jim sinclairLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair discusses “The Game Changer”, how the next banking crisis will be met via bail-in across the West, and explains the method used to achieve his jaw-breaking $50,000 gold prediction in this MUST WATCH interview with Ask the Expert.


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By Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:

Nathan McDonald at Sprott Money Blog shared with us an outstanding interview with Jim Sinclair.  The interview is part of their newly developed “Ask the Expert” series — and it looks like an outstanding project well worth keeping an eye on.  Nathan pools questions from Sprott Money Blog visitors, making for dynamic and very informative interviews.

Some of the questions put to Mr. Sinclair include:

  • Do you foresee the government ever resolving the issue of the US debt? Do you believe the deadline for the next debt ceiling limit raise will be met with similar problems to that which we’ve recently seen?
  • Can you envision a day when a Cyprus style event occurs in Canada or the United States? Is this one of the reasons why you often warn people they have to get out of the system?
  • Do you believe that it’s a plan of the Western governments around the world to trash the fiat currencies because to a sane person that seems to be all the actions they’re taking. That seems to be what they’re doing. Or do you believe they’re just oblivious to what they’re doing?
  • I know you recommend precious metals, but for currencies, what would you recommend? Is there any currency better than another or are they all garbage?
  • Do you believe that hyperinflation is what’s needed to wake people up?
  • Where do you believe is a safe place to keep money? We know gold and silver, but are there any other methods that people can take to protect themselves?
  • What do you see them doing (Western central banks) when the system falls apart? Do you think the East is going to take power or do you think the West has a plan in action?
  • In our last interview, Jim, you make the prediction that gold could go to $50,000 per ounce which is a huge number to a lot of our listeners. I understand where you’re coming from. Obviously if hyperinflation occurs, this is a real possibility. I know there would be some serious social problems that could accompany a gold price this high. What’s your timeline for this target?

Click here to listen!

– Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, TheNewsDoctors.com


sic semper tyrannis

  1. Now, in discussing the QE as the outgrowth of the US Debt situation,  Jim’s globalist stripes would appear to betray him…  I don’t think QE is a ‘political’ animal at all…  Rather, I think it’s a scheme to buy up all the debt held by Americans by the globalist banker owners of the Fed.  A conspiracy of stupidity???  Come ON JIM!!!  You KNOW BETTER!!!!
    Earlier this evening I posted this to a Facebook Thread regarding the eventual outcome of the taper/non-taper question.  That was before I heard this interview:
    From my facebook post:
    “…Let me posit a scenario from a different page. Presume, for the sake of argument that there is a globalist takeover conspiracy — that there are some powerful people who want to take down the United States and the rest of the world and roll us into a one-world government… Now… let’s ask a really interesting question: “What exactly is this $85 billion per month the Fed is ‘buying’ for no real money? Well, it’s the debt considered bad on the bank balance sheets? OK… but WHAT IS THAT precisely? Well, it’s commercial and residential loans, mortgages, debt swaps, who the hell knows what else… Ok. so now, let’s think about this for a minute. What is the best way to take a country to it’s knees? Indebt it to the hilt, slow the economy so it can’t produce enough to stay liquid to pay it’s debt obligations. Take interest rates to zero to destroy capital formation, do NAFTA, TPP, and other trade agreements to gut the industrial productive might of the country and then… once you’ve managed to buy up and own all the debt out there (remember, for NO money… just electronic digits) then, one day, you crash the currency and… Voila! You’ve accomplished precisely what Thomas Jefferson foretold in his famous banker quote… ” “If the American people ever allow private banksto control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” And now, you’ve bankrupted the nation, you foreclose on all the debts and the country is too poor to ever come back…. And, all this needs to work now is QE, QE, QE and MORE QE!!! Until there is NOTHING left to liquify Now, if this is a possible scenario that is in play, you can count on the fact THERE WILL BE NO TAPER… EVER!!!! rather, THEY WILL INCREASE the QE, debasing the dollar and acquiring the obligations still out there… depressing the economy still further, until we are reduced to defenseless paupers!!!! And then, BANG! One day, the globalist megabankers will have accomplished their Fait Accompli!!! But, to this day, I’ve never heard ANYONE see QE as a tool to this end…”

    • You forgot to add ” without one shot being fired because we couldn’t keep the Republic due to the majority of people being ignorant and apathetic to their very own survival and prosperity ” other than that your thoughts are spot on !!! 

