Sinclair Hong KongLegendary gold expert Jim Sinclair has significantly reduced his public commentary over the past 6 months, reserving most of his advice for those willing to attend Sinclair’s financial meetings across the country- likely due to the fact that many new PM investors lam-blasted Sinclair over his incorrect short term call in 2013 that support in gold would hold at $1600. 
Sinclair, who in addition to his role as CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, is also the Executive Chairman of the new Singapore Precious Metals Exchange, was recently the Keynote Speaker at the 2014 Hong Kong Mines & Money conference. 
Sinclair discussed how to avoid the coming Western financial system bail-in, the role of gold in the coming crisis, & banking with the BRICS. 
We highly suggest that readers check their emotions and biases at the door, and view the entire MUST WATCH Keynote address below from the world’s foremost big-picture expert on gold & the financial crisis:

  1. When was his last GOOD call????  Has to be before Dan left, I guess he left…I have not been to his website in years but go to Dan’s every day ;)  The Jim’s (Sinclair and Rogers) have not been right in quite a while and I don’t really trust anyone who doesn’t live in the USA to make my calls, just my opinion.

    Not that I am not itching to get the hell out of here, too, but when I do it will be sayonara to the US markets with my trading and probably my retirement funds, too.

    Unfortunately, banking with the BRICS may be his best call in years! Not that I am looking for a bail-in anytime soon, but the BRICS banks will almost have to be safer…until the banking cabal wiggles their way into them, too!

    • @undeRGRound
      “Vacations always END, you mean we have to come back from Heaven???  ;)”
      Yep, we do.  We have to do this over and over UNTIL we get it right!  ;-)
      “What are you Humping, Mammoth??? “
      Those aren’t HUMPS, RGR.  They are the mighty THUMPS of Woolly’s massive beating heart.  :-D

    • @undeRGRound ,   @Ed_B , That is just the noise Randall makes when he thumps his Bible in every single one of his #$%^ posts here.
      It’s Annoying!
      P.S. I keep my humping-actions separate from my stacking…

    • @Mammoth
      “That is just the noise Randall makes when he thumps his Bible in every single one of his #$%^ posts here.  It’s Annoying!”
      Right, Woolly.  I get it.  Just pulling your chain a bit.  ;-)
      “P.S. I keep my humping-actions separate from my stacking…”
      An excellent choice, IMO.  :-D

  2. Frustrated by the IMF and World Bank controversial policy, the BRICS nations go on creating the alternative financial supranational institutions for emerging economies. In recent years the IMF has discredited itself, becoming a completely politicized and “odd” structure, which supports interventionist “super state” ambitions of the EU and the US, stresses Patrick L Young, an expert in global financial markets, referring to the ongoing events in Ukraine.

    Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are fed up with the US failure to ratify a four-year-old agreement aimed at reforming the IMF system. Thus the post war consensus on financing bodies appears to be breaking down, writes the expert in his RT Op-Ed ‘BRICS building parallel IMF.’
    “The US and Europe have maintained a stranglehold on the IMF/World Bank C-suite not only in the face of a massive eastern renaissance but also with a certain degree of abject hypocrisy given the abysmal financial management of spendthrift US governments for decades let alone the travesty of recent European economic governance,” he notes.
    According to Patrick Young the IMF is gradually losing its significance as an international financial arbiter. First Dominique Strauss-Kahn and then Christine Lagarde have been entrapped by the “flawed policies of big debt and big government,” utterly ruinous for the European economy.
    “During recent European bailout negotiations, IMF minutes suggest the political classes managed to ride roughshod over the IMF in order to maintain the flawed (and still crumbling) euro currency at all costs. In that sense, having a weak European with ambitions for higher political office makes a mockery of the idea that the International Monetary Fund is anything more than an overdraft facility to be rigged in favor of perceived western political interests,” Patrick L Young explains, adding, “No wonder the rising East is disillusioned.”
    It should be noted that the BRICS bloc of emerging economies is expecting all preparatory work for setting up its Development Bank to be done( by July, 2014, )according to Reuters. Political neutrality of the BRICS-Monetary Fund appears to become its unquestionable “competitive advantage.” It will help the new structure to operate without fear or favor, deems the expert.
    “What the IMF really needs,” he stresses, “are strong technocrats as opposed to the spineless politicians who generally operate with (at the very least!) one eye on their next political position.”


