activity and a storm of controversy about contract fraud with growing lists of lawsuit cases. When the COMEX shows no posted Gold price at all, amidst broad controversy as to why, an implicit invitation for lawsuits over contract fraud and cases to recover past losses by investors. When the COMEX official Gold price shows not a small discrepancy with the actual physical Gold price from known publicized transactions at the major trading centers, but rather a gigantic and embarrassing discrepancy. My term is the great price spread between the paper Gold price and the physical Gold price. It is growing, since very tiny supply is available at the paper price, and high premiums are required at the physical price. Shortages will become a major problem, a desired problem for the gold community. When the spread widens further, the Jackass forecast is for the debate to enter the room on whether the COMEX price is an anachronism, an artifact from a corrupt era, a recognized den of thieves under financial press scrutiny, a point in fact as evidence for legal court cases (lawsuit damage or criminal prosecution). Expect court cases long before regulatory action.


FDR: Do you anticipate an overnight ending of the manipulation or a progressive process ?

JW: A progressive degeneration is far more the case, the pathogenesis of a cancerous organism. The Jackass expects the manipulation to continue far beyond what most people anticipate. The manipulation will soon become absurd. Another Gold market ambush attack is likely soon. When the paper Gold price is $600 to $800 per ounce lower in the paper COMEX price, the banking authorities will continue their charade, but have a difficult time maintaining credibility or a straight face before public questioning of Congressional grilling. Remember their motive, which in the Jackass opinion is to escape the clutches of their mountain of short Gold futures contracts by means of a declared Force Majeure. The true Gold price might be several $100s higher than the COMEX price, but the banking cartel does not care. They wish to escape the consequences of the short Gold futures contracts with a legally recognized COMEX Gold price, even though corrupt. If the courts recognize and endorse the corrupt lower paper Gold price presented by the COMEX, then the big bankers can legally escape from catastrophic losses and slither like snakes into the forests of Paraguay. That is their goal, and they do not care if the public laughs at the process, or if the financial analysts harshly criticize them. They care about the legal escape route offered by Force Majeure, then establishment of a fascist police state.


FDR: Is the gold/silver paper spot price still relevant to value physical gold and silver ?

JW: Not at all. It is a guideline which is becoming more and more ignored. Rather the spot price is becoming more understood as the starting point, the reference point, in a negotiated price. That price will vary in different parts of the world, already the case. The remarkable fact to the Jackass is that premiums on physical Gold purchases (whether bars, coins, talens) is coming down from the rising levels seen in mid-April right after the Gold market smash assault attack with a flood of paper rubbish slamming the market. The big challenge to the banker cartel will be to bring Gold to market in order to meet the growing demand. They must avoid grand and even grotesque shortages. The bankers will be drained. Recall back in March through July, the London banks were drained of 5000 metric tons by angry motivated Asian entities. The event was kept out of the news, but not out of the Hat Trick Letter. If price is to be kept stable, then supply must meet the heightened demand. The banker cartel has two choices: to continue to bring supply to market and be drained dry, or to refuse to bring supply to market and watch the physical price premium grow toward $1000 per ounce amidst well advertised shortages and an empty COMEX.


FDR: What direct consequences would a free gold/silver market have on people worldwide — not investors, people in general ?

JW: The consequences could fill an entire book. But the Jackass would write the chapter headings as follows. People could save in a true sense with a proper legitimate store of value, in instruments which do not represent a counter-party risk like in debt securities or gold certificate holders. People could be protected from central bank actions that exhibit extremely destructive policies toward the debasement of money itself. People could be assured that their life savings could not be leased, assigned, subjugated, hypothecated, or otherwise stolen by banking and government officials. People could build more effective barriers from the ravages of price inflation. People would not have to constantly search for investment vehicles that act as inflation hedges from the endorsed ruin of money. People could be protected from banker thefts, hidden and overt.


FDR: I would like to thanks again Jim Willie for taking the time for this interview.

