silver pricesIn the aftermath of The Fed shocking the market by failing to taper QE Wednesday, igniting a $2 rally in silver and $75 in gold, legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent subscribers an email alert titled Reasons to Sell Your Gold, destroying 12 false MOPE arguments against gold.
Sinclair states that as a result of the market realizing that QE is going to infinity, gold will NOW return to and exceed its all-time high of $1915, gold shares NOW enter into a new bull market, and NOW those short gold and the shares receive the spiritual experience they deserve.
Sinclair’s MUST READ alert on gold is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

“QE to Infinity.” Infinity defined as the low .7000 on the USDX.


Every reason for gold’s decline from $1900 so accepted by the talking heads has gone SPLAT!


1. Sell gold because the dollar is strong. Yeah, on the downside.
2. Sell gold because the Euro is weak. It looks like the euro is going to be wearing its necklace of gold valued in the market in the 1.40s.
3. Sell gold because the US central bank is going to taper, which means tighten. That turned out to be totally foolish.
4. Sell gold because the US economy is going to improve. Yes, it is improving on the downside.
5. Sell gold because the stock market is going to break and take gold with it. Break to the upside is more like it as has all stock markets in similar liquidity situations.
6. Sell gold because the bond market is going to break wide open and take gold with it. Right now 10 year bonds look more like 2% or less than the 4% all the talking heads were predicting.
7. Now gold returns and exceeds its old high.

8. Now good gold shares put on bull markets.
9. Now the shorts in gold who were fat, happy and uncaring will pay the paper for the hubris.
10. Now the gold shorts in good gold company shares that are complacent in their positions will get the spiritual experience they well deserve.
11. Now the bull market in gold is far from over.
12. Now it is clear that those in the community that verballly hammered gold with their sub $1000 predictions in their writings repeatedly tried to help it lower. Now to the dickens with them.




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    • Well Jimmy Joe has to make an appearance every now and then to keep his newsletter customers renewing their membership. Personally I pay very little attention to anything he has to squawk about. IMO, Gold and Silver are two years away from being highly respected. Sinclair in my thinking on his comments is that he thinks that Gold and Silver will go ballistic when the stock market crashes. After the crash which of course will take Gold and Silver down with it and what remains of the stock market saving that the U.S. dollar is still tradable, Gold and Silver will rise faster than any stocks or bonds capable of advancing, but I wouldn’t go out and buy a new Rolls for quite some time.

  1. After gold and silver were allowed to spike following Wednesday’s news from the Fed, it’s clear that the cartel remains firmly in control. They’ve been moving sideways since, capped at $1380.00 or so and $23.50 respectively.

    • You are correct, Snake… but I’d like to add my 2oz. worth:
      The markets were “allowed” to spike, but it was a “managed spike” and the price smashes 
      prior to that were to keep the spikes from hitting like maybe $25-26 in Silver (or whatever 
      levels they are trying to protect). JMHO

      I think I even remember that, but I barely pay attention to specifics. 
      Here’s one you can hang your hat on:
      If Gold hits $2000/Oz, SILVER will be right around $60!

    • My sense is that the cartel will continue to short paper and keep the price suppressed until they can’t.  They have no choice.  If they were to let the price go where it should go, they DIE.  It’s as simple as that.   THEY DIE!  Cornered like rats, the cartel has NO CHOICE.  It’s GAME OVER for the globalists if gold devalues the fiat currencies before THEY are ready for those currencies to collapse because they would then lose their power and end up facing the hangman.  So the powers force the bullion banks to hold the prices down.  They have already sold off the physical gold in the Central Banks.  They just called the transactions leases so as to allow them to keep the entries on their balance sheets and keep up the illusion that they might get the physical gold back someday.  They won’t.  That gold is GONE!  ALL GONE to points east! Oops! They messed up. Big Time! And now they are trapped.  The day they have to own up to their malfeasance and theft will be the day these balance sheets will have to be updated to reflect the truth and that is when they will face the hangman for that theft.  So, let’s not forget just how desperate our adversaries are and maybe we can then understand why they must do what they are doing.  In the meantime, the faster we can help them by buying the discounted physical and taking it out of their system, the faster we can force that day of reckoning upon them, and the sooner we will finally recognize the actual value of our holdings. Every day I free up more cash, I’m delighted to have the chance to short the US Dollar by buying more physical and taking it out of their sandbox. I can’t WAIT for the day when these criminals hang.