    Ekaterina Blinova

    WorldeconomyfinancesBRICSEconomyRead more:

  3. I don’t think China banks are a good idea.  They have their own schemes to separate depositors from their money.  It’s Bail-ins one by one….  So that leaves BRIS?
    I think discrediting him for $1600 not holding is petty.  The miners I know expected $1550 to hold and that is many years of experience and similarly not being to impressed or excited about prior $1900, they didn’t consider that very real.
    Interesting they use Vimeo for the recording.

    • It’s not just 1 call at $1600.  There were multiple missed calls over a period of years.  Missed bottoms on gold.  Missed tops on the dollar.  Blown support on the Euro.  He claims to have insider knowledge of the markets plus unlimited experience.  Have you forgotten his multitude of “This is it, it is now!” proclamations that within the next few days, weeks, months at most, gold would become unavailable?

      And he completely, totally missed the biggest financial event so far of this decade – the Cyprus bail-in.  Didn’t see it coming at all.  Then in the first week of that crisis he initially declared the bail-in attempt a failure. WRONG.  Now he tries to own the issue with his GOTS (which I’m not arguing is a bad concept.)

      Then there was Sinclair’s public castigation of a trader who correctly (as it turned out) called gold going down but on the other hand his blind endorsement of Bo Bologna (Polony?) no matter how wrong he was.  

      And to top it off is Sinclair’s arrogance and refusal to apologize.  Instead, at the merest hint of an indictment, he will stand up, beat his chest, and loudly proclaim “I am the son of Bert Seligman.”  “I learned under the greatest trader ever, Jesse Livermore.”  “I have been a trader for 50 years.”  “Trading is in my blood.”  How dare anyone doubt me.
      Sure calls get missed.  But he hasn’t adapted in the last 10 years and practically every call has been wrong. I hold him to a higher standard because he claims to be of a higher standard.

      There, how’s that for a rant.

  4. I don’t think you can blame a man making an evaluation on what Gold should be priced at when he is being undermined by a corrupt banking cartel fed free money from a federal Reserve Bank that is nothing more than a group of liars!

    • Right you are Tucson!
      While it was disappointing that gold was smashed below $1600….the Cyprus bail in on the heels of Germany asking for a portion of the gold back led to all that action.
      Because Sinclair didn’t anticipate the depths of depravity or imagine the lengths the cartel would go to shows his heart…or at least how focused he is/was on the weakness of the USD.
      Had that massive smash not happened…I like many others would have less Au in my stack…because it is obviously easier to add at $1300 than at $1750 or higher…

    • 4oz and MFLT – you both nailed it.  The “Depths of depravity” sums it up.  
      We live in a criminal age, normal markets don’t exist – at least until they break.  The Indian election results come out soon, that will be another tipping point as western vaults get vacuumed.   WHY the CB with gold at the Fed are demanding their gold back speaks to the sheer stupidity of what is going on.  
      Remember last one of the most telling tales – ABN AMRO – an LBMA Clearing House, defaulted on their customer accounts.   This is right after report circulated that the big money families of Europe were pulling their gold out of traditional banks.   Rabo Bank defaulted days later.  Then gold tanked…predict that!  
      No one in there right mind could have predicted that right after banks started defaulting that gold would tank.  

    • Turns out you are wrong.
      Historically you are wrong. The first people to get a hit are the self-sufficient farmers. Make no mistake the people in charge of your country are old style Bolsheviks (this is executive branch) and behind them a bunch of satanic banksters (think tank branch). The first thing they did in 1917 in Russia was a declaration of war on farmers. The people who won at that time were the ones who took their asses out the country.

    • Well, Prometey, this gang is going to reach behind a blade of grass and pull out an AR or even an AK!!! 
      We have had discussions about ex-pats, and IMO they are in many cases cowards. Unless they have 
      advanced age, or physical constraints. Having too much money to stay is clearly a cop-out. 
      The Sovereign Society did teach me one thing… I’d better PUT UP, or SHUT UP!

