1. Jim’s correct on this one. One would have to be stupidly blase or patently derelict not to heed this warning.
    Never mind about $3,500, $4,500 or $50,000 gold – that’s all relative, and possibly not even close to what may happen. As someone else said on here, don’t measure your PMs in relation to fiat – that may be fine for now whilst headline inflation is relatively low, but under hyperinflation, you need to think about how much “stuff” you can purchase with your PMs (HT to Mike Maloney for that idea).
    I’m already daydreaming about how many properties my silver will buy, in the future. Thanks to the recent discounts, my stack has increased by over 600oz, which I guess is about 1.5 average suburban family homes when fiat & property values have crashed and burned.

    • Barrels of Oil per Oz-Gold is a much better measure than the current USD/Oz paradigm, and it is definitely an unhealthy paradigm…. but of course in order to work out the Barrels of Oil per Oz-Gold one has to first convert Oil to USD and then USD to Gold…..what a bitch :P
      I think a slightly better way to work it out is the basket average for a barrel of oil in 5 larger countries currencies excluding the USA and then use their Gold to currency rates …. oh wait, they all use the LBMA Gold Fix , and ALL the rest of these stupid countries look at that figure too…..F%$kers! talk about being given a superpower. If The City Of London and NYC fell into the ocean right at the same time, the rest of the world would have no choice but to set up a metals and commodities exchange/s based on reality, but until that time ALL of these countries are shitscared to even announce bold moves such as ‘thinking for themselves’. Look at Saddam who tried to trade his Oil in Euros in 2002 and by 2003 he was hiding in a fox hole.
      Evil Empire Material. Even in Star Wars the Evil Empire started off as the good guys who got internally hijacked by a bunch of evil freaks who steered the whole Empire into becoming an Evil one. Maybe the US will show its hand real soon and go for broke with Iran and seize control of Iran and all remaining Oil producing countries ensuring that they MUST not deny the Paper from the Fed as payment and use as the worlds Peg-Fiat. This would force China not to move away from the USD (as it is a net importer of oil), which China and dozens of other countries are now doing….heck, even Germany is doing direct currency swaps and asking for their Gold back.
      But I agree, who cares what the USD price per Oz is? People need to kick the paradigm, because this fight is 100% based on perception. The USD is the worlds FISCAL HEROIN, they are all addicted to The City Of London and New York gambling pits and glitzy numbers boards that are all based on complete fiscal wizardry. When it comes to the Gold Value Perception issue however, it is The City Of London that runs the show. All roads lead back to that one square mile with its own private police force that is outside the jurisdiction of the justice system in the UK. The Lord Mayor of The City of London says ‘Kiss My ….”and everyone lines up to kiss it.

    • Good on you, wish I had some serious cash left. I might get 3 more tubes of Polar Bears since their premium is strangely low in a few last places, but then I’m as in as it gets.
      Are those the kind of suburban homes that are built like motorhomes and wash away in the slightest storm?
      I am hoping there will be an agreeable place in Europe (good summer, good snow winter) where property prices will at least half from today. Then if silver were able to make a nice overshoot of reasonable value, and these two coincide, I am looking to get a small vineyard for a whole lot more than those 600oz. I’ll keep working to build the stack by buying low premium semi-numi’s and clearing the higher numi stuff on the other side, who knows how much growth I might achieve over 5-10 years?

    • XC sounds like you have a plan and good for you. I pity those who have not even begun to think about the consequences of the next global financial meltdown.
      Nah the homes I had in mind aren’t the blow-away kind hahaha. Actually I want a condo in Singapore and maybe a hobby farm in Australia.
      Ahh a vineyard in Europe – what a lovely thought. Imagine each morning saying hello to the vines, give out the daily orders to the hired hands, read the paper and have lunch under a shady tree with a glass of your own red :)

    • “If The City Of London and NYC fell into the ocean right at the same time, the rest of the world would have no choice but to set up a metals and commodities exchange/s based on reality…”
      Reality and sound money will be THE VERY LAST THING THAT THESE S**T-Bird banksters will try.  After all, there is little thievery to be had under such systems, so little to attract their interest.

