jim sinclairLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent subscribers a shocking warning regarding the inevitability of depositor bail-ins coming to North America.
Sinclair states that there is no longer a question of whether a bail-in will occur in the US & Canada, but it is a question of how big it will be. 
Sinclair advises subscribers that the simple answer to that question is that the size of the coming depositor bail-in will be the size of the entire OTC derivative losses.
Jim states that:  This is how our new billionaires and trilionaires will preserve their capital for ten generations to come because they have all the above ground physical gold, all of it, by hook or crook.
Are you preparing for this transaction or are you going to be an accident of the Great Leveling of 2015-2016?

Sinclair’s full alert on the massive depositor bail-in coming to North America in 2015-16 is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

This is how our new billionaires and trillionaires will preserve their capital for ten generations to come.


This letter might as well be to you. The question is not if Bail-In will occur in North America, it is a question of how big it will be. The answer to that is simple.


The size of the Bail-In or “Major Wealth Tax on Unsecured bank lenders (deposits), will be the size of the entire OTC derivative loss less what occurs when Legacy OTC Derivatives are marked to market less the capital of the financial institutions.


Any idea that losses end at the capital position of a financial institution is total nonsense. The size of the loss might well be the final resolve process of the setting up a “Resolution Bad Derivative Trust” for the bankruptcy of the huge amount of legacy OTC derivatives still floating like a mine field financially in cyberspace. This will occurs in the following order.


The Great Flushing = Lehman Brother
The Great Leveling = Bail-In plus even more massive stimulation program
The Great Reset = The new monetary system made up of:


1. A virtual reserve currency.

2. Only traded by central banks.

3. Tied voluntarily to the value of central banks gold, valued at market.

4. By voluntary arrangement tied to a M3 of the Western world M3.

5. Gold will have traded for 2 to 5 years emancipated from no-gold paper as the price discovery mechanism.


This is how our new billionaires and trilionaires will preserve their capital for ten generations to come because they have all the above ground physical gold, all of it, by hook or crook.


Are you preparing for this transaction or are you going to be an accident of the Great Leveling of 2015-2016?


Dear Arlen,


Whatever you have in direct registration will free you from the risk of bail in. It does not matter be it corporate personal or joint holdings. Cash balances are best looked at in Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan that must remain in liquid form in the currency of your choice for business activities.


Gold should be stored between Switzerland and Singapore. That gold you might be willing to give up very close by. Funds do have risks to how they maintain their balances, how they operate and where and how they store PM. I need more information to opine on the safety of your fund investments.


This is a time to simplify and diversify. It is not a time for great investment decisions, just a change of the mechanics of how you hold your capital.




PS. “The more things change the more they remain the same.”


Resolution Trust Corporation  Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In 1989, the nation faced a financial crisis caused by the collapse of hundreds of savings and loan associations, who had taken advantage of loosened regulations to invest aggressively in real estate and other ventures, many of which went sour. Their problem was the government’s problem, too, since their deposits were guaranteed by the federal government.


Fearing both the size of the bill if the troubled institutions went under and the damage such a meltdown might cause to the economy at large, Congress and President George H.W. Bush in 1989 created the Resolution Trust Corporation to take over troubled thrifts, as the banks were known.


The mission of the corporation was to dispose of the assets as quickly as possible for maximum value. Its goal was to reduce taxpayer exposure.


Resolution Trust closed or reorganized 747 institutions holding assets of nearly $400 billion. It did so by seizing the assets of troubled savings and loans and then reselling them to bargain-seeking investors. At the peak in early 1990 there were 350 failed savings and loan institutions under the agency’s control.


By 1995, the S.& L. crisis abated and the agency was folded into the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which Congress created during the Great Depression to regulate banks and protect the accounts of customers when they fail. The total cost to taxpayers was later estimated at $124 billion.