    • @underground
      You have to look at the process from a different angle. It has nothing to do with being cowards or brave. Usually these gangsters prepare a society for being gutted. It takes years. They employ social engineering. They, as usual, use the same divide and conquer technique. It always works. By the time they trigger a collapse of a nation there is very few who understand what is going on, and even fewer ready to defend the nation. Why? Because there is no unity. Then the question arises what are you defending? Does it make sense to defend it, and is there anyone willing to help you to defend. When I asked my neighbours 6 years ago to stop paying their mortgages to crash the banksters, they refused. I gave them a spiel on being hung together or separately, they told me that they are not going to spoil their credit history. I tried to reason, explaining that at the end they won’t have any credit history anyways. Didn’t work. At that point I understood that society is dramatically transformed from its original image, there is nothing to defend. The society is transformed from a great producer and farmer to a metrosexual welfare recipient. Who are you going to defend? Hoards of illegals that spit on your flag and burn it  every opportunity? Fat asses sitting on welfare and waiting for Omaba phone? Meth heads smoking dope in their parents basements, while parents try to make a penny to feed them?

    • PrometeyBezkrilov … “Who are you going to defend?”
      How about … the greater number of good folks among us and our cherished Motherland.

      Not to play tet-a-tet with you Prometey, but our government has been infected by Leninist-Stalinist agents since the 1920s, feeding our politician’s and our People’s minds with garbage.

      “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.” –5th Plank (In other words credit ‘money’ exclusively. That’s working out great, huh?)

      “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” –Vladimir Lenin

      It’s widely known that Lenin hyper-inflated the paper ruble to destroy the independent Russian Farmers, then starve them into collectivism. We all know of the horrible famine that then ripped through the Armenian People.

      Ever since governments have been foisted on Peoples the world over, horrors and deprivation have followed in their wake. None of them ought to be tolerated any more, as they’ve come to be. … NONE.

    • @PatFields
      Just to argue with you a bit. First of all, your government was not infected by Leninsts. It was taken under control by a bunch of banksters in 1913 who financed the Bolshevik revolution. They financed it to destabilize Russia and to take the biggest gold reserves at the time under control (maybe search for Eustace Mullins’ research on the web). Which they did. So, the group that is behind the New World Order plans is a bunch of banking oligarchs. Napoleon, Bolsheviks, Hitler are the tools they used to achieve their plans. With Bolsheviks they used the brute force. With neo-Bolsheviks in Washington they use finances. With Bolsheviks they came and shot farmers. With neo-Bolsheviks they drive farmers out of business using financial tools or environmental tools. The result though is going to be the same-famine. What you have to understand is the group behind remains the same and the goals remain the same-control of the planet.  The tools change. And please stop repeating the garbage that “experts” use to crap up our mind. Let’s just analyze the situation for a second. The banksters brought the Bolsheviks to power in Russia. They raged a war in Europe (WW1) to prepare a background for “permanent revolution” (now it is a “global war on terror”). They employed Jewish elite to control Russia through Bolshevik’s movement. So, what’s changed in Russia/Soviet Union? Why all of a sudden the bannksters decided to change the Jewish elite for the German elite to rule the World? Why did they do it at all if everything in Russia was going according to the plan? What did Stalin do that scared the shit out of them, that they decided urgently finance Hitler and send him to the Soviet Union to remove Stalin from power? So, apparently visible to a naked eye is a fact that Stalin was not following the Lenin’s plan. So therefore you cannot refer to your neo-Bolsheviks as Leninist-Stalinist agents, for they are not. They are the banksters’ agents, and they do employ the Leninist tactics of creating a poor class as a majority of the US population to create a class war. If you do not understand the principles of the war being conducted against us all, sooner or later they are going to sink you in the swamp of their terminology and false ideas, such as Left and Right political spectrum. Hitler is on the right, Bolsheviks are on the left. This is all garbage. Look at it as if you are a boxer and you have two hands to whack a guy. Whether you knock him down with you left hand or right hand doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did knock him down.