  2. The first SIFI to fail will blow through FDIC’s little bitty Maginot Line like crap through a goose.   I don’t care what jim Sinclair predicts for gold nor do I care what the price of gold is on any given day, week or month. What I do care about and do so very passionately is the message is shouted from the rooftops that the goose-stepping Hessians of the Troika, Merkel and the DBank are coming for us.  It does not really matter if these people are part of the Euro elite, NWO or Agenda 21.  The gauntlet has been thrown down 
    We must pick this up and take the battle to the front lines. The most non-violent way to do this is secure your FIAT stores by converting them to some sort of hard asset whether it’s silver, gold, firearms, ammo (forget about the price for now) food, water, medicines and anything else that will allow you to build some sort of barrier between you and then.
    It may be every man and woman for themselves for a short while since it is a tactic of these people to divide and conquer but we will prevail in due time. forming the  new core of people who are prepared for what the future has in store for us.

    • Garden seeds and the tools to use them. I see the supply chains being disrupted for more than a year and unless your food storage is huge you are going to need to garden.

    • “…and unless your food storage is huge you are going to need to garden.”
      IMHO, people will need gardens regardless of their stored food situation.  Garden fresh produce is WAY better in flavor and nutrition than ANY store-bought foods.  The corn that I grew last year, picked fresh, blanched, and frozen STILL tastes better than the factory farm raised corn tastes when it is “fresh”.  The green beans were superb… picked fresh, washed up, chopped, steamed, and buttered were delicious.  Even if one has tons of canned and freeze-dried foods to sustain them, NOTHING beats food fresh from your own garden for taste and nutrition.
      My wife and I are not hard core preppers but we do like to be ready for some of the more common emergencies, such as power outages, supply chain interruptions, nasty weather, etc.  Because of this, we usually have enough food on hand to go for 3-4 months without shopping.  We like to have about an even 3-way split between fresh, canned or dried, and freeze-dried foods.  This adds a lot of variety to our diet and helps keep us interested in meals.  We don’t want to become bored with our food or just have tasteless food of low nutritional value to eat.
      On top of this, gardening is a great SHTF skill.  Being able to raise your own food for consumption and bartering is a huge plus for anyone considering a SHTF scenario.  I love working in the garden, even if it is just simple chores like weeding and watering.  Both are good to just keep in contact with the Earth and all the good things we can get from it. It can pay off too.  Have you seen the prices on pickles lately?  Well over $5 per quart jar.  Put away 25-30 quarts of garlic dills, some green beans, and some tomatoes and you have some great eating available to you all year long.  The canned and dried foods plus the freeze dried foods can supplement this and be stretched out over more time by having home grown foods as your main food supply.  Learning to recover and preserve seeds is also a good skill to have, so practice that with some heritage / organic seeds sometime.  Every prepared food stash WILL run dry in time, so having the skills to replace it with home-grown food is essential.

    • Well said, Ed.
      Your stash of preserves will also see you through prolonged power outages where frozen products would have to be quickly consumed, or else perish. That’s assuming you don’t have a backup power plant. It’s all a kind of balancing act isn’t it.
      Spare a thought for city dwellers, which I and my wife are. Growing space is virtually non-existent, and public/community areas would be stripped bare in a Mad Max scenario. W’ere pretty much stuck with keeping dried/canned stuff. I grew up on a farm in Australia, and my parents always practised fruit preserving to save cost. I’ll have to see about reviving those skills, assuming the required hardware and consummables are still available on the market ;)