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  1. In other words this could continue for the next few months, years or perhaps decades?  Whatever happened to all that hopium from last year that gold and silver was ready for blast off any moment plus a COMEX default to boot.  Now all we need is another article to say the bottom is in and to sell your car, mortgage your house, cash out your IRA and buy, buy, buy.
    I like metals as much as the next guy but these same authors hopium got people to buy a bunch of silver at $30, $35 and $40.  They have now lost 1/3 to almost 1/2 of their investment which most cannot afford.
    I’m sure Jim Willie will eventually be correct with his forecasts but beginning to question when that will happen? 

    • Bingo. I’ve been averaging down since I started buying silver, and to hear the endless litany of people saying count ounces, not price are increasingly as credible as maria bartiromo. I’m speaking generally of course, not in specific on Willie ( whom I love ).

    • I wish you had some idea how silly you sound to lament that you and others bought precious metals for short term gain and just can’t cut your attachment to the dollar as a reference standard. Let’s say that tomorrow the price of gold goes to $7000 oz and silver goes to $100 oz. Do you think I’m going to look on those prices, denominated in dollars, as having any meaning as I’ve always understood the dollar? No, because at those prices, I’m going to recognize that the dollar is no more, as I’ve ever known or thought of it. Do you think I’m going to sell my gold and silver at those prices? Again, no. I’d be inclined to hold and wait to see what the world around me has just experienced, what it means and how my life has been affected. Gold and silver aren’t investment vehicles. They’re hedges against the wretched financial excesses we’ve all been exposed to for the past few decades.So you and others bought in for short term gains. Either take your losses and learn or hold and wait. Simple choice.

  2. So according to JW, the gold paper price is going lower, but who is going to buy my gold if the paper price is $1100 oz, and I am asking $1500 oz?   No one.
    The BRICS Development Fund is not going to over throw the US, UK, Euro Zone and Japan, no chance.   The US and friends make the global trade system, and they are not giving it away without a fight.   Maybe in 10-20 years, the BRICS will have more power, not anytime soon.

    • So according to JW, the gold paper price is going lower, but who is going to buy my gold if the paper price is $1100 oz, and I am asking $1500 oz?   No one.
      Hmmm… Central Banks, 1 Billion Indians, 1 Billion Chinese… perhaps you were asleep when the price last dropped?

    • yeah zman you’re exactly right. On the retail market, our metals are worth spot price or just above for the most part, and any idiot saying otherwise is wrong, or a shill. No one outside of massive central banks or kijiji idiots are paying massive premiums. No one. Certainly not to the percentages the dolt hopium dealers seem to suggest.
      Until the bogus market goes away, the short term ( last couple years) ability of the metals to be a “store of value” is literally the biggest joke on planet earth.

    • Keep thinking short term…. you’ll go far with that attitude. Maybe you should listen again to those Silver Bears videos… and have a Crash JP Morgan jamboree. When the MoE changes (as it transpiring) your Gold will represent generational wealth. But someone as smart as you would sell as soon as you can get a lot of USD – with zero consideration of where that is going… trying peering beyond the end of your nose – look at the big picture. Silverites tend to lean that way I’ve noticed – you want to get rich from selling your Silver. People hold Gold to protect you from the USD – not to reap more $$$ by exchanging it. Of course that is thinking of Giants… not ants.
      Remember the bellboy in Weimar? bought the Hotel he worked at for a single Gold coin. I wonder if he would be like you and whine about the paper price drop. Naww… he’s just buy more.

    • and nobody should buy your ounces in that scenario, as long as the paper tophysical arbitrage works at the major exchanges a buy should buy paper, take delivery, then sell to the broader market.  I’m surprised to read notes from the experts who seem surprised that premiums have come down.  of course they have, why would you expect differently?  until the vaults are really empty then premiums will tend to reflect spot price over time (short blips of nonconvergence many still occur)

  3. The only thing that pisses me off is the fact I can’t get any substantial Fiat in my grasp to buy more at these ridiculous prices. I have a lot of commissions in the pipeline so hopefully it will stay low a little longer. Keep Stacking

    • You said it man!
      Shot my wad last week…..and am cash poor till July now…..What fantastic prices we are seeinbg  and product aplenty again!