    • PrometeyBezkrilov … “What matters is that you did knock him down.”
      I’ve come to believe the bankers (further refined as the ‘Jewish Bankers’, lessening real damage to the whole segment) are intentionally set up to be the punching bag of the universal ‘Government-Banking-Industrial Monopolist Triumvirate’.

      If not for governments … creating statutes enabling bankers to deal in mere credit for real things and Labor … and industrial monopolists who then use that mere credit to ‘buy’ labor and commodities at near cost of provision … NONE of mankind’s  enslavement and plunder could possibly come to be.

      You see, Prometey, I don’t fall for blaming only one of these gang divisions, or worse, a small sub-segment of that division. The truth is that the three, working in collusion and synchronicity to make vast phony ‘fortunes’ from mere credit, stealing from the whole world’s Peoples. is the genuine ARCH enemy to be ‘knocked down’. Deny their paper credit and they shrivel back into ordinary men and women.

  5. Sinclair was absolutely scoffed at when he made the prediction for 1650 gold.  He was several months off his timing but it went straight to and through 1650 on it’s way to over 1900.   Will gold go to and through 3500 like he has said for many years now?  Of course it will because of QE to infinity and a rigged financial system.  For the stackers it is easy.  They know the system is phoney and run by banking criminals and therefore they just buy dips on the manipulations and go long.    For the rest?  I guess they still have faith in Barry Satoro, Harry Reid and Janet Yellen.  You can have all the toxic paper to yourselves.   

  6. When a man has made $millions in the PM space like a Jim Sinclair, or an Eric Sprott, or a Rick Rule, I covet their thoughts on the future of gold and silver.  Then, there are the talking heads like a Greg Mannarino, like a TF, who have no professional experience, no wealth, therefore I really don’t care what they think. And by that reasoning I don’t regard my own opinion too highly either, dumbest guy on the planet per Mrs. Dog. But, at least I’m smart enough to recognize my ignorance and seek out others who are proven expert.

    • I like Mariano.  He buys silver and other metals and advocates that others do the same so how do you say he has no wealth?

    • Snake…your boy may be a stacker, but what does he really know about the mechanics of markets and global macro economics.  Nothing. Because if he really knew how money works he would already be uber wealthy himself.  He parrots back what he’s heard others opine on his YouTube channel. Not one original thought in his head.

    • Well said UD… and may I point out Mr. Sinclair makes not a single dime (the fees cover costs which do not include his time) sharing his vast PM knowledge with the public.

  7. It is and has been impossible to predict the price of gold/silver because their prices have been rigged longer than any person alive on the planet. By this I mean PMs have never been a free market acting upon unrigged supply and demand and trading formats for the last 150 years or so. People may be able to read short term COMEX tea leaves. People might say PMs are horribly underpriced and one day the parasites will lose control. Yes and the Book of Revelations says this in something like Chapter 18 and its been around possibly 2000 years. So what our pundits know is the same as is said in Rev. Chapter 18. Everything else is based upon egos with after the fact observations spiced with a lot of he said, she said. What is going on on the planet now is financial stuff the Fed parasites have had planned every since they took us off the gold standard and planned 911. The Ukraine War, War with Russia/China, nuclear W3 are dots on the parasites’ time lines and were put on their time line over 30 years ago. HAARP was built in 1993 and as a weather machine is capable of triggering hurricanes and earthquakes and is responsible for Katrina, Sandy, Fukushima, last winter’s cold and tornadoes and many other dirty deeds. My guess is the parasites may use HAARP to trigger earthquakes around LA before 2016. The parasites are using everything to hold on to their ill gotten gains. Personally I hope a good more advanced power has a ring in the nose of the Rword Fed parasites and will kill every parasite before the parasites kill us and as fews people on the planet die in the process as possible. Have I been wrong? Yeah. Have I been right? Yeah.