    • Imagine what will happen with the fiat price movement when large Bullion Banks in London and the US have to pay out their customers in Cash because their physical inventories fail them. I know it is ALWAYS being called as next month, next month, next month, but the COMEX inventories are showing the results of the ETF massacre and its not like the new physical supply is increasing all the whilst the miners have no extra capital to pursue expansion due to the paper smack down.
      The game is soon going to be up but the manipulation will surely continue until the Empress at the LBMA has no clothes, and the strip show so far has the Old Lady of threadneedle street down to her lingerie and it is not a pretty site indeed. When IT happens, it will happen in London, it always does. London is financial ground zero but for some reason everone always looks to Wall Street for the big problems.

    • @rgr I think your imagination of the banker’s ‘out’ is perhaps something akin to Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII wherein the moneyed powers rescued their criminal operatives in the Nazi war machine and the war criminals which they considered indispensable to the next level of their world takeover agenda.  WWII was a practice runup and my sense is THIS time IS the GRAND FINALE.  It’s for ALL THE MARBLES of nothing less that World Domination this time.  And It FLIES or it DIES.  There is only victory, in which case these crooks will need no ‘out’…  or there is failure, in which case, short of a possible ride offworld (Mars) there will be NO PLACE for them to run or hide on this planet as they will have the whole planet hunting them down with an angry vengeance and resolve.  So, their ONLY ‘out’ is nothing less than TOTAL victory, which entails the collapse of the entire world financial system.  And it is this reality that I think is what is so hard for all the pundits and prognosticators to wrap their forecasting models and their heads around.  I don’t think what we are seeing is merely an incompetent or feeble attempt on the part of ‘officials’ to bring the world economies back from the brink.  Rather I think this is all part of the GRAND PLAN to take it all down, a la the NWO New World Order agenda.  Guys like Sinclair and others don’t seem to acknowledge this global agenda is to collapse the whole ball of wax.  As a result, their continued predictions proceed from the false assumption that there IS an intention to try to get the world out of the financial hole they’ve dug for us.  On the other hand, if you can wrap your head around the possibility that a total worldwide economic and financial collapse IS the desired end result here, then all of the sudden, evaluated against this possibility, all the pieces suddenly start to fit together and make more sense.  Consider the gold cartel continued smashing is running in tandem with the Fed’s no-taper strategy while PPT props up the stock market, the BLS and other govco agencies LIE with each statistical release and the politicos ready a war just in case the financial black swans hit and they need to distract the people from the fact that EBT’s and ATM’s no longer function..  The Fed and the gold cartels are either backed into a corner… OR… they are simply setting up the endgame in near-perfect sync with each other… if you can accept the possibility that the whole agenda is an organized and deliberate effort to bring about worldwide collapse of sovereignty into the jaws of a global New World Order, then, I think all these things we are seeing suddenly begin to make a lot more sense…

    • an ‘out’ ??? … I hear the War Drums beating. Lots of Drones in hard collateral to improve the US financial position and restructure the world system putting US and UK financial enemies in isolation whilst consolidating financial hold on the markets of ‘Allies’ (countries trapped under the US military ‘umbrella’). “You’re either with US or you are with the Terrorists!”
      Demons of people run this world and prey on the fatty parts of society from the heights of ivory towers. The Red Button option is never off the table for the Princes of ‘Peace’ to maintain even a vestige of an Empire if indeed they believe they can save even a proportion of it.