    • Thanks, Speros.  Preserved foods of all kinds are good.  I just wanted to make the point that variety is a attribute that often goes unappreciated.
      I have no backup power but do have a wood stove for heating and cooking.  Would like to set up a small solar array to use for charging batteries for radios, cell phones (maybe), walkie-talkies, flashlights, etc.  Yes, balance is a good thing.
      Yes, I do spare a thought for city dwellers and hope that many of them can make it through whatever comes.  The odds are not in their favor though.  We live in the suburbs and have a 1/3 acre lot.  It’s not huge but does have some space that, if utilized efficiently, could produce quite well.
      If you cannot grow your own food, many places do have farmer’s markets where top quality local produce can be purchased.  If you can can and / or dry some of that, it could be a substantial boost to your food stash.  My big experiment this season will be to make my own garlic dill pickles.  These are tasty when done right and can save significant money over what the stores charge.  We’ll be getting our pressure cooker and jars soon… assuming that we can still buy them.  :-/

  3. Money, its all relative. Your only more wealthy than the next man if you have ripped him off some place. That’s capitalism folks. No such thing as nice Capitalism, only the laws of evolution and survival of the fittest. The weak die, the strong survive.
    With all this in mind, do you want to live in a world where we have all failed because of greed?
    I buy, I sell, I make a little profit, but I am not in this for “Dog eat dog” type of scenario. I just want to protect my friends, family and most of all myself from whatever harm comes my way.
    Gold and Silver bullion caches are NOT get rich schemes and I am tired of people selling them as such. Its protection, its an out clause, its a hedge against Fiat (It used to be anyway!).
    If you believe that gold will reach $50,000 and it keeps you hoping then great. Me I don’t buy it, I will stick to a modest profit of 50% of whatever I bought over a 10 year period. Anything more than this bonus. Anything more than a 50% loss than yeah, that’s a kick in the groin, but not lost everything.
    Lets get back to fighting the good fight and get these arse holes out of the system who want to hurt people. I want to live in a world run by men, not children. Men care for others and don’t throw their toys out the pram when things don’t go according to some grand scheme. You change, evolve and move on, hopefully through more mistakes. That’s life. Oh and if god shines on you one day and does give you a break, never forget where you came from, it can easily be taken away from you.

    • “Your only more wealthy than the next man if you have ripped him off some place.” Silly rabbit, the School of Karl Marx was long ago discredited in its totality.
      Wealth is commensurate with one’s capacity and capability to produce more than one’s immediate needs. Money is a medium to trade that over-production most efficiently and, ideally, settles transactions absent all indebtedness, so that any unexpended portion of that money can be indefinitely retained for very long term planning (for things like old-age).
      Human beings are not identical micro-chip-like things. So ‘social-planning’ (lining them up on PC boards) to supply them with the most efficiently coded software under minimally conditioned power-flow, isn’t ‘running the world like men’. It’s rather unrealistically delusional.
      Collectivism on the one extreme is as much an idealistic impossibility as Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarianism is on the other. Both are excessively simplistic rejections of inconceivable complexity, naturally inherent in the phenomenon of … Mankind. So, get over it and accommodate.

    •  @PatFields
      Wealth is exploitation. Fact.
      What you have wrote is book smart, but it ain’t real. Very few deals in this world leads to every member in the transaction being happy. Not even close to a Pareto Efficient deal. Back in the day when it was based on barter, yes you could say that it was relatively fair in every transaction. There was no asymmetric information. What you saw, is what you got. Whenever you add a third and fourth party to the mix, products that get more and more complex, there will always be out and out winners and losers. for example, most goods today, sold in the open market make at worst 50% mark up on the original costings. Most are looking at 100% profit from manufacture to store.  
      Do you know how hard it is to apply absorption costing to products these days and work out how much they really cost and work out how much your being exploited? No, well there you go. Asymmetric information. But I guess you would call this being smart (capable), well if you think buying things that are way over priced and you buy them, without question, then your a lamb going to the slaughter every time. 
      Do you actually know how much things are worth? The current movements in silver to me are super interesting. The detachment of “the free market” from the real market to me is proof that the system is flawed. Unless of course Dealers are just looking to get rid of old stock at high prices before re-ordering at lower costs, making a short term massive profit (exploitation) before the price settles down at the book price + reasonable margins, that both the customer and seller are happy with. At the moment we got people all Silvery eyed buying little silver discs for way too much money. Why? the system is broken.
      And what was that crap about capability? You think that the Banksters are capable? This is all about Asymmetric information. Nothing at all to do with capability, all about the capacity of ill gained money through Asymmetric trading exploiting an unreasonable position in an unjust way. I think in America, you would call this a monopoly, an unfair advantage. I think the state cuts in when this happens and says, bad Jacob. Yet to happen yet, but hey you just kid yourself that the system is working.
      Whatever Economics school you attended, I think you need to get yourself out of 101 basics and into the real world. Sounds like you been reading some self help books, that have ripped off Adam Smith. You need to read some Friedman and then some Hayek if your going to lecture me on Capitalism and true free markets. But to fully appreciate Capitalism, as in book Capitalism you need to read the opposing argument.
      Oh and as for the dumb arse Karl Marx thing, you need to get your head out of the American Propaganda machine. Knowledge is power my friend, read everything and anything that is in front of you. Marxism ideas on economy have never been implemented or tested. I don’t know if they would work or not. I find it kind of ironic that the good Samaritan can be found in Communism even though it berates religion and yet Capitalism preaches from the book and stabs you in the back.
      As for my political and social leanings. I’m a pirate.

