FarageLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert to subscribers over the weekend, advising investors that You must now act to exit the system!  Sinclair, who as recently as 2 weeks ago advised those attending his NYC meeting that investors have 2 years to withdraw their IRA and 401k funds from the system, has changed the urgency of his call significantly, stating:
You must exit the system immediately because the Financial Nazis struck in Cyprus and now are moving directly towards you. This is simple fact, which if you ignore will be akin to the rise of the Nazis in Germany for those that knew they should, but never made the decision to leave that system.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:


You must now act to exit the system







The US has already put in place bail-in-like powers as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act passed last year. The law includes a resolution scheme that gives regulators the ability to impose losses on bondholders while ensuring the critical parts of the bank can keep running.


Employees would be paid, the lights would stay on and derivatives contracts would not have to be instantly unwound.


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I have given my all to communicating the most important conclusions concerning your future financially and therefore on every level of life.


  1. The operation to depress the gold price since the high was limited in time and is now behind us in terms of maximum pain for the bulls.
  2. You must exit the system immediately because the Financial Nazis struck in Cyprus and now are moving directly towards you. This is simple fact, which if you ignore will be akin to the rise of the Nazis in Germany for those that knew they should, but never made the decision to leave that system.


The saddest fact is that many of you have thrown away your gold share and bullion insurances to the enriched Bankster bullies. You will now pay no attention to the need to exit the system. It is as if you are moths attracted to the flame of danger, and a sloth in that you are too lazy to take the actions required to protect yourselves. If you do not pay attention to this interview you are going to sacrifice all you have worked to accomplish in your lives. Most certainly those that are planning any form of retirement are right now dancing on the head of a needle.


Here are a few most important actions you, in my opinion, must take.


Government sponsored retirement tax preferential retirement programs must realize that one of the IMF plans in Cyprus was to nationalize all retirement programs. That means steal your retirement funds and assets, replacing them with some form of future paper assuming Cyprus returns to solvency.


You must, in my opinion, face whatever tax consequences there are and close your retirement programs. You are in clear and present danger of confiscation for questionable paper of whatever you hold in these type accounts. In a financial sense you are exactly what the ghettos in Germany and Poland were when they knew they should run but found any excuse possible not to do what was logically screaming at them to take action.


I am screaming at you from every pulpit I can find, with no personal benefit that you must take various actions and take them now. The fact the IMF, a major international body, had the audacity to demand that Cyprus nationalize all it pensioners and confiscate large percentages of the account values should be like a flashbulb going off in your eye to wake you from your sheeple slumber.


Bite the bullet.
Pay the tax.
Get your assets back.
Get out of the system.


The next action you must take is to get as far away from social media, and the use of credit cards for everything because you are painting a picture for the tax collectors that are going to go ballistic in their effort to collect your money from you in order to create revenue for governments going broke, or who are already hiding the fact they are broke.


It might take some effort, but stop your kids from informing the world of everything you and they have done on their social media. Computer based comparisons of family income to family activities will spur punitive audits when the apparent expenses are greater than the combined declared income.


The revenues services of every country are cranking up their computer search programs to grab information. You must stop so freely providing information, and maybe bragging on social media to make others think your lives are better than they really are. You must turn off the switch on your children use of social media if they are still under your authority. You must suggest to your emancipated children that they are foolish in informing the world of every little thing that do in search of 1000 friends on social media that would not really give a damn if they had a problem.


As an example of the new high tech snoops you are feeding with your credit cards and social media, research the following article.


IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Footprints – Yahoo! Finance

– Charting and analyzing social media such as Facebook
– Targeting audits by matching tax filings to social media or electronic payments
– Tracking individual Internet addresses and emailing patterns
– Sorting data in 32,000 categories of metadata and 1 million unique “attributes”
– Machine learning across “neural” networks
– Statistical and agent-based modeling
– Relationship analysis based on Social Security numbers and other personal identifiers


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You must eliminate to the greatest degree possible all the agents between you and your assets.


