Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers Tuesday night advising that soon the bankster sharks will be eating the big shark (the Fed) and that gold will become the friend of the manipulators and the enemy of the US dollar.
Sinclair states that the banksters sense political weakness and loss of control amongst their masters at the fed, and what is soon coming is outright war called finance.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

Scorn if it pleases you, but know this. Gold is soon to become the friend of the market manipulators, and then the enemy of the dollar. They sense political weakness, and see loss of control amongst their masters. More than 50 years of doing nothing but this every day of my life tells me so.


Some say, why respect the enemy? The answer is that soon these enemies will be the sharks that eat the sharks, becoming your market friend.


This is outright war called finance.


Some say never oppose the Federal Reserve. These sharks know no force they will fail to test and turn on if weakness is shown.


Bernanke wished to exit before this coming reality. The problem with my dear extended family is too much mind, and too little soul.


Prepare yourselves to soon witness a positive change in the affairs of this war for freedom.






Dealers rigged forex spot benchmarks: report 

By Michael Kitchen



LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Traders at a number of major global banks have been manipulating spot foreign-exchange rates for at least a decade, altering the values of trillions of dollars worth of investments, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday, citing five unnamed dealers. The scheme involves the WM/Reuters Closing Spot Rates, which are used to provide daily benchmarks to value portfolios. However, market participants have been front-running client orders to rig the rates by pushing through trades before and during a 60-second window when the rates are set. British regulators are considering a probe into allegations of this practice, the report said.



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  1. Hey Ranger, you’ve. Been asking to hear from our gurus for two days. Here… One just spoke. I personally don’t buy it, but then again I didn’t buy it when they made the forcast of QE to infinity…. And then it came true! …So I guess we’ll just see?

    • Shamus001,
      In no way do I consider Sinclair a Guru. I do think that it is odd when the Doc fills the site with news available on Fox News instead of hearing the rah, rah rhetoric from Sprott, Willie, Turk and multiple others that haven’t stated a thing in this downfall. Not one word of Who, What, Why, When and How comes forth with any definition, but rather suppositions. 

  2. I love JS, but I think he is wrong on this one,  this is not the 1978-80 time period where all the BB’s go long gold, not gonna happen.
    What happened in the April smack down, all the big boys from around the globe got together and sold 500 tons in 15 minutes!!  They were all working together just 6 weeks ago, what has changed?
    It is too dangerous for the Bankers to attack the Fed, if the big banks are leveraged with US t-bonds, why would they want to destroy their own position?   It makes no sense.
    This is a “end game”,  they are all on the same team, there is no such thing as a “enjoyable” gold spike at this point, they are going to keep the gold price down for as long as they can.

    • In my view, the role of gold as a squeaky clean asset will only happen after a collapse, or after someone like CHINA or RUSSIA forces the west’s hands. At this point it is wiser for them to continue to hoard the western gold than it is to kill the golden goose as it were LOL.

  3. You are correct zman. Jim had the inside scoop years ago but his historical understanding of the pm markets is of zero value in this environment. His call for a gold bottom at $1600 proves that. Wish these experts would stop making predictions as to the timing of events and just admit they don’t know what’s going on. This thing could blow tomorrow or not trigger for 5 years. Best regards.

  4. What happened in the 70′s stays in the 70′s. Going back in time to predict the future is fruitless. Charts are boring and basically crayolas on a piece of paper. There is not any person that can tell any of us when Gold or Silver will catch fire. My prediction as I am sorry to say is three years from now.

    • OK, Ranger, this is JUST for you.  I would not share this with just anyone, so here goes.  The big collapse and PMs truly going parabolic will happen on April 24th, 2014 at 3 PM Eastern time.  Watch for it.  ;-)

  5. Gold has ALWAYS been the ‘friend’ of oppressive Machiavellian schemers. Their TRUE nemesis has ALWAYS been silver and copper. When The People carry on their lives FREE of gold’s rule over them, through the Independence silver and copper afford, the elites are stymied in confinement to bickering between each other.

  6. at the risk of being  whacked by the Sinclair Appreciation Club (JAC),  I don’t get what Sinclair is trying to say here.   As for his loving extended family, ahhh, I think someone needs to take this dear man aside for a family sit down.  
    They’re having pudding tomorrow at the home tomorrow.  I like pudding !!!

    • I agree. Pudding is very nice. Jim might need a bib though. Is it only a few of us who are noticing the guy talks like he is senile? I mean seriously….read what he writes. For a rich guy it is odd he cannot even afford an editor to make his blithering sound useful anymore. Tells me that his family (and his nurse) don’t support him so much. They are just being kind when the let the old guy have access to a computer to rant about the powerful forces that will soon send gold to the moon.
      To the mooooooonnnn!!! The Moooooooon!!!!!  Must be nice to be crazy. Do you think he has a warm sweater?

    • Guys,
      I am breaking my silence – my gold/silver free sabbatical – to say something here. I saw James Sinclair speak in London earlier this month. He was sharp, coherent and knowledgable.  Dressed to kill, too. Gordon Gekko would have looked a bum standing next to him. He spoke – and answered questions – for 5 or 6 hours straight. He took no breaks. He was patient and kind. At no time did he appear crazy or out of touch. I had an opportunity to ask him a couple of questions. His answer to one was witty. His answer to my other problem was clever and insightful. He gave me an idea I hadn’t even considered.
      One of the reasons I attended was to see for myself. You can learn a lot about a man from his body language; the way he speaks and makes eye contact. Nothing alarmed me about James Sinclair.  His warnings were lucid, intelligent and sincere. I now have a better understanding of his message, and I will feel more confident in listening to him in future.
      Gold is going much higher, and silver will rise astronomically too. The part I can’t get my head around is why James believes that silver’s dizzying rise will be short-lived. For this, I need to do more homework.


  8. We have never been at this point before so you can’t compare what is happening now to the past. Derivatives, paper gold and silver, wealth concentrated in the hands of a few like never before…

  9. “Sinclair states that the banksters sense political weakness and loss of control amongst their masters at the fed, and what is soon coming is outright war called finance.”
    Looks to me like Jim has this backwards.  The Fed is not the master.  The big NY banks who OWN the Fed are the masters.

  10. The more these idiots come out with these statement, the less likely it is of PMs exploding. They’re doing more harm than good. Basically, they’re in deep and becoming increasingly desperate for all to see.

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