Jim Willie: ‘In 2 Year’s Time, the Gold Cartel WILL HAVE NO PHYSICAL GOLD REMAINING!’

Jim Willie discusses the ramifications of the SWIFT actions in the gold market, the continuation of quantitative easing, and states that Europe is on the verge of fracturing as Spain, Italy, and Portugal will become the next dominoes to fall in this MUST LISTEN interview with BullMarketThinking.

Willie states that there are absolutely massive Eastern buy orders in place in a pyramid formation beginning at $1640, with plans to empty ALL OF THE REMAINING PHYSICAL GOLD SUPPLIES of the bankster cartel, in the same fashion as they removed all of UBS’ gold.

Willie states that ‘until several massive buy orders are filled, and until a certain member cartel bank is perhaps killed, and rid of their entire gold holdings and reserves, gold will not revive in price.

Willie also claims that ‘in 2 year’s time, the gold cartel WILL HAVE NO PHYSICAL GOLD REMAINING!

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  1. He is another guy I just can’t hear enough from. I’ll say this–he ain’t now Jacka$$!

  2. Willie’s penmanship is more colourful then his voice. I side with him on Bob Moriarty, he’s a pumper and hates competition.

  3. I enjoy Willie and his monthly posts, savoring it  like a good bottle of red wine. Whether you agree with him or not, his edge is digging down into the cesspools of banksters, idiot politicians, gold and silver manipulations and a host of other ‘out on the curve’ events will seem to populate the blogoshere.   This digging helps connect the dots for mainstream investors, students of this genre and the conspiracy theory folks. (I confess to being a bit of a tin foil hat sort as well as a  data wonk.) 

    He pulls up some very interesting things and exposes them to the light of day.  These disclosures, some of which can only come from someone as embedded as Willie, help provide insights into the evolving and often disgusting matters that are affecting all of us.  Thanks Jim

  4. Awesome listen, man there are some good insites there. Thank you, Jim Willie

  5. AGXIIK please email me as I would like to communicate with you to exchange ideas.  My email addy is blueyes997@live.com

    Jim Willie is usually way ahead of the curve but he is getting closer every day.  Don’t forget that mr De Silva is a very talented interviewer and a saavy investor himself.  I totally respect De Silva and his direction in life.  Very enlightened young man.  If I had half his smarts when I was his age I would be better off today.


  6. Some of the things that Mr Willie is talking about seem to be equal to the so called London Trader on King World News.  I think we need to be careful about who we listen to in this so called “poop storm”.   I believe that Jim Willie knows Andrew Maguire and is talking to him.  That is OK.  Take a look at the recent postings on King World News for the London trader and they mirror mr Willies information.  Now, Jim Willie said it.  He is shamelessly trying to get new subscriptions.  Get a life sir.  You live in Costa Rica.  Your work is good.  Lower the price.  Make it affordable to the little guy.  Your research is good.  Your information is good.  Get a life and bring it to me.  The ant.  I live on a fixed income and need help.  Thats my story.  I am all in.  I don’t trade.  I just need real information.  I suggest that you market your newletter so low income subscribers can get the news mr Willie.  Thanx.


  7. We can take a look at the gold prices lately and see that the prices are centered around 1650.  Dousen’t take an imbecile to see that the cartel doesn’t want the Chinese buying gold.  The Chinese are smart.  Well, they have the money.  They don’t want to continue buying our bonds.  They are common folk.  Just like me.  They want to buy the market for what it is worth.  Not a penny more.  Don’t ever underestimate the Chinese.  They are traders.  They have the money.  They will trade.  The central banks have a different agenda.  Short term profits so they can continue to speculate.  The Chinese love this mentality.  They will prevail in the long run because they have money.  Where else would they put their money?  T bills?  I am not a Chinese lover but I respect them as they are the business men of the future.  Eventually the Chinese will be the only ones who can buy oil in huge quantities.  They will trade in a gold backed currency.  The US will be a weak country.  Buy a motor scooter cheese balls.  It will be your new, convenient way of getting to work.  Cold in the winter.  Nice in the Summer.  Austerity will be our new life.  Not far off.  Maybe 5 years.

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    Pollokeeper April 18, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Maybe 5 years

    or less ( after the elections – the clock is ticking )

  9. It all sounds good if it is true.

    We have to remember Willie gets this all mostly from one trader.

    My question is “How much gold did UBS cough up?”

    “Did they have it in a vault and now it is shipped to the East?”

    “How much gold does the rest of the Cartel have?”

    “Why will it take 2 years for the players from the East to get all this gold?”

    “Why cannot this group from the East get all the gold now?”

    “If those players from the East have all these billions, why will this take 2 years?”

    If those questions could be answered, then I would feel much better about what Willie says…

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