There is no question that leaving assets in street name with your brokers and bankers is a financial death wish. The preferred way of holding shares of stocks has always been in your own name as physical certificates. The second best method, but much better than street name, is to hold your shares in Direct Registration. Do not expect your banks, brokers or companies you are invested in to make it easy to get out of their system. They will fight you all the way, but you have to insist on your rights regardless of their refusal or false dire warning of negative circumstances when you succeed in demanding your rights. Most of it exaggerations of what is really minutia when it comes to protecting yourselves.


Large credit balances in the form of banking accounts in CDs or in pure cash is now holding up a red blanket for the fighting confection bull of governments seeking your assets to hold off their financial collapse from their own spending sins of decades.


We can discuss in open forum, face to face or in writing later what to do with your assets but right now, as Braveheart cried, they must have FREEDOM from the system. There is much more that needs to be done, but what you have here is what should be called first priority. This should be viewed as call to action. I have not been too much off the mark on calling the developments not only of the past 12 years, but for the entirety of my successful career of more than 50 years in finance.


You ignore me at your own severe personal risk.


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    • Terms like that, or many of the terms Max keiser uses ( financial holocaust ) are shocking. Sad part is, they aren’t far off. An unholy mix of Fascism at the business level (glorified banana republic / cronyism), and Socialism ( extortion paid to poor people not to revolt ) at the street level has taken over much of the western world.

    • Don’t be so obtuse Stacksmack.    When the govt devalues the currency, or robs the money out of your bank account or retirement plan, that’s what you call BEING A NAZI.   And just so you know, the elite oligarchs who run the govt/banking system, are the SAME BLOODLINES that gave us the Nazis.   Remember, the banksters BUILT THE NAZI MACHINE.   They WANTED WWII.    Germany was broke as a joke after the Weimar experience.   Hitler would’ve had a hard time building a balsa wood airplane much less a war machine without the help of the Tribe.   All the “conventional wisdom” about WWII is pure revisionist history BULLSHIT.     Back to my point:  PEOPLE WHO RUN THE GOVT AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS ARE FIRST CLASS FUCKING NAZIS.    It’s not hyperbole!

    • Title is accurate, bad times are coming to the western financial world that will make Nazi Germany look like a vacation spot.

  1. One important thing being stated here is that if you have a retirement plan that is well funded, the bail-ins would regard your precious retirement capital the same way as it would regard any bank account.  There are about 60,000 UK and other retirees in Cyprus. Some had plans worth high 6 to low 7 figures.  Their haircuts are on the order of 40-60%, meaning the residual balance of their plans could easily be less than what they need to live on now or into the future.  Decades of savings are being wiped out in an instant to bail out banks.   Can it happen here.  Obama has made it clear in his recent references to plans to limit or even seize pension plans.  Sinclair is clear as a bell.

  2. Canadians should be aware that, as far as I know, there is no insurance on mutual funds / RRSPS. So be warned. Any mongoloid who has faith in the banking system since reserve requirements were thrown out the window, and banks are encouraged to gamble in a ZIRP NIRP environment arguably deserves what they get.
    p.s. looks like we’re going to have another week of perpetual mini vbottom beatdowns. I’ll be looking forward to Greg Mannarino’s scintillating analysis to help light the way for me.
    p.p.s. picked up 2 X 5oz buffalo coins from the cambridge house conference. Dealer confirmed that any silver is in reasonably tight supply.

  3. @SilverEagle65:  This is for all the posters, but ESPECIALLY for you (an apparent non-believer).  Okay, lets say Jim Sinclair is wrong.  Or maybe, overstated his comments.  Following his edict all that happens is YOU manage your own money!  How bad is that?  If he is RIGHT, however, then you become one of the masses who will be looking like you haven’t eaten in awhile–because that may indeed become the case!  Its rather stupid to cast such flippant doubt on a successful BILLIONAIRE in the very field (commodities) of which he is alerting you.  Now, I’m not calling ANYONE stupid, but remember this:  Stupid is as stupid does!