    • “HAARP was built in 1993 and as a weather machine is capable of triggering hurricanes and earthquakes and is responsible for Katrina, Sandy, Fukushima, last winter’s cold and tornadoes and many other dirty deeds.”
      Does anyone who knows diddly about physics support this idea?  None that I have heard.  The fact is, the power input into the HAARP antenna farm is SEVERAL orders of magnitude short of what even the smallest barely-perceived earthquake delivers.  Same for weather control.  Example:  The state of Rhode Island, at 1214 sq. miles, is the smallest US state gets an average of about 42 inches of rain per year. Evaporating that amount of water would require the combined annual output from over 1,000 commercial nuclear reactors.  Now, compare that power figure, which is greater than a terawatt, to the 3.5 MW power consumption of the HAARP system.  HAARP is putting out about 0.3% of that amount of power.  Still think that HAARP can affect the weather in any significant way?  Well, then, how about the 7 MW power output of the Aegis radar anti-missile defense system aboard US destroyers and cruisers?  These too are powerful radio-wave transmission systems.  Do they affect the weather?  No, not really.  One lightning bolt contains much more power than an active HAARP system and lighting flashes somewhere on the Earth about 100 times every second of every day.  On my list of 1,000,000 things to be worried about, HAARP is not on the list.

    • @Ed_B   What is the real purpose of HAARP?  Any insight?   We’re talking about acres and acres of antennae dishes in a very remote location pointed straight up at the ionosphere.  I can’t come up with a legitimate purpose for such an array, but weather wars does make some amount of sense.  I’m not talking about generating earthquakes.  That’s a bit far fetched, but if you punch a hole in the ionosphere that would change the location of the jet stream and the jet stream does affect local weather.  It’s been well documented that during the Vietnam War the U.S. used cloud seeding to try to turn enemy supply routes into mud.  

    • @UglyDog
      “What is the real purpose of HAARP?  Any insight?”
      Oddly enough, it looks a lot like what they say it is… an atmospheric research installation.  But, I also believe that there is more to it than this.  This could also be used to do research on electronic signals transmission, collection, manipulation, subverting, and blocking.  There are any number of legitimate military goals involved here and because of this substantial funding could be made available.  While I do not have any proof of this, it seems a perfectly reasonable assumption… unlike most of what is said about HAARP on the Internet.
      “…but if you punch a hole in the ionosphere that would change the location of the jet stream and the jet stream does affect local weather.”
      That presumes that a hole CAN be punched through the ionosphere.  I have yet to see any radio signal do that, regardless of its type or power.  It may be possible that HAARP can selectively heat small portions of the atmosphere and that such heating could cause some local weather effects to be altered.  I don’t know that this is happening but it is possible if enough power is pushed into a small enough local space.  This would be similar to the way a microwave oven works by exciting the stretching, bending, and wagging frequencies of the water molecule.  But this would only affect a very small area of the atmosphere.  Attempting this over a wide area would require much more power than the 3.5 MW of the HAARP antenna farm.  Remember, HAARP is a research station, not a military installation.  HAARP data has the potential for military applications, however, and a much larger and more powerful facility could be built based on the data from the current HAARP facility.  It is typical in research to build a small installation or machine to prove the theories that are developed and then a much larger and more powerful one built after that to actually implement those theories on a larger scale.
      “It’s been well documented that during the Vietnam War the U.S. used cloud seeding to try to turn enemy supply routes into mud.”
      Yes, that is well documented as is using cloud seeding to bring relief to drought-stricken areas here in the US.  By providing clouds with small bits of matter, usually silver or potassium iodide crystals, propane, or dry ice, water molecules can condense on these “seeds” and become large enough to fall as rain.  I remember this being used in Oklahoma about 50 years ago.  Not that this always works, of course.  But it is worth trying when the situation calls for it.
      IMO, weather modification experiments are being attempted by various governments but it is in a very primitive stage at the moment.  When one understands the huge power of nature and what nature does to provide even a small rain storm it becomes clear that humanity simply does not posses the power to affect this in a serious way, short of the use of very powerful fusion warheads, which is not something that anyone really wants to do.  One day, we probably will, but I doubt that it will be before controlled commercial nuclear fusion or anti-matter power makes terawatts of power cheaply available to us.