    • S. E.
      Thank you for your eloquent restatement of the warning Gary Allen gave 40 years ago; maybe more people are listening now and I certainly hope so because we’re almost at the “I told you so” moment.

    • The cards are in play… There’s nothing a Roman citizen could do once the barbarians were at the gates. Depressing I know, but sadly, suffering is coming and there’s nothing a man can do but welcome it. (With a little luck, someone will discover where the elites live and massacre them after they destroy the world)

  2. Hmmm, dropping like a stone! This is a real test of faith in the fundamentals. Either the economy truly is in recovery (Ha ha) or there is a major short operation on. But who? Who on earth is selling this much, at this time? Makes no sense to me, things I dont understand without reason frighten me. We are living in strange times. Where’s the growth?

    • Tempted to reply, “Ask Alf Fields…or maybe Bo Polny”
      Under it all I’m happy to add at these low prices when I can.  Feeling the bite of inflation more all the time, so imagine many others are as well—maybe to even a more signifcant degree than me. Also under it all I’m still not in any hurry for dollar re-evaluation or things to come crashing down….one day at a time is all I get— and each seems filled with enough of it’s own troubles…

    • “We are living in strange times. Where’s the growth?”
      We are, indeed, living in VERY strange times.  We’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and nothing looks as it should.
      As to the growth, what growth?  All we have today is inflation that is masquerading as growth.  The Fed is pushing this nonsense and the MSM is lapping it up and regurgitating it wholesale to the mindless masses.  All they need do is repeat this often enough and the lies become the truth, the bad becomes the good, and all is right with the world as it collapses in flames.

  3. Sovereign Economist
    Many people do see QE in the light as you state it.  For basic knowledge, more than 70% of all student debt is government owned. 13% is severely delinquent.  A large percentage (exact amount unknown) of auto debt is government bank (Ally) owned with subprime car buyers, borrowing  and supporting the domestic and foreign auto industry with lousy credit. 
    Dodd Frank rules will make it literally twice as difficult to purchase a home via conventional bank portfolio loans.  The bulk of new and refi home loans will be government backed due to these credit lock down measures imposed on the smaller banks.   The Fed owns nearly $4 trillion of this sort of paper (that we know of). They’ve offloaded trillions to other central banks as well.
    As lender of last resort, their tactics of taking down a borrower into default will be epic and epically bad. As the housing bubble bursts again, the Fed and its affiliates will end up owning many times the debt as much as they presently own.
    The FDIC absorbed hundreds of billions of bad loans via failed banks.  The TBTF banks like B of A have shifted tens of TRILLIONS of their derivatives to the goverment bailout side of the balance sheet, mostly to FDIC.  That will cause instant failure of FDIC forcing total confiscation of trillions of dollars taken from depositors and pension plans to pay off the IR swaps that were shifted to the tax payers side of the ledger.
    Most bad debt or potential bad debt has been shifted to us as opposed to the banks whose bad loans, lousy policies and draconian regulations create a debt structure that is impossible to repay.  We will be tagged with this debt even if we did not incur it personally, dragged down by a $100 trillion millstone. All the wealth in the world is insufficient to pay even a small part of the bills as they come due.
    Even we stackers cannot be 100% reliant on gold or silver to save us from financial ruin and counterpart risks.  Precious metal values and prices are being ruthlessly supressed by the same people who would be our debt jailers.  Wealth in gold and silver cannot be permitted so as to give even one stacker some sort of financial recourse in staving off personal penury.  1,000 ounces of silver at $21 an ounce won’t cut it unless we are very fortunate and prices go to $1,000 an ounce.  But even then we could end up the richest paupers in a bankrupt land.
    Yes, kind of depressing but it’s Fear Factor Friday. 
    Cheers and keep stackin’ 
    It may be a fools errand but one I plan to pursue until hell freezes over.  We stackers do have good company in that regard.
    A couple of comments to Jim’s audio. He said that in 53 years he has not seen sufficient maturity and patriotism on the part of our elected leaders for them to give up on what is dear to them. (Paraphrased)
    Jim’s right.
    2 full generations of American people and their elected political leaders have brought us to the present state, where more than 50% of the population relies on government largess.
    No elected leader will commit political seppuku in order to restrain spending or stop the debt juggernaut. It’s no longer in them to do this so can kicking is the only remaining tactic 5 years without a US budget screams this truth.