    • I am only saying the first thing that came to mind. Forgive me, I too stack, prep and put my faith in God. I believe a lot in what the experts are saying because there will be an end game scenario play out just as they predict. I have just mocked these stories as I have others( maybe I am wrong here ) because I feel TPTB are in control and us little people will probably all get slaughtered anyways. Hard to hide from confiscators, taxers,cheaters and martial laws. Keep Stacking till you can no longer  stack and try to weed through these articles and find some redemptive value in them.

    • Silverrrrr– It does make a difference.  I’ll be 59 and a half in a little over 1 year.  I’ve already taken the contribution part of my Roth IRAS out.  You can do this tax and penalty free. The remaining part of my Roth IRAS Is Accrued interest. This would be taxed and penalized.  I would easily lose half to the tax man. If I wait 1 year I can take it out totally tax free.  Do you see my point???

  4. @silverrrrr The only one who has looked stupid lately is Sinclair.  He has been wrong in a big way for awhile.  He deserves more than “flippant doubt”.   His “alerts” have become jokes.  You are totally correct in that we manage our own money.   And it’s easy for me to see that if I would have followed his “alerts” the last few months I would have lost money.  That point can not be argued.

    • I understand your concern about loss of capital, however, I look at Jim’s “alerts” as thinking mechanisms to make one aware of what is happening or about to happen.  He has the ear of some very influencial people in commodities and the kind of information gleaned from him is not easily gotten.  Granted, timelines do get blurred, but for my money, I will take Jim’s words and apply it to my situation.  Most of the folks that read sites like this one would be wise to consider Jim a positive force.

  5. On another thread, @Canadian Dirtlump said with regard to the present situation with Silver…
    “When the price of a commodity craters, that typically means there is low demand for it. We see the exact and precise opposite.”
    -  -  -  -  -  -
    This is EXACTLY what is different this time around!  Whereas in the past many people would dump their physical when the price got smashed, this time around it seems that everyone is instead ‘backing up the truck’ and loading up.
    The true test will be when Silver spikes again.  Will people be rushing in to buy more ‘before it goes any higher’ or will they all be dumping their Physical?
    We will have to wait and see.

  6. Bite the bullet.
    Pay the tax.
    Get your assets back.
    Get out of the system.

    Did it 2005.  Bit the bullet, paid the taxes, and put the remainder in silver at 6 bucks.
    It was obvious to me then when the politicians backs were against the wall, they would go after the pot at the end of the rainbow…..the tax shelter accounts.  Sinclair may, or may not, be off in his timelines…..but the end results will be accurate.

  7. Some times I gotta laugh at the same bashers here making their smart ass comments on every article.  You have to ask yourself, why do they even waste their time here if they don’t agree with the articles?  Are they paid to come here?  Are they short silver and hoping to manipulate the market downward?  You just have to wonder.  If I didn’t agree with a websites view/articles, I surely wouldn’t be wasting my time there…

    • Some of us consider it a waste of time to ONLY read articles with which we agree.  Articles with which we disagree are the ones that make us all think.  A really good web site will have a range of articles and no requirement for any of us to march to their tune in lockstep.  SD is such a site.
      While I respect Sinclair and enjoy reading his articles, I do not necessarily agree with his every utterance.  That is our right… and I, for one, feel zero guilt at exercising that right.
      I agree that money starved governments could very well implement draconian measures to wring it from all of us.  Retirement plans are a juicy target too thanks to their large financial size.  But timing is not something that anyone can predict.  His earlier assessment of 2 years to get out of retirement plans looks accurate to me because that will be about the time that the economic / financial S will HTF, IMO.  Could I be wrong about that?  Hell, yes!  So could Sinclair.  Taking a 35% tax hit would be a right royal PITA, so anyone contemplating that had sure as hell better be right.
      Instead of bailing out, as Sinclair suggests, I am doing a phased withdrawal by doubling the amount I am withdrawing each year and converting that to physical gold and silver.  I also put most of my SS benefit money into PMs, so the stack is growing nicely.  When the S does HTF, the gains in those PMs will more than make up for any losses in the paper investment world.  If the S does not HTF on schedule, then the paper gains can be harvested in converted into PMs.  This is not an all or nothing game.  Many variations are possible and only God knows which combo will be best.  Unfortunately, She only talks to Charlie!  ;-)