    • “Wealth is exploitation. Fact”
      So is extreme Poverty like North Korea…. Collective Consent?
      Arrrgh mate…. we be drinking to much grog?

    • You CAN cut the middle man on a lot of items like food, having something built like cabinets or furniture etc. Seek out the small local grower for meat, a CSA for vegetables, small local craftsmen for having things made. Trade whatever skills of hard assets you both agree is fair.

    • WFS your ideas about wealth are correct when it comes to ruthless people such as the globalist oligarchs that seem to have a strangle hold on banking, government and corporations, not to mention the extortion of production resources out of the developing world.
      As for the average person trying to think intelligently, to plan for the future, survive and maybe even thrive, I don’t see them (us) as thieves. Opportunity is generally for all to take advantage of according to their means. Thinking and acting ahead of the pack does not make one greedy, or a thief. I would also hope that those who ‘have’ would share with those who ‘have not’ in a societal breakdown scenario.

    • I agree, Speros.  In fact, I spent 32 years working in the chemical business and in all that time met MANY of the other players in that field.  Virtually all of them understood that if they are to do well in business, they CAN’T be pirates.  The most successful companies are run by good people who are not out to screw everyone.  They understand that it is not only possible but highly desirable to develop relationships with other people and companies that can then lead to profitable joint ventures.  Any company that tries to hog it all for themselves soon withers to insignificance and then disappears.  Saw a few of those during my time as well. 

  4. I dunno anymore. Haven’t heard back from any claims that Beck made against Obama, Gold and Silver headed back down, seems that a financial earthquake is in the making, but Guru’s like Sinclair have got to say something to keep their balls rolling. Rolling? Uphill or Downhill, same ole crap that has been going on for years.

    • Sorry for the off-topic but this is of vital importance.

      Beck fils the role of a decoy. In this case, Alex Jones seems to have guests that do get it. And Beck will get the attention from the MSM, wanna bet?
      The brothers are double agnets long ago discovered by the Russian intelligence. They were patsy’d when more efficient. 
      The Saudi guy that was deported with all his “terrorist” family relations, is not very hard to fit into the picture. He may have been target more than intentional bomber. I would not be surprised if the bomb was scheduled to go off while standing right next to the Saudi guy. He survived. The deportation was not out of luxury or premeditation, it was more likely a panic response. If Bush is close to the Bin Laden (they are), the Obama’s are free to be cuddly with the cute Saudi’s. Good business. They sell women when they can, and black sheep sons as terrorist patsies. This time the deal was not prepared well, the guy figured it out, spoke to Michelle about it, and alll panic broke loose. And then they had to persue the brothers, and get them dead before they could leak intel.

    • @Ranger … That Beck vs. Obama stuff was last week’s distraction, just like Chris Dorner, just like Pierce Morgan vs Alex Jones, North Korea, Iran, Boston, Sandy Hook … all BS distraction. A financial earthquake IS in the making .. 5 days after the gold/silver smash Bloomberg and Reuters wasted no time in shouting about a PM shortage. Zerohedge has been furiously programming, just like the MSM, about dismal US and global data, since the Georgia Guidestones were the magic 33 (on March 22), and about the value of gold in the last week. It’s about to happen.