    Until then even our elected leaders will do nothing.
    The debt is so large we’ve created a self kicking can.
    One day that can will kick back.

    • On the other hand, my sister told me about a guy out in SoCal who supposedly bought a new car with a big bunch of silver dollars. When the department of motor vehicles didn’t believe him (that the price was so low -in face-value coins), the car dealer went in and verified it.  I guess that that’s one way to use them…and my question is: Would he only pay taxes on the face value of the silver?  Interesting.

  4. Hello All….long time reader, first time post here. Much I’ve learned and mulled in with my own research, and may I express thanks for all your fine commentary, especially my favorites Ed_B (ever-the-gentleman) and AGXIIK (the wily, humorous pragmatist); your experience, awareness and good common sense is inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to comment on these articles.
    Indeed I’ve been long tired of this “it’s pure stupidity!” analysis of what TPTB do and have been doing for many, many years; it’s the first and most colossal mistake an individually minded person can make (you especially see it in albeit well-meaning conservatives and their exasperated analysis of liberal ideology, almost as much vice versa tho the libs prefer the “evil/greedy” tags over just ‘stupid’).
    What they’re missing is that these knee-jerk reactions are exactly the emotional-cognitive response TPTB want and engineer us to have. Political/ideological polarization of the “consumer units” (my term for sheeple) is the emotional cornerstone of their divide-and-conquer matrix. They do this through the packaging/branding of news, the timing of events, the content in film and television, and the results of elections (just to name a few methods).
    So, there are no “stupid” people in power (but yes there ARE “stupid” people that work for TPTB; ever heard of the term “politics is showbiz for ugly people? Think of what we see on the political stage as a Broadway show (or even better, a soap opera): watching the actors and thinking they’re real people in real events is absurd, right? Well, that’s what’s happening every time one looks at the process and thinks it’s “real” or someone’s “stupid.” The difference between pulling your hair out about a politician or department, in and of itself, and a twinkies chomping white trash housewife yelling at the tv about some soap character or event…is practically nil. Think about the writers and producers of the show, rather than the actors…
    So, every time some pundit, expert, commentator, anyone…mentions “stupidity,” I go rather quickly to two conclusions (because absolutely NONE of these horrible events are stupid, they’re all calculated or at least leveraged and abetted): One, that person is clueless and the direct result of TPTB emotional-cognitive engineering, and should not be trusted, or Two, that person is complicit in the distribution of TPTB emotional-cognitive engineering, and should not be trusted.
    We all need to ease up on the exasperation of metals manipulation, QEI and so on. We can be upset about it and call bs, but yelling about bs ben and the kenyan will do no good (Mary B here is one of the best at keeping a level head on it all..).
    Of COURSE they will expand credit now to consolidate all debt to their power structure and destroy natural, non-centralized capital formations, and of COURSE they will short metals; why would they not when they’ve gone to all the trouble to own and operate the very markets that facilitate this?? We are idiots to think, for one millisecond, that any single itty bit of the power structure has ANY intention of long term good will toward the common man. The only safe assumption you can make in this world is that the very opposite is true. Always remember this: your single most dangerous enemy will be, by definition, the most deceptive. Think about that. Think about how and where you might be in deceived without even knowing it. It’ll keep your mind sharp. And that’s not paranoia to me…that’s just being responsible, having critical thought..
    So use what they’re doing to facilitate their own game; buy the metals cheap (you don’t think they are?), read the warnings, get out of the way, and don’t let yourself stand for the “oh well what can I do, I’m powerless” routine. How many Jews said that walking from cattle car to furnace, after their alert friends pleaded for them to get out while they still can and they responded “oh you’re crazy-that’ll never happen”… watch the German film Nowhere in Africa it gets that point across perfectly.
    Get out of the way of this juggernaut. The best thing we can do is GET OUT OF THE WAY. As AG said, nothing is foolproof, but that doesn’t absolve us of the responsibility to be prepared. Being unprepared is a sin to yourself and your children/whomever depends on you.. Sorry this was so long but yeah it’s Fear Friday ;)  (& if a little fear helps motivate, all the better, right?)
    Cheers, Friends.

  5. Silver mentioned exactly how many times?
    I hate to say it but Chris Duane’s admittedly harsh piece on Sinclair essentially exposing his banking cabal pedigree, his seeming disdain for silver struck a chord with me despite in my heart thinking JIm is doing some good.