  8. dear extended family,
    in 2008, i made a call, i said the miners will explode like an Inter Continantal Ballistic Missiles, but they crashed instead, really badly, i didn’t apologize, then i made another bad call about gold hitting bottom and will explode from 1600 level, and i bet my reputation on it, but it crashed and i again didn’t apologize, please forgive me for the bad calls and for not appologizing, for still calling myself an expert on the sbject, so please give me another chance and come back  to .. please

  9. Whether or not you believe in folks like Jim Sinclair, Turd Ferguson, Eric Sprott, Greg Mannarino, or Rick Rule – one very good point was made above:
    People need to check their emotions and biases at the door (when investing and/or stacking PM’s).
    To do otherwise is to get caught up in the wild swings, buy high and sell low.

    • @Mammoth
      “People need to check their emotions and biases at the door (when investing and/or stacking PM’s).  To do otherwise is to get caught up in the wild swings, buy high and sell low.”
      Indeed they do, Woolly.  Just as they should do in virtually every aspect of money management.  A thorough and honest examination of exactly why they want to buy and hold PMs is also in order.  It is one thing to see PMs as investments to buy and sell and there’s nothing wrong with that if that is what someone wants to do.  But it can be quite another to see PMs in a different light entirely, which is what many of us stackers do.  To us, PMs are not investments and we don’t look at them in that way.  How we look at PMs is an important aspect of all this because those who jumped in at higher prices now feel snookered by those they thought that they could trust.  This is unfortunate and leads some to sell their PMs at depressed prices, locking in their paper losses as real losses.  We don’t lose or gain a thing by the paper price of our PMs bouncing up and down.  It is only when we buy or sell PMs that their price has any impact upon us at all.  I think of my PMs as my financial insurance policy.  Because of that, the price that I paid for the various buys that I have made is not of particular concern to me.  Sure, it’s nice to buy low in anticipation of the day when we can sell high but that is a concern for investors who tend to buy and sell fairly often and who probably don’t hold them for the long term.  But, it’s MUCH nicer knowing that if the US and / or world financial systems fall flat, it will not destroy all of my wealth in one fell swoop.  It is also nice knowing that PMs are relatively safe storage places for wealth that cannot be inflated away to worthlessness.
      A final and slightly off-topic thought… Warren Buffet is often quoted as denigrating the ownership of gold.  Presumably, he feels the same way about any PMs.  His biggest complaint seems to be that “gold doesn’t pay a dividend”.  No, gold doesn’t pay a dividend… but then, neither does Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway.  But a small amount of either of these assets can be sold and some of their gains harvested in cash if one desires cash for some other purpose, essentially creating a dividend at any time when market conditions are favorable for it.  I find it interesting that the financial MSM never calls Buffet on this.  I am certain that they are all well aware of it, yet they choose to remain silent on the issue.

  10. Interesting non move in gold and silver this morning.  Dollar is down a whopping 41 basis points getting close to breaking below 79, yet gold and silver are basically unchanged.  One would think gold and silver should have surged upward 2-3% or more.  So, what’s going on; maybe the drop in the dollar is not market manipulation by the Western Banking Cabal, but rather a skirmish in the ongoing Currency Wars.  Fighting is intensifying in the Ukraine.  Perhaps this massive gap down in the dollar was orchestrated by Putin as a signal to Pres. Obama to butt out. 

    • So I wasn’t the only one that noticed that. If the dollar was up 0.4-0.5 they would be hammering gold lower by $30-40, but with it down 0.4 it barely moves.
      Whole system is a farce.

    • The USD Index is based on a basket of other national fiat paper currencies (of the same nature as the USD).  It is used as a way to manipulate trust in fiat currencies (USD up, Euro down/USD down, Euro up).  Gold and Silver priced in fiat paper currencies have been appreciating in all currencies.  Technically, the USD Index could stay at 80.0, and Gold could be $10,000/oz, and Silver $750/oz, because the USD Index is not calculated based on the prices of Gold and/or Silver.  Stackers should consider the USD Index meaningless.

    • @UglyDog
      “Dollar is down a whopping 41 basis points getting close to breaking below 79, yet gold and silver are basically unchanged.  One would think gold and silver should have surged upward 2-3% or more.”
      Good observation, UD.  That is exactly what I would tend to think.  We have seen dollar up / PMs down so often that we just expect the reverse to be true as well.  In a free market, it would be the case.  Gold and silver are currencies that compete with the USD and other fiat currencies.  They almost always move in opposite directions unless over-powered by substantial events… like wars and other geo-political events.
      “76 is the dollars demise”
      Perhaps.  But remember that the collapse of a currency tends to be a process and not an event.  A long slow slide in the value of the USD would not be at all surprising.  Just as Rome was not built in a day, so too did it not collapse in a day.