    • funny….and true. most silver and gold believers are after three years only now starting to realize weve been played. Sinclair and others such as sean or sprott  have no clue as to the strength of the army against them nor the amount of true physical available. if they did they would have been right about something these past three years. not once! they shouldn’t be stating price advances , period. but they really don’t care whether silver and gold goes up or down because they want to sell you more coins or sell you more gold mining shares.  they make money trying to scare us that if we don’t buy now prices will leave the station. yes, eventually silver and gold will rise.  it will go up just as all things will appreciate from mass money printing but only when the physical truly isn’t available any longer for delivery. this could be years. think japan. these barkers like Sinclair and our doc have no idea when that will be an ,as they keep making record sales, could care less! so stop listening and reading their stupid predictions. a corrupt market has no chart to look at or some false cot report to analyze. stop being a sheep.  don’t fight the fed should have been don’t fight the Mexican army at the Alamo so people would have listened. buy metals to hold long term but don’t think any of what these people say have any bearing on what will happen this coming week, month or year. btw I like how Sinclair stated gold would be above 2500 by his birthday in march. again….why go there? he hasn’t any idea as to the strength keeping the markets rigged. his precious petunia should be the only one listening to him at this point :) someday , but not because anyone in the silver space we read has helped make it so. invest in what you want and stop reading these salesman’s blogs. go jog, walk the dog, do something nice for a friend anything but read and watch the metals on these blogs. these folks don’t know shizit!

  1. off topic … Let’s remember those who served, 69 years ago today…
    My uncle left an arm (below the elbow) 5 miles outside of St Mare Gleize that night.  82nd Airborne, held POW for the duration.  Successful businessman, community, church leader after his return.  Managed a 100-acre, 62 head farm.  What a man!  
    My Dad wast in the South Pacific flying PBYs.  Just returned from Pensacola’s National Aviation Museum a few days ago.  I wanted to see the inside of a PBY, where my father stood/sat, his footholds on the interior frame, his gun, the pilots & crew of 7.   
    We should be ashamed of ourselves

  2. Sheep Dog  Our fathers, the fighting men and their wifes, payed it forward for freedom and liberty.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on their sacrifice and what we can do to honor their memory but taking the actions needed to day to see that their actions and commitments are not lost. Particularly to the New World Order that would flatline our world and everything that came before us. 

    On another note, I was there at the time of the RTC.  In the light of 20 years retrospect, the nearly 1,000 banks assets, hoovered up by the RTC for about $125 billion, were resold in the 1995-1997 time period for about $500 billion.  This profitable venture in the sale of assets bought for pennies on the dollar was used as a financial sleight of hand to balance the budget in that time period, along with a doubling down of the theft of Social Security.  It was quite the David Copperfield trick, making Newt Gingrich look good and Bill Clinton a centrist.  The federal debt did not slow down for a minute BTW.  Those who stood in line to buy up these assets profited to the tune of another trillion or so. I personally knew some of the investors who bought up these assets. Some disappeared into this monetary Matrix, only to emerge on the other side so vastly wealthier than they were unrecognizable.
    In the last bak turning, when a few hundred banks failed from 2007-2010, the even wealthier people like George Soros, former their own bad banks, like One West, and were able to buy some of these failed institutions for pennies on the dollar, acquiring loans and assets that were flipped or converted to another great wave of profits.
    These rotations of formerly quality assets in sound banks which subsequently failed, seized by the government and sold to insiders who magnified the return of these assets reminds me of vultures.   It certain benefits no one except the vultures, thus continuing the constant conveyor belt of wealth from the weak hands to the strong hands.  Gold and silver are just two more assets on this conveyor belt and how they are transported and to whom they are transported should be of great concern to us.
    PS When Jim speaks of billionaires, I can understand that he might know some and have their ear.  But trillionaires are another thing. I’ve never met a true billionaire so I don’t know much of them. But talking about how trillionaires think is about as sensible as telling us how space aliens think.  Why not talk about quadillionaires? There must be some of those folks floating around.  We have $220 quadrillion in derivatives.

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