  4. I really don’t see the COMEX price not “being the price” as the banksters have too much to lose.  I can see BRICS becoming a major force as China says, “If you want our exports, you have to go through BRICS”.  Done deal.
    Getting ready to pull the trigger on some fresh silver and have enough for a new rifle.  A friend of ours bought an SKS 7.62 39 and had it modified to take both the standard clip and clips from an AK-47.  Nice setup, but it weighs a ton.  Any recommendations?

    • Norinco AK47, under $800 but still heavy, AR-15′s run from $700 to how much do you want to spend. That SKS can be lightened up with a composite stock and forend. What do you want the rifle for? Closer in home defense 7.62×39 is good to about 200 yards if you are a good shot, AR-15 extends that to 500 yards or so max, AR-10 out to 800+ yards…

    • I bought my SKS, new in the box for $70 when Bill and Hillary were threatening to take our guns. It didn’t require any modification, just remove the original magazine and substitute the AK magazine. They were weapons of war, not supposed to be light weight.

  5. Silver Stacker  I recommend the standard Ak 47.  The SKS is ok but I am not convinced that if something has to be modified,  sticking with the old school original is best. My AK is the Romanian WASR with lots of metal  and plastic magazines.   The SKS appears to take the AK mags but I had some for the SKS too.   The SKS paratrooper D  with folding stock is my truck gun and is more concealable that the AK 47. But it is a Chinese Norinco and I am not convinced of its durability.  Maybe it is, maybe it is not.
      Try both and see what works for your tastes. 
    With all due respect to the AR 15/M4 223/5.56 battle rifle,  I would prefer to  go to war with my AK  More power, bigger round and just as accurate at 200-400 yards.Nearly faultess in operations.  100,000,000 skinny folks can’t be all wrong.
      And close in it still is the baddest deal on the block.  That is not a recommendation for any one item or the other. Just my preferences.

    • Your WASR is sporting junk.  Not battle worthy.  It has a half milled receiver, and its your receiver that will fail under heavy use.  Your norinco is a top quality SKS.  As for AK’s best stick with russian or check.  Stay away from Romanian AKs.
      P.S.  American guns utilize watered down powder , regulated and weakened by the U.S. legal system.  The grains behind .556 ammo is weak compared to NATO 7.62.  I’ll stick with the dropping power of NATO 7.62 anyday myself.

    • As a combat veteran, I can assure you that an AK47 is not accurate at 200-400 yards.  It is a pray and spray weapon.  I have trusted the M16 with my life and the lives of my fellow Marines and it has never let me down.  There is a reason that we switched from the M14 to the M16 in Nam.  Try humping an M14 and all that 7.62mm ammo through the jungle all day.

    • A nice American made AR15 will do just fine.(Sorry Ag12K)  It’s generally a little shorter than M16 that ShelbyGT recommended above and with the right optics you’ll be shooting some tight groups at 200yds.  The nicer AR’s run both 223 and the better 5.56 that Shamus recommends.

    • Really depends what you want it for… clos ein home defense or long range? Add the AR-10 to the list for a sniper rifle, my dealer has one with a 24 inch barrel that is really tempting

  6. I’m hearing a lot of sniveling about the price of PM’s.  Lets put things into perspective shall we?  I had invested in my 401k and left it there for 5 years.  It grew decently… until the market scare, and prior to Bennies manipulation of the stock market.  But lets take the 401k….. its a long term investment.  I’m not desiring to cash it out every other month, nor should you think that way if your a “Stacker”.  If you want to gamble daily/weekly/monthly then speculate.  Otherwise read up on market cycles, see how PM’s track the value of currencies and keep with inflation, realize your hedged, and please whatever you do….
    Stop Cryin!

    • fascinating to know pms track the value of paper currencies. The canadian and US dollar have been remarkably strong given all the money printed the last couple of years. They should rev up the presses more.