    • Plebian…Agreed, the USDx is just a ratio not an empirical measurement.  However, I’ve been watching it for years and on a day when the dollar is way down gold is always up a bunch.  But, not today.  Just interesting to speculate as to why.  Keep in mind what Putin did to our Aegis class destroyer 2 weeks ago.  A Russian fighter buzzed it 12 times.  All the electronics on the ship where jammed.  27 sailors immediately resigned their commissions.  The Navy reported the sailors were ‘nervous’.  Yeah, nervous about being a sitting duck.  Just another little demonstration of some of capabilities the Russians have if you mess with them.

    • Ed_B … “But remember that the collapse of a currency tends to be a process and not an event.  A long slow slide”
      Okay, so is a century long and slow enough? While the chart is dated to about 2010, the hyperinflation of currency hasn’t abated, making the current purchase power of the American banknote closer to two 1912 cents. Are we waiting for negative ‘value’? Imagine encountering a ‘miscellaneous fee’ on every banknote used to account for its ‘transaction cost’.

    • @PatFields
      “Okay, so is a century long and slow enough?”
      Perhaps.  But that was not the point of my comment.  The point was that the USD is currently at about 0.792 on its typical chart.  SilverDagger opines that at 76 the USD is dead.  Well, now, let’s look at the math of that.  .76 is all of .032 below it’s current position, indicating that another 4% loss of value will result in its immediate collapse.  Sorry but I just do not see that as a possibility.

  11. UD, was there anything on the MSM about this incident?
    Dollar down, PM’s flat
    Dollar up, PM’s down
    Euro up, dollar down, PM’s up
    Euro down, dollar up, PM’s down
    I think that I am going to throw up from motion sickness.
    At least my stack of Phyzz is stable today.
    Thank goodness.

    • @mammoth  …Below is a repost from a few days ago with the details of the incident with the USS Donald Cook
      UglyDog says:
      April 18, 2014 at 1:29 PM
      Barely covered by the MSM was a story that a Russian fighter jet buzzed one of our Aegis equipped destroyers in the Black Sea.
      Russian jet buzzed the destroyer 12 times.  Navy reported that crew was so demoralized that 27 sailors immediately resigned.
      Back story is the Russian’s were able to electronically jam the destroyer rendering it totally defenseless.  Once the Russian jet flew off systems returned to normal.  Story below is machine translated.
      Checkmate.  And the crew knew it.  Putin demonstrated Russia’s jamming capabilities rendering a U.S. destroyer useless.  It wasn’t that the crew of the USS Cook was ‘demoralized’ as the Navy reported.  They were scared.  Scared enough to immediately resign.

    • Mammy….I responded to your question in detail, but received the dreaded “your comment is awaiting moderation” kiss of death from The Doc.  It was a repost from an April 18th article on SD about the Ukraine collapsing if you care to scroll back a few days.

    • @UglyDog
      Well, that’s one way to look at it.  Another way would be that the wussies in DC ordered that ship not to defend itself, the crew called BS on that, and those who could resign did so in protest of their BS orders.  Had that ship zapped that plane at close range with the full power of its Aegis radar system the pilot would have had sparks shooting out of every body orifice as his plane exploded around him.  But that’s not seen as “playing nice with others”, is it?

  12. UD – “The Webpage cannot be displayed.”  Sailors are enlisted personnel and cannot “resign” because they are under contract for a set number of years.  Officers are commissioned but I seriously doubt that 27 officers resigned their commissions.

    • Hmmm…thinking maybe they’re wiping the reports off the internet???  Twelve passes of the Russian fighter jet buzzing the USS Cook are well documented.  Report about the 27 ‘nervous’ sailors was from the Navy.  

  13. Want to bet that in the very near future you will be unable to move any money out of the USA to hide it. I am not talking the new IRS reporting rules, I am talking a total ban on private movement of cash anywhere outside the USA.

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