    • OH SURE!!!   Property and land!  In USSA!   That’s BRILLIANT.   Let’s all buy a real asset the govt will steal a large and increasing percentage from EVERY YEAR REGARDLESS!   That’s a great idea!   The govt is completely insolvent and broke with annual trillion dollar money printing, and stacksmacker suggests “possibly” increasing our tax liabilities.   Will the govt increase taxes on property and wealth holders?   Do kids playing in the hot sun get thirsty and want a cool drink?    (SARC OFF)
      Sorry, I know all the arguments for RE (they aren’t making any more of it, its a tangible asset, blah blah blah.)    I think RE sucks.   Property taxes, upkeep, maintenance, and don’t forget REAL ESTATE CAN BE ILLIQUID, meaning if you need to sell it in a pinch, you will not get a good price!    The only RE I would want it is:  1)main residence 2) hobby farm/retreat in the backwoods      I’m still waiting for Jim Rodgers to be right about the young farmers driving Maseratis.   Looks like the 30 year olds driving Maseratis are still Wall Street scum.

    • It has been stated, that hot money comes in when the price rises. This is true for almost anything and silver will be no different in the end. When we talk about people selling their holdings at 35, 40 or 50 – let’s not forget how small this market is for ACTUAL metal, and for participants. What 5% of the population is in metals in some form, maybe less? If we get some positive sentiment, some hot money, some momentum chasers, some fear, and some other market upsets, the put on your helmet.
      If someone calls FIRE and even 10% of the population run for the door, then look out below. We’ll be all sitting outside on our various stacks watching the carnage. I can’t pretend to predict the future but to me something is a little f**ky in the air.
      I can’t see how this won’t end badly, and having people like the doc, turd, and santa and the rest of them, and our great commenters here to try to help us, is a good thing. They are on MY side. My government, my banks, my regulators – they aren’t on MY side. I tire of the hyperbole in potential gains, but rest easy that we are doing the right thing. The herd never does the right thing. We’ll be right. It is only a matter of when and every day that goes by that we aren’t it is getting closer.

  8. I will be the first to admit that as of 4 years ago I was as brain dead and clueless to what we clearly see now.  The education process of the last 3 years was tough and revealed the true nature of the situation in this country and the world.
    I see Jim as one voice that offers ideas, suggestions and make the plea to take action.  Maybe he’s right half the time.  It is pretty immaterial because we need to do our own due diligence.  Culling and data sifting through thousands of information sources, posts, blogs, videos and periodicals, one can begin to get a sense of the nature of things.  One source will never offer all the answers.  With 20 sources you can begin to build a framework of opinion and a decision making process that allows you to plan ahead.

    • My twin brother and I had this exact conversation this weekend. Now I cull through everything from mainstream press all the way out to the neither regions of the most wacked out conspiracy rants and try to distill it into something resembling the truth.

  9. BTDT. It took a lot of intestinal fortitude to make the call last summer with the Bush tax cuts in place and no one talking like this. Made the right call based on what the 111th Congress has in store when Pelosi gets back in as Speaker. That research and the fact there were no credible candidates challenging Obama. Yes, I am calling for Democrats to get the House back and keep the Senate in 2014. It is your money…er uh, was your money.