    • @Sovereign Economist
      I fear your take on this is correct. One of the major things that point in this direction is the rallying cry for Global Carbon Trading/Taxation in Western Governments. It is being simultaneously forced on western economies all round the world and it makes no sense why a Keynesian World System that is trying to achieve ‘escape velocity’ on a turn down would want to simultaneously shackle itself industrially without viable alternative energy sources in the face of Chinese and developing economy competition. If the GAME is to isolate China and Russia and the developing economies (where all the real industry has ended up due to wage slave farming and ‘free’ trade) what better way to do this than collapsing the Keynesian system by an ENGINEERED BLACK SWAN COLLAPSE and slamming directly into a post-industrial mode all of a sudden whilst forcing China and Russia and the Developing countries to sign onto the same price per Ton of Carbon for industrial process or be ostracized due to their ‘lack of cooperation to save the future generations’? (The Media play the #1 role in this Machiavellian scheme of course) This would straight away slam China and Russia and wherever the industry ended up (ie, not here) WAY more heavily per capita than the West would even be hit, as their wages are still way too low to absorb any such hit what so ever, and then the Western fiat capital machine could roll over and scoop up all the suddenly bankrupt companies and create a truly global financialized fascism.
      The IMF puppet Christine Lagarde said about a year ago at a crisis talk “We have 3 simultaneous crises, a finacial crisis, a social crisis, and AN ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS, and we have an opportunity,… no a duty, to SOLVE THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!”
      You cannot launch a new fiat system with 100% control over people (the Consumer) without a multilateral policy package that allows eugenics principles to be applied. Under the new system which will be a Technocratic-Socialism, elites will be able to buy their carbon credits with fiat they create at no expense to themselves through their insider trade hooked up hedge funds, whilst 99% of those that remain will have to literally justify their existence. Carbon Guilt requires the purchase of Carbon Indulgences, and if you are NOT able to pay or not deemed compatible with the new eco-Fascism then the State will slot you into a labor program where you are useful or it will find a way to dispose of you. Protesters??? there will be a job in a Siberia style gulag somewhere for them maybe… or they conveniently disappear Stalin style.
      I just feel as if the PLAN however is not going so well for TPTB. Mostly because of in fighting (now that the financial trap has been set) between Fascist factions within the Western Elite Structures who are all playing for more chips at the table. The US and UK need a new ‘delicious war’ in order to consolidate ‘Allies’ into throwing their glove completely behind Western domination rather than doubting if they can or can not achieve their final goals using incremental creep politics. We are vastly approaching the FLASH POINT Geo-politically that is being held back until the incremental can do no more…not long now!
      I tend to feel as if this particular end game we are experiencing was/is however the worst case scenario that Western Elite Round Tables factored in. These people are eugenicists and haters of the human race, and don’t believe themselves to be the same as the rest of us. We are a crop or a form of cattle to be farmed whilst useful, and that use is coming to an end. So although I believe a mass culling was always on the books, I don’t believe that doing it through a Hot Nuclear Holocaust was the plan, as this could set off a major problem with the 1000+ Nuclear Reactors dispersed all over the Northern Hemisphere. If they become targets and/or cannot be maintained as internal political and utility systems break down during war crises, then they are DIRTY Bombs par excellence. If enough reactors go critical then the fallout will be compounded into the biggest environmental catastrophe that even the NWO elites do not want to deal with. There is NO clean up for this problem, and the plan for an elitist is to gain the world, not to gain a radioactive one, IMO, but they are of course psychopaths so perhaps it is a full blown death cult by now???
      I think what we are witnessing however is like the Tower of Babel story in the Bible. They play along right up until the last moment and then all start talking different languages (ie, internal division) and the plan falls apart due to disunity and factional greed. Also like that movie the Book of Eli where the bad guy ends up back at his base with a riot on his hands and gains nothing for his troubles except an internal collapse of his own power structure. The Nuclear Reactors are the main obstacle, the real Black Swan of Black Swans, and I think TPTB (Anglo American Round Table Groups … the serious ones) have overcooked their schemes. Human greed is the only truly predictable trend or world trend that counts.
      Luke 11:17  But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. Luke 11:18  If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?

