SinclairAccording to gold expert Jim Sinclair of who predicted at sub-$300 gold in 2000 that gold would trade at $1650 by 2011, is now stating that by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.
By 2020, Sinclair predicts, “Emancipated gold will be $50,000 per ounce.   As far as gold confiscation goes, Sinclair says that Its not going to happen, but a windfall tax could definitely be in the cards. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair.

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  1. If you were around in the early 1970′s there was a musical duo called Zager and Evans. Worst band ever.   Their one hit single was called  In the Year 2525.   Well maybe not the worst  Gary Puckett and the Union Gap was really close
    I think one Z&E stanza spoke to gold at $50,000 an ounce too.
      2020?  too long a wait for me.   that’s 7 years. 
    I’m a gold vulture.
      Patience hell,  I want $5,000 an ounce by March 3,  My birthday. 
    Greedy little bastard that I am 
      Charlie would dig it.

    • @ AGXIIK
      I’m with you.   I want it now.   
      Sinclair is always talking about “pie tomorrow”.   I want my pie NOW.  I’m not getting any younger.
      The problem with all of us who hold precious metal is that we suffer from “selective attention syndrome”.   We only pay attention to people who are in the “precious metal business” like Sinclair.   So we are always on the receiving end of the “Great Pie of Wealth” will be yours soon just have more patience and keep buying my precious metal products.

  2. Well, I have to admit I think I made up the story about gold in the 2525 song  My recollections of the early 1970s were vague at best.   But 2525 was not a good dancing song. It sticks in my mind as kind of depressing.   Gold was about $40 an ounce, that is something I do remember, and the fact that I didn’t buy any. Darn

  3. I’m calling B.S. on this $50,000.00 and oz gold. The dollar will no longer exist way before this my friends. So in other words gold will be worth and infinite amount of the current USD. Another possibility is they re-peg the USD to gold at….oh I don’t know……$12,000.00 per oz.

  4. Curse you Jeff Christian–smacked again.
    Don’t put me back too many decades, Idaho, I’m 61 not 81.   The only gold I knew in the 50′s was chocolate wrapped in gold foil. 
    For us kids,  it traded like the real thing when Halloween was over. 
      Boo,  the PM rigger zombies are walking the street.   Did they scare us yet.  Not exactly.

  5. You guys haven’t learned a damned thing, have you?It’s not about the dollar price of gold. It’s about getting as much as you can now while you can get it. The day will be here when you can’t even get it. Now if you traded your gold now for ammo and freeze dried food, ok. But to trade gold for dollars now, you are a complete and total brain dead idiot. I mean a real meat headed moronic baffoon. Have a nice day.

    • “But to trade gold for dollars now, you are a complete and total brain dead idiot. I mean a real meat headed moronic baffoon.”
      Such is the fate of those who went ALL IN and now find themselves in deep doo for cash.  Rent has to be paid.  Food has to be bought.  Electric has to be paid.  Just because they sold some of their stash doesn’t entitle anyone to rag on them.  Maybe they sold because they HAD to, not because they wanted to or thought that it was a good idea.  Time and circumstance WILL catch up with all of us at some point.  If today isn’t your day, then well and good.  But it just might be someone else’s.

  6. As someone awhile back said about Jim, wish he would just STFU. Every time he calls a low, pm’s go lower. Everytime he calls his moonshot prices, pm’s goes lower. Jim, try a little reverse psychology?

  7. Wait, wait, wait……  Gold was suppose to hit $5K in 2011, 2012, 2013…..  So is this a different sort of $5K SIX freaking years from now?
    Crap like this makes me second guess stacking.  But then I recall that we’re all (that us, kids and grandkids) in debt for well over a million each and they’re printing money at the tune of more than a $1T a year…..  so I guess I keep stacking.

  8. Sinclair remains a Euro bull, for what reason I don’t understand.  In my opinion, the Euro is in more trouble than the Dollar at this point trading at 1.37.
    The whole basis for his agrument is the dollar will weaken and then QE will have to stop, what if it’s the Euro that weakens?
    I never hear about how bad the Euro, Pound and Yen are, it’s always about the dollar, maybe the dollar holds up better on a relative basis in the years ahead.

  9. Again, shift your screwed up frame of reference. You guys look at things from a dollar point of view. Stop it! Look at it from an alien perspective. An alien would ask you why you want more of a worthless piece of paper that holds no value when you can get silver for basically free, or gold at rock bottom at cost production basis. Things that have been money for thousands of years and will be again. 