  10. I think we have another crisis looming which I have not seen any discussion on yet. That crisis is the baby boomer 401k redemption. In 1978, the 401k retirement plan was instituted whereby ordinary workers could (and did) put their excess wealth from working into an account which would not be drawn from for fifty or so years or so. The inception of this roughly coincided with the United States going off the gold standard in 1971, a time when the Federal Reserve started printing money in vast quantity. These 401K accounts acted as a sponge to sop up some of the excess liquidity caused by the printing. In fact, these 401K accounts have pulled trillions of dollars out of the economy. But the money did not just sit in these accounts. It was invested into the equities market. Afterall, an investment return was expected to compund the value of the savings. So now all of these trillions of dollars of ordinary peoples’ monies are tied up in the stock market. With the baby boomers now entering retirement age, they are going to want to pull their trillions out of the stock market and spend it. A big problem that brings up two important  questions. 1. Where is all that liquidity going to come from? And 2. What is that going to do to the stock market when all of that money is pulled out?  The answer to number 1 is that it…is….just…not…there!  It would have to be printed, and fast. 85 billlion a month won’t even be close covering the amounts needed. And that will cause hyperinflation. All the cash that was kept out of the money supply by this will come surging back. The government cannot allow this. It would be catastrophic. The answer to number two is more obvious. Equities are going to plummet in value, i.e. crash. The pressure of that many sell at market orders will bring chaos and everybody, including the really big players, would suffer. The government only has one option here. Take the wealth from those who earned it to pay off it’s obligations. The U.S. government has gone into debt by printing ‘money’ year after year. This debt has accumulated in the 401k accounts of the American people. The only way the U.S. government can really re balance its books (cancel its debt)  is to take the saved wealth in the retirement accounts for itself. When a debt is
    written off, somebody always loses. It looks like the government is going to fix two problems at once here by taking retirement money. Prevent the 401K savings from entering the economy and reducing the national debt load.  But the losers are,once again, us.

    Its time to get everything out of the 401k system.


    • @KenS:  Aw shit!  Just when I thought I had everything figured out, here you come with a new wrinkle in how we (American taxpayers, law-abiding citizens) are going to get screwed.  Can’t you keep your thoughts to your self?  LMAO……

    • Excellent point though if the value of traditional IRA’s is reduced then the federal and state taxes collected on withdrawals and mandatory drawdowns will also be reduced.

    • @KenS
      FIRST comes the ‘Mother of All Crashes’ in the equities markets to wipe out those retirement accounts … THEN the gummint sidles up like a slick date-rapist to offer pre-crash restoration of … numerical … ‘value’ with ‘guaranteed’ bonds (that no one else on the planet wants) capped off with a ‘stipend income’ that’s no more than slave maintenance while they increase taxes to even FURTHER erode the deleterious effect of the ‘pay-out’ for the ‘Treasury’.
      You watch … that’s MY bet as to how this sick game plays out.

    • MAN … OH … MAN, do I miss the old ‘coin’ button from the earlier site! I wrote Doc a few times about having it resurrected, but I suppose the additional code alteration in the new software is prohibitative, or something. Anyway … I sure do commiserate with you. There are HUNDREDS of delightful comments I’d ‘coin’, but can’t take a lot of time to respond to. Also, there’s nothing worse than an e-mail box crammed full of ‘Right On’ and ‘You Nailed It’ quips.

  11. @Stacksmack3000, sort through your stacks now and be ready to dump your holed halves, dented dimes, and those awful Barber & Standing Liberty ‘smoothies’ the next time Silver spikes up in price.
    Offer these at 5% below spot and you will have a line of waiting customers.

  12. Ken S   what you noted is a very important link in the IRA confiscation conversation  I had not thought of it that way but  remember discussions decades ago about what would happen when the newly minted grey panthers started retiring and drawing down on their retirement plans. Even with two huge haircuts in the equity market, there is somewhere between $10-19 trillion in that market.  The government has had to be thinking long and hard about this actuarial FUBAR.  It was being discussed in the late 1980′s when the stock market had been on a tear since 1981.  The government’sw acts of stripping wealth through the engineering tech wreck, housing bubble, Lehman equity crash and what could easily be the mother of all bubbles, the bond blast, will take care of much of this wealth.  If the USG forcing investment of 401k and IRA into government bonds, the crash will strip half of the worth in a very short time.  This release value has to be used if for no other reason to bail out failed bond auctions, dollar devaluations and an equity sharing between the haves and have nots.
    In either case, forced investment into Government mandated Guarateed Retirement Annuities or a scalping at some time in the future, the seniors will get serious trimming. 