    • MOST Excellent! 
      That is pretty much how I see it, different slant, different possible outcomes, same overall goals for TPTB. 
      However, if they gin up a “Carbon Credit Scheme” myself and a few others have a big surprise for these 
      elitist @$$ho3$ and it involves carbon-free energy  :D 

    • @undeRGRound
      >>>myself and a few others have a big surprise for these elitist @$$ho3$ and it involves carbon-free energy
      Make sure you don’t let anyone know you have it if you do in fact setup a rig that provides carbon-free energy because the @$$ho3$ will pass into legislation Green Police and Audit agencies (the alphabet soup continues) who’s role in life is to do audits on your personal property and your Carbon Footprint. If you are seen to be using energy and it is not showing up on your usual bill (The only way you can access power currently) you can be Inspected, and only tested and approved energy production devices are allowed. This is what Patent Office Fascism and the coming Green Police are for. They DO NOT want to get anyone off Carbon based energy/fuel, they want us all to be forced to still access and ration overpriced carbon based energy/fuel whilst making everyone answer for their usage at the same time. Carbon Guilt required purchase of Carbon Indulgences. It is a psychological and technocratic way to make people literally hate the day they were born. It is a new Forced Religious ideology where there is no personal God except the State and humans are presented as a plague.
      I do a lot of work in Australia, my GF is Australian, so I follow their politics closely. When Carbon Taxation was passed there a few years back about 33 Agencies were introduced. The guy running the Climate Commission (the head of them all) was a guy called Tim Flannery. Australia has a population of 23/24million, he takes it for a fact that the Island Continent has a sustainable population of 8 million. He says that this needs to be done to ‘Reduce Conflict’?? Conflict for whom? The small minority handpicked to technocratically manage the human herd of course. Reducing 24mill to 8mill would cause massive societal collapse and would not be possible without selective groups of people being eliminated.
      Please, anyone who has any time, Please watch this video below as it will show you the type of Eugenicist fruit cakes that will be put in charge if you allow it to happen. They are already programmed with an ideology and selectively chosen for that ideology, and they don’t care if they do not speak for ALL the people, they have a UN Agenda 21 to implement. It is Green Fascism brought to us by Oligarchs and Banking Dynasties who will have all the credit advantages via access to insider hedge funds that is required to pay their own CO2 Credits, whilst the majority of people are pushed into neolithic poverty and everything is shut down around us all.

      Luckily the new conservative Govt in Australia has just shut down the Climate Commission and fired this guy. He was paid $180,000 AUD /yr, for a 3 day per week position. He talks in the video however about “Equal distribution of resources” even though he gets 180,000 for 3 days a week ‘toil’. He believes what he is saying, and talks like a cult member. Even Stalin would be impressed by this guy. Communism + Eco-Fascism + Technocracy … Stalin would take his hat off to this guy … pity he was just fired :-] LOL. Scary though.

  2. @WNBAS  I think you capture the sound of the heartbeat of the globalist world domination agenda rather well here.  They will do whatever they need in an effort to achieve their goals.  Failing that, they will scorch the earth before they will back down and face the possibility of that drop to the end of the rope.