  5. People still dont hear the fire bell going off wtf ? This was a easily when the Hedge funds were being snorted up with on short plays , Christ whats it take . I never bought Hard because of investment No do i trade , Its all ways been a anti imperialistic factor for me. But i cant see how most still dont get this in the world of futures.

  6. Speros
    Before investing in a home with that mass of Silver, educate yourself in the law so that you get allodial title to the land as well in fee simple. Most home owners are really listed as Tenants on the Mortgages and Titles. Also the property is placed in the ALL CAPITAL NAME which is owned by the IMF. These sick twisted people think of about everything! Your dealing in Trust law, so learn how to set up your own Trust. Trust law deals in split titles, Your name is a split title! But you can learn to control it to even set off your debts!
    If you look at all your “bills” which are all actually Statements you will notice that they are in the All Cap Name. They have what is called a Remittance attached to them. Kind of looks like a check! lol Here’s a few words to look up in legal dictionary. Set off, discharge, remittance, under account, check out closed account. without predjudice, without recourse, person, ward of the state, banker, private banker, fiduciary, money, consideration, loan, estate, state.
    Also Google Modern money mechanics, it is the Banksters bible on money! They have two types of money. Money of account, and money of exchange. It just which side of the books your on. But money of exchange is the debt note side. This is how they steal all your labor. You don’t own it, and you pay for it. Take a look at your personal checks, down on the signature line you will see, MP, that stands for Micro Print!  Now look at the line with a Really Strong Magnifying glass and read the fine print! lol It’s not a three party check it’s a Two party check, or actually a Promissory note! When you join a bank, you become a junior Banker..lol Because there is no Money as you already know!  
    United States is under Bankruptcy laws since june 5, 1933 House Joint Resolution 192, Public Law 73-10
    put this in your bookmarks and use it.
    Black’s Law Dictionary – 6th Edition | Welcome to johnwademoore.net

  7. FDIC   has a lot of fine print. They can take a LONG TIME to pay…They can pay % amounts per year…they can take up to a decade to pay you the full amount owed. ON the FDIC website it claims it aims to pay in 2 days….aims…thats not a legally binding term. I have seen information posited that in fact they can pay you out at 1% per year for up to 99 years….so yes you never lose a single penny..but you wont get all your money back at once either. Shyster fine print is absolutely the norm.I have no doubt that if enough people make claims they will be effectively unable to sustain the system, ASK YOURSELF
    Do you really want to be the ones waiting on their good graces to give you your own money back? The Cyprus depositer experience tells another story. Insurance rules change to  suit the powers that be…EXECUTIVE order is probably all ready signed

  8. my 2 cents, canada and america will see 401k / rrsp bail ins / bondholder wipeouts before we will see outright deposit confiscation.
    on the other hand, with seemingly every country implicitly or explicitly provisioning for some form of theft – I guess another possibility is a controlled demolition of the fractional reserve banking system. at that point we’re probbaly somewhere between mad max and the book of revelation.

    My Dear Extended Family,

    The pressure on gold is not permanent in any sense. This decline is, as I have told you, similar to the series of declines just before gold took off in the 70s from $400 to $887.50. Those declines then were for the purpose of the last great shake of the gold apple tree prior to the move that gained the most distance over the least amount of time.

    My birthday is March 27th. By that time this decline in gold will be old history. This decline is purely to take your positions away from you, certainly in shares which today trade at historic discounts to their assets.

    I can only suggest to you as strongly as possible that you need to defend yourself by doing absolutely nothing. This way you can get into the fight and prevent the shorts from taking their profits that are soon to become losses.

    The biggest profits the shorts have is in your shares. As long as your company is performing well on the ground do not let the shorts have any joy. This may be the last time before gold trades in excess of $3500 that you need bite the bullet of emotional restraint.

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