    • Shamus said, “see how PM’s track paper currencies and keep with inflation, realize your hedged”
      PM’s have not traded up with inflation,  what about the 1980-2000 time period, how did they work then?   
      How has silver tracked inflation since 2008, we are still at the same price and its over 5 years later, what type of hedging it that?
      The reason many like PM’s here is that they are undervalued, they are undervalued because they have NOT tracked inflation, maybe one day PM will, but not yet.
      Silver is still down -60% from its 1980 high, and here we are 33 years later, silver is not a hedge, no way.

    • Zman… I meant to get back to you…. Sorry it took so long…toddlers…you know.  Anyhow, so I see your hand picking dates.  Nice! so Let me hand pick some as well.  1973. Hunt brothers… ring a bell?  I mean, since were talkin manipulation; 50 dollar silver then, adjusted for inflatioon is closer to 150.00 silver today.  Not to mention how abundant it was back then!
      But on to hard evidence! Here is a link explaining the 40 year DOW cycle: 


      If you watch mike maloney’s video’s or order his book “Goldsilver” or “Rich Dad Poor Dad” you’ll see the charts reflecting that the DOW/GOLD ratio ALWAYS finds equilibrium. Typically, Gold (and silver, its little brother dug out of the same hole) surge and peak (in a bubble if you will) when the DOW (and stock market crash) Then there is 20 years of reversal as the markets stale themselves, then the following 20 years it peaks out and reverses again.  1 man, aware of the market cycle, might MIGHT be able to profit from two of them in a lifetime.
      EXAMPLE: 1980, gold record high  850/oz. year 1990, gold drops to 350/oz. 2000 gold at 250/oz -  Stocks UP precious metals… well, the most unloved they have been in history! fast forward to 2010 PM’s are risen 5 fold. Stocks would have fallen to equalize, but there is a fountain of fresh fake money pouring into it, so when the faucet is turned off, the fall will be sudden, and decisive! instantly reflecting its unsupported, and true market liquidity. The next 10 years is continued RISE of gold/silver.  the 40 year cycle has repeated itself since I’ve seen on record in the late 1800′s
      Thats why I keep telling people to stop sniveling.  Yes I bought in 1/2 of my stock at 40.00.. whoopidoo!  I’m not loosing a moments sleep.  Sure I missed 1/2 of the cycle, but hell, I didn’t know anything about economics 10 years ago!  After they peak, and the economy normalizes, I’ll sell PM’s and buy DOW.  KNOW YOUR CYCLES! (oh, and don’t over extend yourself into selling early and losing $.  That’s when you worry about manipulation.  You don’t realize loss until you sell. *PMs, stocks whatever*)

  7. Thanks for the intel Shamus. I’ll do some more work on both to see what works best.  A gunsmith friend of mine can do the rework if needed so that WASR is more battle worthy.  He and I plan to meet this week to talk about these things.

    • That WASR will hold up to just about anything short of full on battle crawling in the mud and sand. Dump the plastic mags for metal for better long term reliability. Small upgrades, polishing moving parts can really turn a marginal AK into a semi decent one but accuracy is not there past 200 yards unless you are an expert shot.

  8. For me, metals are not necessarily an investment.  They are more an insurance against a corrupt financial system.  Wealth preservation is just as important (if not more so) as wealth creation.
    I read people complaining about the prices, but all I have to say is when black Friday comes I won’t be involved in any bank runs to get what is mine.  They’ll all be closed anyway.  Equities are given, then TAKEN a couple of years later, but my gold still shines.  To a large degree I stand on principal: I refuse to be dependent on this kind of out and out deception and thievery. 
    So, what else can you do with savings these days?  Just buy what you would normally prefer to bank. 