    • @ie999 as I understand it, the Swift system is not much more than a secure phone interconnect service not unlike the Fed Wire system  that the members use to consummate their financial exchange transaction.  Save for control of access to it, there isn’t a whole lot to the system itself.  The method which was used to restrict settlement with Iran was to simply pull a connection and close a transaction account in the system.
      Interesting to me:  At the link you gave (, there’s a news item in there titled:
      “BRICS scale black plan to challenge West.”
      It seems to make suggestions that progress is far less significant than is generally understood from most of our global news sources regarding the project.  I find this very interesting…

    • @Sovereign Economist >>>It seems to make suggestions that progress is far less significant
      #1 rule of taking on a current superpower: Act like you are as little threat as possible whilst behind the scenes preparing for and waiting for the right moment to surprise your competitors. Rope-A-Dope.
      Like when the US tested its missile shield a few years back and announcing to the world that it was a failure … yeah right. Sure it failed.
      Also like Hitler and the Cliveden Set convincing all of Europe and especially France that Germany had no intention of invasion until the tanks started rolling over the border…. “Don’t mind Hitler, take your holiday!”
      Misdirection and subterfuge is 99% of WINNING a coming inevitable War.
      If ANY politician from any country says anything, automatically assume the exact opposite is the truth. You will never fail to be correct. The BRICS are just waiting until the Western Economies fail big time before they turn on their trading mechanisms because then they will be able to claim that they are moving ahead faster because of necessity. That way it doesn’t look like a provocation and it is harder fro the Prostitute Media of the West to play it as provocative action against the western financial status-quo.

  3. the scale back news is dated. They are indeed preparing the infrastructure to dethrone the USD and its related under-pins. I designed a number of solutions with the SWIFT system and it would be just as easy to design it for anything else as long as the infrastructure was established and running. Thanks for the link.
    I think this timeline is pretty critical both in terms of when its up and when the world will feel the diminishing effects of the USD

  4. All you naysayers are talking like jilted lovers. I am with Charlie on this one, it’s going up from here, not down. All you people waiting for the STHTF in order to buy will wish you had bought at this point. “Long term” is becoming shorter every day my friends.. These pundits have not been wrong in their calls so much as they’ve been early. No one ever expected that a proverbial can could be kicked so fracking far down the road. The can kickers are running out of road as we speak. The calls for explosive prices were not wrong, only the timing of the calls were wrong……… my humble opinion. The U.S. and global debt is what we are betting against here when buying metals and I will take that bet!

    • Damn straight SS. I’ve upped the ante from 10% of my monthly income to 20%. Hell I put almost 50% into silver this month, because I didn’t buy at all in July.
      In a way I am actually following JS’s advice although I think I heard it from Ranting Andy first, and that is to get the hell out of the banking system.
      Stage 1 was to pull my retirement savings out of the stock market linked retirement funds. It helped that I turned 55 and had left my country (Australia). Stage 2 is well under way, which is to convert the cash to silver. I am doing that in stages, because I don’t think there is any need to panic just yet, and just in case there is another April 15 style hammering, I’ll be in a position to buy my long awaited monster box. I can’t believe I sat for weeks and watched silver tick along at $18-$19 and didn’t buy the monster… :(
      BTW they talk about the gold-silver ration. I have my own and it’s called the Silver-Gold Purchase Ratio (SGPR). My SGPR is currently running at 1,357:1. Gold’s pretty, but silver makes me salivate.

    • @Speros
      Hahaha….that’s funny! Gosh, I can relate to the salivating and it is in fact “pretty”. I’m 58 so pretty is especially welcome! Wish I was ready for a monster box, that might make me downright smitten!

  5. You guys are all thinking too hard.   The same thing that happened in 2008 will happen again.   Stocks will crash and gold will come down too briefly.   Then they will crank up more money, the big boys will steal positions away from everyone who sells at the bottome with their freshly minted “money.”   Perhaps depositors will get Cyprused and/or retirement accounts will be partially converted to Treasury instruments.   And then everything will go on, the world keep turning, paying a lot more for food and oil, gold several thousand dollars, silver triple digits, then the Dow will creep to 20000 and everyone will wonder why the stock market is so high when the economy is so crappy.   And most people will be completely oblivious to PMs as an asset class even a few years from now and prices multiples higher.   JMO.