  10. Hey Doc….You’re starting to go the way of KWN with the headline.  

    This was a great interview with one of the few men on the planet that has the professional experience and knowledge to deserve to be called Mr. Gold.  For those who were critical with their posts I expect you didn’t take the time to listen to the interview.  The big price call was only in the last 30 secs when pressed by the host. Jim Sinclair has made some big calls in the past i.e. his gold price calls in 1974 and 2002. The world called him crazy then. But time, however, proved him to be correct. $50k per oz in 2020 is a big call, but take note, he was talking about ‘emancipated’ gold. That would be cash gold in a world free of a futures market(no longer any paper gold manipulation) after a global currency reset. If one does the math and you divide the money supply by the ounces of gold available, then $50,000 pencils out quite nicely.

    • Indeed so, Ugly Dog.  That was the way that I took it too.  Like several others here, I do not expect fiscal sanity to break out in DC any time soon, so this party will go on until it simply cannot go another step.  THAT will be when things get REALLY interesting.
      At some point in the not too distant future, no one will care what we paid for our silver and gold.  ALL that will matter is whether or not we have some and, if so, how much.  Nobody who bought gold at less than $100 an oz. gives a rip today whether they paid $75 or $150.  That same price mechanism will occur again due to inflation, regardless of whether or not their is a USD crash.  It will happen because it has happened before.
      As to $50k for gold… yeah, maybe.  Thing is, will that be within our lifetimes or not?  No one knows and sticking dates on these things does more harm than good.  Anyone not sufficiently motivated to exchange a good chunk of their fiat for gold and silver by now probably isn’t going to, regardless of what Jim says.  That is OK too.  We all have free choice in this, so… choose wisely.

  11. More interesting to me than the 50K call is this fairly new Singapore Precious Metal Exchange. Another Asian PM exchange but this one trades physical only without any futures contracts. I guess this recently opened exchange could speed up the transfer of physical to the East.
    Safe to say Chris Duane will not be getting a Christmas card from Mr. Sinclair. Wait to hear his recent video about Mr Gold.

    • I really like the business plan for the SPME.  I hope that it pans out as advertised by Sinclair.  A REAL market for REAL metal would be REAL refreshing about now in this derived world of irrational exuberance.

    • Junkman – you are sooo correct! Chris Duane will not be getting a Christmas card from Sinclair. I never knew the REAL story behind Jim Sinclair and that his family is joined at the hip with the largest bankster families including the ROTHSCHILD family…

      Goes to show – that these powerful families own everything. They are indeed not to be trusted. That is unless you want a set of gold shackles instead of standard issue.
      So much for the “free” trading platform in Singapore. 

    • i read up on the Singapore exchange, it appears to be a glorified APMEX.  You can buy/sell physical, it stays on site at the exchange unless you want it.  They claim tight bid/ask spreads which is probably true, rather than me selling to apmex who always wants to make a profit, i sell to mint or another buyer, whoever pays more.
      However, this is really not anything materially different than any other exchange… if it is high priced mints will sell to this mkt.  If there are other better markets then mints will choose to sell to those instead, or will take their asking prices up.  Most of the rest of the world still prices off of the other peer to peer exchanges like comex and shanghai and london

  12. Mr Sinclair seems to be out of the short term call business thank goodness.  Remember when he was doing all those interviews on KWN right before the huge smack down?  He said to load up the boat at that time because gold would never trade below 1600 ever again.  Well, instead of being humble about it he just kind of disapeared.  Notice that he doesn’t do KWN interviews anymore.  Well, Jim is terrible with the short term calls.  He is spot on with the long term calls though and the basic premise of his message is sound.  He says we will see 3500 dollar gold sometime between 2014 and 2016.  He admits that the SHTF at any moment but he believes we are basically in slow burn until a black swan accelerates the mess into a hyperinflation.  I think he is spot on.  Yes, he has made some real shitty short term calls.  Oh, well.  There are lots of so called experts who have made the same mistake thinking they were some kind of oracle.  No one can consistantly make short term calls and be correct.  No one.  I believe Mr Sinclair though with his call for 3500 gold in the time frame he lays out.  Certainly before President Obama leaves office we will see 3500 dollar gold.

    • “Certainly before President Obama leaves office we will see 3500 dollar gold.”
      Let us all hope and pray that we do not see $35,000 an oz. gold before Obama leaves office.  If we do, it will mean that the USD is well and truly hosed and so are we.  The thieves in NY and DC will be after ALL wealth, no matter how small, as the great fiat paper Ponzi scheme thrashes around in its death throes.

  13. Jim made a call fairly recently that was absolutely spot-on, he said equities would do quite well in a QE >>> Infinity environment. Also, for any lurkers out there who think Sinclair might be somewhat of a snake oil salesman, put that to rest as he is an extremely spiritual man who wouldn’t be able to live with himself intentionally leading others astray. His concern for the wealth preservation of others is beyond genuine.

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