  9. Ugly Dog I’m smiling because I love my M4s.  My HBAR with Eotech holosight and 3 x I can get within 4-5 inch circle at 400 yards. ( on good day with a tail wind)
      Given my eyes are for s****—–think coke bottle glass, 400 yards and 4-5 inches is not bad of an old guy who is no shooting wonder with rifles by and large.    Handguns are my forte   Of the other 2 M4′s one is 9x scope and not quite as easy to zero, so I use it at close in to 200 yards.  I can’t exactly talk about the third one but it an enjoyable weapon for its own reasons.  Big ears Chaz is listening. 
    Mary B, only in  my dreams I am expert shot, due to old eyes and basic skills. A good scope fills some of the gaps but expertise takes having decent eyes. The AK is a favorite because the bullet is a heavier round.  But the 5.56 is zippy and gets on target nicely.  I think the reason I like the AK is its durability. My gunsmith and I will talk about hardening up the AK. The plastic mags are for practice since the break and are cheap. Metal ones are the keepers.  They and the AR mags are dropping in price.  I sue the same system for those mags.  The cheap plastic ones for practice.  The metals are the keepers.
    Re your comments Shelby  I never argue with Marines and their combat experience. Many of my gun friends are former Marines, Vietnam, GWI and II, Iraq and Afghanistan and I am honored by their company.  They have great pointers for this civilian too boot.
      The fact of the matter is that without combat experience I might last 5 minutes in a fire fight when the bad guys have serious weaponry. I consider myself  expendable if for no other reason than Imight be able to  offer some rear guard defense to let them get to higher ground and better shooting positions, if the fight came to that.  My mobility is a bit limited due to new parts so I would not want to hold the more able ones back.     My BOB is much more skilled so I train with them but will never be their peer, for the simple reason that training does not come close to the real experience. But we do talk scenarios and that is an interesting element of this group.

    • Yeah, I run Eotechs with their 3X magnifier on all my AR’s.  I have old eyes too(bifocals) and the Eotech 65MOA reticle with 1MOA dot makes target acquisition so much easier than say with a single dot Aimpoint. 
      Now Ag12K, if you want to have some fun.  At your next gun show check out the new Tavor from IWI.  I picked one up 6 wks ago and it’s about the coolest thing out there.  Uses standard AR15 mags in a bullpup design.  Fun and functional.  And it’s short in overall length like regular SBR but you don’t need a Class 3.

  10. Mary B  I bought all my rifles before the big run up in price so the ARs were well under $1,000 and 7.62s $500 or a bit more.  Me and some friends did this and ammo buying as part of the prepping regime.  I was fortunate to have some FIAT that needs a home in hard assets so, like silver, we invested in lead futures along with PMs. 
    I an pretty certain that even the best optics would be far superior to my abilities whe talking over 500 yards.  I’d also be all ears on how to compensate for a cataract, 300/20 vision and floaters in each eye. Maybe  radar and self guided rounds. 

    • AGXIIK.  I recommend lasik institute.  Laser surgery is both affordable, quick, and damn near painless.  I spent 1300 on one eye that was 20/160 (damn near blind due to astigmatism)  It was corrected to 20/25 after 1 treatment. They can fix cataracts, even alter your vision from near to far, or visa versa!

  11. Ugly    that’s just downright mean to mention the Tavor   I’ve been reading up on it.  $2,500 for the Israeli model.  About the only good thing re the rifle right now  is I have the mags and ammo. Fiat is a little short right now. But it is a righteous machine.
    So here is the deal.
    Let’s all have really high intention that silver goes over $50 an az so AGX’s wife will take him off ‘gun restrict’  
    I will be setting up at the Reno Convention gun show in late July and will see if there is one for sale  Maybe if I sell some overpriced silver I can sneak one back home and tell it I got it ‘for her/for me’  It worked before.
    Yo have to love the Israeli’s battle rifles.

  12. Alot of good info on the weapons here.  True the AK is sloppy at 200+yds.  However it was discovered that a VAST majority of combat takes place at 100yds and thats why we were getting our *sses handed hard in the jungle.  The .223 and .556 do not have the stopping power of the 7.62.  Studies indicated that majority of enemies were hit with an m-16 still rapped off rounds and hit our troops. You get hit with a 7.62 your going down immediately- no lingering return fire.
    As for the WASR. The reson it’s so cheap is because of the receiver. It is .5 inch. Standard combat receivers are 1″. If you were to put serious use on it, it would fail you. Note all of the impressive talk about the VEPR rifles! 1.5″ milled receiver! They boast of it’s above average durability, not to mention the Chrome lined barrel that resist corrosion.
    Close and common combat I’m SKS. your AK has the advantage of being indestructable (if you get a decent one) it will not jam and it will fire under any condition. (now thats an “end of the world weapon to have!) .. that being said. Of course, the M-16 has good range, and is accurate. (can’t talk crap there) I myself, own another 7.62 rifle.  The VEPR. Built with RPK parts for heavy duty use! It’s accurate for a good 400+ yrds and is semi auto.  Then lastly I have Russian M-44.  (the carbine version of the 91-30) It’s a bolt action 7.62 x 54 and I’ve seen it scoped tag a target at a 1000 yds.  (view it on YouTube)
    All NATO 7.62. All dropping power, and various distances, utility.  Anyhow… Best of luck!