  6. I posted this a couple weeks ago, it had over one million views on youtube in its first month.  I can understand if you cant spend a half hour to learn what the banks are up to and the reason a QE taper will not happen.  This is episode 4, if you want to hear where Mike Maloney is coming from, watch episode 1.  I blend all of the other guru’s ideas with his explanation.  Most do not explain the bottom line like Mr. Maloney does.  This country’s economy cannot function without debt. 

  7. Sinclair is a stooge in disguise, believe him at your own risk, he has proven it with pumping before the crash, before the 2008 crash, and recently with the around $1600 bottom call when he announced that he put his own reputation on the line, so he got wrong but still calls himself expert, all the symptoms of lack of integrity and being a shill pretending to do good

  8. I listened to Sinclair’s Interview while driving this morning. I didn’t hear anything that I personally would disagree with. I will probably listen to it again because he uses a lot of flowery language to describe his point of view. But as far as I am concerned he sounds about right.
    I have watched Chris Duanes videos (and mostly enjoy them) Specifically I have watched the video where Chris bashes Sinclair for being born into a prominent wealthy family and not liking Silver. If I had to choose between Sinclair or Chris Duane I would choose Sinclair nine out of ten times. I am a huge Silver and Gold Bull. Sinclair sides more with Gold but he is a silver bull as well. He doesn’t speak so much about Silver because in the end in his opinion Gold will be the “bigger” winner of the two.
    I attended Sinclair’s NYC meet up and he believes Silver will go much higher. Where Sinclair and Chris Duane split in ideology is the extent Silvers Bull market will go and how it will be valued in the great monitory reset.
    Sinclair believes Central Banks will repeg their Currencies to Gold only. Just like other prominent Economist and investors that we follow at this website.  
    Chris mostly sees Silver as the only winner because the world financial system will come to an end. He wants to see as many revolutionary minded people as possible buy SIlver. He believes the people will rise up and take their government and their lives back.
    I don’t believe this current generation has it in them. Unfortunately. When they are left naked and starving in the streets they will agree to anything. Currently possibly maybe less than 1% of the US population buy precious metals. I believe this 1% are buying the metals to protect themselves and not the liberty of dumb people. When SHTF these people(Myself included) will basically disappear from public sight while the others are left to fend for themselves. Survival of the Mentally Fittest I guess.
    Want and Get are two different things. Sinclair is backing his opinion on history. (Like the crime of 1873)(And the fact that today Central Banks are buying tons of Gold and not so much silver). Duane is basing his opinion on ideology. The people won’t rise up against the government because they will lose. The government is playing Chess the people are playing checkers. The government is making moves now to prepare for victory in the future. Examples: 1.3 billion bullets, Executive orders, Plastic coffins, Obamacare etc… How are the people preparing? By playing video games, watching reality TV and reading Gossip Magazines. Its not even a fair fight IMO.
    Duane is using mostly his blind love of his investment. In investing a major rule that everyone should follow is: DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INVESTMENT! He is letting his obsession of Silver cloud his judgement IMO. If he hasn’t done so already he should better diversify into other precious metals such as Gold and maybe Platinum. Chris has also read one to many alternative history/ Conspiracy books and now doesn’t seem to trust anyone. I have read most of the books Chris has read (I don’t really watch TV) but I use my own personal lens on how it all went down. I gained access to all this information through torrent sites. I personally have probably 10 thousand ebooks on various subjects. I have probably 1000 alternative history books alone. I have many masonic books, books on all religions including satanic, finance books, and declassified documents. When I first gained knowledge of this info I didn’t get much sleep and thought everything was planned now I think its more of a 50/50 split between chance and conspiracy. I also distrusted Sinclair and found information online about him that made me second guess his knowledge but after listening to him for sometime I find his long term information valuable and his short term guesstimations on pricing not as valuable. If I wanted to I could say other people that we listen to may not be on the up and up. I could make accusations about anyone. Examples:
    I could say Peter Schiff may be part of the Jacob Schiff family tree. Jacob Schiff was the broker to the Rothschild.
    I could say David Morgan family tree belongs to JP Morgan. The house of Morgan and Rothschilds were business partners.
    I could say Jim Rogers is bad because he use to be business partners with George Soros.
    I could probably dig some stuff up about Chris Duane family tree too and make accusations that aren’t true. But personally I don’t really care. I listen to all information and digest it. I look at your long term track record and thinking algorithm then try to copy all useful thinking patterns. Short term guesses are sensationalism for interview headlines. If you want short term financial info watch Bloomberg. If you want long term fringe info listen to guys like Sinclair, Schiff, Morgan,Rickards, Celente, Maloney etc.
    I believe Silver is going much much higher but I eventually plan to swap my Silver for Gold if possible. I believe between Gold and Silver, Silver in the short term will outperform Gold but Gold will be the better asset in the long term. I also believe that Silver and Gold Stocks will out perform the physical in 2014. Do I have the guts to try out that theory not really because this house of cards could come crashing down at any time. I believe the Dow is going much much higher before it crashes. I believe currently the Dow is undervalued and should be closer to 17,000 points. Could their be a minor correction (2-4,000 points) on the way up absolutely! Could a small token taper do that absolutely. The great crash will come between 2015 – 2017. It will cause the Dow to crash from >30,000 points to below 5000 points. I am just following the cycles. The next cycle high should be 2016. After this the next cycle high is mid 2020s. In the mid 2020s we will have a major war. That war I believe will be WW3. China,Russia and its allies vs USA and its Allies.
    I believe I know what will be the trigger event but my lips are sealed for now. :)