    • This is why, without an iota of compunction or hesitation, I wrote (Certified Formal Notice) to the Director of Socialist Security, an irrevocable resignation from their stinking Ponzi boondoggle, a dozen years ago. It appears my timing was perfect, because the scam is hitting the crapper just as I would have had access to it. Not that I would accept it anyway, had that letter never been sent. The effect of it is to make one a ‘Ward of State’ in real terms, meaning the Ward’s ‘rights’ are completely at the discression of the State.

  13. Once upon a time you dressed so fine, you threw the bums a dime, in your prime, didn’t you? People call,say, beware doll, you’re bound to fall, you thought they were all just kidding you…… now your scrounging your next meal. Bob Dylan

  14. I guess I just must add my two cents after all. I believe that from what I see of the Newbies posting here that their attitude reflects that they finally got tired of posting on the SLV message board and came here. I am asking that you cool your jets.
    What we as the owners of Silver and not paper have to offer here is better advice than you will find anywhere else. Sure, all of us have opinions as we do assholes, but civility in posts is a standard to posting with The Doc. Heck yeah, if you have a stack of Silver or Gold, you would be lying if you say that you were not worried about your financial health and investment in Silver. Silver and Gold and the dirt beneath us are the only hard assets left.
    The readers here are here because of the faith we have in Silver and can be lead only by our own common sense and by the comments of the Guru’s who post articles here. Hey Sinclair is Sinclair, he’s not always spot on as neither are the other article writers who post here and certainly none of our personal posts are spot on either. The fact is we all know that “WHEN” is coming and we glean any information we can to assure ourselves that our decision to own physical Silver was and is the right choice. Personally I believe it is and reward is coming. I will say that Sinclair is right about getting your fiat wealth out of the financial system. That is a no brainer for the likes of us all and even Dumb and Dumber. Yes he said recently it was two years away, but exponentially the world’s governments and Financial institutions are changing daily. Got It? Tomorrow morning we may all wake up and say to ourselves, “What the Hell just happened!” The financial markets are dangerous, so much that the managers of the financial markets don’t know what to do as The Federal Reserve knows what to do next, but tell us all that everything is well. Clue: Everything is not alright! End of Story.

  15. Two things.  First, not all of the so-called baby boomers are retiring.  Quite a few are sticking it out in the workforce so they can get health insurance and other bennies from their employers.  Second, even if they all did retire at about the same time, they would not necessarily be selling off their stocks and mutual funds all at once.  Many of them have been investors for 30+ years and will continue to be investors for another 20+ years.  It is a myth that they will crash the stock market via massive selling.
    There was a time when a “baby boomer” was a child whose daddy came home when WWII ended and started a family.  Back then, the baby boomers were born ONLY in 1946-47.  I was born in 1949 and was not considered a baby boomer until just a few years ago. Somehow, that got stretched out to 1964.  What anyone born in the 1960s has to do with the WWII baby boom is a complete mystery.  Because of this, we can all call BS on a lot of the comments made about this supposed “group”.  Like any other group of people, whether really a “group” or not, we are individuals and not carbon copies of each other, so predicting our behavior may be an interesting past-time but it is not anything on which anyone should bet money.

    • I agree – don’t bet money on predicting baby boomer behavior. I just want to comment that the baby boomer generation was stretced to 1964 since there was alot of growth in this period. It was possible to not finish highschool and still get a really excellent job with great benefits. Anyone born post 1990 will in no way live this kind of life and I think most baby boomers are ignorant to this fact.

    • “Anyone born post 1990 will in no way live this kind of life and I think most baby boomers are ignorant to this fact.”
      I would not assume that.  Most boomers read pretty well, have the time and interest for it, and know quite a lot about what is happening these days.  Appropriately, many of us are absolutely horrified by it.

    • “If the major theft of bank deposits is repeated at any point in the future it will happen without any warning and it will happen over a weekend.  Meaning, on Monday morning US and Canadian accounts will be hit and people in North America will simply be shocked that their wealth has been stolen.””
      Agreed that there would be tremendous shock over something like this but… we should see this happening in the smaller EU countries first, then the larger ones, then the UK, and finally here.  While this could move right along, I do not think that it will be instantaneous.  This does not mean that I am not taking appropriate actions against such a possibility, however.

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