  13. Shamus  good intel on the cycles of stocks and precious metals.  Before I starting looking into PMs I followed the real estate to equity cycles.  there were some similarities.  But with QEs across the globe and price manipulation, the RE cycle is skewed a bit.   Not that I’m buying RE.  The driving force of the equities is well known and I’m of the opinion that those who are knowledgeable or not are being seduced by the FIAT printing forces into equities and once trapped by their ineptitude, they will be destroyed. Leverage in equities is also very high so they will be double dipped in the nasty when this market, and I’m referring to the US market since it’s the one most of us look at, reverses.  My thoughts are we will have the fear factor liquidation of PMs but they will recover quickly while equities stay down for a longer time since there is nothing in the market that I can see that there is nothing  favorable to promote DOW or S&P rise except MOPE and the PPT plus foolish greedy money chasing hope that the market will recover.  Non tech analysis but it seems that this time might be different since we are in a very different enviroment with currency printing and devaluations across the globe
    Re lasiks and my eyes.  It was not recommended by my eye doc for some reason and as any one knows, doctors love to make a buck off of surgical processes.  The other matters will be corrected but in reality, I do have a special set of shooting glasses that allows me to see reasonably well and corrects vision to about 20/20.  The resolution abilities, fine tuning the small objects at distance, is the one issue that won;t go away.  But, for close in firing, I’ll do ok at 100-200 yards with iron sights or scoped and figure in some Kentucky windage if needed. 
    A funny story—when I was a kid my father and mother were shooting and hunting fanatics.  They  were good at their skills and had great eyesight.   Me, not so good.  I started going nearsighted when I was about 7 but would not admit I couldn’t see the targets at distance.  But if I walked to the targets, 100 yards or so, I would memorized the lay of the land and everything that surrounded the targets.  Thus, when shooting with iron sights, I just aimed for the part of that blurry landscape that didn’t represent a non target area.  Sort of Zen shooting technique. Be the target, see the target.  A bad habit was developed but I got pretty good shooting that way and was able to convince my parents that I was able to shoot well.  Fast forward to scopes and things got better
    Thanks for the details about the alternates to the AK and the 7.62 X54   That particular ammo is one of the few that has a reasonable price and is available.  I printed your post for references

  14. i got really excited as i thought we might see some hard numbers on high volume gold sales, just rhetoric that they dont match paper.  I’ve read that perth mint is selling gold into asia at only very small premiums, once again would love oanyone who could help make the physical bulk markets more transparent.

    • Those secrets are guarded like the nuke codes, but I’m sure you have realized that by now.
      We won’t know any of that until well after the fact mikey.

  15. YES, the new price of gold will be $1,000 per ounce ….. only, it will be the New Trade Dollar, for which our current dollar will be converted via a factor of 100 to 1. Like the Yen, which has no cents, the dollar will be the lowest denominator. 100 to 1 …. coming to a bank near you, this October, via the New US Dollar bills scheduled for release!!!
    US poeple do not know anything about Foreign Exchange, since the US$ is accepted internationally. I grew up overseas in a 3rd world country, and understand the local currency is not accepted outside the country I live in …. so, it is necessary to acquire the Internationally Convertible Currency (which is the US$) when travelling. It means that I have to buy the US$ using local currency. This reality could be coming soon to a country near you !! LOL !!
    How’s that for spewing BS !!!

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