    • Cycles…cycles…. If I had a gold dragon for every fortelling based on cycles, many which have past without notable events, I’d be richer than Soros himself. I enjoyed reading your post, but fortune telling has reached point of exhaustion. Can this continue? How long? … Yes it’s going to end badly, and I’ve yet to postmy own prediction on here, so here it is, and this prediction is 100% accurate: the leverage game will end badly, no one knows for certain when. Could be tomorrow, Jan 31st, Summer or years from now. Any real wealth through ANY assets held will aid in weathering such an event. There will be little or no warning for most people.
      You can take that fortune to the bank. Notice no specifics?That’s because I don’t own a crystal ball (at least not one with running batteries) ;)
      On a not so assholio note I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts on this thread. 

  9. 2002″ Jim silcair started selling a technical analysis CD for $9-10. The CD taught what a trendline is, only. wow! talking about rip-offs.
    2008 : Sinclair said pm stocks will fly like an “Inter Continental Ballistic Missile”, but the cratered, %70-%90 losses. He also founded some organization that will go after shorts and detry them
    2012: Sinclair said gold hit bottom, he bet his reputation on it, which means he was %1000 sure, but gold crashed since
    xxxx- Sincailr also had been pumping Tanazanian Royalty stock whi he was dumping shares of the company if anyone bothered to look at insider selling, he has the right to sell shares, but this happened at he exact same time he was pumping the future of TRX
    need I say more?
    oh sure, gold is heading down becasue Sinclair is pumping
    these are crook and shill symptoms my friends that neither Shiff nor Maloney exhibit.

    • Is that it? 4 instances of failure in a >40 year career? Schiff and Maloney were bullish on Gold in 2008 and 2012. Celente as well. Morgan as well. In fact the whole entire precious metals community was bullish. With the exception of a few message board posters.
      Sometimes investors get sucked into the good times are coming feeling. Jessie Livermore fell into this trap when he lost everything.  Should we forget his successes? Warren Buffett decides to operate in Omaha because he wants to avoid other good times are coming investors from big cities like NY. 
      Sinclair like the others isn’t a true insider and gives the best guesstimations that he can. Nobody is correct 100% of the times. We listen to Sinclair because he is right more times than wrong. He called $800 Gold in the early 1970s and in 2000 over $1600 gold by 2011 or 12. Thats pretty good. I think Sinclair has a good feel for the markets but isn’t a great chart analyst guy. Probably why he quotes his friend Alfred Fields.
      Personally I think the fed pays attention to guys like Sinclair. If he says anything to bullish the powers that be smash it down shortly after he makes that announcement.
      Too me Sinclair is like Michael Jordan. Great at playing the game horrible at managing. So he sold CDs and the CDs failed it happens.
      As for the Tanazanian Stocks if I recall didn’t he lose like 50% overnight? That was crazy. 

  10. JS is calling for 16-18% bail-ins in the 2014-15 time frame, without a financial crisis, not gonna happen.   Bail-ins would cause social and financial chaos, it’s not worth it, they will print the money.
    JS doesn’t even explain why the banks would even need a bail-in, it makes no sense.  

    • Printing can only go so far, plus it doesn’t remove more of the wealth(what is left of it) the middle class has. They cannot take over the world if the middle class is still in existence.

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