Jim SinclairIn the wake of the BIS’ official bail-in blueprint, Jim Sinclair has sent an alert to readers urging them to exit the system immediately.
Sinclair states that even though readers are being told daily what is going to happen, 99.9% of even his close friends are in freeze-frame and have yet to move to pre-emptively protect themselves and their wealth from the bankster freight train rolling straight at them.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

For your sake get out of the system. You are being told daily what is going to happen to you but 99.9% of even my friends are in freeze frame and doing not much of anything.


I am doing everything a man can do to help you but so many say, “so what?” Do not let the lower gold price fool you. It is intended to do just that.


Gold is going to and through $3500 in the not too distant future. Act now for your own sake.




EU draft bank rescue law would not shield big deposits  By Claire Davenport
STRASBOURG, France | Mon May 20, 2013 5:11pm EDT


(Reuters) – A draft law that a group of European Union lawmakers voted for on Monday would shield small depositors from losing their savings in future bank rescues, but customers with more than 100,000 euros in savings when a bank failed could suffer losses.


A group of lawmakers in the European Parliament’s economics committee overwhelmingly voted that, from 2016, large depositors in the EU might suffer losses if a bank gets into serious trouble. The plan was similar to a deal in Cyprus, where wealthy depositors at two banks took hits to save the country from bankruptcy.


Under the EU proposal, a bank would dip into large deposits of over 100,000 euros once it had exhausted other avenues such as shareholders and bondholders. But deposits under 100,000 euros would be spared.


“The case in Cyprus showed how important it is to have clear procedures for making shareholders, bondholders and ultimately depositors foot the bill,” a press release from the committee said after the vote.


Some countries have also mooted the idea of using banks’ deposit guarantee schemes. But lawmakers voted against this because it could hurt smaller savers.




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  1. Oh so we’re back to ‘Gold is going to and through $3,500′. Jim hasn’t trotted that one out for about 3 months, so I suppose there’s a bunch of new people on this board that’ll get all excited over it.
    Jim also mentioned 99.9% of his friends… etc. Did you know that 99.9% is the figure used when someone doesn’t know the actual figure but wants to impress you? Did you know that 41% of all statistics are made up on the spot? No – I didn’t think so.

  2. Those of us who ‘get it’, have BEEN out for quite a while already, or if quick-learning ‘newcomers’ are frantically in the process.
    Those, however, who DON’T ‘get it’ …. NEVER will until they’re intractably doomed. So, Sinclair is ‘preaching to the (now bored) choir’. The only ‘bright ray’ shining through the clouds is that ‘learning the hard way, renders the most indelible lesson’. Afterward, those folks will be PASSIONATE students, to be sure. Their experience will THEN be empirical evidence of superior logic. As it’s said … hindsight is 20-20.

  3. Only one out of his 1000 closest friends, huh?
    But yeah, my success rate is similar. Man, will people hate me when i turn out to be right…again.
    I am starting to think it’s going to take a huge while until SHTF. Like a drip torture for those aware while the unware keep spending and saving as they’re told. The way a fly would experiemce the slow-moton of a train wreck, like a poster on the wall.

  4. There are a few people claiming to have opined on the prospects of bail-in as much as a year ago.  Now everyone sees that this threat, hidden in plain sight for 3 months, and say they ‘told you so’  Check—Got it.  The only way anyone is going to be able move past this harping about bail ins is when we see a few more countries and the banks bailed in.  Heck, I’ve been harping about pension thefts for nearly two years now–not the first on to discuss it but one of the first.  The plans for pension thefts go hand in hand with bail ins and are just inevitable.   Given the mathmatical certainty of major bank failures immiment and even happening in some of the PIIGS, such as Spain, the Waffle Countries, Ireland and Italy, if nothing miraculous comes to pass to prevent these most significant events, the drowning man theory will come to pass
    Anyone who’s practiced being a first responder or taken first aid course knows that unless you can trained and equipped to rescue a drowing person, the best thing to do is thrown them a life line or let the pros help out.   Diving in will end up making you another part of the problem, not the solution.
    Well, at present, there is no lifeline at hand to throw these drowning banks.  Some of them will be going down.  When that happens you will not be able to save them, even if you wanted to.  The best thing to do when this happens is not being around.
    It’s all good and well to help a drowning person. It’s another thing to be with 2,000 miles of a bank that is sliding down the slipperty slope of failure.  Yes, I agree with Jim  and all the others regarding this subject   Move away from the water and remove yourself from harms way.  You may be able to save yourself and that is what counts  To hell with the banks who are advertising the facts, practically nthe front pages of the WSJ that they will steal your hard earned money.
    BTW   the banksters are starting to sell the worst investment ever created in the history of bad investments.
    The Synthetic CDO is being offered and being purchased by the Muppets to get better yields.  that will end in tears—again.

  5. Jimmy is back after several months of recovering from his $1600 gold bottom call. Until the thousands that bought on that fine prediction are even, I am wondering why anyone would give this dude the time of day. He’s well meaning but doesn’t know any more than the next guy!

  6. I tell you someone that’s not laughing is the poor person who bought on Sinclair’s bottom gold call of $1600. Call me a shill if you wish,but that dude needs to quit making calls on pm pricing.

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