  6. Problem we are all facing is that TPTB have been able(allowed to) do things that 20 years ago would have landed them in jail. Yes, PM’S should have been a brilliant investment call during these times,and would have been outside a manipulated/illegal system. We are today living in a different world and country that guys my age don’t understand(and guys like JS). My concern as are many invested in PM’S today is whether these crooks will be able to somehow neutralize monetarily our stacking efforts, so that we never benefit financially from our investing foresight. Most on this blog would admit that this thought has crossed their minds at this point. Let’s all hope that this powerful system we are battling against doesn’t have All things figured out to their advantage,and that we will prevail in what-ever new system(evil as it will be) that they create. Regards.

    • Bradford that has been my concern for quite a while, and it’s reassuring to hear someone else articulate it.
      Never underestimate the power and deviancy of evil. The bankers are certainly the spawn of satan, but that does not make them stupid. I think it would be a mistake to write them off as being “out of control”. I think the one saving grace is that evil does tend to overplay its hand eventually, but that is more due to arrogance, ego and pride – not stupidity.
      As a bible-believer I have faith that good will win in the end, but that does not necessarily mean that thugs won’t break in and swipe my stack. If that happened, it’d be a tragedy, but not the end of the world.

    • @UglyDog
      Agreed! This is a FINE CROP of sophomore SD readers! No longer new to SD, and really kickin’ it! 
      Well Spoken, well read and good grasp of the issues. Makes me feel like there is HOPE for our country and world, yet! 

  7. All we need is some bliovation from bo my little pony now. Looking at the charts, seems to mesh with the idea that we’re going nowhere but up LOL.
    The fundamentals for metals have never been better yet we keep getting, how shall I put this, mercilessly anally raped in terms of pricing. What does this tell you? That making grandiose calls in a market that is a sham, is dangerous to ones credibility rightly or wrongly. Until the market breaks it is computers wash trading back and forth to eachother, driveby shootings in the wee hours, and planet ponzi extreme stock market.
    There isn’t really 1 bad thing to say about gold and silver in this market, but reality isn’t in control here.

    • I think Sinclair, Embry, Sprott, and the rest of the silver and gold gurus should be locked in a room and the only way the door opens again is when only one is standing…..

    • DL >>>There isn’t really 1 bad thing to say about gold and silver in this market, but reality isn’t in control here.
      Amen to that. I think perhaps it is easy for stackers to become invested in positivism. Who cares what the fiat price is? Not that I don’t enjoy technical analysis, it is good reading but I am not invested in it for delivering any meaningful information about a post-collapse scenario (which is what I bought my silver for). PM’s ARE manipulated, and I hope the Fiats/Oz keeps going down, it can be bought easier by newbies coming on line with the fact the Fed Ponzi is in collapse, and the bigger the %age of the population who are invested in physical silver and gold when the collapse comes, the bigger the %age of the population that will fight against a confiscation. The bottom line is that the bullion banks are only shooting themselves in the foot by knocking down the price in the first place, so as long as WE THE PEOPLE (The smart ones who want to hold anything solid instead of the paper) keep stacking then the true ‘price’ will be realized when it comes to us trading it in PRIVATE markets after the collapse. The Govt WILL ban PM’s when the collapse comes, the Great Depression will look like a small recession when this collapse hits, and Political Machinations are the only real predictions hard core stackers should be worried about or monitoring (ie, legislation creeping in the back door as I type).
      Politicians and Accountants replaced Reality a LONG time ago, as Dirtlump has implied! Keynes was the Marx of the banking fantasy world utopia.

  8. And here comes the smack! TPTB won’t stop until their banks fold. The smack downs are good. Why wish for the price of beef to rise when the freezer isn’t full? It is the same with PMs. This is the bankers giving those with their eyes open a way out of the trap they’ve set! If Ag goes lower, pray it stays down so that some of the wealth being transferred from the masses to TPTB can be returned back to us when TSHTF.

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